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Angel Eyes Healing & Meditation Sign Up Instructions

Welcome All! I invite you to add your most desired wishes to this list. Anyone of any age can enter a wish here. It can be something just for you or something that would be good for all (as in free energy or cleaning up the pollution of our world)…..just keep it positive. This list isn’t just wishes that you hope will come true! You will make them come true!

We are the embodiment of miracle workers! It is time that we take our power back! We are mighty spiritual beings having a human experience! This list is to give us all practice at being that mighty spiritual being that we are destined to be once again. What we put our attention on we bring into manifestation. There are some “must dos” in order to bring this about.

1. Set aside a few minutes each day to meditate. The way you meditate is up to you. Just sitting quietly and deep breathing while listening to soothing music is one way.

2. Visualize what it is that you want. See it as already existing. Use all your senses: see it, taste it, hear it, touch it and smell it!

3. Choose a time of day to meditate that is best for you. Try to keep it consistent each day (i.e. upon awakening in the morning or bedtime, etc.).

4. Please limit your requests to 1, 2 or 3 wishes. If you ask for too many things all at once you dilute the energy. As you manifest your desires you can replace it with another wish.

5. Know that it is not up to us to decide when your wish will manifest…….it happens when the time is right and in the manner appropriate for you.

6. Remember to add in your meditation that you wish for others on the wish list to obtain their wishes also. Combining your energy with that of others only strengthens the outcome.

7. Please give the information requested on the wish list form. Add your name or nick name… whatever makes you comfortable. Your state and or country can help others connect with you and your wish.

8. It is important that you take a step in the direction towards the fulfillment of your wish. What can you do in the physical that will help you to manifest that wish? i.e.: If your old car is no longer reliable and you want to replace it; you could take on a second job dedicating the money earned from that job to be saved towards the purchase of the new car. The universe will see that your intent is to get another car and it will help you to fulfill that intention.

Sign Up Below for our PFC Healers Group Meditation

Prepare for Change Healers Directory

This Directory is intended to bring those who can help heal mind, body, & spirit together with those in need by creating a public directory under the PFC Healing Group. At the time of the Event the rising frequencies will make this the most powerful type of healing available. Selected parts of this form will be seen in the public Directory .Please see the "Contact a Healer" form on the Healing Group Menu for more information.
  • Please enter your real name. This information will be visible to the public for credibility.
  • Required: Public information to be used by PFC and visitors to contact you about Healing and related issues.
  • Intuitive or psychic healers are able to sense their clients needs at a distance. If you do this, do you also have the ability to heal at a distance? Use this field to tell us.
  • At a specified time you can invite those in need of healing to join you on a phone/video conference meeting. The participant/s can talk to the Healer about their needs and receive energy or be invited to make contact individually for personal consultations.
  • Add a new row
    Required: You have a total of 10 services you can submit to PFC. Please click the (+) icon to add a new wish.
  • Optional: If you have a website for your healing services, please enter a website you are affiliated with or own for your services.
  • Please put the City where you have an office or clinic.
  • Required: Please enter the state / territory located within your country.
  • Required: Please enter the required information to what country you are from. This information will be kept private and will only used to locate someone to help that is close to your proximity.
  • Optional: If you have other comments or concerns to explain more in detail of your services, please use this box to submit the optional information.
  • Use this field to authorize PFC to use your contact info publicly and sharing your information with those only whom can help. We respect your privacy and your individuality in its entirety!

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