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Raymond Onyeukwu
  • I wish to be helped with 6 Lotto # 1-36 to play and win the Lottery
United States
  • born disabled because of the presenece of a twin sister mine alien that is screaming for help since young ;;can you help ;;
Sherrie Love Bohlinger
  • For Sherrie- I wish to build a New Society Intentional Community in Park City, Montana, U.S. to help lift our world to ascension.
United States
  • Donate to my favorite charity's. In the name of Jesus.
  • Need a used reliable car.
  • Hit big in lottery to donate to needy.
United States
  • For Sandra I welcome complete healing from the top of her head to the soles of her feet and every part of her spiritual essence being thankful for all negative manifestations being removed from her body mind and soul and spirit being.
  • Sending love and healing to all others in our world that darkness be turned back to light and love on this our earthly planet and throughout our universe that healing take place ending sorrow and chaos letting all know the one that embodies love
  • Restoration of beautiful nature and freedom to live and experience life in a positive happy environment full of a deeper spiritual understanding of our life experiences raising the threshold of our development to a higher ability and manifestation as we are meant to be.
United States
  • I am wishing my Sister Lillian recieves a blessing of a Kidney transplant soon!
United States
michele R stewart
  • Wish # 1 that these 5 NDSL that were falsely put in my name between the years or 1983 and 1989 be forever annulled and erased, so that I may be able to function on this planet as I have not been allowed to before.
  • Wish #2 that I may be allowed to obtain a place to live, where ei may fit all my belongings and once again function with all my talents to prosper in this world, that be in art teaching, illustrating, Sewing, modeling, and working in the film industry in a much better capacity than I ever have before.
United States
Michael Boyle
  • May I find my true love with the next 6 months
United States
Niko Rämä
  • For Jenna- I wish peacefully and good sleep during all the nights to come!
Rebecca L Vance Keneda
  • World peace end sickness and hunger
United States
Christopher Jackson
  • Christopher always good Wealth
  • Christopher always good Health
  • Christopher always good Relationships
United States
  • I need a perfect health for I could work with the Light
  • I need someone to rent my free Apartment to rent soon as possible
Yara Alvarenga
  • Yara needs to loose weight
  • Yara needs help with her back
  • Yara needs to be Heald of arthrities
United States
Tamara Gabriel
  • I like to find new really good friends
  • All my financial problems are solved
  • I love myself
Lynda L
  • For all - I wish for the Event, I wish for healing, and I wish for hope to spark all flames now!
United States
  • I wish that all children on earth will be loved, respected, been seing for who they truley are on their core essence. They truley need to be heard, they teach us to live in the present moment and they deserve to be taken seriously.
Yang Liu
  • World peace and abundance of all human beings
  • All sentient beings become Buddha
  • please pray for me to find a job.I have been unemployed for over two years.I also wish for Christine Ann good luck and good health.I hope my prayers and your prayers will be heard.Thank you and good luck .
United States
  • my daughter w schizophrenia stays on medication to be able to raise her new daughter
  • that I have peace w my mother
  • that my husband find healing
United States
  • For my family, healing their past whatever they have done and keep positive thoughts.
  • I have a happy healthy relationship then get marry.
  • Awaken who I am.
Hong Kong
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