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  • I wish to Obtain economic wealth, perfect health and joy at all times
  • Cleanse my third eye
  • Open hearts of humanity to love unconditionally
United States
  • I wish for marriage to James Page
  • I wish for a healthy pregnancy and child
  • I wish for a family home ith my husband and child
United States
  • For Emaad- wish him perfect health, focused mind & deciplined life for tremendous academic success
Bright eyes United States
Alexander Strömberg
  • get over my anxiety/obstacles
  • i wanna visit agartha/telos physically very soon
  • i want to become a multi millionaire or billionaire
  • I just wish for everyone and everything to feel good again - safe, healthy, relevant, and joyous!
United States
  • My beloved wife chooses habits to free herself from alcohol addiction, obseity and lack of purpose
United States
frank gabry
  • All of mankind wake up become true STEWARDS of Mother Earth nurture her & all her children
United States
  • my wishes would be:
  • For Leyla- I wish to become the most beautiful and successful actress in the world.
  • For my mama- I wish delicious abundance, health, wealth and lots of joy.
  • For my grandma- I wish perfect health and happiness for all her days.
United States
Aurelio Contardo
  • I wish someone is in a position to denounce the evil activities our governent is persuing against inocent civilans that have commited no crime at all, yet they are attacked 24/7 by brake-in and enter to their residences, neuro-poisonous nightly injections, death threatening attacks to both individuals and their families. If we are to oppose the dark forces,
  • we must start by reveiling those in power in our own government. I only hope that the galactic light forces learn what I just said. That is my wish while I am stil alive.
Aviella Ross
  • Blocking negative and harmful and limiting completely blocking the medication from having any side affects on my septenial bodies, light body, ascension, awakening, full consciousness, psychic ability, physical body, mental body, or any body affect to me at all in any shape or form regardless of whatever the drugs the government forces me to be on that block my messiah seed starseed. And that I loose weight the drugs have on me completely down to 135 instead the medicine grounds me and clarifies my thoughts. My speach returns to full articulate clear cutt form and my stomach acid and irritable bowel liver syndrome is healed. That my autistic bipolar and other so called diagnosis of psychosis are completely non existent but the medicine is non affective at all.
United States
  • I wish for the attacks on me and my twinsoul to stop and I wish he was free, he is being held hostage 🙁
  • I wish for the attacks on me to stop through my family and loved ones. I wish to be free so I can know my purpose and I am for some reason the target of the dark forces and I do not know why
United Kingdom
  • fully pay my energetic and financial debts, leave it in peace one for all.
Doug James
  • Full awakening of all people on the planet to who and what they really are, spititual beings.
  • Cabal is taken down and all technology to benefit all people on earth is released
  • All those on the dark side consciously with their free will choose to be of the light ending the quarantine of earth and our solar system.
United States
  • jerry
United States
Norma Battiss
  • To receive millions of dollars this week That my brother Thomas Battiss be healed of his illness and That l meet my Soul mate and the man l will marry
New Zealand
Pam S
  • For Pam- I wish to be very successful doing what I love for a living.
  • I wish to meet my most compatible life partner.
  • I wish to have a joyful, fulfilling life.
United States
Katherine Vieira Hanna
  • I wish To be happy , a healthy thin body and be creative again
  • I wish to have a closeness with my son and daughter
  • I wish my dog penny not to be afraid and except my love
United States
  • For Gemma, I wish financial abundance and health.
United States
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