Coordinator’s Form

Please Complete the PFC Volunteer Local Groups Coordinator Form

PFC Coeo Volunteer Local Groups Coordinator Form

This form enables you to volunteer to help local group leaders in your region connect with new members and assist them. Prepare for Change is working to improve the resource access of PFC Coeo Members and the PFC Volunteer Coordinators are the key to building a coherent etheric spiritual grid of dedicated individuals around the world.
  • Use the drop down menu to identify the Region where you can coordinate PFC Coeo Local Groups. Many regions will have multiple Coordinators, so choose what is best for you.
  • Please type the name you used to join PFC here.
  • Please put the name to be used for your PFC email address. Your first name with an initial is fine, such as John Doe would be [email protected]
    If you want to forward your PFC email to a different email account, please type it into the "other" field.
  • In about ten words tell your members how to connect with you.
  • Let your members know a little about you.
  • Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, pdfdoc.
      Please upload a photo for your Coordinator web page bio. A photo with your head and shoulders in the middle of the frame will automatically reduce to be correct. If needed you can upload a .doc or .pdf that provides detail as well.
    • This Coeo User name will appear on the Regional Web page. If you have not registered on, please do this now and put the User Name in this field.
    • Put your public texting number here. For another option we have chosen Telegram Messenger as a messaging app for all devices. Those who do not have cell phones can use their Internet connected computers.
    • PRIVATE: Put your Skype name in this field. It is private for the PFC Team to contact you with text voice and video for planning and to participate in activities.
    • PRIVATE: Coordinators may receive parcels with PFC related material. Use an address you can safely receive parcels. A postal or private box is fine, or a trusted friend who can receive them during delivery hours.
    • PRIVATE: The PFC Coordinators Tool Kit is a set of digital files used by the Coordinators to support the PFC Coeo members in almost every way. When ready, we will make all of these files available for download on a "Tool Kit" page. Please say if you can help with the Coordinator's Tool Kit and how you feel all Coordinators would benefit from your work. See the Volunteer Job Descriptions page and the Member Support list for more information.
    • Put any additional information that you feel is needed for your setup here.
    • This field is for the Setup Team to assign a team member to assist you with our conferencing system, email, and discussion lists. If you need to post on .net the CommAdmin will train you for that as well.
    • For Admin Use Only
    • For Admin Use Only

    Thank you for Completing the Prepare for Change Volunteer Local Groups Coordinator Form!

    Visit the Coordinator’s Tool Kit page to download presentation files for your Region