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  • I wish for abundance in all aspects of my life. I wish for the evil in this world to be gone so we can have peace on earth. I wish that everyone becomes the person he/she is meant to be.
United States
  • I started my wish previously and it got cut off. To make it short. I got out of my career field to take care of a child and found I could not get back even though I have a degree and experience. I have been out of work for almost a year and have used up all my savings and retirement money. I really could use prayers to help me get a good job in a good company. Financial freedom is important. It is hard to be spiritual when I have the stress that I do and the negativity that people project on me due to misjudging me is hard to bounce back from. Thank you!,
United States
  • I have had a hard time getting and keeping a job. I actually have an Engineering degree, but I left the field for a few years to take care of one of my children whose father was going through an unstable period in his life. I chose to leave my career temporarily to take care of my daughter and allow her father some time to get on his feet
United States
Anna Maria
  • I wish to become free at every aspect of my life, especially I need financial freedom.May abundance and prosperity come to me and everyone else.I wish to live a life I want to live.I wish to meet my twin flame in this lifetime asap.
  • I wish freedom, love and respect for Gaia and every beings on Mother-Earth.
  • I wish to meet Cobra, RM and LF members in person. I wish The Event happens NOW.
  • I wish become free at every aspect of my life, especially I need financial freedom.I wish
  • To act with loving principles
  • To make a joyful noise unto the creator and help and allow others to do the same
  • To love myself so I can love others from a place of abundance
United Kingdom
  • I wish to find my way as a light guide so I can help people around me that comes and ask for help and guidance through the light, in the light and surrounded by light.
  • I wish The Event now for all lifeforms , thank you.
Sandra McNeill
  • That all people on the earth recognise each other as their brothers and sisters, as a reflectiom of themselves and love from the heart 😊
  • That we all share what we have with each other that non go hungry
  • That the damage we have done to the earth will be reversed and healed
  • I wish for a healing of my dental problems and money for dental Emplants which are very expensive.
United States
  • Universal Harmony by Healing of all Physical Bodies + Minds + Energy Bodies of all Light Beings and the Animal Kingdom on Planet Earth.
  • Connecting and learning from our Multidimensional families in the most peaceful and harmonic way.
  • LOVE
  • To live in nature. I want to be surrounded in nature. I am very ill and the emf is destroying my brain. My home was taken by the babk. I miss my grass, trees, flowers, busges, pond, frogs, geese, butterflies, bees... I need nature back to grow my own food & herbs.
United States
Kelly Degand
  • For Abby Schmidt in Omaha I wish for her to get healthy and feel happiness and joy
  • For Nicholas Degand I wish for him to get healthy and to find self acceptance and happiness
  • For myself I wish I could get healthy and regain strength and full movement of my feet, ankles, and legs
United States
Lindsay Marie
  • I wish to open my factualized trust account immediately so that I can buy my mom and brother a home and help in changing this world
  • I wish to find the most beautiful and perfect home for myself so that I can feel joy and happiness and have space to create love and light
United States
  • * For light workers and pure hearted souls to be able to meet in real life to be friends
United States
pedro gabriel
  • 1. divulgacion total, lo mas pronto posible
  • Higher fortune
  • Pass life libertation
  • Good reputation
  • For Earth - starseeds awaken to galaxy as soon as possible.
  • For me - I move to a quiet place.
  • For everyone - everyone get much money comfortably and easy.
  • Steilacoom
United States
  • For Janie-Conversion of my wife from negative energy to good energy and the LIGHT
United States
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