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The Prepare for Change Network’s mission is to facilitate the creation of a New Society by connecting people, informing them about the true situation on the planet, raising the frequency of consciousness, preparing the people for the arrests of the negative elite, the financial reset, and the disclosure of the Secret Space Programs and our true place in the cosmos, and during these actions maintain a calm and peaceful society during and after these changes, collectively called The EVENT. 

These actions are being taken on behalf of the global population  to prepare the people for the anticipated outcome of the actions of The Event.  This is being done by educating the public about the true history of Earth and providing a basic understanding of why the Event is happening, and preparing them  for the expected changes.  PFC was created in May 2013 during the Cobra New Society Conference to inform the global population, prepare for the Event and facilitate the New Society using the prepareforchange.net website, which has been creating a global organization of local groups since June 2013.

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Prepare for Change Network, a worldwide organization of volunteers,  will act as a stabilizing force during and after the “Event” to insure a positive, peaceful and non-violent change on our world. This is done using regular meditations, reading the latest news, sharing information and helping their friends and neighbors prepare for the sudden changes in society. The network is comprised of eight overlapping groups allowing the volunteers to work locally and at the same time as specialist in worldwide teams for work requiring special skills or training.

The PFC Network website(prepareforchange.net), was formed by a group of people acting on behalf of the Resistance Movement, a long established organization of intelligence operatives opposing the cabal, whose spokesman goes by the code name of Cobra. The Resistance has been working on the liberation of our planet for many years and realized that because of their low profile they would need organized public support to calm the population during the Event, and so Prepare for Change was created in anticipation of that time. We are all privileged to participate in assisting our communities with knowledge and strategies to be ready when the Event occurs.

Please take the time to study this site and the information contained here and participate in some way. We all may add a piece of the puzzle by our well intended efforts and commitment to a harmonious and peaceful life! Enlightened and aware individuals the world over are invited to help us in our mission. We should all take the time to dedicate ourselves to manifesting viable alternatives for our NEW SOCIETY.

We have have several different sections on our site that have been designated for you to join us in our efforts. There is a wealth of knowledge here which we know you will enjoy. Please accept our invitation to learn and to be part of the process. If you ever felt you wanted to do something good for your fellowman this is your opportunity to share your love and your good works.

With Love and Respect

The Prepare For Change Council

Victory to The Light!


25 thoughts on “Mission Statement

  1. Hi there,
    I am very frustrated because I am at a road where I don’t know what to believe any more. There is so much disinformation out there that I am drowning. I am going to explain this in a way and hope not to offend because I grew up in a Christian faith. I was born into the Mormon faith (The Church of latter day Saints) I have been inactive since my preteens but have kept certain core values since.Please be patient with me because I am very ‘lost’ right now. However, now in my 30’s I have come to see that aspects of organized religion seem almost contradictory in relation to truth and love. So I came upon a video which directed me to Cobra’s page which I couldn’t help but be drawn to. The message was lovely and focus was enlightenment and love. However, it almost seems like fantasy (even though I wanted to believe) and I am struggling to see how the concept of duality be non existent. Arn’t we suppose to be exposed to light and darkness to appreciate the good and be humbled by it? If we were in a constant state of unity, love and light would we even appreciate it fully? Even though I am considered to be like most that are slaves of this system, I feel I am still a good person. I don’t understand why people hate because of differences in race/culture etc I have been one who love different cultures and don’t understand the fighting around the world right now. So much darkness. I also came across a video by Dr. Greer if you’re familiar, stating this concept of a ‘red flag’ The red flag meaning this idea/concept was a direct manipulation of the government and have actors staging alien abductions and technology that has been shielded since the 40’s and using it to stage a large scale invasion for the ruse to start WW3. I am so confused what to believe. Again not to offend anyone. It is obvious people here want love and peace. So do I. I’m just worried/ confused at this time.

    I also had some questions and wondered if there was any information you had about anything positive happening in Canada. I hear alot about the United States and Asia but not much about Canada. What also happens to people who are duel citizens such as I during “The Event” I have debt I’m slowly trying to pay off since I moved back to Canada in 2009 during the USA big 3 collapse in Detroit Michigan and no bank account other than my credit card that is no longer usable. Sorry for the novel.

    Take care everyone. ~S

  2. Question!

    COBRA; please respond to my question.

    In one of your recent interviews, you had mentioned that if the Cabal crosses a certain line they will be exterminated by being sent to the Central Sun.

    You and I know who was and is behind two world wars, mass genocides through HAARP hurricanes, tsunamis , droughts, vaccines, chemtrails, ocean, land, air, food poisoning, world-wide economic hell, continued fueling of present wars and chaos, famine and sickness, unrelenting attempts to cause nuclear WW3, and the their best yet, Cabal’s insane promise to die first before they give up their intervention in our Ascension process.

    Every day, our brothers and sisters are dieing all around the world.

    Every day of delay to remove these earthly excrements off of this planet is painful to watch.

    If we wait for humanity to wake up from a century of calculated and effective spell and brainwashing, then lets give it a few more decades of this hell, since the media and the system is under the Cabal’s control and the masses bewitched in a trance.

    Can you please explain why the Resistance, both “downstairs” and “upstairs” do not think that the line you are talking about has loooooooong been crossed ?????? That the above stated reasons are not enough to be considered as line already crossed ?????

    For love of humanity, this is becoming extremely unbearable and unacceptable from our dear Positive Resistance. Please make me happy and give a good reason, or better yet, tell me they are being “exterminated” NOW.

    I appreciate and await answer directly from Cobra HIMSELF.(please).

    With brotherly love to you and the entire Positive Resistance.


  3. I listened Cobra answers to questions for long time…
    I feel in my heart that I am in unity with him in the light of truth and love
    I am .

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