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  1. Please ask Cobra why Mr. Putin is building an oil pipeline all the way to southern Europe if he knows that ‘very soon’ the ETs will appear to Terrans introducing us to their free energy technology. It will not be completed till end of 2019 & he deemed it so important that he boarded the vessel that is working on this project to give it a boost & start. So if we are truly on a path to clean NRG & new technologies, & Mr. Putin is working with the ETs , why so much energy into new projects using the old fuels?

    An answer came to me as I was writing this ‘As long as the Cabal keeps fighting in the present system, he will keep fighting .’

    But then Why doesn’t he simply distribute these new technologies throughout Russia or at least use them on some level (other than defense weapons)? Surely he would win hands down then?

  2. ****Can you take liquid crystals in liquid form as this website offers?

  3. ****What are liquid crystals?

    This is Crystal Healing the Atlantian Way, A way of Love, Power and Wisdom combined in balance as a glorious White Rose, within whose crystalline petals lies a new world, Man, Angel and Deva as one.

  4. ****Are the Order of the Star 144,000 the in any way similar or related to Allister Crowleys “The Mystical & Magical System of the AA (Astron Argon)? (which the gematria of Aster Argos is 489, also the value of Sothis, the Greek name for the star Sirius… “Sirius commonly is held to be the physical expression of that “Silver Star” after which the Order is named.)

    ****Are the 144,000 that can help reach “critical mass” with the group meditations DIFFERENT than the 144,000 order of the star that came here with Sanat Kumara?

    ****Where does O Negative blood come from? …and is it the blood of the 144,000?

    ****Are the 144,000 order of the star The “Oraphim”?

    ****Are twin flames polar opposite of each other? On the zodiac wheel >> (example = virgo vs pisces) (i.e. “opposites attract”) ?

    ****Do the 144,000 order of the star stay “left behind” (as in the book revelation) AFTER the great multitude is called away to become the warrior angels we really are to do battle with the negative beings?
    Because it says they become sealed that nothing can hurt them *(the seventh seal)*… so why would they be sealed and not the general population some of who are god fearing Christians. My intuition is saying they are called away before that, as the “great multitude” (general spiritual population) ???

    ****Are twin flames supposed to *UNITE & MINISTER THE WORD* before the event or with the *two whiteness*?

    ****Do ONLY the 144,000 order of the star have their twin flames here incarnated with them on the earth or does everyone have one? (I read it is rare for both of them to be incarnated at once except of major importance like what our planet is going through.)

    ****Is the kundalini awakening for twin flames only who experience a sacred sexual union (stargate opening) or a term used when anyone’s chakras become aliened?

    -Meriah Oraphim

    *Second time posting this, somehow it got removed…….

    • 144000+ people in meditations are quickening the Event so much. Maybe 144000 people will be a bridge for 144000 of the Order of the star. I suppose twin flames are not opposite on zodiac wheel, nice question, but I dont want a opposite of me )) Everybody needs his reflection. Its impossible to match a completely opposite to himself considering all the planets, fixed stars and so on ))) Very simply to match 2 people born in 1 hour or 1 second. Negative blood begun of “fallen angels” from Maldek-Mars-Moon. 144000 will create a sacred couples on the New Earth. Another people will better fly away from such “hostile” 5D Earth. General population does not want to be sealed, they want a money, happiness and life on the heaven, their heaven is not our heaven. We need the spiritual work, not be afraid of God, eating the meat and drink simultaneously )) I suppose a mixture of cintamani stone and moldavite cross coupled with me will attract to me a nice twin flame, maybe not on Earth but flown from sky if she isn’t from 3D, maybe a few millions years older than me.. So good to not divorce before that )))

  5. ****Are the Order of the Star 144,000 the in any way similar or related to Allister Crowleys “The Mystical & Magical System of the AA (Astron Argon)? (which the gematria of Aster Argos is 489, also the value of Sothis, the Greek name for the star Sirius… “Sirius commonly is held to be the physical expression of that “Silver Star” after which the Order is named.)

    ****Are the 144,000 that can help reach “critical mass” with the group meditations DIFFERENT than the 144,000 order of the star that came here with Sanat Kumara?

    ****Where does O Negative blood come from? …and is it the blood of the 144,000?

    ****Are the 144,000 order of the star The “Oraphim”?

    ****Are twin flames polar opposite of each other? On the zodiac wheel >> (example = virgo vs pisces) (i.e. “opposites attract”) ?

    ****Do the 144,000 order of the star stay “left behind” (as in the book revelation) AFTER the great multitude is called away to become the warrior angels we really are to do battle with the negative beings?
    Because it says they become sealed that nothing can hurt them *(the seventh seal)*… so why would they be sealed and not the general population some of who are god fearing Christians. My intuition is saying they are called away before that, as the “great multitude” (general spiritual population) ???

    ****Are twin flames supposed to *UNITE & MINISTER THE WORD* before the event or with the *two whiteness*?

    ****Do ONLY the 144,000 order of the star have their twin flames here incarnated with them on the earth or does everyone have one? (I read it is rare for both of them to be incarnated at once except of major importance like what our planet is going through.)

    ****Is the kundalini awakening for twin flames only who experience a sacred sexual union (stargate opening) or a term used when anyone’s chakras become aliened?

    -Meriah Oraphim

  6. Cobra, are we now entitled to consider that the Light Forces have taken control of the plasma plane around Earth, on dissolving the head of octopod, and of accelerating the dismantling of all toplets and of the black stone as well?…

  7. May I ask a science question. Are all subatomic particles simply waves of electromagnetic radiation at different energy levels? Is the energy level responsible for binding baryonic matter together in the infrared range?

  8. Hi Cobra,
    Did benevolent ET’s create the neanderthal human species originally as a vehicle to reform formerly fallen ET’s who were attempting to turn towards that light? Was the neanderthal race then hijacked by the dark forces to act as vehicles for themselves and their minions to incarnate in 3 dimensional form on earth?

  9. What is the type of nutrition of high-evolved humans on other planets and in the Inner Earth? As far as I understand, it does not include meat at all, but what about eggs and milk (or various milk products) and honey? Does it included heat-processed food or is it raw? So is it vegetarian, vegan, raw food or something in between? What is the best for earth humans in our current environment situation and in various climate zones?

  10. COBRA, I do not know if you are familiar with one of the discoveries which freaked out the elite, the discoveries from the ROMANIAN mountains, BUCEGI, from underneath the SPHINX? Considering also many predictions regarding that “Romania will be the new spiritual pole of the WORLD”, do you know if Romania will be involved at a higher level in the LIBERATION (RESISTANCE MOVEMENT)and the EVENT? If yes, what can you suggest? Let me know please.

    • if you look under “Region” then Europe you will find a little more of what Cobra has said about Romania.

      ET BASE (Suppressed-Disclosure)

      Rob- …Who was the civilization living under the surface of Bucegi mountain Romania, in the Carpathian mountain area?

      COBRA – This is a very old, I would say, base of a certain extraterrestrial race that have created it.  And it includes a time capsule and this has been discovered by the Romanian Secret Service and then taken over by the, I would say, U.S. Cabal and has been suppressed.  Thankfully, part of this intel has been released through some of the books you can read. The Transylvania Sunrise is the first one and there are many more books written about this subject.  This is just the tip of the iceberg.  There are many more places like this throughout the planet.

      Rob – OK.  So the Cabal is in control of it. However, much like the Dead Sea scrolls with the Confederation watching, it will not be destroyed. It will eventually be given to humanity, correct?
      COBRA – Yes, correct.–ref: rp1115b

      Rob – We have here now questions about Romania.  This isn’t quite political.  In 2003, allegedly the Americans – I guess I would have to say the Cabal and their control – they didn’t allow the Romania government to release information about a large discovery and, excuse my pronunciation, in the Usagi mountains.  It has a lot of information.  It  may change a lot of things.  It has allegedly an ET base with holographic messages about our planet, our history.  Very large shares and things, kind of like David Wilcox said was found and supposedly there was some monatomic gold powder.  Would you comment on that?  Is it a real find?

       COBRA – Yes, yes, that was a real discovery which was made in 2003 by the Romanian, I would say, secret service.  And, of course, the Jesuits have been informed about the discovery immediately and the Black Nobility families have, of course, news has gotten to the Cabal faction almost immediately after that and they have put the Romanian government under great pressure financially and otherwise and, of course, the Romanian secret service had to release all their findings to the Cabal faction of the US.  Since then the Cabal has been taking control of that discovery, which is actually subterranean complex which has tunnels leading to Quebec, to Egypt and to some other locations.  It is part of a very complex underground system.  Part of this discovery has been released to the public through certain channels, through certain books which have already been translated also into English.

      Rob – Thank you, Cobra.  Seems like the same old, same old story.  We people down here need to get organized as the Cabal.  That was the plan of the new society conference when Cobra and I first talked. He revealed the idea the RM told him.  They’re (Cabal) organized, they respond, they put the lid down, they rape, pillage and murder.  We have to use our armory and weapons of Truth and the virtues of Honesty, Integrity and other powerful things together.  Would you agree Cobra?  We really need to organize without threatening them and yet hold our ground

      COBRA – Yes, the most important thing, the most important weapon we have is the truth, to spread intel, to spread it everywhere you can.  To inform people, to educate people and to coordinate because together we are stronger.  I have seen many times that the Archons manage to divide people because of the things that are not so important.  What is more important is that we are all aware of the most, the core beliefs that people have, the core orientation we all have.  We all want freedom for this planet and this is the basic orientation that every light warrior and every light worker should have and not to focus so much on those little differences which are not important in the long run.—ref rp0715

  11. Cobra are you aware of Wayne Herschel’s work at He has made many discoveries that ancient megalithic sites are star maps of the Pleiades. Is this so and especially could you comment if Cydonia on Mars, the pyramids at Abusir, Tikal, etc. are star maps of the Pleiades? Also do you know if the leg of the bull symbol of Egypt and other societies is a symbol of the Pleiades and if the center symbol of the dendera zodiac is indeed the Pleaides.

