Angel Eyes’ Healing Wish List Instructions

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Angel Eyes Healing Wish List Instructions

Welcome All! I invite you to add your most desired wishes to this list. Anyone of any age can enter a wish here. It can be something just for you or something that would be good for all (as in free energy or cleaning up the pollution of our world)…..just keep it positive. This list isn’t just wishes that you hope will come true! You will make them come true!

We are the embodiment of miracle workers! It is time that we take our power back! We are mighty spiritual beings having a human experience! This list is to give us all practice at being that mighty spiritual being that we are destined to be once again. What we put our attention on we bring into manifestation. There are some “must dos” in order to bring this about.

  1. Set aside a few minutes each day to meditate. The way you meditate is up to you. Just sitting quietly and deep breathing while listening to soothing music is one way.
  2. Visualize what it is that you want. See it as already existing. Use all your senses: see it, taste it, hear it, touch it and smell it!
  3. Choose a time of day to meditate that is best for you. Try to keep it consistent each day (i.e. upon awakening in the morning or bedtime, etc.).
  4. Please limit your requests to 1, 2 or 3 wishes. If you ask for too many things all at once you dilute the energy. As you manifest your desires you can replace it with another wish.
  5. Know that it is not up to us to decide when your wish will manifest…….it happens when the time is right.
  6. Remember to add in your meditation that you wish for others on the wish list to obtain their wishes also. Combining your energy with that of others only strengthens the outcome.
  7. Please give the information requested on the wish list form. Add your name or nick name… whatever makes you comfortable. Your state and or country can help others connect with you and your wish.
  8. It is important that you take a step in the direction towards the fulfillment of your wish. What can you do in the physical that will help you to manifest that wish? i.e.: If your old car is no longer reliable and you want to replace it; you could take on a second job dedicating the money earned from that job to be saved towards the purchase of the new car. The universe will see that your intent is to get another car and it will help you to fulfill that intension.

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Angel Eyes Wish List Submissions

Submit your wishes by using the form below. Please fill out the required information.
  • Required: Please enter your name .
  • Required: Private data that will be used by PFC. This email address can only be used once to submit 3 wishes to the healing wish list.
  • Required: Please choose the country where you live.
  • Optional: Please enter the state / territory located within your country.
  • Add a new row
    Required: You have a total of 3 wishes you can submit to PFC. Please click the (+) icon to add a new wish.To make space for wishes on the Directory we would like you to put your name or alias in the first wish. For instance:"For Mary- I wish perfect health and joy at all times!"This will help focus the healing energy of the world to grant your wishes.
  • Optional: If you have other comments or concerns to explain more in detail of your wishes, please use this box to submit the optional information.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

32 thoughts on “Angel Eyes’ Healing Wish List Instructions”

  1. I hit the enter button instead of the + button after the first wish, so I wasn’t able to include the additional wish and the third for everyone else that I intended. I wasn’t able to go back to correct this and as the directions state, this can only be done once. I apologize to all that my mishap in using the form excluded my wish for all others from being included in my submission.

  2. Here’s a valuable treasure box with food for thought, related to healing. For those of you who are interested in the research of Harald Kautz Vella and his work, presenting the full picture of transhumanism. Listen to the 1:36:00 minute to what Harald shares about healing. Taking the power away from someone who is in need of healing, is equal to the abuse of one’s own. As I perceive it,
    based on many experiences, for myself and in others, one can offer kindness and acknowledgment toward the suffering within and in an Other, so that suppression and taboo isn’t in the way, preventing
    me or the other person to heal him/herself. To heal oneself is to free oneself.

  3. All families who are being abused by adulterous, abusive, substance and or alcohol abusing, narcissistic, oto type negative programming and entity attachments, viral, systematic, methodical, coordinated abuses and any other anti-human attacks that destroy peaceful homes, marriages, families, finances, safety, creativity and hope – for these families affected by these entity ‘arrangements’ let it be known and expressed to ALL that these are crimes against humanity and cause extreme harm. Wishes and prayers are for complete healing, complete recovery and immediate rescue and healing from this insidious dis ease perpetrated and perpetuated against humanity.

  4. I wish for Angel Eyes to read and respond to the comments in this page.
    And I wish that it would be clearly stated that there’s a limit of 3 wishes for 1 email address.
    All my email addresses are refused, with a statement that they’re used earlier.
    I suspect there’s a technical problem here, also when I read other comments here.
    Pleae pay attention to this, there will be people in need of getting in touch in increasing numbers.
    Thank you and…. happy Valentine’s Day <3

  5. This message I left initially in the form with the wish-list, as a comment. It doesn’t seem to work, therefore I post it here, so that it’s available for those who are interested to read it as food for thought.

    This message is for Angel Eyes and all others who take part or want to take part in meditations and the magic of manifestation. As an experienced energy worker, becoming conscious of my energy system and healing capacities, also as an energetic coach, since 1981, I like to offer some of my views on what manifesting means. To me, it’s not supposed to be a daily practice, in making efforts to make manifest what we wish for. That’s not how manifestation works usually, to my eyes only ?

