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  • 3
  • pa
United States
  • Affordable housing for my husband and myself
United States
Bobby Patterson
  • I wish to have a healthy cancer-free prostate gland and a fully functional urinary system.
United States
  • For my daughter Becki - I wish total health and a peaceful and vibrant life
  • I wish that all members of The Illuminati have now ceased all desire for global control via evil intention, agendas put into play in 1776 and they seek the true creator whom is LOVE in its origin.
Helena M Jordan
  • Northland
New Zealand
gustav kapi
  • if we can not hear "love and peace" in our heart we have to
  • rid our selfs of distorbing noices! fear-ansciety-stess-greed.
  • My whish--we call do it.sooner or to all
  • rv and gcr to happen immediately..highest good of all concerned
  • luxury new house and new car for my highest and best good and all concerned...immediately
  • my true love and divine husband and partner come to me now..for highest good of all concerned
United States
  • For the creatures on Earth, I wish all veils, blockages, distortions, mind control and emotional manipulation to be removed. Any damages from such activity is healed and released. All is forgiven.
United States
  • For Jan- I wish to be released from my body pain and receive energy to be ready to help others through the Event.+ I wish a smooth transition of governmental change and economice change with peace.+ I wish my oldest daughter receive health and full physical healing from her cancer, lupus, fibromyalgia, blood disorder and loss of vitality. She is a valuable leader andintelligent and will be needed when the time comes.
United States
  • I wish to release all the fear and mistrust I have gathered over this and other lifetimes!
  • I wish to reconnect with my galactic family.
United States
  • I whish that every being have inner peace and love each other and regain the awareness of the link with the infinite creator and that everything we do each day,hour,minute,second is for the betterment of the planet and the human race.
United States
  • Ich wünsche mir von Herzen einen vollstaendig gesunden Koerper. Danke!
  • Moegen meine nahen Mitmenschen und ich ein glueckliches Leben fuehren und mit Mutter Erde die 5te Dimension erreichen. Danke!
  • Moegen sich alle meine Traeume schnell erfuellen. Danke!
  • Ich wünsche mir einen vollstaendig gesunden Koerper. Danke!
  • For my daughter to be healed physically and have perfect health.
  • For complete peace on earth
  • For everyone's abundance
  • perfect health for patricia and joy at all tmes
United States
  • I wish I will find my path and purpose
  • I wish for love and joy in all areas of my life
  • I wish that everyones wishes come true
Margaret Newson
  • 13 Moon Dreamspell replace the present gregorian calendar for all humanity
  • Total free energy
  • The cabal be arrested, named by mainstream and removed from Earth
United Kingdom
  • Finding a partner
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