Volunteer Projects

Prepare for Change Volunteer Projects are used to enable Volunteers to take action by giving them specific goals, tasks and resources needed to accomplish the Project.

The PFC Projects are listed at the bottom of this page:

The Volunteers Assembly allows all volunteers to become involved without a specific job, but with an orientation and training component they use to learn a job. Because of this we have opportunity for new volunteers to “get their feet on the ground” regarding PFC’s Mission and Organization and to choose a project that fits with their situation.

The Volunteer Assembly is the  incubator of new projects supported by PFC. Within the Assembly, the Project Formation Team’s role is to work with the Council to create Project Proposals. Each Project Proposal is designed to enable a Volunteer leader to take responsibility, assemble a team of other Volunteers and begin the project. The Project Formation Proposal is formed with clear goals and resources, with the sponsoring Council Members tasked with supporting the Project Leader with advice and resources as deemed necessary to succeed. Often the goals are general and evolve as the project progresses.

Below, please read about PFC’s existing and new projects. Each Saturday we meet to discuss our projects and answer questions from new Volunteers. This is the Volunteer Orientation Phase of our regular online Zoom conference and you are invited to attend. See the Volunteer Assembly page for more information!

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Project Formation Form : Entry # 7648
Project Name
Monthly PFC Newsletter Project
Project Description/Purpose
The eight groups on the PFC Council will be providing monthly updates related to the general topics of their Groups. This has been provided in the past, but each Council member has been required to submit their text on a timely basis for it to work. This has created a deficiency in the Newsletter that we can overcome by having a three person team involved in creating the monthly version. Instead of waiting for the Council to supply content, the Newsletter team will have the phone numbers of all Council members so they can have an actual discussion about what needs to be in the Newsletter and the Team will write it, functioning as reporters following up on earlier content and introducing new material.  Other Newsletters wil be sent related to specific activities or content, and they will not depend on the Newsletter team to produce them, but will be the direct efforts of the people involved in that project. This will bring clarity about the Groups and their purpose, which is more like departments in a regular publication, with each Group Leader connecting the topic and sharing news and changes within that domain of knowledge and activity. 
Sponsoring Council Members
  • Danell
  • Ada
  • Bette
  • Dane
Project Leader and Team
To be named by project leaders
Project to begin on:
Resources needed for this project:
newsletter account access, email accounts