  12. Hello everyone. I’m aware of the Mandela Effect and Dolores Cannon’s interpretation of two worlds(the one we have moved to, I presume).

    My question is: Why have trees appeared in my neighborhood lately that weren’t there before, about a month ago, what stands behind it?


  13. Is the reason the Yahldaboth entity will not leave because a group on the surface or below the surface has its baby in a tank surrounded by guards or is this being in the tank not related to the Yaldaboth being?

  14. Corey Goode was recently exposed as a fraud. i believe he is a lair. Cobra, you had a interview w/Goode not too long ago and you recently said some things in support of him, which makes you suspicious in my eyes. can you explain yourself again? your stance w/Corey Goode. i want an explanation or i won’t take you seriously anymore either.

    • Many light workers are being targeted by the media in a very organized manner – including Corey Goode, Cobra and many others. Just remain neutral. If you could re-phrase your question that would be helpful. And remember, Cobra does not make any comments on other people or their work, unless the question is very specific.

      [PFC 0317] Lynn – Is part of the Dark Fleet that Corey Goode mentioned that was left trapped inside our solar system when the so-called outer barrier (that protects this solar system from anyone coming in or getting out) still roaming in Antarctica, their bases on our moon and orbiting our solar system?
      COBRA – Basically what Corey terms “Dark Fleet” is still active to a certain degree in Antarctica, and this will be changed very soon. [PFC 0317]

      Lynn – Cobra is there such a thing as the Sphere Being Alliance?
      COBRA – OK. This is a certain term used by certain people that describes one aspect of the Alliance, I would say the Central race, but I would not go deeper into this. I see this alliance not in exactly in the same way. I see this as part of the greater Galactic Confederation, I would say, Galactic forces of light that want to liberate this planet. I don’t see it the way exactly in the same as it is explained in some sources. (thank you Cobra).
      –ref: pfc0217

      GF 1116 Steve: David Wilcock talks about a solar event that will make a big change to the DNA of humanity and consciousness to humans. Is this the same event that you are talking about?
      Cobra: Yes, exactly. What he talks about, the solar event or what Corey Goode talks about, is actually the galactic pulse triggering the sun. Every twenty-six thousand years there is a galactic pulse which triggers all the stars in the galaxy in a certain way, also of course when this galactic super wave reaches our solar system it will trigger our physical sun, in a way that Corey Goode and other are talking about. It’s part of the Event that I am describing. It is not only the activity of our physical sun but is connected to the activity to the galactic central sun and on the drastic changes on this planet and on the removal of the cabal, reset of the financial system, and the process of full disclosure and everything that is connected with that.

  15. Cobra, it seems like a lot of the asperger children are very high frequency beings that don’t fit this matrix. Are they actually damaged, or will they fit and function (come online) in the world after the event? Many of them are just waiting because they see nothing currently of interest to them.

  16. Cobra- The word “Event” is disconcerting to me. It reminds me of a nuclear event or something spontaneous that removes us from the planet. My feeling is that we are here to clear the negative and be solidly physical incorporating all of our aspects energetic, consciousness, etc., then rejuvenate the planet, are able to travel into space, and when we cross the milestone, things will be much more free. We will be able to be equal with Beings from Other Star Systems. Can you explain why that word rather than milestone or some other word?

  17. Before i get to know cobra I found out about pleiadans by billy meier case,also About extraterrestrial 9th planet named:thiaoouba by Michel Desmarquet,Artur Berlet: Ufo from planet Akart,Stefan Danaerde Ufo from planet iarga and Hejal bobik uta hano (planet Saleinji) wszystko jest wibracją eng:(everything is vibrations.)Can you say something about that?Is there relations about what you’re saying?What do you tell about that,something more? Thiaoouba extraterrestrial are wingmakers?Did other civilsations which i described help us in compression breakthrough? What’s up with Semjase?

    • has most of the Cobra interviews by subjects. I would recommend you start with the Star Races category. Much of the E.T. books are dis-info – Cobra has said that several times. Get some of Cobra’s understanding and then ask 1 more detailed question. Also – under the Disclosure section > whistleblowers we find these comments about Samjase:

      GF 1116 Louisa: Ok, The next question is for both Cobra and A’drieiuous. We have heard the name Semjase when referring to Pleiadians. We are familiar with this name mainly through Billy Meier who claims Semjase was a primary Pleiadian contact throughout his life. Can either of you or both of you comment on what that name represents?
      Cobra: Semjase is one of the famous Pleiadians who has been deeply involved in the planetary liberation process for many milliena. She was very active in ancient Egypt, and the last few decades she has contacted a few of the contactees, one was Billy Meier and also Fred Bell. And she is one of the key Pleiadian contact persons for this planet.

      Rob – Okay.  Someone wants to know.  Do you still have contact with Samjese?
      COBRA – I choose not to answer this question.—ref rp0515

  18. why do light workers have a harder time manifesting what they want, yet karma is almost instantaneous for them if they do or think something negative? Why doesn’t this happen to normal people?

    • Life unfolds endlessly in divine will, order and timing; I have heard: Conditioned Souls evolve through the tenets of destiny interlaced aka modulated by free will, but those that have chosen the Light see their free will choices confiscated by Karmic Restrictions as they journey close to the finish line – we made a pledge that when the time came for us to step onto the path of ascension, we would allow the Higher-ups to set aside a good chunk of our free will so that we could take whatever measures were deemed necessary to awaken us – the roles we now play must take place within the general guidelines of our Script.

  19. Cobra,

    1. Some people questioning about the Cintamani stone. Are there any human scientific methods or instruments to confirm the effect of the Cintamani stone?

    2. You said that we better wait a few days before burning the dead body. What is the main reason? How about those people died in a fire disaster?

  20. There is talk of a “sun simulator”, a fake sun. Although I haven’t seen anomalies in the sun in my part of the world – the far east – it is a thing in the US, Australia, etc. Is there really a sun simulator? If yes: What is the purpose? Since when is this in place? Is it a bad guys cabal / Chimera thing? Why haven’t I seen anomalies yet? Is the sky also fake? (because in the June interview you answered “It is I would say quasi crystal grid that is a reflection of The ONE.”)

  21. Cobra,
    you have said that since 1996, all channelers were implanted and most their channeling connections were severely disrupted.

    Some people said that you belittle the vlaue of those channeling message in order to increase the value of your message. What do you comment on this? Is all channeling message are unreliable or still having some of them can be trusted?

    • May 2017 Cobra gave this message to PFC: “I would prefer no channeled material is posted, as more than 90% of that is compromised.

      If you are strongly guided you can post with a caveat.”

    • I would add a question about channeling. Is it true that right now on Earth there is a channel that channels right from Source and beings from the highest realms of Love and Light and from the Pleiadians? Is it true that this channel purpose is building the Light Grid for the New Earth?

    • if you search under the Region tab / South America – you will find quite a bit about Brazil (As well as many other countries and regions of the world) Enjoy your search – then come back and ask specific questions to Cobra. He likes specific questions.

  22. There was a violent thunderstorm that hit Moscow at the end of May 2017, that destroyed 3500 trees, killed 16 people, hospitalized 108 people, took down part of the electrical grid, and destroyed the healing pyramid of Alexander Golod.

    Was this a cleansing by natural forces or was it man made as a warning to Russia because they will not cooperate with the cabal?

  23. Cobra,
    Do you feel irritated when people ask trivial, repetitive and shallow questions? Is there a better format for your intelligence to reach the public besides trying to answer questions that come from a perspective of personal desires, self centered interests and shallow speculations?

    Also, if we can speak in very broad terms about our situation as humans-isn’t it wrong to suggest that the bad ones should be eliminated, arrested, and so on…. because in reality, they exist because of our ignorance of our personal state of consciousness on the individual level and as a collective. Do you feel it would be more effective for you to teach people about their state of consciousness instead of taking about chimera, Jesuits, yaldobaoth, reptilians, and other bad guys…when people focus on bad guys, they don’t look at their self nor take responsibility for their own state of consciousness? The bad guys actually serve us by causing us to take a closer look at ourselves.

    • One great way to study Cobra interviews by subject is: I promise if you just pick one subject a day or week and look through that you will learn so much – then you can write an article for besides raising your own consciousness.
      Cobra does talk quite a bit about soul evolution, religion, and other spiritual subjects. Look under the Soul Evolution tab at the above link or
      review the latest article on Soul Evolution from last week:

      • and no, “the bad guys do not serve us by causing us to take a closer look at ourselves” as Cobra said in and The Galactic Codex:

  24. Do you know or know of Thoth the Atlantean and what are your thoughts on his indestructible Emerald tablets found in the land of Khem (ancient Egypt) in a secret compartment in the great pyramid. What do you know about their authenticity and the info found in them?

    • under star races > reptilians
      Rob – Now the emerald tablets actually had a way to determine a clone and the word was they were testing their leaders if they could say the word ‘Klininginginging smith’.  Allegedly a reptilian tongue couldn’t say that.  Are there any other ways for us to tell if there is a clone of a human?
      COBRA – I would not agree with that Intel that you have just released. (Okay.) I would say you can detect the reptilian by the energy field.—ref rp0315 under Religion > Emerald tablets Someone has asked about the emerald tablets of Thoth and the emerald tablets of Hermes. Those are the same being correct? (Yes). Do you believe the translation by Doreal is the most accurate of those tablets?
      Cobra – Yes, I would say that representation is quite good. I think it’s the best we have at the moment.
      —ref rp1214

      This is not to answer your question, but to list what Cobra has already said – maybe you could phrase your question in more detail. He likes detail.