    I’m not talking about my personal preference or taste, in working with the laws of manifestation, to be clear. The knowledge I found in the trainings I attended is based on ancient knowledge of the laws of manifestation, put in a format that is workable in the 20th century for minds of that same timeframe.

    Here are a couple of points that I like to make, as food for thought,or advise, that may be helpful to understand the nature and the practice of manifestation:

    1. Repetition of a wish each day is calling forth energy that flows according one’s intention and one’s knowledge of motive and drive, in the creation of the wish. That may be different each day, depending on our state of mind, our emotional state and level of wellbeing in general. Once the Universe has heard your wish, at the receiving end it doesn’t need to be asked again.

    2. One’s own wish requires to be stated once, with clarity of intention, motive and drive. After that you let it go, the Universe is taking care of it in whatever way is best. Therfore it’s okay to let it go and fly away into the cosmos as a balloon. You can actually visualize your wish, written on a note and attached to that balloon. Choose a creative way to express your wish, by writing down words, drawing a picture, doodling a bit, sing it instead of saying it, express it in dance, movement, a walk with concentration bare foot.

    3.Being playful helps to nurture our creativity and enthousiasm and that’s what manifestation is all about, isn’t it? It’s connected to the deepest truest desire of our heart and when it’s meant to become manifest and when the time is right it will become true. Do you remember this one “Be careful what you wish for”? That’s related to the outcome of a dream that is not wished for, but holds a true reflection of our inner state.

    4.Wishing for others is a tricky and possibly complicating effort, for each wish is a unique creation of that one person, expressing that wish from within, from a foundation that is within. As far as the teachings I received held a view on this subject, according to these teachings, nobody is supposed to interfere with what another person wishes for. It’s something that can be compared to an inteference of free will. For isn’t it true that we create our own reality, looking through the glasses of our paradigms and belief systems? Ask yourself “Why do I want a wish to come true for another person?” Be aware of sentiments, they won’t do, for they’re easily knitted into our self-interest (not wanting another person to leave the room for example) and merging with our projections, more or less unknowingly. How much do you allow others to suffer and let it be their suffering?
    I don’t mean at all a coldblooded ignorance of human suffering, but the presence of a freedom within, that sees that person fully, without a need or urge to interfere and no force of will to change the suffering.
    Unless it’s immediately clear that it can end, in certain circumstances, for the spirit being of a person suffering does find a moment in life sometimes, declaring to be done with it. To me, there’s never an enduring of suffering as a martyr, welcoming it for the sake of it. That’s not what I mean to convey as something valuable, contributing to one’s state of wellbeing.

    5. What you wish for, may be a good thing, it may be a good thing but not the right time. It may be a good thing, but not for you in your situation. Due to not being ready for it, not as in not being good enough, but simply not ready to receive what you wish for. Knowing one’s issues and inner drives is helpful in the grasping of why things evolve the way they do.

    6.We never know exactly, specially when we know others in the virtual world or even only read their wish without knowing that person or their situation, what’s meant to become manifest in another person’s life.

    7. A neutral way to support a person in wellbeing, is to visualize this person while present in the presence of Supreme Being, the light of that Being with many names. So that the connection is restored, if that’s what’s felt as needed and when there’s a genuine sympathy and love for that person’s wellbeing.Which implies that there needs to be some sort of connection, a relationship, a resonance of some sort.

    8. With a neutral way, I mean that there’s no absence of feeling and genuine engagement. What is meant, with neutral, according the teachings I received, is a state of loving kindness without attachment to an outcome. It’s a state of being where discernment of one’s own state of being: feelings, emotions and drives is present. Without interfering with another person’s state of being. Observing that person as a human being, perfect in the moment of its now, as it is, free to choose and free to manifest whatever is needed to allow that person to outgrow its limits and realize love. Each of us hold a unique version of the truth, we’re all like facets of a large crystal. Reflecting our collective and personal reality. We’re the changers as much as the changed, in that reality. To really see that from that perspective requires mastery of insight, not necessarily mastery of practice. For we’re all human beings living with a veil over our eyes, restricted in many ways, restricted to feel who we really are, as creators. Regarding the interpretation of our reality, the one we make manifest each day, is that your interpretation, your truth to live by, is always slightly different from mine and that’s how it should be. Question everything and when in doubt, don’t cross the street. That goes for connecting with a person too. Making oneself not available for those who mean wrong is an art in itself. A martial art, energy-wise.

    9. The practice of healing and energetic coaching in a one to one session, is a matter of allowing things aka the situation of the receiver, to be as it is and not wanting to change anything on our side, the side of the healer. When healing or manifestation is at key, it’s all about allowing the other person or other living being, to move and grow in freedom of expression and manifestation. Even if that person lives a lie. For that person it’s the most important thing in life, that lie, for it holds the fabric of that person’s life together.

