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  • It is my wish that My ex wife Marsha be inclined to restore our marriage again and this time in real love not feigned!
United States
  • For Margo~Understand and embrace my soul's purpose here on earth
  • To create and have financial abundance so I can give to family, friends, and strangers in need
  • To be fearless and use my spiritual gifts for blessing the lives of others
United States
  • I wish to be healthy again and financially free from my narcisstic husband so I can have a loving partnership with a man that`ll love me back.
  • For K., I wish the return of prosperity and abundance, so the experience of 'reality' would be that of a joyful one for me and my family, and I could fulfil my purpose
  • For me, I wish for a literary agent who'd love my work, find a way to & have it published, and the story I was asked to tell would be told
  • For my mother and my sister, I wish complete healing on all levels, and happy, fulfilling life
ak harry
  • (1) i want to be finacailly be able to take good care of my families & people around me.(2) i a good perment home,for me and my families & other people to dwell on.(3) in d work am doin,i need more people to petronise me more & more,everyday & let d people wish be granted & let them testify.
  • Receive insurance proceeds this month.
United States
Alyssa Leatham
  • My wish is for a home for my children that does not make them sick.
  • My wish is for healthy food for my children.
  • My wish is to find a loving family for myself and my children.
United States
Rima Montoya
  • I request and wish that Goddess Dou Mu contact me directly in a way that I am actively and consciously aware of such contact for the purpose of mentoring me in the healing arts to assist others before and after the Event.
United States
Cynthia Palbicke
  • I wish for my sons, J. Austin Pena, previously broken ankle to heal completely
  • I wish for Austin to have/receive a monumental breakthrough in capabilities and happiness
United States
  • I wish to Obtain economic wealth, perfect health and joy at all times
  • Cleanse my third eye
  • Open hearts of humanity to love unconditionally
United States
  • I wish for marriage to James Page
  • I wish for a healthy pregnancy and child
  • I wish for a family home ith my husband and child
United States
  • For Emaad- wish him perfect health, focused mind & deciplined life for tremendous academic success
Bright eyes
  • Financial freedom and Abundance for my family and you who's reading this 🌠Love and light we are all one connected
United States
Alexander Strömberg
  • get over my anxiety/obstacles
  • i wanna visit agartha/telos physically very soon
  • i want to become a multi millionaire or billionaire
  • I just wish for everyone and everything to feel good again - safe, healthy, relevant, and joyous!
United States
  • My beloved wife chooses habits to free herself from alcohol addiction, obseity and lack of purpose
United States
frank gabry
  • All of mankind wake up become true STEWARDS of Mother Earth nurture her & all her children
United States
  • my wishes would be:
  • For Leyla- I wish to become the most beautiful and successful actress in the world.
  • For my mama- I wish delicious abundance, health, wealth and lots of joy.
  • For my grandma- I wish perfect health and happiness for all her days.
United States
Aurelio Contardo
  • I wish someone is in a position to denounce the evil activities our governent is persuing against inocent civilans that have commited no crime at all, yet they are attacked 24/7 by brake-in and enter to their residences, neuro-poisonous nightly injections, death threatening attacks to both individuals and their families. If we are to oppose the dark forces,
  • we must start by reveiling those in power in our own government. I only hope that the galactic light forces learn what I just said. That is my wish while I am stil alive.
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