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Debra Swanson
  • My wish is for my daughter Shauna to reunite with me in love and compassion. I pray that your addiction to sleeping pills will no longer be.
  • I pray for my daughter Rosalind and my grandchildren that they communicate with love and understanding.
  • I wish for prosperity, health and world peace.
United States
Elin Palm
  • For Elin- i wish for a dog, wippet
  • - i wish for en depossession, chakraklearing, implant removals and perfekt healt
  • - i wish for a husband, some one to marry and have animals and children with
  • For Patty I wish enough money to simply care for my children in a small house and not have to work 4 part time jobs around the clock to survive while my body, mind and spirit continually break down. I want to spend quality time with my children - and be a Mother to them versus being enslaved by the almighty dollar that I cannot make enough of! After being layed off from my job 11 months before I was going to retire with full medical benefits! It's not fair to my children! f
United States
United States
  • Für Mutter Erde- Ich wünsche mir FRIEDEN, FÜLLE, FREUNDE
lisa stephanie Luby
  • For Lisa-I desire to get into Maplecrest supportive housing forcOct.1st or better. Ivaccept and allow most beneficial outcome.Thank you, it is done.
  • I pray to get part time work, doing what I am passionate about, easily and effortlessly. Thank you Source.
  • I pray to transform old way of coping with stress to new relationship with my body, thinking, and beleifs. Ovsm Hod I am Sovreign I am free. Love is the Law.
Philip A Georgiou
  • That All Humanity sees the truth and lives in harmony for all man kind.
Lucy Russell
  • For Treveon : I wish He did Not have Autism anymore I miss his voice. He has not talked to us since he was 3years old. I pray for him to pray get better so he can live a normal life. For Cory: He has been falsely accused and sentenced to 28 years. When he should have received 5 years or 1
United States
Erin Herrmann
  • For Mike, Jim, Christa, April, Triscia, Andi & many more: may you find strength, determination and healing for all the days of your lives.
United States
Ana Champagne
  • I wish to heal my heart and have a perfect health.
United States
Even Yang
  • Hope me and my love people go in to the light .
antonija dvornik
  • za martu da ozdravi i da nadu lijek i da bude dobro
  • za tetu sanju da ozdravi i bude dobro
  • za mamu da ozdravi i bude dobro
Michael Wang
  • Vitory of light
United States
  • For Chris, to find love,happiness+For Ingrid,to find love, purpose,joy
  • for Ingrid and Chris to find love and happiness
  • for the world to find love
United States
  • Maseru
  • I wish that RV/GCR happen in september 2015
  • I wish that cabal is arrested sooner and the state of New York is cleaned of nuclear particles due to 9/11
  • I wish my family and I relocate in Long Island, ny before summer 2016
clemen castilblanco
  • open the door to a great success in my company as a Realtor.
  • peace, love and health for my son LOUIS AND MY MOTHER BLANCA
  • For my 100 porcent soul mate found me and have a wonderfull life together as a soul mate, working together helping others.
United States
  • feeling loved by my husband
United States
  • For everyone on the planet- i wish for abunance and freedom,the stop of repression
  • For everyone on the planet- Bring about the event quickly with no detriment to the health and safety of others during 2015.
  • I wish for my loved ones peace, streghten and spiritual support to help deal with challeneges with grace and ease
United Kingdom
  • For Micha I wish he learns to communicate with his higher self and his guides.
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