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laila barkallil
  • I wish to recuperate my lost hair since 2007 and wish to stop smoking
Laura Iglesias de Oliveira
  • Para Laura desejo o fim da crueldade contra os animais.
  • Desejo a paz mundial
  • Prosperidade a todos do planeta
Laura Kronholm
  • for Laura-That my divorce settles this monday 10/26 fairly and I will have more than enough to support and house my children
  • for natural remedies to be realized by the general public
  • for my son Colin to love every part of himself
United States
Laura Trimm
  • A Solar or preferred new Free Energy unit for my home and everyone worldwide. Can't afford the gas generator...
  • Love and Light and World Peace for all.
  • For us to live free and unemcumbered as our Creator intended. End Debt Slavery...
United States
Leanne Urban
  • 1. For all the pain, war and genocide and other negative things happening in the world to come to an end
United States
  • San Francisco
United States
Lewis Jenkins
  • Conway
United States
  • For Leyla- I wish to become the most beautiful and successful actress in the world.
  • For my mama- I wish delicious abundance, health, wealth and lots of joy.
  • For my grandma- I wish perfect health and happiness for all her days.
United States
  • To find that special deep connection with a partner to love and be loved
  • To find and fulfill my true purpose here on mother earth
  • To live in peace and complete harmony with all humanity
United Kingdom
  • No more wars. Health and abundance for all. Joy and happiness for all.
United States
  • That I'm free of satanic influence
  • That I'm free of criminal magicians
  • That I'm get back my work and money and healthy
  • For Julian Assange - I pray you are not hurt, I pray that you stay strong.
United States
  • Restore freedom and health to Humanity.
  • Freedom from all tyranny
  • Radiant health and well being for myself and my family
United States
Linda Church McConnell
  • Healing health
United States
Lindsay Marie
  • I wish to open my factualized trust account immediately so that I can buy my mom and brother a home and help in changing this world
  • I wish to find the most beautiful and perfect home for myself so that I can feel joy and happiness and have space to create love and light
United States
  • Total healing for Nadi
  • I wish for all others on these list for their desires to manifest.I wish to be free of crack and alcohol and fat.To manifest my Blueprint of dynamic health,fully sovreign and restored to my fully authentic empowered self.
Lisa Figaredo
  • For the world, every child, woman & man, free energy, restored health & Peace forever more.
  • For Lisa - Hands Healed of pain caused by carpal tunnel from work.
United States
lisa stephanie Luby
  • For Lisa-I desire to get into Maplecrest supportive housing forcOct.1st or better. Ivaccept and allow most beneficial outcome.Thank you, it is done.
  • I pray to get part time work, doing what I am passionate about, easily and effortlessly. Thank you Source.
  • I pray to transform old way of coping with stress to new relationship with my body, thinking, and beleifs. Ovsm Hod I am Sovreign I am free. Love is the Law.
  • For my kids to have compassion and understanding concerning the issues my husband is facing that is tearing our family apart.
United States
NameWish ListCountry
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