  25. In view of the fact that the so-called “Secret Space Program” as it is being called, does it working for mankind’s best interest? The very word “Secret” implies something “Dark”…Can we assume this means it IS?
    Is David Wilcock being manipulated by the so-called “Insiders” he seems to rely on?
    At a recent venue (Contact in the Desert) he implied info seemingly suggesting a form of the old “Project Blue Beam” or “Perpetual warfare” in space via space based warships…in our future???

  26. Cobra, been following you for years and first I read where after the Event, we would have spring and summer only and now I have read where we are going to have a mini ice age. What changed this course of weather?

    Also, I have always wondered if Prime Creater, GOD, is the only one who knows when The Event will happen, How do you know that we are closer or not?

  27. Q: Cobra, would you go on George Noory’s Coast to Coast radio program as it is syndicated to over 600 radio stations to get your message out to the broadest audience possible if you were invited?

    • Cobra was on Coast to Coast briefly in 2013. I’ll see about getting the transcript up on the web-site. Jimmy Church has quite a bit of interest in having Cobra on Coast to Coast soon. We talked with Jimmy at Contact in the Desert. Let’s hope so.

  28. Is there any particular question or area of importance that you wish we would focus on? People get so caught up in the intel that they forget it isn’t necessarily the most important thing, and you should have a chance to address that if this is so.

  29. Professional sports are heavily manipulated at best, and downright rigged at worst. Cobra, would you concur with this statement? Would you say it is beneficial for people to avoid investing so much of their passion in something so heavily manipulated like professional sports events?

    • I have my own theory on the Mandela Effect. According to “The New Order of Barbarians” which you can hear for yourself on YouTube, the cabal had a plan in the 1960s (or earlier) to gradually alter history to suit their agenda. They knew they could not make radical changes to books and whatnot because it would be too obvious and people would notice. So they decided to make very minor changes over long periods of time to avoid detection. Change a word here, a name there, very gradually. I believe this may explain the Mandela Effect so many are noticing lately. They’ve been making little changes over the years and that’s why we seem to be remembering things differently.

  30. Q 1of2: Cobra says that the DNA is a bubble torodial structure which is a portal to higher dimensions, it is possible to access them but he can only show how with a physical demonstration*****is it possible for someone to be taught this information and make a detailed video about it on Cobra’s behalf?*****

    Q 2: Cobra says certain individuals that came from certain star systems can have very specific markings on their skin*****What do the markings for certain systems looks like, and where are they located? Also what are the characteristics of someone to have these markings?*****
    ————————–Follow up:are there any sources that have legit photographs?

  31. In the last May Interview: …
    Aaron – It is said that the Archons are at the top of the food chain on earth, that they feed from human emotions, is this accurate.

    COBRA – They are close to the top of the food chain. The Chimera group is at the top of the food-chain.

    My question is now: What about the emotions generated by an orgasme or by mastrubating? Are that positive or negative emotions? and is that also feeding the Archons???? please ask COBRA!

  32. If we consider the grand scheme of life, the archons that Cobra speaks of, play an important role in the spiritual evolution of human soul. They suppress humanity spirituality and we as souls must do eveything to overcome these archons and with this battle we grow up spiritually. It is the duty of the archons to do this and it is our duty to grow beyond them. we must remember that this is a grand plan of God. These Archons control us using the passions of the mind like vanity, greed, lust, attachment and anger. The destiny of Souls is to go beyond these Lords of karma. Would like to know what Cobra thinks of this? Thanks.

    • I want you to read this article from a few days ago. 95% is Cobra’s words: He makes it very clear that your comment is NOT ACCURATE. Not my words, his. He states very clearly about that very comment.

  33. I would like to know what is the main reason that causes for some delays of the “event”, that was likely to happen around the year 2015 ? It’s been about 2 years since then. Or it could be said that actually there was never delay instead ongoing progress ?

    • especially the “Liberation of Earth” section and he explains things quit clearly on what is causing the delays. Or perhaps read the section “Dark Forces”, “Wars” etc which might also teach you about the many delays – and the bottom line is maybe you can give us your report about what you are doing to assist in the liberation of this planet. “IF everyone would do their mission, The Event would happen” Cobra

  34. Hi, Cobra. Are you familiar with Anastasia from the series the Ringing Cedars of Russia by Vladimir Megre? She is changing the people in Russia fast making them come closer to nature and God. Over 15.000 families moved from the cities in an attempt to create their own heaven. There is a law from 2017 giving people free land also to help that. The current is spreading to other countries too. Can you tell us more about her?

  35. My question is about The Origin (the Creator of ALL Creators, even our God). We all know that there is a force beyond our Source. And that force is called The Origin (by Guy Steven Needler). It has created all Sources that have created all Universes. So, my question is: Is there anything / does anything exist outside of The Origin? Where does The Origin come from? Is it made of the same thing as us (pure energy)?

  36. THIS IS NOT A REPLY…(there is just no place to submit a comment–not sure what I’m missing?)

    Q 1of2: Cobra says that the DNA is a bubble torodial structure which is a portal to higher dimensions, it is possible to access them but he can only show how with a physical demonstration….is it possible for someone to be taught this information and make a detailed video about it on Cobra’s behalf?

    Q 2: Cobra says certain individuals that came from certain star systems can have very specific markings on their skin…What do the markings for certain systems looks like, and where are they located? Also what are the characteristics of someone to have these markings?

    Follow up:are there any sources that have legit photographs?

  37. Something very significant has happened in India in lat 24 hours. India’s biggest media house “NDTV” has been targeted by the Indian Government and investigated for corruption. “NDTV” came out with following statement that can be read here “”
    NDTV has been know to uncover and run genuine stories on what actually goes on in India. This attack essentially came in light of NDTV not following state order to keep mum. One of the major reporters on NDTV did a special report and uncovered ALL THE MEDIA LIES. He basically said that All MEDIA IN INDIA IS SOLD & AFRAID to speak up. Although his report is in Hindi it can be easily translated (

    For the First Time Ever Someone So Big Is Blowing The Lid On Government Control. Just Few Weeks Ago, one honest political Party in India uncovered HOW ALL ELECTIONS IN INDIA ARE RIGGED and there is actually NO ELECTED leader. They did a demonstration of hacking of voting machines in the Parliament.

    Cobra, can you please comment on these developments?

  38. What is your opinion on the following? Do you agree with it?
    All people are divided into Three unique and clearly distinct Personality Types depending on which area of the brain is overactive.(entorhinal cortex – amygdala – hippocampus) The Three Human Types are hereditary and derive predominantly from differentiations in the activation, volume and brain structure of the limbic system and its surrounding or associated systems. From the three types arise differences in the physical and energy bodies. Each Type possesses specific personality traits, learning and cognitive abilities and emotional response to stress. Also there are different nutritional needs, weaknesses and occurrence of illnesses solely based on the type.

    • I want to know if this is true and how we can make use of it. My sources tell me that the people who work at the Yuri Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center are trained according to this model of human typology.

  39. What will happen to the LGBT community after the Event? Also will people who have remained in the closet due to external pressures, will they be liberated and won’t have to hide anymore?

    • Go to the search section of Cobras blog for this question.. I would refer to his blog for many questions on topics in the interviews or missing information..advanced or new intel questions are adequate here.

    • Dou Mu

      PFCC:Where do most Chinese souls come from? Is it true that these souls come from Do Mou’s hometown, Big Dipper? And when did these souls began to get controlled under Dragon? Did genes of Chinese people have been modified by Dragon?
      COBRA:Thuban Draconians used genetic engineering to insert part of their genome into the native Han population. Most Chinese souls come from Earth. Extraterrestrial Chinese souls come from many star systems, including Big Dipper. pfcc0117

      [pfc0616] Lynn – Cobra, you have written on the blog about these Asian goddesses, Xi Wangmu and Dou Mu. You have said Dou Mu is here on earth now, somewhere in Asia. You had written she is in her light body, but is this a physical form?
      COBRA – Yes.
      Lynn – Can we talk or telepathically connect with these goddesses or communicate with them in any way?
      COBRA – If you have pure intention you can connect telepathically with them of course.
      Lynn – Are there any goddess vortexes in the United States?
      COBRA – There are quite many but they are not publicly released at this point for certain reasons. (OK thank you). [pfc0616]

      (pfc0516) Richard – Cobra, what is happening with the Goddess Dou Mu who came to earth in January 2015? Can you tell us more about her and why she is involved with the Earth right now?
      COBRA – She came to anchor goddess energy for the planet.  She came from another star system through the Eastern Agarthan Network and is now located somewhere in Asia, I will not tell the exact location.  She is present there and she is holding the energy of the feminine presence for the planet.  She is an actual physical being living in a physical body supported by Eastern Agarthan network, they are supporting her physical body and she is channeling those energies for the planet.
      RICHARD – Is she considered an Ascended Being also ?
      COBRA – She is not a so-called Ascended Being.  She is a living human being that is highly spiritually developed, has not yet ascended and is living in a physical body.  (thank you) (pfc0516)

      also do a search on Cobra’s blog for more details

  40. Hi Cobra, what other means can we effectively increase the Angelic/Goddess presence on the surface other than the Cintamani Stones?

    Are the Spirit Beings present on the surface more positive now? How can they help increase the Goddess presence on the surface?

