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Barbara Reilly
  • I would like my heart and lungs to be healed
  • I would like my brother, Wally, to be cured of cancer
  • I would like the relationship between my daughter, Amy, and my son, Jeremiah to improve so that we can live together in peace and happiness.
United States
Shar Veda
  • Medford
United States
  • Baton Rouge
United States
Susan Rodgers
  • To be free/liberated from the court proceedings and protected from the person that means me harm permanently, thank you, with Loving Gratitude x
  • To move into our perfect home, thank you with Loving Gratitude x
  • For both Freya and I to be happy, healthy and free from stress or harm. Thank you, with Loving Gratitude x
United Kingdom
Alexander Gonzalez Yepes
  • for my father Hernando and mother Amparo I wish perfect health and abundance at all times
  • I wish for me ALEXANDER perfect Abundance, money and health.
  • I wish freedom, health, abundance, peace and joy for all my brothers and sisters on GAIA. I LOVE YOU, THANK YOU, NAMASTE, VICTORY OF THE LIGHT
United States
Denise Crone
  • My is to have my wife completely healed of a stroke she had 2 months ago.
United States
  • For Donna, I wish her full recovery of her memory and cognitive functions.
  • For Liz, I wish her fibromyalgia and knee pain to be gone.
  • For Mom, I wish her to be pain free and peaceful for all her remaining years.
United States
  • San Francisco
United States
  • First Wish, I wish to Return to the True Home, where the True Self is FULL in MOTHER'S LOVE (Mother Goddess)
  • First Wish, I wish to Return to the True Home, where the True Self is FULL in MOTHER'S LOVE (Mother Goddess) Second Desire, I Want Not to Want ANYTHING Material, Be the Divine Will of MOTHER (Mother Goddess) Third Wish, I Wish The Victory of LIGHT in TOTAL INTEGRATION in ALL humanity, even the Will of ETERNAL MOTHER (Mother Goddess)
  • Receive a lot of love from my soul and star family
  • Not to suffer anymore me and my family
  • Ban and avenge entities that do not respect my free will
  • For Arthur - I wish my son Arthur to be free of crack, to wake up and not be so close minded
  • For everyone - I wish light, peace, health and abundance to all of us on Gaia
  • For Cristina - I wish perfect health and joy at all times!"
  • To be healed from HIV
United States
Jong Kim
  • For Jong - I wish financial abundance!
  • I wish terrific health with a lot of happiness!!
  • I wish my husband and my son open their eyes spiritually!!!
United States
  • To have an intimate relationship with God. To be healed mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically so I can help bring Heaven to earth. Sheryl henry
  • To help others heal hat have been hurt like I have been hurt.
  • To feel peace and joy. I have been kind of numb and flat emotionally from being hurt.
United States
  • Substantial Youth and Health restoration for Cathi, Sandy, girls, nicholad and Scott
  • Comprehensive spiritual, consciousness, pineal, and psychic enlightenment expansion for those above Cathi, sandy and scott
  • Physical, spiritual, emotional, sexual, financial, protection from anything, anyone, anywhere and time for those above
United States
  • Youth and Health restoration for Cathi, Sandy and Scott
  • Complete spiritual, pineal gland, psychic and consciousness enlightenment
United States
Pamela Fenton
  • For Nancy Love's requirements so she can carry on her humanitarian work
Akash Ghosh
  • For my worldwide Brothers and Sisters - I wish for everyone to become Spiritually Awakened and Conscious,I wish for everyone to find Eternal Peace,Prosperity,Joy and Happiness in their everyday lives.
  • I wish that the daily sufferings of every each and one of us to be gone and by that may we be at peace with our Pasts,Presents and Future!
  • I wish the hatred between every each and everyone of us to be gone forever and may we live like a family,which is spread worldwide!!!
  • Have a connection to my higher-self second to heal my inner child 3 have my own bussiness that i always desire
United Kingdom
  • I wish for all others on these list for their desires to manifest.I wish to be free of crack and alcohol and fat.To manifest my Blueprint of dynamic health,fully sovreign and restored to my fully authentic empowered self.
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