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pat spiz
  • For pat spiz- who has perfect health and happiness - thanks
  • For people with Lyme disease/other illnesses - they have perfect health & happiness
  • For the world: we all transition to a new world with others in the cosmos-all peaceful & loving
United States
Charmian Wong
  • All the wounds would have been cured
  • Peace and Bliss belongs to the whole humanity in the Earth (Gaia, Tara)
  • Friendship Forever
Hong Kong
  • To serve others as a teacher and practitioner of yoga
  • To meet my soul mate and life partner
  • To enjoy the Great Abundance and Prosperity of the Universe
  • To serve others as a teacher and practitioner of yoga
  • For Jeannine - that her Xray & physical exam result are "clear to go" for Australian tourist visa grant together with the rest of our family.
Cindy Gauchay
  • For Dewey and Cindy we wish for a beautiful log cabin with plenty of room by the river overlooking the mountains that we can perfectly afford
  • Peace on earth and abundance for all
  • Healing of my hips/hands/back actually my whole body needs healing so I don't have to have surgury ever.
United States
  • for the awakening of humanity... that we will reclaim our sovereignty, remember our 'i am'...our infinite, interconnected nature and from a place of loving, conscious truth- to reinstate, and co-create our collective, compassionate revolution. release the chains, restore our faith, revive our mother gaia, may we stand as one, defeat the chimera's prison and manifest out golden age.
  • for my loved ones, for josh: please let my loved one find their own path to awakening and truth, may they banish all that harms them both knowingly and unknowingly...may they be free of pain, suffering and all obstacle on their journey, may the light within guide their way home and may they be well, happy and peaceful. My brother, Josh who suffers from chronic pain, may he be free of all pain, may his body heal and become strong to support him on his spiritual evolution, may he find within the power to banish all that opposes him and in his sovereignty step into his own light as a healer and a warrior and fulfill the mission that we are incarnated on this earth, together, to complete.
  • may my own body be healed as well as my mind and heart, be free of darkness and immune to entities and those energetic vampires who have found me, no matter where i have been throughout the entirety of my life... may i have the clarity of heart and the strength of spirit to fuel my service to humanity and to the light...may i reclaim within myself that sacred fire.. that power to embody and harness truth to fulfill my mission in this life, as a source of light, love and truth for all those who need it. may all light workers and light warriors who wish for the same, unite to empower collective
André koloko
  • My total libération financialy ,be able to travel by next year, met my soulmate.
United States
charmaine buchholz
  • san bernardino
United States
Gerson Luiz Potoskei
  • Eu Gerson quero ter recursos financeiros para comprar camaras de cura e outros dispositivos tecnologicos para cura das pessoas.
  • Energia livre para todos
  • Abundancia financeira global
  • I'd like to join to my Twin Flame in this life.
  • I must to reverse polarity , I'm the electric masculine and my twin flame is female magnetic
Agustin Manuel Simoes da Cruz
  • Para el mundo deseo que parem las guerras y se instaure la PAZ en toda la TIERRA
  • Para Mi y para mi FAMILIA pido la Salud y la Providencia Divina material y espiritual de todo lo necesário para podermos vivir en esta tierra com Harmonia perfecta
M.Saad Ali
  • I want to master kungfu and chi.
david anil piers
  • a cure for diabetes
  • i want get 25 billion dollars to distribute to the poor and needy
Brad French
  • Financial security will it happen??
Leanne Urban
  • 1. For all the pain, war and genocide and other negative things happening in the world to come to an end
United States
Markus Stöckl
  • For myself - I wish perfect health for my beloved wife, myself and our 2 chidren.
  • 1. I wish my daughter For Jennifer I Carla wish- love herself, be positive, finacial secure, start living and have a clear mind to retain studies to pass her test.
  • 2. for Mark I wish- him to be positive, Know that he contributes in his family, perfect health and financial security.
  • 3. I wish for finacial security, to be out of pain, and put the past behind meand to loss weight.
United States
umair ahmed
  • I wish my Crown Chakra, third eye , Pineal Gland fully open
  • I wish "12-24 strand Dna activation" , "Golden DNA Activation " , "Soul Enlightenment Activation"
  • I wish My Brother name " asif / ghazanfar ahmed " is Perfect Health
NameWish ListCountry
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