  41. What is the purpose of telling us about hell in all religions apart the psychological operation? Is there something more deep in informing people about hell? Are they our own many vices on our souls?

  42. Two questions

    1 If Kalki still exists on this timeline( I believe he does), but Earth will not be saved by just one man and yet by many, his role has changed? For which role?

    2- Will we see all the saints, prophets and even our Oversoul and Higher Selves after the Event?

  43. If we are in a positive timeline, first why the Matrix is still working perfectly with media, politics, and the usual and dull life? And second why are there still people saying that the Event is going to be a catastrophic event or an event that just some blessed souls will live while the rest will continue their suffering and miserable lives?

  44. The Russian military has recently been very active in the Arctic, creating new bases and airfields, modernizing old bases, inventing new equipment for the Arctic. And it began to bother Washington, in the US they do not understand what is happening. Cobra, why are the Russians now so active in the Arctic, what is being prepared there? Are there bases of aliens bases there? Have we become closer to hearing from Russian politicians and the military the disclosure of information about contacts with the alien intellect?

    • Much more activity is in Antarctic. On one Arctic island is Russian base with Nibiru observatory. Protected with electronic jammers against NORAD of US Air Forces, caused electronic failure on USAF planes. Better read excavating of Antarctica, secret meetings of cabal, Nazi gold, fountains of youth, Atlantean outposts, entrances to Hollow Earth on both poles. Trump and Putin cant speak free about Nibiru but we can.

  45. Dear Cobra,

    In an interview you said Pleiadians do not have sex like humans do. Among possible other things does this mean Pleiadians have valley orgasmic sex rather then peak orgasmic sex? Thanks.

      This area is already becomming a mess due to some people asking questions that are directed to Cobra. Despite the fact that this is disorganizing the area, it’s also very dangerous, because cabal agents could easely be one of the people that are asking the questions.

      Pleaidians have astral telepathic sex, so be alarmed ))

      • The entire purpose of this webpage is for people to ask questions directed at to Cobra. Everyone if free to ask any question they’d like. Try not posting so many responses if you feel it’s becoming too cluttered.

  46. I’m having hard time to understand how Corey Goode interacts with other beings, and cannot find an answer in his videos or his website. I’ve read and heard that Blue Sphere Alliance are 6D to 9D beings, Blue Avians are one of 5 groups in this alliance, and they can manifest their body in our 3D plane, communicate telepathically, and then either return to their plane or remain cloaked and observe what’s happening here. Understood.
    But what about Inner Earth civilizations and others? Corey mentioned than Anshar is 4D beings, and he also mentioned that he was there physically and didn’t have a “vision”, but seen with his own eyes (talking about obelisk with a plasma ball above it). So how can 4D beings interact with 3D Corey? Did they manifest them and their whole city on 3D for him to see? I suppose no. Did they raise his vibration level so that they become visible and “physical” for him?
    So to summarize, is Inner Earth inhabited in 3D or 4D? And 4D is astral plane, isn’t it?
    If we, surface humans – 3D beings, dig down deep enough, will we see them eventually, or we need to be able to see in 4D to see them?
    And also, is everybody out there (SSP, people on LOC, Inner Earth, Gonzalez, etc) who don’t communicate telepathically, communicate to Corey simply in English or what?
    I would appreciate a reply from anybody who has this piece of puzzle 🙂

    • This is a very good question. I remember Corey saying that, in fact, 4D and other dimensions are all physical dimensions (and so, visible too) and it’s not the same as astral plane. It’s to say, the planes (astral, etheric etc) are not the same as dimensions; dimensions are more related to the degree of the consciousness’ vibration of the beings, and so their correlated matter will just be softer, but still visible.
      By the way, I’d love to understand if it’s correct, as it’s always been a doubt for me as well.

    • I just watched Corey’s presentation at CLE 2017 where he answered a question about densities and dimensions, and he cleared this up a bit saying that its not the case that when a 4D being is in the room, you would wave your hand through it and ask “where is it”, and that they are physical, and 4D is the dimension/density of their consciousness. But I’m still confused: we are already used to refer to our physical plane as 3D, etheric/astral as 4D (plane of lucid dreaming and astral projection), mental as 5D, etc. And astral/4D beings are not physical, you can’t see them in the room. But when it comes to Blue Avians, they are said to be somewhere from 6-9D so again you won’t see them as they are not from our plane of existence, and they manifest their body into our physical plane by “thinking it so”. So my confusion is why Inner Earth dwellers called 4D while they are physical and thus 3D?…

    • Corey Goode worked as psychic in Solar Warden, interrogated aliens entering the Solar System. 4D beings know all languages(holographic pendants help), also chatted on preAccadian on the SSP Alliance meeting in the Hollow Earth with venusians, saturnians, also there was an “encrypted” telepathy, Gonzalez translated a small part because he had access to that. They used English a little to honor Corey )) Goode was teleported there by Blue Avians sphere. Agarthian cities are cloaked under the protective energy shield from human and reptilians. 4.5D beings are visible for all 3.0D beings. Anybody can see physically in 1.5 dimensions range from himself and is blind to all beyond that. I suppose I’m in 4+D vibration. If you are in 5D vibration, evil creatures from 3.5D cant see you )) Please read top article Meeting with SSP Alliance 2015, where also depicted Hollow Earth city and vivid telepathic contact with top priestess.
      IMHO LOC and Solar Warden people use English and Chinese ))
      Sphere Being Alliance IMO = invisible Andromeda Council Biospheres 12 planets-ships to carry us from Ascended 5D Earth to another planets with adequate treating (medical, psychical), entertainment and uniting with ours star families.
      If you want to stay on 5D Earth you must ascend to 5D not 4D. On the Earth already are tiny percent of 4.5D people. 4D will be abolished here in 2030-2050.

    • Depicted 12 planet-ships of Sphere Being Alliance (search Andromeda Council – Biospheres)

      Giant spheres of Sphere Being Alliance charging from the Sun: youtube/Jlo_7iPGDYQ?t=9m40s also on 6:10.

    • If you know Russian read that, to attune to Operation Disclosure exopolitics & Golden Age GCR, Cobra, Corey Goode, Antarctica, space, crystals… (Highly recomended even for non-Russian speaking)

  47. Dear Cobra.

    Could you please explain what is occurring when one sees a green spiral whirling when relaxed, also i would appreciate if you could help us to understand what is the metallic humming (whoom…whoom…)
    in the hearing while connected.

    I would also like to know in which galactic group does a white triangular shape spaceship belong to and if there are specific plan to carry out in United Arab Emirates.

    Thank you!


    ~we are known from the light we carry~

    • Sorry, but triangular ship is most likely our ship or even Solar Warden, if it was black I’d suppose it was a Dark Fleet, but its white ))

        • In the perfect world Cobra is answering all our questions

          Triangular UFO “TR-3B” Patent is Now in Public Domain

  48. Who is possessing the Ark of the Covenant now? USA? Russia? China? Or the Ark of the Covenant is off world now?

    • Ark of Archangel Gabriel was carried by US&Russian fleet from Mecca to Antarctica, then given to Antarctic Keepers race. Its extremely powerful scalar weapon, so in the “neutral” hands.

      • Please, let Cobra answer these questions. We’re all happy to hear others’ opinions but you are presenting information as if it’s absolute truth rather than your opinion. How could you possibly know where the Ark of the Covenant is?

  49. Cobra,
    explain why your organization is homophobic and promoting homophobia.

  50. after the event, how much money will banks be allowed to charge for loans(through fees), if interest(usury) will be abolished?
    if interest is abolished, wont banks lose incentive to make loans to people?
    how will the reformed banking system work?

    • Would be the Flat Rate, few %. But inflation will not be existed in the Golden Age, gold backed. Eventually money will not longer exist.

      • It’s hard to imagine how everything can work on barter only (as Corey Goode describes happens outside Earth). If somebody has something I need, and he doesn’t need anything I have, how can I “buy” his items? Money were invented for a purpose, as a universal barter means. I understand they should not be paper (fiat money), but something like precious metal coins (not very handy to carry much of them though, and easier to be robbed by Robin Hoods and like) 🙂

        • Money is Orion Jesuits enslavement program, some of 4D people even dont know what is money. Pleyades 4D dont have money too. Soon will be trillions of digital non-inflated currency, then Ubuntu without money(call it barter system if you like), just hardcore paradise. How can you starve under the open sky with thousands of benevolent richest creatures with replicators?

  51. Cobra, thank you for all that you do………..Cobra, I have not heard you speak of the Everlasting Agreement with the Eternal One. Are you aware of this agreement, and if so, are you aware of the necessity of humanity to also become aware of it and follow it in order to exit the “matrix” ? And if you are aware of this, can you advise what is the best way that I and anyone else can teach others in a meaningful way?

  52. Could you comment about karmic relationships? Are they real? Are we all having karmic relationships on our lives?

  53. In the Ascension Plan, cobra described the ascension window remains open until 7th July 2025. The ascension process will begin at the moment of the Event and the length of the complete Ascension process is a few years or more.

    What does ascension window mean? Does it mean the Event (the beginning of the ascension process) will happen in this window; Or most of the people will complete their ascension process within this window?

    Is it because of this ascension window that the dark force is trying to delay everything?

    Cobra mentioned etheric liberation meditation has cut the reaming waiting time towards the Event by half. If the Event would happen before 2025, and the waiting time was cut by half, so the Event could happen before 2021? Does this speculation make sense?

    Cobra mentioned “some groups are working on bringing about disclosure officially in the first quarter of 2017.” Is there any update on this? Does cobra or Resistance would like to comment on this?

