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  • Help as many people as possible to set up small aquaponics farms so everyone can have fresh organic produce and protein to sustain themselves.
A.P. van den Belt
  • Patty, I wish perfect health for you and joy at all times! Raymond, I wish perfect health for you and happiness at all times. Paul, I wish perfect health for you and happiness at all times. Victory in the Light!
  • Wish 1: I see human kind completely liberated, awaiken, souvreign and in high conciucsness
  • Wish 2: That everybody is thriving in prosperity doing their favourite job, by fulfilling the higher purpose they are here for.
  • Wish 3: That everybody is finding his or her twin soul...
adene katzenmeyer
  • california
United States
  • For Janie-Conversion of my wife from negative energy to good energy and the LIGHT
United States
  • I wish people respected everything that is alive and did not harm or kill anything that belongs to mother Earth! Peace and love for the whole universe.
Czech Republic
Agnes Jönsson
  • I want justice for animals in need, thank you.
Agustin Manuel Simoes da Cruz
  • Para el mundo deseo que parem las guerras y se instaure la PAZ en toda la TIERRA
  • Para Mi y para mi FAMILIA pido la Salud y la Providencia Divina material y espiritual de todo lo necesário para podermos vivir en esta tierra com Harmonia perfecta
  • for Agmed-i Wish to Follow the light
  • truth
  • Knowledge
ak harry
  • (1) i want to be finacailly be able to take good care of my families & people around me.(2) i a good perment home,for me and my families & other people to dwell on.(3) in d work am doin,i need more people to petronise me more & more,everyday & let d people wish be granted & let them testify.
  • My Wife To Obtain Future Job Where She Will Have More Time To Enjoy Life
United States
  • I wish that all children on earth will be loved, respected, been seing for who they truley are on their core essence. They truley need to be heard, they teach us to live in the present moment and they deserve to be taken seriously.
  • success
  • music legend
  • protect
United Kingdom
alba cristina silvia
  • we woud like to sell our activity and building agriturismo "all'isola che non c'è" in la spezia
  • That all animals on this planet be treated as equals to us!
United Kingdom
Alexander Strömberg
  • get over my anxiety/obstacles
  • i wanna visit agartha/telos physically very soon
  • i want to become a multi millionaire or billionaire
  • Financial freedom, travel around the world to experience different cultures Fully wake up, to help others, to make the world full of love
  • I wish for a soulpartner with whom I want to live in love, peace and harmony, spreading all of this around us.
  • I wish for my fertility, pregnancy, motherhood to 2 healthy, loving, beautiful children, who will help make this a better world.
  • I wish for health of the body, the heart and the mind for myself and all the humans of the world.
Alyssa Leatham
  • My wish is for a home for my children that does not make them sick.
  • My wish is for healthy food for my children.
  • My wish is to find a loving family for myself and my children.
United States
  • To get out of programs and go to my mom.
  • For the event to happen peacefully, smoothly, and quickly.
  • For everyone to have the least suffering they can before and during the event.
United States
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