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Prepare for Change Volunteer Projects are used to enable Volunteers to take action by giving them specific goals, tasks and resources needed to accomplish the Project.

The PFC Projects are listed at the bottom of this page:

The Volunteers Assembly allows all volunteers to become involved without a specific job, but with an orientation and training component they use to learn a job. Because of this we have opportunity for new volunteers to “get their feet on the ground” regarding PFC’s Mission and Organization and to choose a project that fits with their situation.

The Volunteer Assembly is the  incubator of new projects supported by PFC. Within the Assembly, the Project Formation Team’s role is to work with the Council to create Project Proposals. Each Project Proposal is designed to enable a Volunteer leader to take responsibility, assemble a team of other Volunteers and begin the project. The Project Formation Proposal is formed with clear goals and resources, with the sponsoring Council Members tasked with supporting the Project Leader with advice and resources as deemed necessary to succeed. Often the goals are general and evolve as the project progresses.

Below, please read about PFC’s existing and new projects. Each Saturday we meet to discuss our projects and answer questions from new Volunteers. This is the Volunteer Orientation Phase of our regular online Zoom conference and you are invited to attend. See the Volunteer Assembly page for more information!

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24/7 Global Chat Support

Coeo has a Live Chat feature that is the intended site of this project, but the scale of this global live chat has required us to wait until the new server capability is in place before starting it, which is expected to be in July 2017.  The purpose is to enable Coeo members to have someone on the Live Chat who can answer questions and refer them to reliable infomation related PFC, the Event or Cobra and the Resistance Movement.  Live Chat Volunteers will be requested to devote three hours per week to staffing the Coeo Live Chat so many of our participants worldwide can participate.

Global Synchronized Meditations Project

Meditation is our most important tool to influence the world. Combining our conscious efforts in simultaneous meditation strengthens the effect, so the more people we have engages at the same time, using the same visualizations and words, the greater the power to affect the world. This project is evolving quickly with new members and more powerful technology. 

Humanitarian Programs Project

Prepare for Change has been gathering project application for almost a year and there are more than eighty apps already submitted. 

Local Groups Support (Coeo)

In late 2015 PFC agreed to use the Coeo geo-local social networking website to organize our local groups and enable them to connect with one another. It is an ongoing project with improvements being developed to add new features such as Global Synchronized Meditations. 

Media Group Advertising Team

Help advertise media projects like the Cobra Corey Goode Interview which are typically created opportunistically with a short lead time, so we need a team of volunteers to organize a social media share blast to make these interviews viral. If you GET this, please volunteer!

to be announced
Monthly PFC Newsletter Project

The eight groups on the PFC Council will be providing monthly updates related to the general topics of their Groups. This has been provided in the past, but each Council member has been required to submit their text on a timely basis for it to work. This has created a deficiency in the Newsletter that we can overcome by having a three person team involved in creating the monthly version. Instead of waiting for the Council to supply content, the Newsletter team will have the phone numbers of all Council members so they can have an actual discussion about what needs to be in the Newsletter and the Team will write it, functioning as reporters following up on earlier content and introducing new material.  Other Newsletters wil be sent related to specific activities or content, and they will not depend on the Newsletter team to produce them, but will be the direct efforts of the people involved in that project. This will bring clarity about the Groups and their purpose, which is more like departments in a regular publication, with each Group Leader connecting the topic and sharing news and changes within that domain of knowledge and activity. 

PFC Content Project

All Council members are invited to write or repost content related to our mission. This has been more organic than we would like, with self-evident responsibilities being assumed as needed. A more organized effort here would be good, perhaps with a team of writers to create articles that address concerns particular to PFC. 

simultaneous to website beginning
PFC Message Integration Project

We have more than 2500 articles and more than a hundred pages on the PFC site, which has grown like an untended garden, with related content posted without a clear alignment to categories or tags. The PFC mission risks being so defuse that few can understand what we are doing or why. Message integration gives us a means to align and streamline the presentation of the message seen by new visitors and long time members as well.  Danell has instigated this project by herself, but  it can use several more people...

PFC Paper.li Project

Prepare for Change currently has an account with Paper.li, which is a service that publishes a tabloid-style "paper" each week using defined RSS feeds to load content from the PFC website. This has a lot of potential to covey specific messages from us by using content that is focussed on issues we feel are important at that particular moment.

PFC Webserver Project

The server project is ongoing since the beginning of PFC. Its members are all qualified and knowledgeable to adjust the settings in the backend of WP. Tiago has been its leader while I have been involved and has the respect of all the IT volunteers, who depend on his integration and understanding to support all the aspects of the PFC Server. The IT Team follows al the activities of PFC, and is ready to add what is needed when it is needed. There are several important positions that remain to be recruited, A database developer would be great, but we are able to meet these needs within the team for now.

July 2013
PFC Website Translations Project

This team began simultaneous to PFC, since Cobra had asked that we translate the message into all languages. PFC's purpose resonated globally and we had recruited more than two-hundred fifty translators in the first few months. After the takeover by Potter these translators left and this entire effort began again after the original team returned in January of 2015. At that point, the German, Chinese, Japanese and Hungarian (and others) teams had begun their own sites which continue today. They do not follow PFC now but act independently using guidance from Cobra directly, as we do. 

June 2013
Project Formation Team

When the need for an organized effort to accomplish a task is identified in the PFC Council, it becomes Project that the Project Formation Team clarifies and writes up for Volunteers in the Assembly to help complete. The PFT Leader solicits among the Volunteers to have a Project Leader take responsibility for it and choose a team to manifest the objectives of the project.

The Project Formation Team maintains an awareness of all the Volunteers desires and needs so as to provide the best people available for each project.

The PFT works with the Council to clarify each project and reports to the council regarding the progress toward the projects goals.

Video Media Project Team

The primary activity of this project is producing, posting and managing Youtube Videos and maintaining the Youtube account.

not available
Project NameProject Description/PurposeProject to begin on:
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