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  • Rehealing to whole. Reactive me ..freedom from the matrix
United States
Garrett Walter
  • I want to cure myself of three of my ailments
  • I want to fulfill the connection of my person with the Andromedans
  • May the Divine Plan of Harmony Perfect for the New Golden Age be fulfilled
United States
  • For Madhu I wish a center for those needing and wishing healing of heart, body and soul. A healthy body.
  • A healthy body.
  • Health and joy for Tom.
United States
Jean Russell
  • Healing of my Newborn grandaughter’s heart.
United States
  • For Astella - For my partner and I to overcome our issues and get married and start a family
  • For Jeanne to find peace and solace
  • For my grandma to suffer less in pain
Esther "Bunny" Brown
  • I wish to learn from Stephanie Relfe's DVD set on Specialized Kinesiology with anyone
  • I wish to learn about the exercises of Falun Dafa (also known as Falun Gong) and do them, even with anyone
  • I wish to have a husband for a guardian, and have children with him
United States
  • I am in a scary situation...I need political amnesty I think. I am suicidal daily but do not plan on acting on it at the moment. I know I'm not supposed to wish for some hero to,come save me but I need that Actually, cannot do this anymore and have No One Who understands that would be able to help me. I " I know I'm not supposed to
United States
  • I would like the event to happen as soon as possible so that everyone benefits from it. I would like to be healed from all of my ailments. I would like to see increases in my pay for both of my part time jobs so that I can make a decent living.
Diogo von Linsingen
  • For Diogo von Linsingen I desire prosperity and financial abundance and with it bring more Light and beauty to the planet Earth.
zalina Boodoo
  • I wish to be happy,healthy,wealthy and free for every one.Thank you .luv to all.
Trinidad and Tobago
  • I wish to heve The event now
  • I wish or intend that the prosperity funds will be distributed equally to all human being here on earth specially the poor and the needy , a financial freedom for all.
  • I want the event to happen as soon as possible and that people do not lose their cool. For a better well-being to all the people in the world.
  • I want my family to be in good health and not be affected by any malignant disease. Just as you open your mind to understand or understand extravagant information.
  • I wish for a new era that is more peaceful, loving and equitable.
  • My request is for a * full body healing, with measuable energy * a more loving heart & joy * and powerful healing vibrations so that i will heal many others..
United States
Zita Heliodoro
  • Peace, happiness and divine abundance for all living sensient beings in the World
  • For Zita Freedom, high spiritual conscience, divide abundance, happiness and self-realization
  • For Zita perfect health
Michelle Beck
  • For Azure- I wish for your dark entity attachment to leave you forever.
United States
  • For me - I wish the torture with electromagnetic (and other) weapon being inflicted on me and my family and the psychological attacks on us to stop and we to be deleted and forgotten by the criminal secret services executing this torture on me and my family. All the evil, negative energies and entities to disappear from my and my family's lives and we to continue the natural course of our lives filled with health, beauty and good-hearted intelligent people.
  • I wish I, my family and all our friends to recover from all our diseases forever in these material bodies of ours now and thus to be able to fulfill our most beautiful dreams and to love each other immensely.
  • I wish all of us, humans, to live happily in a harmonious healthy, beautiful, joyful, friendly and clean environment with clean technologies and a lot of Nature around and in our cities and thus to be able to realize our most beautiful dreams for our lives and for the whole humanity.
  • I wish for abundance in all aspects of my life. I wish for the evil in this world to be gone so we can have peace on earth. I wish that everyone becomes the person he/she is meant to be.
United States
  • I started my wish previously and it got cut off. To make it short. I got out of my career field to take care of a child and found I could not get back even though I have a degree and experience. I have been out of work for almost a year and have used up all my savings and retirement money. I really could use prayers to help me get a good job in a good company. Financial freedom is important. It is hard to be spiritual when I have the stress that I do and the negativity that people project on me due to misjudging me is hard to bounce back from. Thank you!,
United States
  • I have had a hard time getting and keeping a job. I actually have an Engineering degree, but I left the field for a few years to take care of one of my children whose father was going through an unstable period in his life. I chose to leave my career temporarily to take care of my daughter and allow her father some time to get on his feet
United States
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