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moses adeyemi caleb
  • i wish i have 2,000,000 naira in my account as my money between now and january 5, 2017
  • Please visualize or pray that my mother Dorothy, 88 is healed of all her ailments, especially ezcema, balance & overactive bladder. Thank you all.
Teresa Fisher
  • To be completely pain free.
  • To be doing what I love and to feel happy agin.
  • For the love of my life to come into my life.
United States
  • Perfect health and joy for self and all others and the planet.
  • Abundance for all people.
  • Heal Mother Earth and all planets and moons in our solar system.
United States
United States
  • for my self maurice - wish for good health and wealth and joy at all times
Marcia Georgiades
  • Healing for my daughter with gods blessings and guidance to all with her kidney transplant and Blessings and healing to her Living donar Clinton God keep their Happiness and Healing always
United Kingdom
praphula patel
  • Radihika's test all come out in divine order and she is all healed + Daan's and his team keep their jobs.
United States
  • Přeji si miliardu korun ,blahobyt,jistotu,svobodu,zábavu pro sebe a ostatní lidi .Přeji všem lidem hojnost ,blahobyt,jistotu, svobodu,zdraví,zábavu a splnění všech přání ...Děkuji
Czech Republic
  • My Wife To Obtain Future Job Where She Will Have More Time To Enjoy Life
United States
  • It is my wish that My ex wife Marsha be inclined to restore our marriage again and this time in real love not feigned!
United States
  • For Margo~Understand and embrace my soul's purpose here on earth
  • To create and have financial abundance so I can give to family, friends, and strangers in need
  • To be fearless and use my spiritual gifts for blessing the lives of others
United States
  • I wish to be healthy again and financially free from my narcisstic husband so I can have a loving partnership with a man that`ll love me back.
  • For K., I wish the return of prosperity and abundance, so the experience of 'reality' would be that of a joyful one for me and my family, and I could fulfil my purpose
  • For me, I wish for a literary agent who'd love my work, find a way to & have it published, and the story I was asked to tell would be told
  • For my mother and my sister, I wish complete healing on all levels, and happy, fulfilling life
ak harry
  • (1) i want to be finacailly be able to take good care of my families & people around me.(2) i a good perment home,for me and my families & other people to dwell on.(3) in d work am doin,i need more people to petronise me more & more,everyday & let d people wish be granted & let them testify.
  • Receive insurance proceeds this month.
United States
Alyssa Leatham
  • My wish is for a home for my children that does not make them sick.
  • My wish is for healthy food for my children.
  • My wish is to find a loving family for myself and my children.
United States
Rima Montoya
  • I request and wish that Goddess Dou Mu contact me directly in a way that I am actively and consciously aware of such contact for the purpose of mentoring me in the healing arts to assist others before and after the Event.
United States
Cynthia Palbicke
  • I wish for my sons, J. Austin Pena, previously broken ankle to heal completely
  • I wish for Austin to have/receive a monumental breakthrough in capabilities and happiness
United States
  • I wish to Obtain economic wealth, perfect health and joy at all times
  • Cleanse my third eye
  • Open hearts of humanity to love unconditionally
United States
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