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Research compilation by Rev. Kat Carroll

Meditation Heals While meditation is a simple and wonderful tool you can use to calm yourself, it also has a calming effect on those around you. It causes positive changes within your body& mind andaids in spiritual growth. Just 20 minutes a day is enough to initiatelasting inner change.

Meditation is a great tool for stress reduction and is now incorporated as a practice for law enforcement, hospital staffand even the military. When mindfulness and meditation areused into school, students who practice were better able to concentratewhich also improved attendanceandtest scores. There IQ wasalso improved!It’s being used on college campuses around the world.

Studies conducted by Michael Mitchelshowed that meditation not only lowers blood pressure but also canimprove your immune systemby turning off the stress hormone cortisol. This allows your entire nervous system to relax for better sleep and tissue repair. People who meditate perform better under stress and recover faster after stressful situations.

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Medicine andMeditation: For UofL Vice Dean, “They Work Hand inGlove”Group Meditation& Global ConsciousnessThe Beginning of UnderstandingThe Maharishi Effectestablishes the principle that individual consciousness affects collective consciousness(that’s all of us as a collective). Nearly 50 scientific research studies conducted over the past 25 years verify the unique effect and wideranging benefits to the nation produced by the Maharishi Effect.” (Wikipedia)In 1974it was discovered that when the number of people in meditation reached a certain percentage of the population, crimerates would fall, and the effect was lasting. This indicated a return to order and harmony in the city. A small number of people can have a large impact on society. The Square Root of 1% of the given population in meditation is all thatisrequired to cause apositive effect. This phenomenon of the rising coherence in the collective consciousness of society was dubbed “The Maharishi Effect” in honor of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. He predicted this effect as early as 1960. In 1978 his theory wastested in theGlobal Ideal Society Campaignin 108 countries where crime rates droppedduring mass meditation.

FurtherEvidencePrinceton study observes Group Consciousness has physical effects on the world during largescale eventsFor the first time in scientific history researchers discovered that group consciousness(i.e., The CollectiveConsciousness) elicits physical changes in the physical world around us. Researchers made the discovery in agroundbreaking study from Princeton University’s PEAR Laboratory (Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research). “The power of thought is not just ideological. It manifests physically. Cohesion between individuals ramps up this power,” writesthe study’s authors.Three hours before the 9/11 event, acomputer called a Random Event Generator at Princeton University predicted a cataclysmic event was about to unfold.”The studies conducted during and after the events of 9/11 suggest a certain amount of precognitionin the population. Why would the readings increase before the planes left the groundand prior to the first plane striking a building? Princeton’s Global Consciousness Projectand The Heart Math Institute Global Coherence Researchuse random number generators (RNGs) to measure changes in collective consciousness also known as Global Coherence. RNGs have been placed in locations around the world to measure these changes in world consciousness. The charts below show the change in the dataas the news of highjacked planes being used to attack key targets spread around the world. Chart 1 shows the peak in activity as the news of the event was broadcast. (Charts are courtesy of Princeton’s Noosphere Global Consciousness Project.)Equally important was the data shown in chart 2 from Sept. 14. This is when the world began prayer and meditation. The chart shows a return to coherency during the time of mass meditation and prayer. To quote a line from the movie Close Encountersof the Third Kind,“This is important. This means something”!Harnessing the power of prayer in this troubled time: Prayers Working Group Prayer EffectWe are also able to feel when changes are occurring in Earth’s electromagnetic fieldor the Schumann Resonanceas named byphysicist Winfried Otto Schumann who predicted it mathematically in 1952. These changes can come from the earth or from higher frequenciesemanatingfrom the sun. When the frequency increases, we receive more information and become more aware, conscious, and creative. Please read the full article as it describes how to make yourself more receptive to these higher frequencies.The best place Ihavefound for monitoring Earth’s Resonance is@schumannboton Twitter which updates every 2 hours.The Institute for Noetic Science(IONS) has conducted studies that confirm our thoughts, intentionsand emotions can affect anotherperson,even from a distance. Volunteers were studied as they sent or received energy, images,or intentions from separate locations, and they proved this repeatedly. I experienced this phenomenonwith a friend in New Yorkas we developed a working psychic connection from nearly 3,000 miles apart. I had been teaching him about remote viewing (the practice of seeking impressions about a distant or unseen target, using extrasensory perception or “sensing” with the mind)and conductingpsychic experiments. He was able to consistently pick up on what I was viewing with no hints or prompting. During that time,I beganwaking at 3 am or picking up my phone without knowing why just seconds before receiving a text or image from him (he often forgot the 3hour time difference). There is no doubt that we are all connected to a stream of consciousness, both giving and receiving subtle information. With that in mind, what you contribute to this stream of consciousness is important and I urge you to be mindful of your words and thoughts. Spend time in meditation each day to create feelings of love, gratitude, appreciation,and compassion so others will experience them too.

Global Coherence ResearchThe Science of Interconnectivity Heart Math Institute, Global Coherence Research encompasses a large variety of scientific data to gain new insights into the interconnectedness of human/animal health and behavior and the sun & earth’s magnetic activity. The scientific community is just beginning to appreciate and understand the deeper level of how we are all interconnected. We are getting closer to understanding why and how magnetic fields generated by the sun and earth affect human health and behavior and why it is important to know this.Quantum Entangled HumanityOur thoughts, Words,and Intentions Matter In an everchanging world with high pressurehealth concerns, financial stakes, political struggles,and news that isseldom positive, we need to change our way of connecting with one another. We are all connected but what exactly are we sharing?What we think, feel,and say has an impact on global consciousness. Knowing what you have learned from this research, whatdo you think would happen if thousandsor millions of people around the worldall meditatedor prayed,at the same time? Can you imagine what might happen if most of thehumanity had the same goal of sending positive, loving thoughts to the worldby feeling and visualizinghealth, peace,and prosperity during meditation? A wave ofcompassionate thinking would spark a change in global consciousness and shift the population toward a more positive and cooperative timeline and waysof existing with each other, and likely,withotherbeingsin our galaxy and beyond. Studies by Masaru Emotoshowed how our words, thoughts and intentions have a profound effect on water (Our bodies are made mostly of water!). Science has proven the interconnectedness or quantum entanglement that happens between photonsand studies conducted by Dean Radinof IONS, Rupert Sheldrake PhDParapsychology, Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research(PEAR)and others have noted this with people, especially when they are focused on each other.A Princeton study observed thatgroup consciousness has physical effects onthe world During LargeScale Events. This is a consciousfieldthat existsand interacts with ALL things on Earth as was discovered by Dr. Cleve Backster. Italso exists throughout the universeand we are all intricately linked or entangled with it.Now you know the many benefits of meditation and how powerful our words, thoughts and intentions are. You also understand that the thoughts we generate effect the world around us, especially whenamplified bygroups of people meditating or prayingtogether and for a specific cause. I hope you will use this knowledge to help shape the world we wish to live in. You are a cocreator in the manifestation of our reality.Letus use the technology of prayer and meditation as toolsto change humanity’s destiny by working cooperatively and collectively to manifesta beautiful new world of peace, prosperity, health and abundance A new Golden Age of Gaia. For a list of upcoming major and regular mass meditation events, please click on the link to We Love Mass Meditation Active Meditations.We hope you will join in prayer ormeditation for the specific events and causes that resonate with you andthat you willparticipate in major globalefforts, such asthose we are experiencing in turbulent 2020. Add your light to the growing number of people activating the Age of Aquarius. May you always find and share blessings on your life journey!Rev.Kathleen (Kat) CarrollInternational Assembly of Spiritual Healers and Earth Stewards(SHES)Reiki

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