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  • my daughter w schizophrenia stays on medication to be able to raise her new daughter
  • that I have peace w my mother
  • that my husband find healing
United States
  • For my family, healing their past whatever they have done and keep positive thoughts.
  • I have a happy healthy relationship then get marry.
  • Awaken who I am.
Hong Kong
Wolf Schmueck
  • A world full of love, respect, peace, freedom and abundance.
Stacy Blake
  • Matthew's Service Dog
  • Andrew's eSight glasses
United States
  • 1º-Limpieza de toda magia negra, hechizos, manipulación,bloqueos, depresiones, en los pueblos arboc y ruidos, toda energía negativa de pensamientos,envidias,maldiciones Tarragona.
  • 2ª-Me pido para mi, sanación del cuerpo para sanar todos los órganos, obesidad, enfermedades del sistema inmune, células átomos, bloqueos emocionales, y espirituales. abundancia, tener una buena pensión, cambio de casa. Sanación en toda área del pueblo del arboc tarragona. Eliminación de toda contaminación y falta de agua,limpieza de residuos.Equilibrio, elevación de vibración en las personas.Reparación de todas las auras humanas.Campo de esfera de protección para el pueblo del arboc, y sus habitantes, limpieza de almas de baja vibración, y de cementerios.
  • 3º-Todo lo que pido lo deseo en un perfecto estado, de salud, limpieza de entidades, en el pueblo del arbos y sus habitantes, buenos médicos amorosos, buenos asistente sociales, buenas tiendas de comida de vibración alta, eliminar la matanza de animales para comer.Lo deseo con todo mi amor y alegría, que se está haciendo en realidad. Os doy las gracias de todo corazón a todo el equipo, por vuestro trabajo y amor por el cambio de la tierra. Y por ayudarnos a abrir conciencias.Desde el amor del Padre Madre Dios, Yo Soy, un corazón agradecido con todo mi amor en la luz. Gracias, que así Sea.
teresa sxouri
  • to master alchemy to move to 5th
  • to heal johns kidney
  • to find happiness
United States
bill sohan
  • Bill Sohan-- that is me -- wish for huge abundance to clear all debts and do my mission
  • help from all higher powers to fulfill my mission as the Maitreya - World Teacher
  • for me --- to have good health and a long life to fulfill my mission
United Kingdom
Susie Ann Ferrell
  • wish to win the Jackpot of the Powerball, i wish to move out Southwest (Nevada), and i wish to marry & have a baby (family)
United States
Carmen Holsapple
  • I wish my back would heal
  • even though I had a stroke and cant remember my dreams I wish very much to remember them again
  • I wish my beautiful granddaugher who is likd an angel would get over her daily cronic migraines and go back to college where she she has a scholorship but has been on medical leave for 5 years.
United States
  • 1. I wish that I find a soul partner soon,
  • 2. I wish that i get out of Finland and the Finnish people, they are teased me 24 years
  • 3. I wish i find some job in Netherlands
  • For every single person in my country to feel a deep sense of LOVE and TOGETHERNESS.
  • For Matías I wish his severe anxiety and ocd to get cured.
Karen Daniels
  • For Karen-I wish for my own body be healed from all illness so I can enjoy being a Lightworker in the physical. I wish all other's wishes are granted before mine.
United States
karen daniels
  • I wish for my own body be healed from all illness so I can enjoy being a Lightworker in the physical. I have exhausted wetern medicine and specialists.
United States
Real Sam
  • i wish to have my own automobile workshop, happiness, accedent free
  • My wish is to invite energies in that help to bring about reducing our dependence on fossil fuels.
  • available affordable housing
United States
Totsapon Kenneth Wibunsin
  • For Totsapon Kenneth Wibunsin- i wish my health and DNA be restored to my optimal state+ I wish humanity is healed of all illnesses + I wish for abundance and happiness to all of humanity.
  • Salud y fuerza de voluntad+Encontrar un trabajo que me permita vivir con mi hija+respeto y amor en la TIERRA
Mazeen Abdalla
  • "For Mazeen- i wish perfect teeth ( braces ). + Health and happiness at all times. + A way to earn lots of money.
United States
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