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Name Wish List Country
  • Souhait 1 : santé parfaite
  • Souhait 2 : abondance et indépendance financière grâce à mon travail
  • Souhait 3 : ouverture de mon troisième oeil
United States
Manuel Perez
  • Paz, Salud y Prosperidad.
United States
  • I wish people respected everything that is alive and did not harm or kill anything that belongs to mother Earth! Peace and love for the whole universe.
Czech Republic
  • Friede, Fülle, Freude, Schönheit in uns allen
  • Freedom for all human
  • Freedom for all animals
  • My wish silence and peace from the ringing in my ears
United Kingdom
  • To find work so that I am able to support myself and pay all my bills
  • Gain back health and vitality
United States
  • 1.that all Archons' programs, devices etc. be removed/dissolved/erased from my body & that myDNA be healed
  • 3.that i resume being a spiritual teacher & creator gives me a special 'gift' to help others
  • 2.That I get free of all control from all sources
Trinidad and Tobago
André Lopes Valente
  • Wish 1: Genuine Happyness
  • Wish 2: A source of monetary income
  • Wish 3: A loving partner
  • I wish to regain my full health state after a deep psychosis.
  • I wish to be stronger than ever in my self and being able to shine as the light I really am.
  • I want to feel healthy and alive
  • Money, needed to survive
  • I want my grandchildren in my life, i miss them.
United States
  • My life partner and I want a family and we desire a healthy beautiful child. My wish is to conceive, bring to birth and help grow a beautiful humanbeing.
  • My second wish is that my country wakes up in order, peace, compassion.
  • My third wish is that my brother Jorge have a total healing and can leave the wheelchair.
  • I wish that I may find a job in Texas to relocate to for our safe location.
United States
Kahu Kauhane
  • end the illegal military occupation of geneocide in the Hawaiian Islands
  • Return of Kingdom to its People
  • If behind the umbilicus represent the origional eight cells of life( seed of life) , In which Hawaii set at that point on our Planet, Help yopu end the military occupation so the the planet may recieve its origional genetic code and Love "aloha" permiate the planet again.... Please help Us
United States
  • Perfect health for my husband and my mother and my children
  • Peace for Whole Earth and Universe, and find a way not to want eat animals
  • Ability the People on the Earth to understand other languages in order to better communicate with each other and share information freely
United States
  • Take away all my debilatating,overpowering,terrible,all consuming,uncontrolling,unfair ,life-long feelings of depression and despair.
  • I wish,with every cell and fibre in my body,that my first wish comes true!
  • I only need for my first wish to come true,,,,when it does,,,everything else that I could ever wish for,will naturally come into existence!
  • It is my wish that those abused as children, find love, healing and forgiveness within themselves
  • It is my wish that my elder brother Geert finds his spirit again, waking up in peace
  • I wish for planet Earth to share in our love in trust and harmony
  • Wish 1: I see human kind completely liberated, awaiken, souvreign and in high conciucsness
  • Wish 2: That everybody is thriving in prosperity doing their favourite job, by fulfilling the higher purpose they are here for.
  • Wish 3: That everybody is finding his or her twin soul...
  • Financial freedom, travel around the world to experience different cultures Fully wake up, to help others, to make the world full of love
Jill Beckwith
  • Free Energy used only for positive purposes
  • Enlightened Leadership
  • PERFECT HEALTH for all humans, animals and the Earth herself.
United States
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