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Stephanie Struble
  • For Natural Health Practices to be legal and recognized in the United States
  • For all of the doctors to stand up to the AMA and to tell all truths about Ebola
  • For all governmemt officials to be arrested in order to save humanity
Cosmos Love
  • To be able to connect with Source/Higher Self
  • Gaia and Humans to be freed from manipulation and suffering
  • To become fully conscious galactic humans in harmony with source
  • Heaven on Earth, and The Zimmerly Compound, where my two adult kids can have their own house and we can all live together and my grandson and just walk over and see his Nanny.
United States
  • love for all
  • peace for all
  • health for all
peter pan
  • to meet and live with my star mate in the physical + to create with her faun and happy life full of healing, teaching, helping others as way showers, and growing a family + for the transition to 5th dimension happen smoothly and joyfully in the beginning part of 2015
peter pan
  • to meet and live with my star mate in the physical
John S
  • I wish for success and prosperity in my karat bars gold business
  • I wish for health happiness and prosperity for my family
  • I wish for peace for the world God bless those sick and suffering
United States
  • Sell the 1111 acres
  • Stop Chemtrails FOREVER
  • Stop and put into custody ALL CABAL all over the world to include full disclosure, global financial reset and money for all people on earth thereby ending SLAVERY
United States
  • want to have a house
  • want to have money for food and payments
  • want to have a car and everybody I WISH THE SAME
Dave Fitzsimons
  • Financial abundance for Atlantic City
United States
Jacqueline Bley
  • Earth liberated from dark forces.
  • I wish for a stronger connection to my loving self and to feel self love to enable me to lose all my excess body weight.
  • I wish for clean, free abundant energy for the whole world
  • I wish for freedom for everyone to live harmoniously together on this wonderful planet
United Kingdom
  • 1 For every being on Gaia to experience their TRUE multi- dimensional Self. l
United States
  • To find that special deep connection with a partner to love and be loved
  • To find and fulfill my true purpose here on mother earth
  • To live in peace and complete harmony with all humanity
United Kingdom
  • Freedom for humanity in all ways. No more envy, selfish, jealous, just LOVE!
  • Abundance no more poverty.
  • health, abundance LOVE in my family.
United States
Wayne Kotaski
  • Financial Independence and Abundance
  • Lifetime Love Relationship
  • Perfect Health for me and my Pets
United States
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United States
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