Free Energy Research Directory Form

 symbolizing the receipt of Free Eergy the cosmic hands of humanity reaches out to receive the gift of Free Energy from the cosmos.

Symbolizing the Gift of the Universe, humanity receives the knowledge of Free Energy from the cosmos.

At Prepare for Change we are all interested in Free Energy. We are, as a group,  intuitive people, so free energy systems are perceived as real, but suppressed technology. The Event will end the suppression and an avalanche of knowledge will suddenly be put to work in both private and commercial systems. Becoming educated and informed, making contacts with others that are also interested seems like the best approach until  the Event finally sweeps the controllers out of our way.  This page is meant to be an organizing tool for Prepare for Change members who share this interest.

We have divided the area of research into eleven types, each of which has many separate threads of research being carried out all over the world. The Free Energy Research Directory Form assumes that you want to share with others and form collaborative teams to build working prototypes and publish open source plans. To this end it asks enough questions to help connect you with those that share your passions.

Free Energy Directory Listing Form

The Directory is designed to enable researchers to connect and assist one another with their projects. Please be aware that little known laws exist that are used to prevent any commercial manufacture of "free energy devices". This condition will end after the Event, so this directory is here to help build the networks of individuals needed for a healthy free energy sector.
  • Email other researchers can use to contact you
  • Choose the one area of free energy research that is of greatest interest to you. See Overview of Free Energy Systems on the technology drop down menu for more information.
  • Choose the one that best scribes your level of interest
    Indicate what you will do with your interest in Free Energy when the Event eliminates the barriers to their use and production.
  • Please provide a website or link relating to the free energy technology being researched.
  • Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: jpg, pdf, xls, png, doc, xml, .
      Any images or files you want to share that would help others understand the free energy technology. For example: (JPG, PNG, PDF, XML, DOC, etc..)

    We will be adding other resources as they become available.

    Dane Arr

    Technology Group

    Prepare for Change Network

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    1. Free energy is here already from the Keshe foundation, has been selling in Italy for over a year and now in Canada has distributor who sells magravs that reduce hydro usage by 30 to 50%, at
      also a plant in Arizona in Tempe but haven’t the off grid magravs available yet for the world!!!

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