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  • That all animals on this planet be treated as equals to us!
United Kingdom
  • Despertar de consciencia
  • Liberación del planeta
  • Contacto directo familia cósmica
  • that all of humanity awakens peacefully
  • that all our DNA memory is healed and rejuvinated completely
  • to enjoy a shop full of Custom Royal souvenirs to commemorate my expenence on this plane
Inner Truth
  • I wish to stop the torture with electromagnetic weapons being inflicted on me, immediately.
  • I wish to be deleted and forgotten by the criminal secret services executing this torture on me, and to be extracted the infections injected in my body and the parasites physical and etherical. they have inserted on me and my field, and make vanishing the "presences" that are in my home day and night. And I want back the etherical bodies they took from me.
  • I wish to receive compensation from the Universe to be able to live the rest of my life with my own means without depending from handouts of any State. What they have prevented me to be able to earn and what they have got in exchange of torturing and victimizing me.
United Kingdom
  • For my kids to have compassion and understanding concerning the issues my husband is facing that is tearing our family apart.
United States
Elisabetta Errani Emaldi
  • 1) – I wish a world of justice, love, peace and light for all.
  • 1) - I wish that the Executive producers change the world stopping making films about war, horror, vampire and violence and start to make films of love, peace and light and choose also my projects.
  • 1) I hope the new world order will go in prison, as soon as possible, so stop enslaving, rubbings, chilling, poisoning and destroying the planet and Humanity with project Haarp and Chemtrails.
John derubeis.
  • i wish for an end to my generalized anxiety and the event as soon as possible
alba cristina silvia
  • we woud like to sell our activity and building agriturismo "all'isola che non c'è" in la spezia
  • For the sake of humanity, may the global currency reset transpire. In addition, let me know the "source" or deep mental blockage, that is causing my extreme back pain!
  • financial independence for me
  • world peace for us all
  • first contact to happen already
United States
  • I want to learn how to use my psychic abilities (i still have a long way to go, but i'll do my best) to help others 🙂
tim stewart
  • sister tammy asch be cured of les(LOUI Garrett disease)
United States
  • Every one has an egg shape lightshield for protection against archonic attack
United Kingdom
  • 世界和平.全家平安
  • 讓我快點長智慧賺到錢.
  • 最後希望有天讓我有能力實可以幫助更多需要幫助的人 沒了
  • Wish-1 Is for someone that can help me obtain the gem sphere off,cause i can not afford it.If someone for PFC can take some donatons an help raise the money.That would be a blessing.
  • Wish-2 To find a healer that can perform psychic surgery or some kind of healing that can help restore my vision,cause i am considered legally blind an need help restoring my vision to default vision.I been doing natural eye excercises,but feel like i need a healer.And that would not charge me.Im a less fortunate person.I wish healers would start helping those that cant afford 500-1000 dollars of work.If i had that gift i would not charge a soul.
  • Wish-3 To find someone that can help restore my 12 strand diamond DNA.I cant afford it.Its 500 to 1000 dollars.I understand ppl need to make a living,but for those that cant afford,we need more phychics an healers that can help the less fortunate.
United States
  • open the eye of third
  • keep full love
  • repeir my heart and body
James D
  • Develop Help People Share phone app prototype that links people wanting help with those currently available to help.
  • Share the HelpPeople Share prototype phone app with divinely inspired people that will use it with gratitude to assist others in their churches and social groups.
  • Virally spread the Help People Share phone app so that its many uses and benefits be enjoyed by people of all countires.
United States
  • I wish to move into a new home before the end of 2014
  • I wish that Uttara and Rayleah's school fees for 2014 and 2015 are paid on time
  • I wish to find my career/soul purpose job that rewards me Abundantly on all levels
South Africa
  • I need reconstructive surgery but dont have the financial means
  • I wish I had a puppie
United States
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