    • You are so harry to Ascend and moreover if you read Cobra or Corey Goode you will be intime. Light is incoming by waves from 2012 each 5 years. 2017 and 2022 are so important. By 2030 3D negative will be expelled. By 2050 4D negative also. Corey Goode works on video Endgame 3 – its a best dislosure, E.T. and ours ships in Antarctica, Agartha of Hollow Earth, end of cabal, Sphere Being Alliance planet-sized ships to help us..

  54. How do ET societies create and keep moral values without having any religious and belief systems in place, since “right” and “wrong” are only relative constructs that can be changed at any moment?

    • E.T. positive societies keep moral values with a deep spirituality, faith in God, Universal Law of One. Wrong 4D beings will incarnate on such planets as our, then returning. In 6D all is love, I’d like to say all our “wrong” has excuses from the higher levels.

  55. What star system did the Arabs ultimately come from? I don’t really remember at the moment, even if the origin of the Arabs got mentioned in one of the interviews with Cobra.

    What star systems did the following come from?
    * Turkic language ethnic groups (Azeri, Kazakh, Turkmen, etc.)
    * Tai-Kadai language ethnic groups (Such as Thai, Lao, Shan, etc.)
    * Danes, Finns, Germans and Poles


    This area is already becomming a mess due to some people answering questions that are directed to Cobra. Despite the fact that this is disorganizing the area, it’s also very dangerous, because cabal agents could easely be one of the people that are answering the questions.

    I request the moderators to reject all direct answers, because we don’t know if they are a reliable source, like cobra himself.

      • You should be careful to accuse me without any proof, do you have any proof? No, you don’t, so shut up! I won’t find lies in your “answers” because i don’t read them. I don’t trust you.
        I trully think you are a cabal agent, but as I have no proof, i won’t accuse you of being one. And by the way, don’t be ridiculous, if you are a cabal agent, obviously you won’t say the truth.

        • Very well )) 1 VERY simple question for such smart guy/girl who cant read with discernment even 1 minute, not matter Light Being, Mossad being so on.. Question: Who stands beyond the 911? Or who stands beyond the ISIS?

          • Maybe you should stop answering everyone;s questions, viva. They are directed at someone else (Cobra) after all.

      Sorry)) I’m not Cobra that’s why I’ll repeat the OWK that all strangelet then toplet bombs were turn off in 80s. Dark forces wait for their pitiful end. Meditation of 144000+ people is the best weapon against the toplet bombs if they are still here. We must clear the 5D astral parasite Yaldabaoth before the Event. Raio Lunar told it is cleared 50%, up to 1.5% per day. So before the June 21st Solstice we will have not only trillions $ but even by 04 June (Holy Trinity, orthodox) will be Event or lets say preEvent. Wilcock & Corey Goode are filming very vivid Endgame 3 about RA Sphere Beings Alliance planets-ships, Hollow Earth Agarthians 4D that are misleading us that they are 4D Pleyadians )), portals to Agartha in Tibet caves from Chinese Dragons’ taoist monasteries with luminous plants.

      I had not sleep all the night after a vivid insight:
      EVENT 2017 with RESURRECTIONS worldwide 324000 saint people from UFO TEMPLES FROM SUN-RA (UkRAinian battle mage Dovbush prophecy, many pictures):
      Prophecy of UkRAinian white “druid)” battle mage Dovbush that levitated a famous 5m stone in Carpatians mountains and forecasted his death in 1745. Stone will be golden/diamond and soon will be “resurrection” from UFOs temples: blond blue-eyed REAL JESUS, next UkRAine president Taras Shevchenko – greatest “saint” poet as Shakespeare, dont mix with greatest footballer:) and 200 000 UkRAine heroes (saints, indigos, cultural, warriors) and 324000=108*3*1000 PEOPLE worldwide.
      CobRA’s PHOTOS OF THE OPERATION PEACH BLOSSOM & Chinese legend: the fisherman walked along the river in the forest from only blooming peaches, reached a waterfall with cave, where lived a utopian society hidden from the time of the Qin dynasty. He told everyone about this paradise, but forgot the way. Vivid secret photos: view from 8-corner window to waterfall, waterfall all in the trees, a picture – people flying on magical Birds cRAnes & Blue Avians/RA, nectar and Divine Buddha wisdom is available to humanity. vivid by Arcturian lady Arbre Solaire: cRAne, Chinese Dragons base near waterfall(as on Cobra’s photos). Red Dragons in war with negative dragons from Orion (Jesuits and Rockefellers). Blue Dragons guard entrances from the Taoist monasteries to Shambhala, the cities of the Agarthian network. The goddess Dou-Mu arrived from 7 stars of Ursa Major to Earth in 2015, her sole presence is enough for the EVENT. Opening of the Agarthian portals worldwide.

      Peach Blossom by Italian Raio Lunar:

  57. In continuation to my previous questions…

    13. In the channeling with Lucifer I mentioned in my question 12, he gives the information that at some point in time, not so long ago, there was an accident when the ray of attention, or spotlight, from the Source has disappeared for a moment, like a blink, and this lead to different worlds or planes that were near to each other before, to become far; just like a thread with beads has torn and all beads (worlds) were then combined in a different order. He said this is the reason why different time epochs and eras have mixed (like ancient Rome being close to us instead of 2000 years, scientists puzzled by strange results of radiocarbon analysis, etc), and thus there is no point in trying to combine the actual linear history of mankind on Earth. He also said this has led to the fact that we can no longer see various creatures from those worlds (elves, dwarfs, nixes, mermaids, etc) that sometimes were close to us and it was possible to go from one plane to another. Is this information true in some way? And can you tell about the mentioned creatures, were they real, where did they go, and why we have them all in the myths of various nations?

    14. Nicolay Levashov has given his information about the purpose of creation of humanity on this planet. So there was a large galactic confederation of white nations, altogether known as the RACE (named after Ra, god of light or the primordial light itself). They evolved and investigated the Universe, on spaceships built of DNA-like metal (i.e. huge molecules with metals instead of carbon and oxygen and hydrogen, which bent the space/time by their enormous molecule weight), that were controlled by operators. They have reached the mental limits of operators and decided an experiment to create a new breed of white human by putting their representatives on the same planet. So they either created this solar system or used an existing one and heavily adjusted it (astronomers say our solar system is unlike any other: round planet orbits instead of ellipses, planets are not place by their size, etc). So they started to inhabit this Earth like 1 million years ago, artificially created the biosphere (so the evolution was controlled “from above”), and then settled about 600 thousand years ago. All went well until dark forces knew about it (100 thousand years ago or so) and decided to seize the planet. So they made wars here and there in various galaxies, so that white race was forced to put three other kinds of people here, refugees from other star systems: black, red, and yellow, about 40 thousand years ago. At first they were not mixing, but dark forces initiated people movement either by throwing meteorites to certain areas, or by organizing wars, etc. Mixing of nations led to decreasing of evolution level of white race, which was their goal. Then there was Atlantis, where whites were treated as gods by reds, and that fed their pride, leading to bad concequences we all know. And that the Antlantis was actually a colony of the main empire on territory of Russia (which before that was residing on the sunk continent in the Artic Ocean). So because of infiltration of dark forces there was a war between Atlantis and the main empire, which lead to fall of one of the moons, which sunk Atlantis. And it was second of three moons: the first was destroyed earlier because there were bases of dark forces ready to invade the Earth, so it was destroyed to prevent it, and falling of its pieces lead to rotation of Earth axis from vertical to what it is now, and sunking of the northern continent, and climate change. And the third moon is still rotating above our heads. Is there any truth behind this information? Can you please elaborate on the history before Atlantis?

    15. Also Nicolay Levashov has mentioned that the physical dragons (fire-throwing flying beings as depicted in our movies) really existed on Earth just 400 or 500 years ago. Is it true? Where did they go?

    • 13. Simply a papallel worlds)) Time machine is a big fake. You cant travel to the past to change it. Only watch the past as hologram or change the parallel worlds stories. Earth is mixed with parallel worlds/Universes stories so we constanly download and upload all experiences to interchange with them.
      Elves, dwarfs, nixes, mermaids are so real as you for me, but on another frequencies. So much stories/videos about mermaids. They all will return in the Aquarius Age. Also a unicorns.. All that we want.

      14. Yes, I’ve elaborated that. All fine. But I suppose Arian race is not mother for Atlantis. Atlantis was 200 000 years old. From Golden Age to Dark Atlantis. 1st Moon IMHO is that large ship fallen 500 000 years ago. Races always were mixed, destroyed in cataclysms, the best priests were hiding in the Hollow Earth. RA on invisible Sphere Being Alliance planets-ships are charging from the Sun on many videos youtu*be/Jlo_7iPGDYQ?t=9m40s. RA are 6D-9D central races (Corey Goode).

      15. Dragons were existing as fairies, elves, mermaids, even in medieval times they were shown to people, mermaids were on the festivals and even married with men or praying to God “asking for soul”. They were gone before we catch them on our cameras )) but we have 5 youtube videos with them. Dragons are often positive(dont mix with Draco-Reptilian empire) as Chinese Elders Dragons up to 160 years old men that are financing the Golden Age by all the gold in their bunkers and Hollow earth. In Tibet would open many portals to Hollow Earth Agartha, we will meet our friends from 4D. Event will be before the Summer Solstice.

      Greetings from the Ukraine )) Sorry for translation, I dont believe you’ll read that or anybody else. Better to type in Russian )) Please answer, if you read that

      • Hi viva,
        Greetings, I’m from Ukraine as well.
        I’ve read your replies, thanks, I appreciate your input. I’m not sure that all my questions reach Cobra, so it’s interesting to have someone other’s point of view.
        Let’s respect others and continue in English so anybody could understand 🙂

  58. I know these are many questions, but I have not found answers on them in Cobra’s interviews or blog, and I hope they will be interesting for many people.

