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The Prepare for Change Volunteers Assembly

All Prepare for Change Volunteers are automatically members of the Volunteer Assembly, which was created to enable all PFC Volunteers to participate together to socialize, teach, share and self-organize to Prepare for the Event and to work on Change Projects.

[NOTE: The Volunteer Assembly Program is quite ambitious, and for this reason we are using the remaining summer months to form teams to develop it for an expected growth surge after the fall equinox.  Please use your perceptions of what you would like to learn and do to help all of us in PFC to create a wonderful experience for everyone who Volunteers! The first meeting during this period will be the last Saturday of July, the fifth Saturday, and it will be an organizational meeting to recruit Assembly staff and Assembly-related Project Leaders. Before this begins the comments section at the bottom of this page will enable you to contribute your ideas and comments while providing a platform for discussion as well.]

All Volunteers are invited to attend our weekly Orientation meetings on Saturdays. We are choosing an 11 AM PDT start time in order to allow a reasonable time for those in Europe  to attend. We will stretch the meeting to end at 3 PM PDT to enable those in New Zealand, Australia, Japan, China and Taiwan to attend the second two hour session.

 Welcome to Prepare for Change: Orientation Phase 1: Basic Information with Q & A

The first and third Saturday of each month use this link:
Click this link at 11 AM PDT to join the Orientation Phase 1 Meeting 

Welcome to Prepare for Change: Orientation Phase 2: Projects Discussions and Planning Breakout Sessions on Areas of Interest. This meeting last two hours and then repeats to enable participation by more Volunteers

The second and forth Saturday of each month use this link:
Click this link at 11 AM PDT to join the Orientation Phase 2 Meeting

About the Prepare for Change Volunteers Assembly

The PFC VA is the answer to expanding the Prepare for Change Mission to include a great variety of efforts to speed the arrival of the Event and allow everyone who wants to join PFC to have a role helping others. It is the answer to moving from a small group of people focused on the basic activities of operating a website to one of facilitating a global movement.

You have read the website and can see that our message is one of great change, change of our etheric reality, change of our perceptions about who we are, where we came from and what our future can be. The changes we discuss regarding the social control structures, available technology and ways of dealing with the most basic issues of life make adding Volunteers a very involved process. New members of  the team need answers to many questions before the feel prepared to lead in their communities or even to do one of the many jobs that can make a difference for the Event.

PFC decided to create a Volunteer Form to help recruit leaders from the New Society Groups to join the council and represent the general membership with articles and input regarding all the issues we face, but the response to the Volunteer Form was much greater than that, in fact it began to have a life of its own, growing into a list of almost a thousand applicants today.

The new Volunteers range greatly in their abilities, skills and time they can contribute to PFC. Some are highly skilled professionals with time on weekends, while others are retired and will devote the equivalent of a full time job with that much attention too.  Many are young with work skills alone, but an enthusiasm that suggests they are in fact Star Seeds whose primary purpose for incarnation is to liberate our planet.

Everyone involved with Prepare for Change is a Volunteer that wants to contribute, and those of us who now work on the Website have been involved since the beginning, doing whatever needs to be done and often many, many things simultaneously. For this reason it has been a puzzle to involve others who need information with context and clarity in order to be comfortable with whatever job the choose to do.

Prior to this we attempted to involve new volunteers directly with the Council, but the Council meetings were never intended to be orientations or training programs, this effort created more confusion than forward progress. The Prepare for Change Assembly is meant to fulfill the expectations created by Volunteering for Prepare for Change.

Although Prepare for Change Council Members are still busy, this schedule for orientation of new Volunteers, and the presence of so many well qualified individuals allows us to have large online conferences that provide each person the opportunity to share a part of the whole that does make a complete picture.  Each Conference will have capable leaders with a broad perception of what is being discussed and within this system all new Volunteers will be able to gain the confidence to help Prepare for Change and make a difference in our world.

Because we have so much to cover and discuss, the Prepare for Change Volunteers Assembly Orientation Conferences will repeat every two weeks. Additional meetings will be created by the participants in the Phase 2 Conferences, but those will be planned and shared at that time.

Thanks for participating!


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