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  • My financial problem on my house trap is resolved to zero owing to lead to my freedom to help others by removing this stress.
  • I have free time to spend with my family in Texas, especially my niece.
  • I am able to receive people here at my sanctuary to help them heal.
United States
  • A job in Durham Ontario
  • An other source of income
  • A spiritual gift to help others
  • new teeth
  • healthy good shaped feet
  • healing of balance disorder
  • My Mother she needs to gain strength & healing for her body. She has been in hospital for a week now, I don't know how long she will be in for but all I would wish for is a little helping hand in getting her better.
  • I wish for every being to wake up to the changes that is happening on our Mother Earth, it's time to know the truth
United Kingdom
  • 1. Health, peace prosperity abundunce for me and my childre 2. Finding my soulmate in love and workingtogeather for liberattion of the planet and the Event 3. Less alone people finding their soulmate plane
Raymond Catroppa
  • I wish to be healed once and for all
  • I wish the event happens very soon
  • I wish for a love filled world
United States
  • Crystal Bowls, Gongs, Monochord Bed, Tibetan Singing Bowls Sound Healing Therapy Room and Kundalini Yoga Studio...with lots of students and clients Manifest
  • A trip to Andean..Peru...Bolivia meeting Shaman of Q'ero people...Munay ki in Action
  • Suitable new vehicle/truck/car for pranayum catering business/festival success
South Africa
shelly o
  • a wonderful mate
United States
Ayelet H. Zimmerman
  • Please help me to find honorable and ethical solution for the 40 street cats I am feeding daily. I can no longer afford this, and no one else seems to care about it.
  • Please - help humanity to stop eating meat, and stop cruelty towards animals, children, women, and any other living being.
Karen Norris
  • Healing of pain in the back for years
  • Healing of the heart from a husband that divorced her
  • Healing of all toxins in the body from food,water and Chemtrails
United States
  • I wish to be an ambassador for the human race to our cosmic brothers and sisters.
  • I wish to send love and gratitude to all our cosmic brothers and sisters for their help to liberate this planet.
  • I wish to love and care for my children in a manner that father/mother God intended for mothers to do without control and domination from the dark.
United States
Nova Biscotti
  • A Wish For Those In Need Of Financial Assistance
United States
  • I want to find the right job or to open their own business in the field of wellness and recovery
  • I want to find my twin soul
  • Get pregnant. My wish is to have a baby
United States
  • I wish my granddaughter Siyera could be cured of cerebral palsy,to walk,talk,swallow food.
United States
simple wish of a human
  • own health in condition of very grave disability, come 'agile' trough the event for helping others after due to own experiences
Donovan Mounts
  • Cure of Type II Diabetes symptoms
United States
John popeck
  • Victory now Liberation now !!
United States
Joseph Mac
  • Prosperity
United States
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