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Name Wish List Country
  • get the right career and make good money to help my family and myself
  • no more worries
  • end the cabal nightmare
United States
Cecille Chan
  • Earth will be liberated from the control of the Cabal.
  • False flags and militarization of the police will stop.
  • Everyone will be awakened to the truth about our lives.
United States
Irina Valtcheva
  • Irina - 100% cure of the ovarian cyst
  • Dimitar Valtchev (father) - !00% cure of the prostate
  • The rest of my family - to be healthy, saved, happy, and protected
United States
  • I wish for a great job that will help me move ahead in my career and personal life
United States
Meretene Cunningham
  • Release of all Prosperity Packages before Christmas 2015 for all mankind
  • Release of all hidden technology concerning free power, health, transportation for all mankind
  • All mankind "Awaken" to Love, gratefulness, freedom, no more wars, care for planet earth mother gaia and the animal kingdom, planets and trees.
New Zealand
Marcus Victor
  • I wish to be promoted from the post of a security in my company to the post of a store keeper
Vinay Dadaso Hinukale
  • I wish to get 5D body conciousness
  • I wish all Ascend .
  • i wish we live with peace and unconditional love for infinity
  • healing left eye bp back
United States
  • For all times, I want to get rid of those negatif attacs and get healed and protected so I can contineu healing
  • For all times I want my doughter Görkem Su to get healed safetly from her diabet tip 1
  • For all times I want my son get rid of alcahol simpathy and start living with health,consciousness and happy life.
Hans Thiedemann
  • Glück&Gesundheit für meine Frau und mich
  • Überwindung aller bestehen Krankheiten und keine Schmerzen mehr
  • Etwas mehr Geld, die Rente ist sehr knapp
Hans Thiedemann
  • Ich wünsche mir Glück und Gesundheit für meine Frau und mich.
ivette moux
  • that all basic needs are met for humanity...that there is peace in the earth...
United States
Rosa lefebre
  • A competitive intimate partner
  • I wish for health and happiness for my mom Martha and sister Gladys
  • I wish for joy, happiness and prosperity for the whole world
Puerto Rico
  • I wish for financial stability so I can focus more on developing spiritually
  • cura dos olhos (miopia)
  • cura da osteoporose e artrite
  • cura dos nervos
  • 3
Aysu Aryel
  • For Aysu Aryel- I wish she can gain money and pay all her debts.
Sheri G
  • For Sheri G & all living beings "The event "happens in early December
  • For Sheri G to move into my own house -be financially free before Christmas2015
United States
  • Oğlumun böbrek taşı var iyilesmesini istiyorum.
  • Aşk ve sevdiğime kavuşmak mak istiyorum
  • İşimde başarı
Hillary Wijewardena
  • Hillary - relieve the pain in my lower legs
  • get rid of the hemorrhoid/s in my rectum
Sri Lanka
Name Wish List Country
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