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  • I wish to have a fulfilling well remunerated and appreciated new job where I flourish and can bring all my talents to the help of others. + I wish that Mr. Right for me manifests and we have a loving fulfilling and happy relationship that brings joy and happiness to both of us on every level. + I wish financial security so I can pursue the goal to open a eco B&B by the sea.
  • I wish total health for Dr. James Powers, a complete recovery from ilness
United States
  • I wish to pay all my debts so i can live in peace in my home and express the love of God all over the world so that i can really feel that WE ARE ONE .Blessings
karen ranae
  • I wish for us all...richness with peace, happiness, joy, laughter and light, and LOVE!!!!
United States
Emmanuel N.
  • 1. For Emmanuel - I wish for perfect health that is free of the virus affecting me. 2. I need financial stability, wealth, and abundance to help myself and others in need. 3. I need to find a loving and compassionate female life partner and for others to realize their wishes too.
United States
  • For Abdul Jalil and Shamsun Nahar Jalil, I wish absolutely perfect health free of accidents.
  • For anuj - A total rejuvenation of muscular system.
United States
Dragone Uo
  • Be A Great Person changing the World
  • Healing & safety for my cats and all animals/plants on the planet.
United States
Jade Freelove
United States
Caitlin Cross
  • i would like my soul body put back in present time and would like all past future and parallel copies compressed. yhank
United States
  • To Clean any negative energy that stopping from getting what I want financially. Financial breakthrough!
United States
  • For our family - I'm not one to wish for money but our family has hurt due to illness over the past 3 years. I wish for tonights jackpot to help our family heal and to be able to heal people in need.
  • For Linda - I wish perfect health and joy in your heart at all times. I love you.
Lyra Prism
  • My my children and I will be runited this year.
United States
Donna maria
  • Happy,Healthy,Safe and Free for myself my family for all+Higher self
New Zealand
  • Have my young son returned to me now
New Zealand
  • That I can heal myself entirely from paralysis, w/o medication & not have these spasms anymore+ I wish my son would find his inner peace& not feel the need to smoke pot everyday+I wish everyone would wake up and find Love 4 themselves & all
United States
DIANA Piereck
  • Per Benito Minafra , guarigione totale della sua malattia (cirrosi ) e salute. + Guarigione per nosso pianeta Terra ! + Per nostro mondo Pace .
  • I wish for ALL DARKNESS to be REMOVED from our UNIVERSE!!!
United States
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