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  • Freedom for all beings on our planet!
  • Bringing forward new tecnologies!
  • Sharing my blessing with others that need assistance!
  • I wish that large ovarian cyst I have to be soon cured completely. Thank You!
  • I wish all my family, including my mother, my father, my sisters family to be alive, healthy, happy, and to become more spiritual and awaken. Thanks You!
  • I have a special wish for my daughter Ariana, to change her emotions, moods, and impulsiveness for good, to start loving herself, to make better choices for herself, to gain self esteem and to have dignity, to get mature, to respect herself and the others, to become spiritual and to get awaken. Thank You!
United States
  • To get my sewing business well of the ground, so be able to teach others my skill.
  • Financial freedom for all.
  • To be financially stable enough to help others in need of skills and money.
South Africa
  • world financial reset occurs before December and the people are completely free of debt and domination
  • all humanity realizes God is Within them and all life is equal
  • My own Divine becomes physical to see touch and hear
United States
  • Our home in Shasta to sale~ pay debt off
  • Our Celestine Center to become the hub for our towns change~
  • that the man who came to my store and told me the Hour glass has turned was and Angel...
United States
  • 在11月30号之前解决财务困难,能得到1万元。
  • 我妈妈刘世芳的胳膊疼痛能立刻被治愈。
  • 华人区事件团队和所有我认识的人在2014年12月30号前都能收获丰盛
  • A prompt and peaceful resolution to the GCR and introduction of NESARA law, to ease the suffering and frustration felt by most of the world's people.
  • The release of healing and energy technologies to assist the wellbeing of all bodies, and the development of spiritual awakening.
  • An end to the abuse and exploitation of children and animals, as well as care and support for those affected.
United Kingdom
  • event comes immediately
  • height and eyes corrected
  • everybodies wishes come true
United States
  • I wish Ah you will come back to me as soon as possible & will love me truly
  • I wish my mom & dad will stay healthy & happy
  • I wish the world i live in & people i met are beautiful & kind hearted
  • conseguir curar meu problema de peso
  • me tornar uma pessoa mais amorosa
  • curar minhas emoções
  • I wish to receive ancient healing wisdom from Jesus so that I may help those in need of healing
  • To be compensated for my healing work.
  • For everyone's mortgage and rent to be paid for
United States
Eric Alsterberg
  • My book Healing and Transformation to manifest. I supprt all wishes for all to manifest in the highest good for all concerned.
United States
  • 1) I am grateful that I have found the next perfect rightful place to Live! This place will be lovely vibration, with nature around it.
  • 3) I am grateful that I am able to do my 2012 and 2013 taxes with grace and ease!
  • 2) I am grateful that I have help, for anything that I need to go through all my my storage units.
United States
  • dark ones and minions to the light all over the world
  • get my own home with garden
  • find my road companion
  • Health eor my family and myself. Wealth, Happyness .
  • I wish for to be free of the bondage of the old banking and judicary system and for those who work for these entities stand down.
  • My Wish My wish is to be blessed with the perfect-health, freedom and prosperity that will allow for my vision of participating in a new paradigm for humanity through the planning and development of crystal villages
  • My wish is that my children receive the health and spiritual care they need to healthy, happy and loving towards one another.
United States
  • That all animals on this planet be treated as equals to us!
United Kingdom
  • Despertar de consciencia
  • Liberación del planeta
  • Contacto directo familia cósmica
  • that all of humanity awakens peacefully
  • that all our DNA memory is healed and rejuvinated completely
  • to enjoy a shop full of Custom Royal souvenirs to commemorate my expenence on this plane
Inner Truth
  • I wish to stop the torture with electromagnetic weapons being inflicted on me, immediately.
  • I wish to be deleted and forgotten by the criminal secret services executing this torture on me, and to be extracted the infections injected in my body and the parasites physical and etherical. they have inserted on me and my field, and make vanishing the "presences" that are in my home day and night. And I want back the etherical bodies they took from me.
  • I wish to receive compensation from the Universe to be able to live the rest of my life with my own means without depending from handouts of any State. What they have prevented me to be able to earn and what they have got in exchange of torturing and victimizing me.
United Kingdom
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