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Our directory is designed to help you contact others who have similar interests and want to have contact.

We are building on the work of so many others that it is hard to attribute them properly. The list of categories is based on the work of Fred Kelly’ as presented in his Practical Guide to ‘Free Energy” Devices. Please see his site to know how many others have worked to make this dream come true. We will be adding other resources as they become available.

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Name Email I am researching: After the Event I will:
Nagy Robertnagyrobb@yahoo.comOther Devices and TheoriesOther
Vinicius Santosvinnie_santos@hotmail.comMagnet PowerManufacturer Free Energy devices
mary blazesmaryc00011@gmail.coEnergy-Tapping Pulsed SystemsContinue research
alejandro martinezzenitramae@gmail.comVehicle SystemsDistribute Free Energy devices
melissa BAUMANbauman.mel@gmail.comEnergy-Tapping Pulsed SystemsManufacturer Free Energy devices
Fahd Nasherfahdhamood06@gmail.comAerial Systems and Electrostatic GeneratorsBuy a device for my home
kirk schneiderkirk.schneider@sbcglobal.netMagnet PowerManufacturer Free Energy devices
vikram kumar Guptavikram_gupta11@rediffmail.comMagnet PowerManufacturer Free Energy devices
Nicolas HUARDnicolas.huard@hotmail.frOther Devices and TheoriesManufacturer Free Energy devices
A.P. van Beltapvandenbelt@gmail.comOther Devices and TheoriesDistribute Free Energy devices
Stéphane BIGEARDst.bigeard@wanadoo.frGravity Powered SystemsBuy a device for my car
luke hancocklukehancock@live.comMagnet PowerBuy a device for my home
paulette fowlerfowlertiller@yahoo.comMagnet PowerManufacturer Free Energy devices
Artur Sieraczkiewiczarthursieraczkiewicz@gmail.comMotionless Pulsed SystemsManufacturer Free Energy devices
Rafalfr.django@wp.plOther Devices and TheoriesDistribute Free Energy devices
Charles Sharpesharpetronics@gmail.comEnergy-Tapping Pulsed SystemsResearch, Collaborate, Manufacture
Thomas Bandschbandsch@me.comOther Devices and TheoriesManufacturer Free Energy devices
giner leviginer.levi@gmail.comGravity Powered SystemsInstall Free Energy devices
Paulo de Tarsosuper_jedy@hotmail.comGravity Powered SystemsManufacturer Free Energy devices
nozal lenileninozal@voila.frGravity Powered SystemsDistribute Free Energy devices
NameEmailI am researching:After the Event I will:
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