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  • Wish-1 Is for someone that can help me obtain the gem sphere off,cause i can not afford it.If someone for PFC can take some donatons an help raise the money.That would be a blessing.
  • Wish-2 To find a healer that can perform psychic surgery or some kind of healing that can help restore my vision,cause i am considered legally blind an need help restoring my vision to default vision.I been doing natural eye excercises,but feel like i need a healer.And that would not charge me.Im a less fortunate person.I wish healers would start helping those that cant afford 500-1000 dollars of work.If i had that gift i would not charge a soul.
  • Wish-3 To find someone that can help restore my 12 strand diamond DNA.I cant afford it.Its 500 to 1000 dollars.I understand ppl need to make a living,but for those that cant afford,we need more phychics an healers that can help the less fortunate.
United States
  • open the eye of third
  • keep full love
  • repeir my heart and body
James D
  • Develop Help People Share phone app prototype that links people wanting help with those currently available to help.
  • Share the HelpPeople Share prototype phone app with divinely inspired people that will use it with gratitude to assist others in their churches and social groups.
  • Virally spread the Help People Share phone app so that its many uses and benefits be enjoyed by people of all countires.
United States
  • I wish to move into a new home before the end of 2014
  • I wish that Uttara and Rayleah's school fees for 2014 and 2015 are paid on time
  • I wish to find my career/soul purpose job that rewards me Abundantly on all levels
South Africa
  • I need reconstructive surgery but dont have the financial means
  • I wish I had a puppie
United States
  • Abundance
  • Work with Maryla;Spain-Poland
  • Ascendence in this life,this time-line
  • 请帮助我在11月30号之前,能挣到1万元钱
  • 请帮助我妈妈刘世芳胳膊腿不再疼痛,身体安康
  • 请帮助我的朋友-吴毅兴,李登,许伦笠在11月30号之前能挣到1万块钱
Joao Paulo Andrade Pereira
  • Money to make my Alternative/Cutting-edge techology natural healing faility
  • Peace at my Family
  • Find my twin flame
  • A powerful and popular Website.
  • A successful sale of all my furniture and equipment.
  • My mother and her companion ascend with us all, ALIVE!
  • Employment/job for myself
  • Healing of my body and relief of pain.
  • Prayers for our Earth/Gaia.
United States
  • My own dwelling
  • money to maintain dwelling and life
  • cure for daughter's illness
  • start my own buiseness
  • New vehicle
  • Global awaken for first contact
United States
Stephanie Struble
  • For Natural Health Practices to be legal and recognized in the United States
  • For all of the doctors to stand up to the AMA and to tell all truths about Ebola
  • For all governmemt officials to be arrested in order to save humanity
Cosmos Love
  • To be able to connect with Source/Higher Self
  • Gaia and Humans to be freed from manipulation and suffering
  • To become fully conscious galactic humans in harmony with source
  • Heaven on Earth, and The Zimmerly Compound, where my two adult kids can have their own house and we can all live together and my grandson and just walk over and see his Nanny.
United States
  • love for all
  • peace for all
  • health for all
peter pan
  • to meet and live with my star mate in the physical + to create with her faun and happy life full of healing, teaching, helping others as way showers, and growing a family + for the transition to 5th dimension happen smoothly and joyfully in the beginning part of 2015
peter pan
  • to meet and live with my star mate in the physical
John S
  • I wish for success and prosperity in my karat bars gold business
  • I wish for health happiness and prosperity for my family
  • I wish for peace for the world God bless those sick and suffering
United States
  • Sell the 1111 acres
  • Stop Chemtrails FOREVER
  • Stop and put into custody ALL CABAL all over the world to include full disclosure, global financial reset and money for all people on earth thereby ending SLAVERY
United States
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