    1. Is it true that ancient India people received their Vedas from white people from North (todays Russia)? And that later those Vedas were distorted to a certain degree into what we know today as India vedas and vedic culture? If not, who gave Indians the vedas?

    2. In one of the interviews you’ve mentioned that Alexander the Great (of Macedonia) was on the Light side. I have met information that he was a dark warrior and an apprentice of dark mage Aristotle, and that the purpose of Alexander’s conquest of India was to destroy the vedas written on 12000 cowhides. Is this information correct or not, and what’s the true story behind Alexander?

    3. There is some information that real Jesus Christ was named Radomir, was Slavic, and has incarnated in the 10-11th century, and was crucified in Instanbul (then Konstantinopol), because Jerusalem was not the name of the city, but the nickname of the city where the spiritual leader of the nation was located (and there is proof of the exact place by the calculated date of sun eclipse and earthquake, and also on ancient pictures of crucification there is water behind). And that this particular event has coincided with Kiev Rus christianization and then led to crusades from Europe to Middle East, etc. It really seems strange that there was a 1000 year gap between Jesus and 11th century events. And there really was a prophet named Joshua 2000 years ago, who served as basis for Jesus described in the current version of Bible. And that the whole christianity as we know it is the new form of the Osiris/Dionisis cult, that the Jesus teaching was modified and hijacked by Khazarian rulers of the world. Can you please comment on this information?

    4. Do you know about Slavic-Aryan Vedas? What is their origin? Is the information in them true (regarding white gods like Perun, his visit to Earth 13000 years ego in physical ship, etc)?

    5. Is the information in Slavic-Aryan Vedas about the structure of the Universe is correct? For example, they depict such levels or planes: human world – 4 dimensions, leg’s world – 16 dimensions (angels), arleg’s world – 256 dimensions (archangels), then 65536 dimensions, etc. They also mention intermediate 5, 7, 9, 12 and other number of dimension worlds. How does it correspond to 3D, 4D, 5D, 6D, etc that we already know, or is it nonsense?

    6. Are there dimensions above 7th from your chart? If the 7 planes depicted there are cosmic physical plane, does it mean there are cosmic emotional/astral plane, cosmic mental plane, etc? That is, 6 more hyperplanes above, with 7 planes and 49 subplanes each, totalling to 7*7*7 subplanes? And as an example, what plane such beings as Michael, Metatron, Lucifer are at?

    7. Is it true that there was a nuclear war in 19th century in Russia (1812 war), that led to the nuclear winter of 1816 “eighteen hundred and frozen to death”. And also to the fact that the trees older than 200 years are extremely rare in Eurasia. Also there are many exactly round lakes in Russia. This includes other strange things like many buildings in Russian cities have their first floor half or completely underground (either giant flood or dirt rains?). If nuclear war is not true, what actually happened?

    8. This may be related to the previous question. There are many evidences that Ancient Rome was not 2000 years ago, but much closer to us. There are many strange things like thin armor that could not protect men from anything except ray energy weapon. This includes Saint-Petersburg palaces build in a way they are located in some banana republic (i.e. designed for hot climate), and nonpublic historical evidences that Russian empire was a major exporter of pineapples. Also building technology that is not achievable now and seems lost (marble statues of tremendous complexity, like they were cast and not picked, same with huge granite colums that could not be made by rotation/grinding or required ET technology for that, OR granite/marble concrete technology). Is the official history of 18-19th century at all true, or should we look into alternative history for truth (like Fomenko research that shows that many historical events are repeating with just another names and places)?

    9. There are so called conspiracy theories that the flora and fauna on Earth was long ago silicon-based, and not carbon-based, all stones are remnants of that era, and table mountains are actuall stumps of huge silicon trees, and remnants of insects and animals in stone are actually stone just because of their silicon base. It’s being told that it was all destroyed and wiped by ET’s that captured our planet. Is anything of this has any real basis?

    10. You’ve already debunked the flat Earth concept, but there is also concave Earth theory, are you familiar with it? Their proof based on seismology, optics and other common physics seems almost correct. They say it’s silly to live on surface, while organism cells have everything inside and protected, and grape and all berries the same, and our brains are inside the head and not outside, and there is a similarity in macro and micro cosmos, thus adding to their proof. Is it also a hoax to lure people away?

    11. I know you’re generally not commenting on other people, but there are some exceptions, I would like to ask about Nicolay Levashov. Are you aware of this person and his work? Was he on the Light side? He was a radiophysicist by education, and the things he wrote about cosmos structure, creation of physical matter, they are a bit different from what we know from vedas, or from various channelings, is there any truth there? And also is there any truth in his autobiography, especially regarding the period when he was living in USA (things he described like tornado blocking by US government request, soil detoxication, ozone layer restoration, etc, and especially his “astral projection while being in conscious state” technique) are these things true or not? And also who killed him if you know?

    12. On one of Russian lightworkers site there is a huge multisession transcript of channeling with Lucifer, or as he told the channeler, his Light side. You may not be acquainted with it, but he is giving much similar information to what I found of PFC and your blog, just may be worded differently (because channeling is always personal perception). He talks about sparks of consiousness that descended from the Source, and the more they descended, the more they forgot the Source, and thus became dark beings. He talks about this Universe of free will as an experiment, and he states that he was one of the creators, or curators of this universe and this experiment. Also he talks about Light beings having magnetic nature, and Dark beings having electric nature. He states that there is a hierarchy of dense planes, more dense than this 3D, similarly like there are less dense planes, there are more dense (4D, 5D, etc with minus sign or what – it’s not explained in detail there). And also that there is a way back to the Source trough maximum descend into the darkness and density, then it twists like a Moebius tape. But after all he confirms that currently he is for the Light and cooperates to fix everything dark forces have done in this Universe. Can you please comment on this information?

    • Sorry, I’m not the Cobra but I have all the answers..

      1. Aryan island of Atlantis with a dark race – cloning, military use of benevolent Crystal Satellite – Second Moon to conquer the Europe/Asia that led to sunk of Atlantis. Maybe vedas is from the ancient “gods” from sky(Moon) in Ramayana epos.

      2. Alexander the Great had a cintamani stone as the Vril ladyies that created a first UFO, Hitler hadn’t have a cintamani. Aristotle is a dark mage? Really? He is a great tutor. Don’t read the fake news. Such great war maybe for conquering of all the world and gathering the artifacts, not destroying. Alexander, Tamerlan, Hitler were led by Aldebaran race that wants to genes improvements and 1 “higher” race.

      3. RAdomir is a powerful and maybe ressurected mage, bur Radomir-Christ is a big Russian Slavic fake. Please read christianity from Christ sites ( Osiris and others could mimic the Christ, God has many hands, parallel realities and future scenarios. So much ancient messiah’s but only Christ is real Lord of this Universe Nebadon, became after his miraculous life and sufferings.

      4. 13000 years ego was time when so much Lunar ships(preAdamites) and Atlanteans lived. I suppose vedas is a job of Aryans, maybe dark, I don’t read that, lets cabal overwrite that as you spoke))). So much new interesting, positive information from Akashic Records, Cobra, Corey Goode, Sirius, Pleyades.

      5. So much dimensions 65536, maybe you meant subplanes. Only God-Absolute has <100 dimensions.

      6. IMHO 24 dimensions is pretty enough for our Universe )) Please read the Ascended Masters, not count the subplanes ))
      In 13D experiment Esek Lucifer tried to mix our harmonic Universe Nebadon with the chaotic negative Universe Ragnarok. Failed – Ragnarok was consuming the Nebadon. Michael was warring with Lucifer "angels" 500 000 years ago, great ~50km ship fell to Antarctica with fallen angels. Michael is associated with Christ as Lord of the Nebadon Universe. Metatron archangel is ascended Enoch, takes care of indigo's.

      7. Nuclear war in 1812 is so interesting to be not a fake. Such technologies were sleeping many thousands of years. Mahabharata war is the last before IMHO. The round lakes, maybe from nuclear ))

      8. Light Rome armor was protecting from light weapon of some tribes (not mix with rays). Rome was not protected from UFOs )) But if you mean Archimede's solar lenses or druid's magic rays.. ))
      Saint-Petersburg is located on sacred Giza meridian. He is build by ancient Hyperboreans and fakedly rebuild by masons-stonemasters in Peter I times.

      9. I believe in Silicon Age. All OK. Magic times, thinking crystals, trees. Crystals are of 5D-12D nature. Our magnetic duality is up to 4D, not higher. Crystal – crystal children(as indigo) – Christ. People would crystallise partially till 2022, don't mix with chips.

      10. So much videos from Corey Goode about 4D races of Hollow Earth. There are oceans, forests, cities with UFOs. Crystals, flora and fauna, telepaty, holographic computers. He was teleported there! Richard Bird also was there trought portals in the South Pole.

      11. I believe Nicolay Levashov is a great scientist as Tesla with link to Hollow Earth channeling 4D tutors.

      12. Lucifer is a great bad god(experiment Esek). He failed and fails to correct it. If all light beings(we) want – he will be desintegrated. Yes, you can descend from 3D negative to 5D negative, but in 6D there aren't a negative or illusion of separation – only Love. If 6D and above beings are making evil – thats is not evil but Gods experiment with love and higher purposes. Dont try to get to Source in descention path – you will be so evil and sad or even desintegrated. Lucifer's "truth" is for enthusiasts only, not leads to God.

