Humanitarian Projects Funding Program

Prepare for Change Members:

We are proud to provide the opportunity for our members to apply for funding from the Humanitarian Projects Funds, which will be released as part of the global financial settlements process, commonly called the “Reset”.  It has been decided by controllers of the new financial system to initiate it by funding humanitarian projects all over the world. Another form, the Project Description Form is designed to allow you to provide a brief summary of your project and enable us to contact you for more information.

For those who have completed their business plan and proposal and are ready to submit it as an electronic file, please send it as an attachment to a message explaining what it is to: [email protected]

Below is the cover sheet of the actual application for funding, the PFC Grant Proposal Package and is designed to speed the processing of your paper application.  Please download and complete the PFC Grant Proposal Package (8 downloads) and then complete this online form below to begin the process of funding your Humanitarian Project. You will notice that the online form is the same as the Cover Sheet, so you can transfer those entries to the online form when you are ready to submit your application. This will speed the approval process.

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When you have completed the online submission, please send your completed grant proposal package with all original signatures to our office in Los Angeles, California via Registered mail or other qualified secure package delivery service at this address:

Humanitarian Projects
4530 Whittier Blvd.
Los Angeles California

11 thoughts on “Humanitarian Projects Funding Program”

  1. The Healing Hands Foundation is looking into growing our medical and educational programs in Lebanon and Middle East. We are looking if you can help financially to build hospitals to be used for humanitarian medical/dental missions.

  2. If you want big change in the world you have to pinpoint the root problem. The problem is humans that lack empathy. It is a disability and it is caused by trauma and observation of too much violence. Disabled mirror neurons take away the capability for a human to feel others and themselves, intuitive capabilities are removed , and the human has no inner guide. In order to have a peaceful world everyone has to have empathy …everyone has to work for each other because we are one human family. Connecting the psychopath back to their conscience and restoring empathy will effectively solve every other problem on the face of the Earth. There are organic cells behind the retina ready to make daughter cells to repair whatever needs to be repaired in the brain’s observation that trains the cells. I have an idea to repair mirror neuron cells and restore empathy in a psychopath. Every human deserves free will. I need help with this project for research, development, and a lab for magnetic resonance imaging.

  3. The Healing Hands Foundation is looking into growing our medical and educational programs in Latin America. We are looking for partners that can help financially to build hospitals to be used for humanitarian medical/dental missions.

  4. Tiny Homes + Plus 1 Size
    Looking to build small two bedroom homes. Built on metal frame with mount for axle and wheels to be moved easily. Looks like little log cabin when set up on foundation. Foundation not necessary on all models.Design for maximum cooling and heating with minimum energy. Solar panels and hot water through the sun. Estimated cost for materials 10k to 12k for two bedroom, one bath home.
    Namaste Friends

  5. I want to know more about Humanitian funding. I represent a number of Project owners in South Africa mainly in rural and under developed communities. I wish and wish to know if they can be funded

  6. Good day. Does your Humanatarian funding include Africa? I represent a number of project owners in South Africa and other African countries.
    If you do fund into Africa, is there a minimum entry level and a maximum amount funded.
    Best Regards

    • Hi Dee. Great stuff please follow Lighthouse Emporium. We are set to roll out some projects and would like minded people to get on board.

  7. Our organization works to support children with disabilities in deprived communities to have access to education.This very important as majority of these children in ruralGhana are not in school due to negative social cultural ideas. We wished that your would support to transform the future of these children. We hope to hear from you.

  8. I am a Broker and l have some clients looking for Project Finance to implement their projects. Can you allow me to be your Broker fro the Africa Region?

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