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Disclaimer: We at Prepare for Change (PFC) bring you information that is not offered by the mainstream news, and therefore may seem controversial. The opinions, views, statements, and/or information we present are not necessarily promoted, endorsed, espoused, or agreed to by Prepare for Change, its leadership Council, members, those who work with PFC, or those who read its content. However, they are hopefully provocative. Please use discernment! Use logical thinking, your own intuition and your own connection with Source, Spirit and Natural Laws to help you determine what is true and what is not. By sharing information and seeding dialogue, it is our goal to raise consciousness and awareness of higher truths to free us from enslavement of the matrix in this material realm.


  1. I already made a comment on this “Disease” and once again we gong all issues dealing with truth removed. Why are you using YouTube to disseminate vial material that will always get deleted. Use a video format you have control over or get your own platform. Every single video that is perceived as damaging to the Cabal is deleted. Yet you continue to use this compromised service. Take action.

  2. hospitals,”doctors” and medical corporations will NOT help humanity to get out of morgellons…..they will call You crazy and make You shut down ,even put You in psychiatric clinic .
    WE ARE LEFT ON OUR OWN with this problem…..if COBRA have any idea to follow to heal our bodies let him show.

  3. Thank you for posting the video Edward, however I have seen it before and it is helpful in the sense that it describes the illness very well, however it does not offer a solution. Thank you Jim144 for posting what you did, I have seen that remedy before but I did not try it, but I will.
    However one night while meditating I did receive an insight. It was a parasite cleanse. I used Wormwood, Collodial Silver, Black Walnut, Apple Cider Vinegar and 5 drops of Oil of Oregano all in a large glass of water. I did it twice a day along with an alkaline diet. Within 3 days the itching had departed and the lesions had greatly cleared up.
    That Saturday in answer to prayer and guidance I was buying my raw goatmilk from a lady I know who keeps goats. While there I ran into two men, one who had pancreatic cancer and whom I was able to help and the other a man who had cured himself of Lyme disease using and electro=magnetic device he built himself. He made me aware of a Keifer drink he was making using “Grains” as the starter culture.
    I now receive treatments from him every few weeks and I am also drinking this amazing Keifer, which I make myself from the “Grains” he shared with me.
    I have been able to help the man with cancer to get so much better by sharing with him the protocol I used to totally heal myself of Stage 4 cancer. I was diagnosed with this 4 years ago and given 6 months to life. I refused all of their so called “Medicine”, and healed myself by following my own inner guidance from Source. It is a joy to see this man heal.
    My morgellons has all but totally dissolved, and I can feel the life force again coursing through my body. I am no longer being eaten alive.
    These last 4 days chemtrail sprayinng was again going on over the Encinitas area and LA in California. Really intense I could smell it in the air.
    Draco Tankers were also releasing large amounts of gas over the area, I have seen photographs of these Draco Tankers releasing 5 kinds of mind control gas over Carlsbad, Encinitas courtesy of the late “William Tompkins”.
    Stay strong my friends, we know now, beyond a doubt that our group meditations are having a great effect. Look what we achieved with ‘Irma”. I would like to see us organising more of these for whatever intention we decide upon.
    Together we WILL liberate our beautiful Gaia, I give my life to the service of the LIGHT. Thank you Cobra, Thank you Light Workers. Thank you beloved Source.

    Victory to the Light.

    In Love and Service lies our solution.

  4. Fill up the bathtub with water as hot as possible and drop inside 25 tablets of Alfalfa(Nature’s Plus 300 Tabs) and 10 tablets of St. Johns Wort. Also a glass of Sonett(Organic household cleaning product). You get in at the point where you can barely stand the temperature and sit for one hour. If you have Morgellons you will see them leaving your body!

  5. God gave us minds to use. When we feel the pangs of hunger we eat food, we can focus on the light all you want, but I have not as yet reached the status of an ascended master who can do without food, so focussing on the light will not work at my current level. It may work for you Debora, but for me eating a healthy meal solves the issue, it has another bonus I can keep my body for a while longer as I develop spiritually in my practice.
    Akiba Prince I feel your pain the maddening itch of Morgellon’s is unbelievable painful as these things literally take over your body.
    OK I am interested in a solution to this. Heres what I have to offer so far. An alkaline diet definitely helps, I am a vegan and I am 90% raw, if I was eating refined sugar and processed foods I would be in real trouble. I have had to stop going to the sauna, which I loved to do, as these guys get really active in the heat and start coming out of your skin. This causes an insane itchiness. I am using warm baths with peppermint soap and apple cider vinegar afterwards to ease the stinging.
    The treatment that really shows promise is electromagnetic pulse machine. I am sending off for one as I write, my concern is that the pulse will not be strong enough to fry these nano bugs. I have a friend who received treatment of this type and the itching disappeared. Now she is using MMS and MSM and has no skin lesions. She goes to the sauna every night and dry brushes her skin. I am too infested to do this yet. My hope is with the Magnetic pulse I can knock them out and do something similar. I want to be in a body to witness the event. So if anyone has experience of real solutions to this awful thing, I would love to hear from them. We all know to focus on the light, thats our path and our mission, but we need common sense while we are passing through this pain pleasure world. I am not dismissing your advice Debora, but I wonder how focussed your meditation would be if at the same time you were experiencing the agony of being eaten alive that is occurring with me and Akiba Prince. If you can keep your focus while thats going on, good for you. If your at that level you won’t need a body, and your vibration will reject any invader. I have not yet reached that exalted state but it is my desire to do so, so for me a little common sense goes a long way. In the interim my dear friends, stay strong in the Spirit fellow Light Workers, let the Force be with you.

