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Carolyn Henry
  • I wish for all who need to take action for Full official disclosure, to have courage in their hearts to do so.
devyn stevenson
  • I wish to be healed of my obsessive thoughts disorder it is very crippling to think such negative violent thoughts over and over again
  • i wish to become a master taoist priest
  • I wish to join cobra's personal resistance team and get to know him in person
United States
  • My soul and my inner children can be happy and recognize their value,and love themselves and learn to protect themselves.
  • My parents,my love tianhua,my friends can live a happy life,they can enjoy themselves and we can be well with each other.
  • My final exam can be good and passed easily,I can take my effort without too much obstacle.
karen francis
  • i wish to be out of this deep depression
  • i wish for the new world order now
  • i wish for prevailing peaceful conditions worldwide now
Agnes Jönsson
  • I want justice for animals in need, thank you.
  • My husband to get job offer in Florida and family to relocate
  • My son to meet new friends and love his new school
  • Everyone to love and forgive one another
United States
  • Je souhaite que son opération soit annulée.
  • Je lui souhaite une santé parfaite.
  • health
  • wealth
  • love
  • For Carin- I wish her perfect health and joy at all times!
  • For Matt- I wish him perfect health and joy at all times!
  • For Manda- I wish her perfect health and joy at all times!
  • For Andrew - To free me from the mental, spiritual and physical slavery that I experience daily.
  • For Andrew - To find a safe, clean, happy house to live.
  • For Andrew - To be joyous in all things worldly and spiritual.
United States
  • May You Be Blessed with Love
  • May You Be Blessed with Balance
  • May You Be Blessed with Guidance, Protection, & Intention
United States
  • For my twins son's to have 100% perfect vision
  • For my career to move into the healing work I love with ease and full support
  • For every human on earth to experience peace, joy, vibrant health, love and abundance
United States
  • I weigh 127 pounds now
  • Im a reiki master as of june 13 2015
  • all people wishes come true for highest good!
United States
Jennifer Funt
  • I weigh 127 pounds now
  • I feel I am the most beautiful woman in the world .In every way
  • I am in Reiki Master program starting June 1
  • I wish to be fully connected to Source and to core Earth at all times.
  • I wish to dissolve all blockages, especially fear.
  • I have been told I am a Lightworker. Help me to find out what to do.
  • To get out of programs and go to my mom.
  • For the event to happen peacefully, smoothly, and quickly.
  • For everyone to have the least suffering they can before and during the event.
United States
Ibolya Madarasz
  • To understand how to meditate,+ peace on earth,+Be happy.
  • pour Claire je souhaite qu'elle obtienne un travail avec un contrat à durée indéterminée
  • A job I feel fulfilled in. Getting loan for upgrades. My son Mathew being content and healthy .
  • want to have a good job so my spouse can paint more at home and present her workstation shows.
  • Want to see everyone on earth free and truly happy after the event and meet our galactic family.
  • Want to develop spiritually and learn to express my self better in service to others
United States
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