    It’s one of the most heartbreaking experiences, for a human being with a heart, to witness such a lie in someon’s life. And to be present in that person’s life, if there’s no choice. To feel compassion seeing the pain that is present in that lie. We can’t interfere, for the simple reason that we might endanger our life, being attacked fiercely by the beast that roars inside such a person. Don’t we witness these events almost on a daily basis now? With the Cabal in its death-throes?

    Some day the Higher Self may act in sending a trigger to that person living a lie and something might push against the fabric of that lie, creating a crack in it. That’s tough, very tough love. It can never lead to good results when it’s done by force of will and an act of revenge. For those actions are born in the same snakepit where the lie is created, see what I mean? The fertile soil of fear.

    That’s when neutrality comes in as a most valuable state of being, while working with someone living a lie, see what I mean? To take a stance in such a situation requires great skill of awareness

    Apart from giving some points of observation about healing and wishing, a sort of technical advise,
    I’ve offered some views of mine as well, regarding the attitude we may choose in supporting others.
    Those are always flowing easily here, sometimes they’re sort of… fresh and new to me as well, when I read them, after I wrote them ?

    Hopefully this will be received as food for thought, useful advise or practical suggestions, for those of you involved in the healing wish list. Thank you for the dance of life, together in this now. Much love <3

  6. Sending a wish message was a time consuming effort today. It’s the second time that I encounter technical difficulties with a wish-list activity. Also I’ve not found a response to my earlier comment with a similar question about the same technical problem. That was June 2016. Is there someone visiting this page and does take notice?

    Thank you for the work you do, supporting others in healing and finding expressions, in doing the things our hearts love to engage in and sing. Alone and with others. Much love <3

  7. For some reason I can’t work it out how to submit a wish and also the comment function doesn’t work well, or so it seems. Submitting my wish got blocked, I was asked for my name while it was filled in already and my comment vanished in thin air. What do I need to know?

  8. Dear Angel-Eyes
    It s a bit since we no longer heared anything from you…
    We are awaiting something new…
    Kind regards

  9. Dear Angel-Eyes,
    would you (and your team who interviewed Cobra) to have an interview with Corey(aka GoodETxSG) from Sphere Being Alliance?

    You may ask for an interview here:

    Cobra has also posted on his forum:

    May you also consider the last news about:

    • Yes ghjkjlj, I’m praying that whatever is best for his soul will come about in an easy & gentle manner. Please remember him also with love and kindness. Ron is truly a warrior for the light! <3

      Angel Eyes ~**~

  10. May the healing team send a healing to Ron VanDyke
    With kind regards.

      • Cobra claimed many time about the feminine energy that was suppressed, but now may be aligned after opening of portals.
        “So is it that there was not enough feminine energy on this planet, or is it that it was always here but it was distorted ?”

        What is surprisingly, is the lack of interest to understanding of this…

  11. I have been searching for employment for over a year. I have barely been hanging on. So when I saw the wish list I knew I had to add my name. That was a week and a half ago. On Thursday Nov 20th I was offered a full-time position making great money with a growing company doing what I love to do. Thanks to all who prayed for me. Thank you Angel Eyes for offering the wish list. Wishes do come true!

  12. Hang in there and may god be with you. We all have to globably pray together at the same time for the Galactic Federation of Light to land. They will feel the energies if we all pray/meditate together. This EVENT has to happen now. It can no longer wait. The evil ones have already been allowed to do to much damange and kill too many people. My prayers are with you and may God help us all.

    • Steph
      Im with you sister. I pray, meditate and send geo engineering intel to organizations who are trying to defend us and our mother. I know we have to do the work – I would love nothing more than for the G.F of Light to land and undo all this wickedness – but I can’t help but feel we need to do this ourselves. Im all for group focused meditation – whatever it takes – im in. I love humanity, I love our Gaia – my hearts desire is for us all to evolve to a place of CARE and genuine love for all life. My love to you Steph – your light is majick – thank you for your Care. May this shift happen now. Light and Love to all.

  13. I wish to thank all those loving, CARING Souls who have sent Angelic support to me, personally as well as my home state, CA. We are continuing to be blasted with chemtrails everyday. We have lost 4 storms that would have brought us much needed rain so far. I know this is happening globally. Our lovely mother Gaia is being tortured and my heart aches from it. Thanks to your support I have the comfort of LOVE and a deep knowing that I am not alone. As you are with me I am with all of you. Thank you for all you do. Light and Love to all beings in all worlds – always. Unity is our destiny.
    Syn – Mama Love

    • I had left a reply here before, but it didn’t seem to have come through. I feel really sad about this man-made CA drought. Certainly a crime against humanity & all residents of those areas. Perhaps we could organize a meditation, w/ the help of the PFC Lightworkers Network, & focus in providing plenty of rain water to the area, along w/ having mother nature feedback energy back into their negative weather manipulation devices & hopefully disable them for good. God Bless.

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