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  • May You Be Blessed with Love
  • May You Be Blessed with Balance
  • May You Be Blessed with Guidance, Protection, & Intention
United States
  • For my twins son's to have 100% perfect vision
  • For my career to move into the healing work I love with ease and full support
  • For every human on earth to experience peace, joy, vibrant health, love and abundance
United States
  • I weigh 127 pounds now
  • Im a reiki master as of june 13 2015
  • all people wishes come true for highest good!
United States
Jennifer Funt
  • I weigh 127 pounds now
  • I feel I am the most beautiful woman in the world .In every way
  • I am in Reiki Master program starting June 1
  • I wish to be fully connected to Source and to core Earth at all times.
  • I wish to dissolve all blockages, especially fear.
  • I have been told I am a Lightworker. Help me to find out what to do.
  • To get out of programs and go to my mom.
  • For the event to happen peacefully, smoothly, and quickly.
  • For everyone to have the least suffering they can before and during the event.
United States
Ibolya Madarasz
  • To understand how to meditate,+ peace on earth,+Be happy.
  • pour Claire je souhaite qu'elle obtienne un travail avec un contrat à durée indéterminée
  • A job I feel fulfilled in. Getting loan for upgrades. My son Mathew being content and healthy .
  • want to have a good job so my spouse can paint more at home and present her workstation shows.
  • Want to see everyone on earth free and truly happy after the event and meet our galactic family.
  • Want to develop spiritually and learn to express my self better in service to others
United States
  • for Stasi--health in mind and body
  • relationship healing
  • abundance and peace for all
United States
Timo Hiltunen
  • For Timo - I wish he learns to communicate with his higher self and his guides.
  • foa ashif i wish Love
  • Monetary abundance
  • happiness
Zachary Bryant
  • I wish for all my chakras to be in balance.
  • I wish that I may be able to astral travel.
  • I wish that the world awakens a little faster.
United States
  • For Manuela: I wish to get pregnant, to get 90 million Euro and to heal my whole family and my husband and the relation to them - NOW!
cyndi hack
  • i wish to have a real life again
United States
  • The EVENTS to be here in physical 3d/4d Now so we Can HEAL ALL Life 1000%
  • to have Perfect and Divine Health-(be 1000% healed)
  • To be able to get Married and be Happy this spring/summer
United States
IZABEL Correa de oliveira
  • Power desire to fulfill my mission here on earth with wisdom, knowledge, understanding and discernment .What through me the Light of The Great Spirit Elah! The God of gods, Lord of Lords can heal people and nations. Let this be my understanding. Daniel 5:14 Izabel Correa-Oliveira Brazil -
  • for my children and Washington Jacqueline and my grandson Philip wish great peace, light, health and understanding, wisdom to deal with the problems that shall come upon the earth.
  • I wish for all humanity too hard, physical and spiritual health, much love in these times of great waves of change. The Spirit of the Gods are illuminating all.
Maria from Rochester Ny
  • I feel the suffering on the planet by humans and animals and mother earth. My wish is to alleviate all suffering for all those whose lives are affected. I wish for good health and good fortine for all of God's children.
United States
  • for myself-i wish perfect health and weight loss
  • for myselft-i wish to find my soul mate
  • for Bobby- I wish him health and wellness in body and mind
United States
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