    Blessings and Peace to all…!!!

  6. Does Cobra or anyone have any knowledge on how to cure this. I want to be here for the Event. I meditate I eat well, I drink green Juice. But the itching of this Morgellon’s is really insane. Any real suggestions on how to Zap this thing while were waiting would be appreciated. I know that a strong magnetic pulse will fry that nano technology, does anyone know a device that works. Thank You.

  7. I have been a Lightworker for 50 years, and Energy Healer for 30+. I have seen great changes as peoples consciousness raises to a collective higher rate.
    However, I AM not a proponent of sticking my head in the sand. People need to be informed on these things so they may become willing to listen to professing LOVE and energy to surround these things versus reacting in FEAR.
    We cannot just assume the whole of Humanity will just “Bing” and become aware of what is needed for whatever these Dark led situations are. There is much reactive diseases manifesting and coming forward in Humanity, lending fear. Doctors haven’t a clue as how to handle and will just turn over to the massive drug companies the treatment for FALSE diagnoses, perpetuating the issues within Humanity.

    The video is a good educational tool to help “Awaken” people. Just a few years ago I had so many I knew reject the truth about Chemtrails, who are now finally coming back to what we originally discussed about them. Many have had disease manifest that are not diagnosable by the doctors. They put it down many times to “mental” problems. This is a way for the Dark to manipulate Humanity, creating FEAR and self doubt.

  8. I have no idea about this Morgellons Smart Dust so called disease. After 2 agonizing stressful horrible weeks and my third trip to the hospital, I was told that it was scabies. That was about a month ago. I was treated for that and after about a week I started having symptoms again. Only this time it wasn’t just on my face, chest, and upper back area. I went back to the hospital numerous times only to be laughed and joked about. I started googling my symptoms and I found out scabies don’t go on the places where I had all this weird stuff at. That’s when my symptoms pulled up this Morgellons Smart Dust theory. I have pictures and videos, but I’m clueless to where I would get it from. Just doesn’t make sense, but whatever it is it’s a miserable draining thing to deal with.

  9. Chem trails were suppose to be stopped but it does not matter because the people putting it out are the only ones that will be affected and is a slight henderance to us and our health’ but it will kill the ones putting it out so it will gradually stop altogether. then maybe we caN GET BACK TO WORK CLEANING THIS MESS UP.

  10. Whoa every one!!! Our purpose here is to hold the light and emanate the light. As horrible as this looks it is not what you should be focusing on. This is a distraction. Go inward to your brilliance and shine your love and light. That is the only defeating of the dark. Hold the light, shine the light, and don’t waste any more time arguing among yourselves. This is the dark ones way to distract you. Let it go and focus on love and heavenly light.

  11. M…We are here to wake up the planet..not just a few…listening to your ridiculous…rant was maddening..and the only disappointment was you….the words breaking news…had no effect….if you have nothing to add besides ignorance…try keeping it to yourself…

  12. t….his is just a reminder that they are doing it again more furiously. Red between the lines.. Even I have water in the Lungs right now and Im usually VIGILANT.

  13. this insects can follow humans to high dimentions…….we create a Petition to Stop chemitrails in Poland …..we will se that goverment will do but we also feel it DOESNT depends from goverment………if not we will go out to streets .
    morgellons insects…….IS THIS A WAY archons AND demons WANT TO ”BUILD” THEIR HEART CHAKRAS ?
    what is their TARGET ?…(not only to control us) ……humanity or whatever we will become ,they wand us to be a generators of energy…….

  14. Absolutely maddening that you would link a video from 6 months ago with the title “breaking news”. You have a responsibility of integrity in the information you decide to include on this site. Otherwise, it’s just more clickbait. Disappointed.

    • What it may be 6 months old news to you may be ‘new’ for others, plus It is the original title of the video, it will be much more ‘Maddening’ for the author of the video if I change the title of the video for your convenience…


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