  59. Marian Beghor

    I have asked what is the objetive of Tavistock Institute, maybe I should have been more specific.

    • Dark forces wait for their pitiful end. Meditation of 144000+ people is the best weapon against the toplet bombs if they are still here. We must clear the 5D astral parasite Yaldabaoth before the Event.

  60. Cobra,
    are there some organizations or secret societies (working for The Light) which people could join and live their lives this way instead of having a job, working for 8 hours every day and earning money like a slave to survive? Or, at least, could you please give us, beings who are not able to find their place in this stupid MATRIX, advice on other options or alternatives?

  61. If NiBIRU is a hoax of doctor Sitchin to disinformate….what about merkabah,sphinx,thoth,chakras.What was exactly the role of the Sirians,Orion belt warriors, that is, I think that behind a RFID chip there is a long history,isn’t it? I wanna make things clear definitely, if NIBIRU is a hoax what about the Anunnaki?

    • Nibiru with such tremendous delays would not be intime before the Ascension)) By 2022 or 2030 best people will arrive to the New Earth, worst will be carried to another planets by Andromeda Council planet-sized ships(Sphere Being Alliance). Nibiru does magnetic harm to Solar System.
      Cobra states that Nibiru is fake and Planet X is small icy planet, and a base of the Resistance Movement. Planet X was cleansed from “cabal” by RM in 90s.
      RM 300 people teleported to the Earth underground cities with futuristic landscape and buildings, they infiltrate the cabal undetected and controlling all the Earth Internet to catch them. Teleporting of Agartha works against cabal, so they are caught, kept under arrest or disintegrated along with the archons. Soon there will be mass arrests on TV, and ships landings. RM is 4D race as the Agarthians of Hollow Earth. All the gold reserves are not in banks but in RM.

      • RM 2nd video: youtube/I2MGtHH6LKE
        Giant spheres of Sphere Being Alliance charging from the Sun: youtube/Jlo_7iPGDYQ?t=9m40s also on 6:10.

  62. Can COBRA please give his opinion & any information on the man known as Leo Zagami?
    I recently came across videos on YouTube, specifically one on InfoWars & the Project Camelot videos where Leo Zagami is interviewed & now Benjamine Fulford has mentioned Leo Zagami in his latest weekly post. This seem like synchronicity!
    I got the sense he has been touched by the light thats why he was speaking out & trying to bring truth to the people about what he knew & experienced but now Benjamine Fulford paints him in a very negative light, I know Leo Zagami was a satanist so he still might be, but I doubt it since he has been speaking out against the evils of the Catholic church, secret societies & governments.
    What are Cobras thoughts?

  63. Cobra What is your knowledge of the Department of Convolution and the Sodalitas Vulturis Volantis as they seem to be at the heart or close to the 3301 movement and project mayhem 2012. The svv refers to 144,000 Seedbearers this is strikingly similar to the 144 000 lightworkers however their language is almost eugenics in nature and I fear they are a false path managed by the cabal. I am looking to make contact with the Brotherhood Of The Star what would be the best way for me to make myself available. Thank you if you get the chance to answer my questions.

  64. My question for COBRA:
    I wonder if the money or fortune that one has before the event will be preserved or not? What would be the most rational means of conserving one’s wealth through the reset of the financial system: Is investing in gold/silver or investing in Bitcoin a good way to conserve (at least some) of the money? Related quetion: Will all the debts of a person be erased after the event?

    • Better to invest your money in gold/silver. Bitcoin(darknet coin) will be hacked by Light Forces or by quantum computer. Or buy actives/minerals/ZIM trillions )) By NESARA law 100 000 $ debt, espesially of illegal banking would be forgiven. 2017 is 5777 of Jew calendar, golden jubilee, once at 400 years, all debts are forgiven, as every 50 years )) All debts are forgiven when you are trillionaire.

  65. Cobra, many sources including you are talking about the mass arrests and the Judgment of the Cabal. This is precisely The Ultimate or Final Judge described on the book of Revelation. I would like to know if the Cabal will be account held by every war they have commited, every civilization that they have destroyed, every country that they bring down or elevated to use against other nations, every lie that they have told us in politics, economy, history, ETs, technology, etc or there will be a short judgment based on the most horrible crimes as the First World War, Second World War, the Stalin purges and the 9-11?

    • Cabal, reptilians and archonts would decide to move to caves of Antarctica then to deeper negative dimensions(broad way for cabal), pay their debts in 3D(hard), desintegrate(quick) or amnesty to home Draconis system. Many options

  66. Hi. Please omit my previous question on Silver Legion posted on 17th of April. It was already answered by COBRA before. I searched it. This time around, a new question. [Special note for Interviewers: please refer to this question only when or after turning out that COBRA is well-versed in the entity I mention in the following. ] In celestial context, who is/are Abraxas? Is he/Are they “Sirian”? As for this entity being either Sirian or not comes along after my inference on it. I won’t go into details but again getting the question in one sentence, “Who is Abraxas?” Hereby, I don’t need a dictionary-like definition. I need more esoteric aspects of this entity. For instance, the figure image of Abraxas regularly represents itself by that of a cock-head, two legs consisted of serpent[s], leading/whipping 4 horses with sun and moon above it. What does this image represent? And is he an ET, after all? In the life-long search of holy grail, I must solve this conundrum, or at least get a clue on it.

    • I suppose Abraxas is a top archont of gnostics. Name sums to 365, maybe leader of all astrological signs and subsignts of Earth archonts.
      Event: Energy flash from the Central Sun – Holy Grail of moldavite meteorite gem – Cintamani Stones of 144 000 (Cobra video)

  67. In higher dimensions and society, it is mentioned that collective consciousness is more prevalent in contrast to our individual identity. Will our individual values be upheld as we move into those realms? Also in relation to the above question, what happens to a soul when it reaches source, will its individual personality remain or will it be lost similar to the galactic center recycling process?

    • You could opt to lost a part or all your precious experience. In a source you are not 3D being but 8D Higher Self or monade. You could store your experience to download later, but Akashic records were also once destroyed.

  68. Can Cobra give a brief history of both Galatic Federation and Ashtar’s Command that was mentioned in one his updates? Was is their purpose and what are the requirements for a civilization to become a member of this confederation ?

  69. Was the pentagram symbol (like the one in Syria) always used for evil or is it a symbol that was corrupted by negative forces?

    • Search Kabballah. Then you’ll figure out the occult[=hidden] meaning of pentagram. Also, searching Pythagorean numerology might benefit you.

    • I dont know a positive meaning of 5 in sacred geometry. Pentagonal formations a used by dark forces to conquer a lower astral of Earth, they all must be dissolved. Universe numbers are common so 5 isn’t good. 5-star is meant protective but reversed pentagram is destructive. Stalin ang Hitler spoiled the meaning of pentagram and swastika(symbols of 2 Saturnian 4D races (Corey Goode)).

  70. According to research by neuroscientists, aprox. 4% of people are psychopaths. The parts of the brain where empathy and conscience reside are atrophied in psychopaths.

    Did the Chimera or Draco genetically engineer the psychopathic brain in humans?

  71. Hey, WAIT!!!!!!

    WHO is this “viva”? Why is he or she answering the questions directed to Cobra???????

    Be carefull, you guys!!! The darks are clever in creating traps!!!!!!!!

    • I don’t know who “viva” is, and apparently, he/she won’t tell me! His answers are everywhere. Some are clear and seem sensible, others, well… who are we to judge!
      I thought “viva” could have been on Cobra’s team, so before drawing any conclusion, I wanted more information. It seems my initial intuition is getting confirmed.
      I’ll wait a while for an answer from his/her part.

      • Sorry, I am optimistic man far from Cobra. With deep knowing of top interesting esoterics, news and profound spiritual path. I used to sort out all standpoints to win all esoteric and exopolitical disputes. Currently I have 400 opened tabs in my browser, thousands of answers in politics and esoterics. I’ll join to RV in Ukraine the first. So I’ll buy up all the Cintamani Stones from Cobra and will usurp all the Sirius powers. You will be my spiritual slaves )) Bible-ReVelation-Prophecies-Pleyades-Mike Quince-Kim Michaels(path of Jesus, invocations)-Corey Goode-Operation Diclosure(also Italian by Raio Lunar)-Cobra. Sleep free I am not the dark force.

  72. Cobra, what is the source and the accuracy of this website which monitors the dissolution of Yaldabaoth? Thank you.

    • Archons have options: descending from -4D to -5D negative or so on, desintegration, also a chance to return to 3D then to the evolution(hard).

    • This is what Cobra suggests as the best method of protection in general for all of us right now. This is such a wonderful meditation to work with even though it takes a little practise to perfect it and will benefit people in so many ways! Good Luck with this TZ

  73. Are the Archons still controlling the reincarnation process? Cobra said in the last interview that we can escape The Matrix now. Could he expand on the situation of the Astral Plane? Are we fine if we passed through the scalar-etheric-lower astral planes now?

  74. Is there a Plan B for liberating this planet? Let’s say, Putin and the key people in the Positive Millitary didn’t act according to the plan of The Light Forces, what then? They know surface population is unreliable, how will LF act if there’s a situation like that?

  75. Over the weekend on the 22nd April, roughly 1.7 million people gathered in the City of Bloemfontein (pronounced Bloom-fon-tane) to pray for the entire country of South Africa, because of the state that it is in at the moment with all the very blatant corruption from President Zuma & his cronies.
    Can Cobra comment on this if he has any inside information or even his own personal feelings & wisdom.
    Has the huge number of people gathering together to pray made any impact on the country and the people and will this then manifest slowly onto the physical plane and into the rest of the collective consciences of the people?
    Also if there is anything more Cobra wants to say about this please do, especially since there seems to be a split occurring & a possible removal of the current President in the near future & if he is removed will another puppet step in or is the country being guided by the light?

