Etheric Field Clean Up

Those of us that have awakened to the truth of who we really are, know that we can transform our Earth into the paradise that it was meant to be. A step in this process is to clean up the etheric field. It is time to send low density entities away. It is time that they were transcended and transmuted by the galactic central sun. Read the impassioned article below which discusses this. Please also listen to the meditative and inspirational video below. ~**~

Etheric Field Clean Up

We must clean up the etheric field; If all those in the knowing of their light would focus this light and command those that are clouded with lower density emotions the world would clean up very quickly. Command: From the Lord God/Goddess of my being I command all discarnate entities to be transcended and transmuted in the love and the light of the infinite. Command them to return to the central sun for purification. There are many individuals on the planet that have entity attachment and full on possession. Time to clean house.

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Invitation to the Thunder Dragon Meditation ~ Friday, October 14th ~


We would like to invite all the Tri-Sphere groups and all other meditators to participate with us in a special meditation this Friday at 15H PM UTC.

You can convert time for meditation from UTC to your local time zone here:

The Vietnamese Tri-Sphere group will be doing a special Thunder Dragon Meditation on Friday to invoke their help in dissolving the biochip implants. The following is a description of this special meditation. Please share with your networks in order to find out if your groups would be interested in joining us.

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The Gentle Art of Blessing, video in English / French


The Gentle Art of Blessing ~ Pierre Pradervand

On awakening, bless this day, for it is already full of unseen good, which your blessings will call forth:
for to bless is to acknowledge the unlimited good that is embedded in the very texture of the universe and awaiting each and all.

On passing people in the street, on the bus, in places of work and play, bless them. The peace of your blessing will accompany them on their way and the aura of its gentle fragrance will be a light to their path.

On meeting and talking to people, bless them in their health, their work, their joy, their relationships to God, themselves, and others. Bless them in their abundance, their finances … bless them in every conceivable way, for such blessings not only sow seeds of healing but one day will spring forth as flowers of joy in the waste places of your own life.

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Lifelong Commitment


TZ here; I have darkened some of the text in this article to accentuate what I believe to be of great importance right now for all lightworkers on Gaia.

October 5, 2016 by Steve Beckow

I’m having a back-and-forth argument with myself, after the latest and best Oct. 1 – Oct. 3 window for the Reval passed without event.

One voice says “I’m going to let this Reval thing go and it’ll happen when it does. I’m not going to think about it any more.”

Another voice replies, “But the Reval is inextricably bound up with building Nova Earth. Give up on following the Reval and you pass up a wonderful opportunity to discuss stewardship, spiritual currency, collective will. Do you really want to do that?”

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7 Symptoms of Low-Frequency Vibration and How to Fix Them


Are you feeling less yourself? Do you feel sick or fatigued most of the time? You may have a low-frequency vibration.

There’s more to the human body than meets the eye. Not only are we capable of all sorts of miraculous deeds and intellectual ponderings, are can also vibrate to the tune of all existence – yes the ONE. Of course, most people are familiar with this – the frequency of the human body – and some are also familiar with the one of all existence as well. Some of us can even tellwhen our frequencies are off.

For those who aren’t familiar,

Frequency is a number of occurrences of current flow per second.

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How Do We Stop Worrying?


I’m daring to guess that at least 80% of the lightworker community have the experience of shorter or longer periods in their lives when they have lived under constant worry or anxiety of some kind. It’s part and parcel of life this far on this planet. The reasons that we have these tendencies are of course multiple and like everything else have their base in roles that we have taken on to cope with earlier situations in our lives. Learning to let go of a habit of always being prepared for danger of some kind whether real or perceived is no easy task.

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Ascension – Preparing For What’s Yet To Come: The Event.


by Parinya Champ,

It’s coming and it’s coming fast, are your mind and body ready for the event?

Ascension—we’ve been hearing and studying this most mysterious event for years now (almost a decade now for me). Many of us believe it is coming and then there are those who also believe it has already happened—is happening. Regardless of whether anyone is right or wrong about when ascension should and will happen, we can all rest assured that learning to prepare our bodies and minds for this once in a lifetime opportunity is just as good as experiencing the real thing.

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Message from James Gilliland

originaleceti ECETI News Sept. 2016

Here we go again more false flags in a last ditch effort to maintain the corrupt status quo. The powers that were are imploding. The Boston bombing, a complete botched false flag now has part two. Sandy Hook was also a complete failure unless you are a neutered zombie robot consumer believing the lame stream press; which unfortunately is the case for a lot of people. There is a saying, “You get the government you deserve.” If you are going to behave like ignorant sheep you create job security for the tyrants. There is an oath within most military and government enforcement agencies to protect and serve the people. Most take an oath to protect the constitution as well against enemies foreign and domestic. We need to walk our talk when it comes to foreign countries as well. I was given a refrigerator magnet showing a GI kicking a door in saying lets talk about freedom. We cannot operate in foreign countries in complete contradiction to the ideals America was founded on. Not to mention honoring international law.

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The Taking Down of the Chimera the Root of All Evil ~ Part 2

ALF Cabaniss military base in the shape of Chi Rho, the symbol of Constantine the Great, the Archon who created the Christian cult
ALF Cabaniss military base in the shape of Chi Rho, the symbol of Constantine the Great, the Archon who created the Christian cult

On July 30th 2016 in the ‘Terms of Surrender Update’ we were given some more details about the various factions of the cabal and their background / origin. Among other things we learned that “The Jesuits, the Archons and the Chimera all come from negative races from the Andromeda galaxy. They are all fallen angels meaning that they have descended from spirit into matter by implantation process, and quite many will be able to ascend when the duality is over”.
We also learned that “the Chimera group is not involved in the surrender negotiations because no surface group is strong enough to be able to deal with them. The Resistance is dealing with them directly.”

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We See ~ Perceive ~ but We Do Not Take Part in the Chaos


We recently received some very good advice from Saint Germain to help us to navigate these times of turmoil.

Recently Cobra mentioned how things would start to speed up as we approach the time of transition. No doubt when this happens the level of stress for people in general will increase. If we are to support the anchoring of Light and Peace then its paramount that we avoid getting involved in the chaos and it is with this phase ahead of us in mind that St Germain would now like to give us some good advice. Saint Germain lived in Europe as the Comte de Saint Germain during a period of great turmoil and His words of advice are based on experience. He lived in France during times of ‘debauchery – starvation – war’ etc. and so He understands our ‘schizophrenic’ experience at this time. He ‘attended’ court and was witty and charming, using jewels to intrigue and teach alchemy and magic. He was asked sometimes by those with eyes to see “we never feel that you are part of us – why do you come”? He explains that He came to share the Violet Flame and to heal and open people to their heart consciousness.

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