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2 thoughts on “Prepare for Change Healers Directory”

  1. How can I find out about the new sound
    healing technologies. I currently have
    health insurance and a retirement income
    but in the last few years my health has been going down hill. I have seen sound technology destroy cancer/lukemia cancerous cells, a technology where a
    tuning fork was used to re-align energy
    shakras. Could you please point me in
    the right direction.

  2. Hi, names Chris, well in this incarnate at least lol, < little spiritual humor, you said something about light language and symbols which both i am very interested in, i would like to also heal a few parts of my body, i think they may be energetic wounds as i am a frequent time/dimensional traveler and have.. come across some .. interesting situations here or there xD lol but really i know i can heal as i am now awake, but hey asking a friend for some tips and knowledge is always good ;D love and light have a great day!

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