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Introducing our Special Guest for Sunday April 26, 2015

Rainbow Thunder Heart


Rainbow Thunder Heart was born and raised on the Shoshone reservation in Wyoming. He is a Peace Keeper from the Eastern Shoshone Nation, a Rainbow Warrior for Peace and Harmony, Mother Nature’s Guardian, brother to the Nations who ride the waves of hope, peace and harmony, to enlighten the gift of life bestowed upon each and every one who wishes to walk the pathways of freedom.

Rainbow Thunder Heart


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  2. I think I was mistaken about the interview, with Cobra, being posted here after Sunday Febr. 22th? I just tried to listen, but it’s music to my ears only 😉

    I know the interview transcript is made and presented here, so I will have a go at it.
    I truly appreciate your work in the PFP,
    despite my miss know it all/jester attitude and sceptical entry here.

  3. Peace, Love, Light to Judi, Raissa, and Angel Eyes! Thank you for your time and energy, as well as to all others, who are working in this incredible project!! And as always deepest appreciation and admiration to Cobra and all those who endeavor for the Victory of the Light <3

    • untwine, go to the website, click on the “Radio” tab then “Prepare For Change Radio Show”. On this page you should see a button with an arrow in it just under Cobra’s name, click on it and it will play at 9 P.M. PST. This show was prerecorded so we can’t take new questions tonight.

      Angel Eyes ~**~

    • Cobra has said that the Black Knight is a galactic sentinel communicating with others like itself around the galaxy. It monitors the planet for its life signs and health. It has been part of our planet’s galactic status since the first colonization efforts began in the distant past. There are civilizations that regard our planet as part of their empire and we are unaware (officially) of their role and presence. Who is monitoring the Black Knight and its information flow can only be surmized from it age and reports from the many on-planet sources of exoplanetary information.

      Others in our group may know more and also respond.

  4. Regarding the Event and the possibility of this situation, allowed to happen for the first time, I guess you do mean Angel Eyes, this Event happening in this situation in life, with all the pump and circumstance of mass media and all the circus and our acrobatic antics in life. Personally, I believe we have encountered the Event many more times before, as living beings in different levels of dimensions, in very different circumstances.

    Pump and circumstance may have been in existence at that time too, long ago. In a different form,with different opinions and use/abuse of the spiritual and technical manuals of life. I’m pretty sure that our dna holds memories of that and at this time, it’s my belief that some of us begin to have access to that memory and begin to remember in joy and others in horror. Depending on our need to hold on to the memories and identify with them, like living in fear and loneliness. I think we’re all in a seething coaldron of the potion of truthtelling, splashig happily on the surface or diving deep in need of hiding. Once upon a time, those divers have to come to the surface and……. breathe the breath of truth, finding it’s not so bad to do that.

    Hmmmm, this was a dose of sunday sermon by a minister’s daughter… ha ha 😉

  5. How long after the event will

    1. announcements be made over mainstream media

    2. will the arrests/removal of cabal begin.

    3. will first contact be made.

    thank you,


    • Thank you for your questions Ann. The interview is completed for this month. Cobra interviews are prerecorded due to the request for voice modulation. From past interviews…..I understand that at the time of The Event the media will announce the truth. Time of arrests will not be announced (but come unexpectedly); first contact is yet to be determined. This is the first time this type of situation has been allowed to happen.

      Peace, love & blessings,
      Angel Eyes ~**~

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