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Nicky N
  • For Nicky - to find a new French home soon + for my daughter to regain her health soon+for my son and his wife to find a new healthier, non-alcoholic way of coping with their issues
  • To find my new French home soon
  • to outplay bookie
Rosmarie S.
  • Get rid of Sigi's nasty cancer and make her well again
United States
Manuela folleco saenz
  • Hola, +primero que nada gracias por esta oportunidad y por la vida maravillosa que me ha tocado vivir y por poder estar presente en este momento. Ya se que siempre estáis a mi lado pero ahora necesito urgentemente recuperarle de mi operación para volver a tomar las riendas de mi empresa y mi +segundo deseo es que mi empresa crezca sea próspera. +Mi tercer deseo es para todos los seres de esta hermosa tierra y para mi familia y todos los seres benevolentes del universo que estén siempre contentos i felices y tengan abundancia. POR UN MUNDO MEJOR.yo estaré aquí para ayudar. Gracias.
  • For Robynn ~ I wish to be Healed and Renewed in all aspects of my Being. I especially want to be Physically Healed of All of the Diseases I have, and my Spinal Cord to be Healed and Renewed, and strengthened.
  • job,free energy,peace for mother earth
United Kingdom
  • + I wish that the money I earn comes back to me + I wish a new job that makes me totally happy, which I can enjoy and where I get really well paid + I wish to have a loving relationship
  • + I wish that the money I earn comes back to me
  • Kiegyensúlyozott, boldog, egészséges, bőséggel teli életet szeretnék élni a szívem választottjával egy gyönyörű új energiákkal teli helyen, ahol mindenünk megvan. Gyermekek, új ház, kocsi, munka, pénz.. Áldás 🙂
  • Harmony with wife and kids - Spiritual awareness to my family - Opening of all my chakras to heal myself so I can heal othes
  • I wish a i am wealthy and financially secure
  • I wish I can afford a new car and house
United States
Elena Werner
  • I want my sister, Florentine, to be perfectly cured completely I want my daughter, Ana Gabriela be perfectly cured completely
willie earl stewart iii
  • i want to date jade. this wish is out of the way but there is something about her that draws me to her everytime. id love if i could finally get a chance. may itbe in the best interest of all .
United States
Gabriele Sapio
  • I wish a lot of good energies and positive influences for all the human being what need and criatures of the our planet
  • I wish to have a fulfilling well remunerated and appreciated new job where I flourish and can bring all my talents to the help of others. + I wish that Mr. Right for me manifests and we have a loving fulfilling and happy relationship that brings joy and happiness to both of us on every level. + I wish financial security so I can pursue the goal to open a eco B&B by the sea.
  • I wish total health for Dr. James Powers, a complete recovery from ilness
United States
  • I wish to pay all my debts so i can live in peace in my home and express the love of God all over the world so that i can really feel that WE ARE ONE .Blessings
karen ranae
  • I wish for us all...richness with peace, happiness, joy, laughter and light, and LOVE!!!!
United States
Emmanuel N.
  • 1. For Emmanuel - I wish for perfect health that is free of the virus affecting me. 2. I need financial stability, wealth, and abundance to help myself and others in need. 3. I need to find a loving and compassionate female life partner and for others to realize their wishes too.
United States
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