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  • Healing in all areas of my life (physical, emotional, spiritual, financial, etc) so I can better serve this planet.
  • To be a better healer and able to deal with challenges gracefully.
United States
Lisa Figaredo
  • For the world, every child, woman & man, free energy, restored health & Peace forever more.
  • For Lisa - Hands Healed of pain caused by carpal tunnel from work.
United States
  • For Wanda- I wish perfect health and joy
  • For Philip - I wish perfect health and joy
  • For Matheus- I wish perfect health and joy
  • For my daughter - healthy and happy (insulnoma 2nd one-what killed Steve Jobs)
  • For my grandson Jesse - to take responsibility for himself
United States
Tammy J.
  • For Tammy- I wish to have full custody of my daughter to be given back to me and to see my adult son soon also
  • I wish for health, peace, love, joy, and happiness for all people in the world.
  • I wish to be abundantly blessed in all ways and to give to others also when I can be of help or assistance. Thank you!
United States
Wioletta Jedrczak
  • I wish I could speak with Cobra
  • I need to be much much more grounded on the physical level
Harsh Modi
  • Immediate get a job of beauty benefit and good with minimum annual salary of Rs. 15,00,000
  • Successfully close real estate brokerage deals of Rs 100 Crores by October 2015
  • Healing of my sex chakra competely
Linda Church McConnell
  • Healing health
United States
Slavni Mihael
  • For Slavo-I wish fast recovery from present health issue and perfect health condition in the futurent health
  • I Slavo for my son-I wish perfect job according to his interest
  • I Slavo for my daughter I wish her to find right direction and mission in her life in the life
Serbia and Montenegro
Patrick Aiello
  • I wish to be very Very Wealthy
  • durban kzn tongaaat
South Africa
Barrry Scholastique
  • get alot money
  • a new relationship with a girl older than me (a white one )
  • good health no more back pain
  • Heal and straiten spine so I wont have to have more surgerys
  • Heal my son Greg of all of his injury's and diabetes
  • Heal my sister Loretta of all of her health issues diabetes, lung disease
United States
  • For Brendan - I wish vibrant health and vitality with a clear inner knowing of his own truth.
  • For Paquita - I wish fabulous health and prosperity to be the true healer that she is
  • Lizzy Lou - I wish fabulous health, financial freedom for my highest good and the greater good of all.
Christyne C.
  • Stability- a safe, healthy, joyous,harmonious place to live
  • Physical healing of issues that limit mobility
  • Clarity of my role in the transition
United States
  • restored to perfect health
United Kingdom
  • For PaCo, my wife and daughters - I wish health, joy and happiness
  • For Fabiola - I wish perfect health and hapiness
  • For the world - I wish peace and happiness
United States
ronaldo demhasaj
  • I want to posses vibrating energy
Ioanna Doutheskea
  • For Ioanna- I wish piece and joy at all times!
  • For my cats- I wish perfect health and to feel safe and happy!
  • For my family- I wish health, joy and piece in the mind!
NameWish ListCountry
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