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Name Wish List Country
  • For my daughter to be healed physically and have perfect health.
  • For complete peace on earth
  • For everyone's abundance
  • perfect health for patricia and joy at all tmes
United States
  • I wish I will find my path and purpose
  • I wish for love and joy in all areas of my life
  • I wish that everyones wishes come true
Margaret Newson
  • 13 Moon Dreamspell replace the present gregorian calendar for all humanity
  • Total free energy
  • The cabal be arrested, named by mainstream and removed from Earth
United Kingdom
  • Finding a partner
  • Calgary
Anna mc conville
  • I wish to nuture an heal mother earth
  • For paul doire and anna i wish for divine healing energy
  • I wish for land to live a sustainable life growing my own food an helping all of humanity rember who they are
United Kingdom
Doire OSullivan
  • Land for Self sufficient living community
United Kingdom
Stacie Noonan
  • That the power Queen Elizabeth II has somehow be stripped from her before she dies.
United States
  • I Wish Everyone's 12 Strands of Crystal Rainbow Golden DNA to be Activated in their Wholeness and Purity, to the Full Potential of Each Soul on Earth, with the Infinite as a Potential, and the Eternal as a Quality ~
Pure Ambrosia
  • For Pure Ambrosia I wish perfect life partner on the path of liberating humanity
  • Live and assist others to live in harmony
  • Health on all planes
Therese Nickell
  • My family to be safe and at peace
  • That my company Rick Nickell Trucking be sold for a large profit
  • That I receive a large of debt and tax free money to build Namaste Healing Center
Vesna Radojlović
  • For my son Filip I wish perfect healing & happiness for him
  • For my son Vladimir I wish perfect healing & happiness for him
  • For me and my whole family I wish perfect healing & happiness for us
Serbia and Montenegro
  • May all humans recognize their power of creating their reality
Kenneth gerces
  • Quit my job and work for the light alliance
  • The event
  • Paul Miller to be healed of cancer
United States
  • Get me out of this planet
United States
  • To experience living in harmony amongst all my fellow brothers and sisters in this lifetime
  • Financial freedom to travel spritually and culturally
  • For my daughters to recognize how expansive and amazing they truely are
United States
Mary Miller
  • I wish my husband a healing from a brain injury he got after a heart attack
  • Financial freedom so I can see a dentist
  • I wish perfect health and happiness at all times
United States
  • I wish to clear all the obstacles and energies in my heart that are stopping me reuniting with the other half of my soul, my twin flame. Please help me find strength to continue on this path so that our reunion manifests and we are able to serve our purpose to humanity together.
United Kingdom
manasa .s.o.
  • i want to srikanth arcot agree to marry me
  • i want to have a perfect healthy body
  • i want thick and strong hair
NameWish ListCountry
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