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Patti Bell
  • Patti - Heal my back to health!
  • To be able to help others!
  • Peace, kindness!
Heather Sayre
  • I am the Ancient, the spirit guide for the world; I wish for my consciousness to merge with the trees of life.
United States
Meri jjane
  • Ich moechte mit meiner Zwillingsflamme zusammenkommen und meine Familie wohlbehalten und glücklich sehen. Möge das goldene Zeitalter des Lichtes und der Liebe Nähe sein. Sieg für das Licht. Danke
Cindy Murray
  • I would like peace, abundance and the end of poverty for everyone on this earth.
Brett B
  • I know this is just something that goes to all of PFC, but really all I wish is to be happy, I don't have much luck in anything either does my mom brother and dad, we all just want to be happier, and have a good source of income instead of being in so much hospital debt and trying to survive on small retail jobs, if that wish could be thought about and some how magically happen that would be a wish come true, and my second wish, would be to make others happy, and third wish.. I would like to be the greasiest leader ever, but it's a dream I know, also I've had a bad past with other people and a little protection in my life would be along side of my third wish, but I guess I'll live with always feeling a time of stress, though I believe it to go away but very hard...
United States
  • I wish that my jaw would relax and that i can stop clenching and grinding my teeth at night! I hope my teeth heal up 100%! Love & light <3
  • I hope that i can pursue a career and studies in graphic design. I know i am an artist and that is the direction the I need to go in for my souls development!
  • I want to meet new friends! I want to meet my soulmate!
United States
  • I wish my son to wake up and not be so close minded
  • I wish my brother would wake up and stop what he is doing
United States
Theodore Michael Hull
  • I wish for everybodies wishes on this list to come true
United States
  • Restore freedom and health to Humanity.
  • Freedom from all tyranny
  • Radiant health and well being for myself and my family
United States
amy mcanally
  • AMY- I wish for true love and complete happiness in MY LIFE
United States
  • i wish to be in a happy family with plenty of money to enjoy vacations
  • i wish i knew how to help heal the planet
  • i wish abuse to animals and people to stop
United States
  • my addicted children (maddy, sarah) get help and wake up.
United States
Salvatore Di Giacomo
  • my wish is to find my girlfriend soon
  • overcome my twisted spiritual situation
  • to visit all the places I need to visit
  • Rehealing to whole. Reactive me ..freedom from the matrix
United States
Garrett Walter
  • I want to cure myself of three of my ailments
  • I want to fulfill the connection of my person with the Andromedans
  • May the Divine Plan of Harmony Perfect for the New Golden Age be fulfilled
United States
  • For Madhu I wish a center for those needing and wishing healing of heart, body and soul. A healthy body.
  • A healthy body.
  • Health and joy for Tom.
United States
Jean Russell
  • Healing of my Newborn grandaughter’s heart.
United States
  • For Astella - For my partner and I to overcome our issues and get married and start a family
  • For Jeanne to find peace and solace
  • For my grandma to suffer less in pain
Esther "Bunny" Brown
  • I wish to learn from Stephanie Relfe's DVD set on Specialized Kinesiology with anyone
  • I wish to learn about the exercises of Falun Dafa (also known as Falun Gong) and do them, even with anyone
  • I wish to have a husband for a guardian, and have children with him
United States
  • I am in a scary situation...I need political amnesty I think. I am suicidal daily but do not plan on acting on it at the moment. I know I'm not supposed to wish for some hero to,come save me but I need that Actually, cannot do this anymore and have No One Who understands that would be able to help me. I " I know I'm not supposed to
United States
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