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Richard Saylor
  • For Richard- I wish perfect health and joy at all times!
  • For My FAMILY - I wish The best of everything at all times!
  • For humanity- I wish abundance & Happiness!
United States
  • I wish for a complete cure for myself and others who have the neurological disorder called Myasthenia Gravis
  • I wish for financial abundance without stress or strain to help p my famil, mysel and my foundation to support the arts and alternative medicine
  • I wish for the intercession of positive beings to guide me to guide others to the light
United States
Trees Kersbergen
  • "For Trees- I wish Peace for the world!"
  • Love
  • Fysical condition improvement please
  • heal.wealth.happness
  • m Perfect radiant health for me and everyone on spirtual, metal, physical and emotional levels 2. Everyone who wished to go to the highter dimension will go and have an easy awson
United States
charlie johnson
  • I wish for my nephew River to be healed Mentally, physically. that he will be made whole again. and that I may have a utopia of prosperity so I can help my family and make a homeless Ranch with new housing medical, schooling etc.
United States
Carly van der Heijden
  • Feel happy and healthy again, abundance of money, the Tsunami of Love to happen.
United States
  • molim andjele , zelim da budem uspjesan trgovac ,
  • zelim da isplatim sve novcane dugove
  • zelim svima pa i sebi radost i ljubav
  • Solucionar el problema neuronal/cromosomico de mi hija Michelle
  • restablecer la enegia vital de mi compañera Mónica
  • Recuperar mi energia vital
Melencio Alip
  • For Mhel I wish a perfect health and happiness all the time
  • I wish harmonious relationship with my extended family , may we be united again
  • I wish that my plan to have a convertible furniture making business materialize this year with the right people who will help me succeed
Melencio Alip
  • For Mhel I wish perfect health and happiness all the times
  • I wish a harn
Charlotte Harrison-Smith
  • I wish to establish holistic sustainable community to assist poor in relocating out of City areas
United States
Daniel Minderman
  • I, Daniel, have been unemployed for over 2 years and barely hanging on for those that need me, I need employment to bring a positive change to my circumstances
  • I have a 4 year old son, Max, who is extremely important to me, I ask for necessary changes to get more custody and involvement in his life to teach him the truth about life and help each other for perfect health and happiness at all times
  • I ask to find a partner in my life who like me wants to add purpose and change in our lives together and for the betterment of others in this world
United States
  • The end to cancers, debilitating diseases, blindness and all health issues for all and total healing of all body parts
United States
  • For Dorothea-I wish perfect love and peace,joy for me,my family and whole world
  • For Dorothea-I wish I had more than enough money for me and my children for the rest of my life, successful business or passive income.I wish to experience unlimited aboundace right now.
  • For Dorothea:I wish the vaccine would not longer be an issue, I wish a perfect health and energy system for me, my family and other people
  • I wish for a baby boy to complete my little family!
  • For our Property Rental business to really take off this year.
  • great health for all my nearest and dearest.
  • for Agmed-i Wish to Follow the light
  • truth
  • Knowledge
  • souhait 1 : santé parfaite, être guérie une fois pour toute
  • souhait 2 : obtention d'une formation adulte rémunérée
  • souhait 3 : prospérité financière
  • souhait 1 : santé parfaite
  • souhait 2 : liberté financière
  • souhait 3 : évolution spirituelle
  • Souhait 1 : santé parfaite
  • Souhait 2 : abondance et indépendance financière grâce à mon travail
  • Souhait 3 : ouverture de mon troisième oeil
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