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Hugh McGonigle
  • I wish for Good health and happiness
  • I wish more people become aware and work towards achieving the Event
Marian Baghor
  • I have a wish to see us safely going forward on our path, in our journey or dance of life
United Kingdom
Angela King
  • What is the reason/purpose for the RH NEG Blood type?
  • Are RH Neg Blood types a result in manipulation or natural combination of species??
  • What is the best thing women can do to increase Goddess Energy to help the Event?
United States
  • I wish that my wife will love me again and won´t do a divorce.
  • i wish heaven on earth, peace, love and kindness to all human beings of our beautiful always debra
United Kingdom
Marnie Stenersen
  • My nephew, Connor, is in need of a heart transplant. My wish is for his heart to be healed. Victory to the light
United States
Ronnie Darling
  • Healing of my lymphatic system particularly in my legs, and arthritis in my knees. Thank you.
United States
  • I pray for Amy's full recovery from traumatic brain injury - that she can, run and walk and experience full cognitive function and joy.
United States
  • May my voice on the inside speak out to take a life decision.
Denise Roberts
  • My first wish is for our world to be at more suffering. Love and light to heal us all. Second wish is for health and prosperity for my family and friends. Third I am in need of a financial blessing for a new start i need a home.
United States
  • Clear me from anything that is not of 100% Light and Love always and forever. Thank you.
  • I choose to be a successful healer.
  • I would like to meet a most wonderful, loving, supporting, powerful, sensual partner for the most wonderful, spiritual realtionship now.
  • For Maya- I wish to recover my vision and it to be perfect and clear.
  • I wish to find my soulmate very soon
  • i wish to travel around the world with my soulmate
Aviella Ross
  • I want the voices in my head to silence when I want them to I want to be able to stop being harrassed by sirens and voices swedenborg foundation for clues to what I mean. I need help dealing with my bipolar that includes auditorial hallucinations dramatic mood swings to be completely gone. I want my mental faculties completely restored and I want the curses removed.
United States
  • Ascension for all
  • I wish for my shoulders and upper arms range of motion to be fully restored and healed.
United States
Estel Bellerand
  • I wish for Sound Health, Power in my decisions and Joy in my heart at all times
  • I'm praying for a peaceful divorce for the sake of my children and my sanity.
United States
  • healing for sciatica for Debora
  • healing for my right wrist bones and ligaments attached
United States
  • Mutlu, huzurlu ve şanslı olmayı diliyorum.
  • Ailem için huzur ve mutluluk
  • Yeryüzünde ışığın zaferi
  • I wish that those trying to instil sharia law and an Islamic caliphate in the west would all give up and go home.
  • I wish my sons would stop fearing the future and stop refusing to give me grandchildren because of that fear
  • I wish that no harm ever comes to President Trump and all those who hate him come to love him as I do.
NameWish ListCountry
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