“COMMAND PB STARDUST” – New Pleiadian Protocol to Ease Physical Pain & Drastically Reduce Suffering on This Planet

The Pleiadians would like to help people with chronic pain and have developed a protocol that can help ease the pain. If you have chronic physical pain, you can repeat three times in your mind…..

“Command PB Stardust”

The Pleiadians will then use their advanced technologies to access your central nervous system to ease your pain. This new protocol is still in development and is limited in its efficiency and the Pleiadians are asking for feedback. Those who use this protocol are welcome to report its effects in the comment section on the blog: 2012portal.blogspot.com

This protocol for removal of chronic pain has been proven to be about 80% effective. The main factors reducing the effectivity of the protocol are suppressed guilt, suppressed negative emotions, past life soul contracts with the dark forces and extremely complex and/or strong medical conditions.

You need to understand that this protocol in most cases does not heal the cause of the pain, it just adjusts the central nervous system so that is decreases the pain signal. Moderate pain signal is then simply a sign that something is wrong with the physical body and medical attention is needed. This protocol is NOT a substitute for medical intervention by conventional and/or alternative medicine.

The Light forces have requested that this protocol go viral as it has the power to drastically reduce the amount of unnecessary suffering on the surface of the planet.




25 thoughts on ““COMMAND PB STARDUST” – New Pleiadian Protocol to Ease Physical Pain & Drastically Reduce Suffering on This Planet”

  1. Still in shock !!!I came to know about the “command PB Stardust” through my sister.I was have severe headache from yesterday night.Thought will be fine in the morning after a good sleep.But I didn’t happen.while talking to my sister today morning she asked me to repeat the words thrice .In a minute it worked..Thank you to the brothers and sisters of pleiadian.

  2. Welcome! I had a terrible tooth pain yesterday. I couldn’t sleep at all. After that command… all changed. It’s amazing! Command PB stardust is working perfectly! thank You a lot my dear Pleiadian brothers and sisters! Much Love and Light! Thank You.

  3. I used the technique last night to relieve the pain of a severe stomach ache. The pain was blocking me from sleeping, and it was indeed miserable. I followed the protocol as Cobra instructed, and within five minutes the pain was gone. It did not return at all, I got a good night’s sleep. My sincere appreciation goes out to Cobra, the Pleiadians, and all the kind individuals who helped me.

  4. After using “Command PB Stardust” the chronic pain in the right shoulder slightly subsided but came back soon. And the next day I felt much more peaceful, balanced and less moody, even kind of joyful. I used it only once so far. It is good to know that I can use this
    again. With much appreciation and gratitude to Cobra and Pleiadian family!

  5. Hello & thank you Pleiadian medical staff 🙂

    I am a Physical 5D Relevite from Epsilon Lyrae. My Father is Pleidian and my Mother is Arcturan. My skin is pure blinding Gold. My eyes are Copper. This is my first incarnation here. I came here to sit back, put my feet up and watch the show. I didn’t realise how difficult it was going to be.

    I have used the protocol in my mind and as COBRA mentioned in his recent interview Aloud as well.

    When I use the protocol the pain subsides. The relief lasts the best part of the day, and I’m getting nice vivid dreams and good rest. Although that maybe just me.

    Without violating my free will I invite you to make direct connections to further your medical knowledge.

    Blessings. B

  6. Thank you 🙂
    It is getting more effective the longer I use it.

    Peace blessings love and light to all
    Deep appreciate and gratitude to all
    Unconditional love and forgiveness to all

  7. Currently working on my new skill of pain management from multiple fractures of a broken ankle and surgery recently, I am appreciate and very pleased with this new tool! ‘loha Lehua

  8. My daughter used ‘Comand PB Stardust’ last night and iit worked in about a minute, she has slept for 7 hours after two days not being able to because of constant strong pain. Thank You Cobra and Pleiadian friends!!!!!!!

  9. Estou repetindo o protocolo “Command PB Stardust ” para eliminar as dores crônicas no meu corpo. Estou confiante. Também compartilhei o Link.

  10. I’d like to know what the music is. I’ve loved it for years in drunvalo melchizedek heart meditation! Please let me know if you can. Thanks.

  11. Can I pass on the healing energy/effect for my loved ones, who are not as far as I am in following the path of light? Can I be the middle woman? The way reiki works, for example. You can heal others in/with love. Violet flame as well. This could be a helpful tool in implementing healing with energy.

  12. I have played the command PB stArdust in my mind repeatedly….to no avail. However it is understandable that the pleadian said those of us with chronic pain….due to multiple sclerosis…this protocol may not work. I live with hope and knowing that one day..their advanced technology can and will heal my body from this disease. Thank you and love to all

  13. The effect was immediate. I had to shovel snow, I am 83 years old. I was nearly done, just a few more minitues, but my lower back pain would not allow me to finish. I came in, read this and thought it three times. The relief was immediate. Then went out and finished the job. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I have written it down and will use whenever I need it.

  14. Very cool. I don’t have any major pain, however, this is something to experiment with, such as saying something like, “deactivate…” a virus or program like addiction or wart virus or candida or poverty virus/program and see what happens, including all lifetimes in all universes, etc., unless that’s a given. Starting now…

  15. The main thing to remember for the maximum effect is that even though this is a gift from the Pleiadians the healing energies are released downward from your I AM source above. The more you are attuned to your I AM, the more of the healing energies can be consciously absorbed.

  16. I am totally amazed how effective Command PB Stardust works, and so grateful to have received this information. I have suffered and still do with chronic back pain for many years. I’m 77 years old and currently I’m helping a friend who has recently developed Alzheimers as well as being a hoarder. I’ve been working on her home to clean it up, and organize it, trust me it is a daunting task indeed. I should not be able to do what I am doing because of back issues. When I leave her home each day after working there I’m in terrible pain, but I immediately use Command PB Stardust in thought. I am so amazed by the relief I receive, and can continue helping. I have not been pain free in at least 10 years….Amazing…..Amazing… Thank You Cobra for the information, and Thank You Pleiadians for this gift, at least it is to me! I tell everyone I meet about it. I am sooooooo grateful………..Thank You again

  17. I do thank THE ONE And all concerning Lightbeings for helping us freeing from pain!
    I LOVE YOU. ALL for sharingthe knowledge to help us!
    God is GREAT and I don’t have the right ex pressions for thanking!!!

  18. mentally access is one way but best way alway is with understand help own being first, http://www.dailymotion.com/mikatapaninuotio

  19. thank you,to the Plaiadian Brotheres and Sisters,,,,,i am sure you know you know healing methodes we are not aware of and perhaps in the future we will understand,,,as i know that all our present modalities will fall away,,,
    just the very fact that you are thinking of us generates a deep Joy and Gratitude in me,,with all my Love i send this Vibration to you,,
    thank you

  20. The Pleiadeans would do well to learn Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) principles and application, even if it may well be based on Reptilian knowledge (in that China is specifically a (beneficial) Reptilian domain, I have read). [Or if possible, maybe learn the Reptilian system, assuming such exists behind/gave rise to, TCM — as anywhere, fighting, battles, wars, give rise to injuries which need to be attended, so given the reported warlike attitudes of their civilizations, it should be expected they also have strong effective healing regimes (?)] The medicine of the future, for humans, will probably look much like TCM, in that it is based on recognizing and rebalancing the circulation of life energy (qi/chi). As used in conjunction with Kinesiology and Tapping, there are techniques which can ease or even remove pain, but that doesn’t necessarily heal, only mitigate the pain, so better to attend the underlying source/cause of the pain, and use pain mitigation techniques only after the base healing is done/started. imho. best wishes to all.

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