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Name Wish List Country
  • I wish my son to wake up and not be so close minded
  • I wish my brother would wake up and stop what he is doing
United States
Theodore Michael Hull
  • I wish for everybodies wishes on this list to come true
United States
  • Restore freedom and health to Humanity.
  • Freedom from all tyranny
  • Radiant health and well being for myself and my family
United States
amy mcanally
  • AMY- I wish for true love and complete happiness in MY LIFE
United States
  • i wish to be in a happy family with plenty of money to enjoy vacations
  • i wish i knew how to help heal the planet
  • i wish abuse to animals and people to stop
United States
  • my addicted children (maddy, sarah) get help and wake up.
United States
Salvatore Di Giacomo
  • my wish is to find my girlfriend soon
  • overcome my twisted spiritual situation
  • to visit all the places I need to visit
  • Rehealing to whole. Reactive me ..freedom from the matrix
United States
Garrett Walter
  • I want to cure myself of three of my ailments
  • I want to fulfill the connection of my person with the Andromedans
  • May the Divine Plan of Harmony Perfect for the New Golden Age be fulfilled
United States
  • For Madhu I wish a center for those needing and wishing healing of heart, body and soul. A healthy body.
  • A healthy body.
  • Health and joy for Tom.
United States
Jean Russell
  • Healing of my Newborn grandaughter’s heart.
United States
  • For Astella - For my partner and I to overcome our issues and get married and start a family
  • For Jeanne to find peace and solace
  • For my grandma to suffer less in pain
Esther "Bunny" Brown
  • I wish to learn from Stephanie Relfe's DVD set on Specialized Kinesiology with anyone
  • I wish to learn about the exercises of Falun Dafa (also known as Falun Gong) and do them, even with anyone
  • I wish to have a husband for a guardian, and have children with him
United States
  • I am in a scary situation...I need political amnesty I think. I am suicidal daily but do not plan on acting on it at the moment. I know I'm not supposed to wish for some hero to,come save me but I need that Actually, cannot do this anymore and have No One Who understands that would be able to help me. I " I know I'm not supposed to
United States
  • I would like the event to happen as soon as possible so that everyone benefits from it. I would like to be healed from all of my ailments. I would like to see increases in my pay for both of my part time jobs so that I can make a decent living.
Diogo von Linsingen
  • For Diogo von Linsingen I desire prosperity and financial abundance and with it bring more Light and beauty to the planet Earth.
zalina Boodoo
  • I wish to be happy,healthy,wealthy and free for every one.Thank you .luv to all.
Trinidad and Tobago
  • I wish to heve The event now
  • I wish or intend that the prosperity funds will be distributed equally to all human being here on earth specially the poor and the needy , a financial freedom for all.
  • I want the event to happen as soon as possible and that people do not lose their cool. For a better well-being to all the people in the world.
  • I want my family to be in good health and not be affected by any malignant disease. Just as you open your mind to understand or understand extravagant information.
  • I wish for a new era that is more peaceful, loving and equitable.
NameWish ListCountry
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