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John J Leszun
  • Kendy A, to keep her serenity and the gift of grace
  • For myself (John J L ) to restore my Spiritualality
  • For Sharon to enjoy a release from negative energy that disrupted her inner peace
United States
  • My friend Kati has epilepsy and this energy has been giving her intense seizures. help her please.
  • For all the children being exploited sexually and every other way. End it now.
  • The enslavement of women for sexual trafficking
United States
dennis donahue
  • For Dennis i wish perfect health,normal blood presure and unlimited energy to do source work.thank you source. I am one with all.
United States
  • I wish for the unstopable energy and light of perfect Love to disolve all toplet bombs and Quantum potential chambers.
  • I wish for all who feel lost, abandoned, rejected, to feel the unconditional love of the Source pouring into their hearts.
  • I wish for all suffering and pain of all kinds to end forever.
  • I wish for wealth . Health and happiness for all and everyone.
  • i want 10000 dollar
  • new home
  • I wish for the complete eradication of cancer from existence, I wish for a healthy planet and a happy life. I wish for love and light for all on s planetary level. There is so much to wish for but it can be accomplished and realized with a little effort!
United States
Skyler champagne
  • To have the resources to take care of my daughter avamira
  • I wish for a friend in the prepare for change group to Speak With!!!! I have a diagnoses of PTSD (just to explain a bit). Feeling isolated and Really nobody I know gets any of this info..
United States
  • success
  • music legend
  • protect
United Kingdom
Inez Walters
  • Inez wish her body free from the cause of all pains, My sister Sue will regain her perfect health.
  • That my son, Demetrice and I find the perfect and affordable home to rent here in Alpharetta's 30005 zip code area this month and that my own participatory amount I need becomes available in time for my down payment.
  • I wish to be debt free by June of 2018 and be able to retire by or before then.
United States
Andrea Spada
  • I wish that all people will be treated equally; here in Brazil we are facing huge separation, maybe the worst of all world, betwen people belonging to different "classes": the rich ones have all the oportunities and acces to technology, health and education. The govern protect such iniquities, and actually leaders belong to such class; mid-class workers has to use almost all their salary to not fall in poverty; poor people have almost nothing, living in terrible conditions... this must stop! All people are equal, they have the same right to basic and fundamental aids. Stop that madness!!!
  • For Julian Assange - I pray you are not hurt, I pray that you stay strong.
United States
William E. NelsonS
  • Safely navigate the kundalini process + Master of my thinking on what is honest, just and pure +To embody my higher Self so that I might live the life my soul intended
United States
  • The Event to occur in fluid loving transition
  • Nesara to occur to release humans from bondage
  • Healing of all who need healing
United States
Virginia Salcone Johns
  • For Virginia - I wish for a greater awareness of love and spiritual healing and to be a giver of these
  • I wish to be a leader and teacher of a greater awareness of love
United States
  • Please heal Karen of anguish and shame and release me from my addiction.
  • Please restore the loving relationship with my daughter.
United States
Mary Nicholson
  • Feel like I have a block on my psyhic intuition/abilities. My wish is to have it unblocked so I can help others.
United States
Nyamiye Hermenegilde
  • Get emergency support for our affected population ( funding) : 800 000 USD
  • Increase number of volunteers to achieve our mission "alleviate the pains, and restore hope of Burundi people
  • Pay 10 000 USD for our new hall and renting office (at Immeuble REETRACO) to welcome new arrivals/refugees from DR Congo including ambulance, 2 cars for field operational activities.
Nyamiye Hermenegilde
  • Good Life
  • Prosperity
  • Kindness
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