    • I believe. Raio Lunar is a smart Pleyades-1 contactee, I’ve read him 2 months. Current Yaldabaoth removal – 40%. Progress is 6% per week. Sometimes is faster. So Event would be at ~1-2 months. Summer solstice?? or sooner as we saw previously in the Yaldabaoth tentacles removal was a quick jump 75%–>100% at once. His daily Pleiades 1 Messages are the best inspiring: clearing of the dark astral (%), triangulation of 3 motherships(%), much another Universe’s or Sirius beings, Keepers,Goddesses, Isis, Masters, Silver (surfers) Army of magnetic nature, Dolphins, Cetaceans, fairys, Flower of time, are helping us (%) And much more articles from exopolitics, Cobra, Lisa Rene, Pleyades… Very cool!!

  76. Would Cobra be able to provide a translation [list] of the heiroglyphics found in crop circles? Perhaps some crop circles could be provided and Cobra could translate or provide the meaning?

    Thank you.

  77. What is the cause number one of all the “evil” and mdness we all( here on Earth and in our galaxy) are living for so much time?

    • In this Universe: delayed karma by Free will, masculine energy for fast spiritual growth(evolution). In other feminine Universes free will is restricted – less evil, much slower evolution.

      • there is only one universe + free will is not evil + this universe contains both male and female energies not just one or the other

        • Lets continue. Earth is only planet in Universe.. Free will leads to relative evil because some people kill, violate, abuse only by free will from all the hierarchy from above(God) to below(us). Study polarities. Galaxy Andromeda is the male partner of female Milky Way. Moreover now some male are as female and vice versa..

  78. People who come here of other star systems after the Fall of Atlantis( 5 thousand or 6 thousand years ago) and have not signed a contract with the dark forces could be “free of charges” of the current situation we are facing on Earth?

  79. I asked a question to Cobra, and I receive an answer by someone called “viva”. Is this normal? If so, viva, thank you. But could you please give me more information about yourself, your sources, etc., so I have a better understanding of who you are, and what is your link to Cobra?

    • ))) Yes, I’m famous )) I’m very advanced in esoterics so I can’t sleep free )) I’m not channeler, but like to read Cobra, Corey Goode, Wilcock, Operation Disclosure,, Intel Dinar for a currency RV. After a few months people would ask me who is Cobra )) I don’t want a fame but its my hobby. Please search here.

  80. Cobra, you’ve share the technique of the law of manifestation in the Ascension conference and I’ve this confusion in mind regarding the 3 steps –> Step number one is decision. Step number two is invocation and step number three is action.

    What action I may need to take in order to manifest? I mean is there any instruction to tell us what action we may need to take in order to manifest in a fastest way?

    For example, I’d like to manifest 1 million dollars, then there are many way to manifest it.

    eg. Win a lottery (when will I will?), work under the system or companys that are controlled by the cabal for a few decades, run a business (I don’t have Capital to run?)

  81. Two good questions:

    The first is that there are a lot of videos of reptilians shapeshifting on the net. If we use the intuition we will see that almost or all are fake. Is there a reptilian shapeshifting on Earth? They can change?

    The second question is Are there “normal’ people that are reptilian or other non human species on Earth and they are shapeshifting?

    • Shapeshifting as wolf is IMO impossible. Queen scared the Putin with her shapeshifting fingers… Are the cabal & celebrities normal when their pupils are shapeshifting? No so much. Such people have not only the +-draconian soul but also great % of their DNA. Every man has mix of DNA from all the Galaxy.

  82. I keep wondering about the way people are caught into satanism. To me it seems that many of them are not aware of their choice, trapped with lies. But than they start telling lies as if it was the truth and they serve humanity, like politicians down here. How is that possible? If it’s not your true conscious choice, how can it work?

  83. What´s going on in Venezuela? These last weeks things got very ugly. Lots of violence. Is President Maduro part of the Cabal, was Hugo Chavez part of it?
    Thank you

  84. Question for monthly interview:
    I know this question maybe quite sensitive so Cobra can choose not to answer but I just curious to ask: To become a Resistance Movement agent , it must be a very dangerous career. I can image that Cobra must have received all kinds of trainings from RM but did Cobra receive any physical training? Such as Close Quarters Combat, Dagger or handgun using, anti-tracking, field survival training as so on.

  85. The twin souls meeting in advance of Event while the two do not recognize or distinguish the other and cannot utilize the full power but had already met. Is it likely?

    • Who knows how much are them. If your twin flame is desintegrated in the Central Sun you must wait his evolution to your level up to the millions of years. Twin souls are their temporary replacement.

  86. Cobra, could you tell us if it were removed all our many etheric implants, astral implants, mental implants, biophysical implants, if our DNA were healed and restored, and our social programming collapsed, would be another type of being? Would be enlightened without all these craps on us?

  87. Lots of channelers say that the light beings they are in contact told them to share their channels, and that those light beings are actively seeking for more channelers. Considering that most of the channelings are intercepted by the dark ones, why would any light being want to send channeling messages? My question is: Do the light beings really want to convey their messages by channeling? Doesn’t it do more harm than good? Do they really do preparations for contacting us through channels? Or, is the channeling simply about being in tune with the light and the conveying of the messages occur naturally when one is in tune? What exactly is happening when somebody is channeling?

  88. Cobra, your weekly Sunday ascension meditation and its two pillars of light visualization is a helpful tool to many thousands of people who participate. Would you be willing to declare the ascension meditation scheduled for Sunday May 14th 2017 to be themed for the express purpose of sending love, appreciation and support to mother Gaia, and to suggest an appropriate guided meditation best suited to this purpose? Since this date is Mother’s Day in many countries, would this concentrated effort of purpose assist Mother Gaia in her healing process, dropping the Veil, and loosening herself from the grip of dark forces i.e. Yaldeboath, Chimera, toqlet bombs?

  89. How do you evaluate the Silver Legion and its representative Tanaath? Do you regard them as positive or negative?

  90. As the hacker group “shadow brokers” released data dump revealing NSA compromising SWIFT system, the question goes to you, COBRA, as follows: “Regarding your announcement that Pleiadians worked underneath to stabilize the North Korea[n] situation, the whole North Korean crisis, including this one, is all staged?” Let me then clarify the question. Some bloggers guess that “shadow brokers” cooperate with North Korea judging from the timing of data dump release and the crisis situation which is almost simultaneous. To put it in another way, is the North Korea[n] crisis situation a “spin” from the data dump or not? The data dump by “shadow brokers” reveals that, if it’s legitimate, NSA is highly involved with SWIFT’s security system. To hide and stop spreading this news, the whole North Korea[n] situation was set up again as business as usual. That’s my view. I want you, COBRA, to clear this up. I want to check if my “guess” is correct or not. Thanks a lot.

    • China replaced the Cabal’s SWIFT with a new CIPS satellite quantum system, utterly encrypted and fast. Cabal is dying financially. SWIFT is dying too. Golden Age – all paper will be based on gold, diamonds, minerals, not by oil or zeroes. We have a plenty of gold in Chinese bunkers and Antarctica, Venus, moreover there is a transmutation of elements.

  91. I live in the Netherlands, with minimum income and I have seen and lived the economic decline and power & money grab. But so few people are aware. I notice & work with the enormous influx of light and my hope and trust lies within that.
    I worry about the situation in Europe. Our ‘leaders’ have made such a mess and I am worried how Europe and we as the peoples will go on.
    Can you tell us about the situation in Europe. And the chances that we as a people have to get out of this mess.

    • I live in Ukrane, so I envy to you. Such leaders are not good, and for a better life EU must divide to overturn Cabal. So Brexit is against the dark nobility. I hope when Ukraine will be in EU, there will be only Ukraine and Turkey. But Event will be sooner..

    • Cobra doesn’t speak about clones. If Gaddafi resurrected he is clone. Rest in peace. In 48 hours man is cloning with full memory.

  92. My question is: Is it true that Donald Trump has in his possession the papers of Nikola Tesla describing how to tap into free energy? If so, for how long? If not, what exactly does Donald Trump have that comes from Nikola Tesla?

    • Moreover, Trump will reveal 6000 hidden by Cabal patents. First 1000 patents in this 2 years: free energy, rejuvenation(DNA healing), new spaceships and engines…

      • That would be the most desirable outcome, but by revealing all that information and technology, what would be in there for him? Why wouldn’t he sell it for profit if he has the chance? And why would he be pushing oil and coal? Something just doesn’t add up.

        • Trump plays a hard nut but short role prescripted by the Chinese Elders for his amnesty and $$. Dakota pipeline stopped to avoid harm to Native Americans sacred lands, oil has another goals, as a Syrian airstrikes vs ISIL & giants. Quadrillions $ for infrastructure to clear US land from cabal’s tunnels I suppose. Short term leads to the Golden Age(GCR/RV), 6000 patents & Ryan. Trump attracts all the blame on himself.

  93. Can Cobra talk about mirrors? What happens when we stare at (or meditate in front of) a mirror for a period of time?

    BY THE WAY, I think the Weekly Meditation countdown is wrong?

  94. If a solar wave will dissipate all darkness and anomaly in the universe anyway, why are we still trying to dissolve the matrix with labor (meditations, arresting the cabal and so on)? I don’t think I understand the logic here. Why don’t we just wait for the wave that comes from the Galactic Central Sun every 26k years to abolish it all? What are we trying to achieve here exactly?

  95. Cobra please direct me to learning authentic yoga online or some place. I don’t want to do studio yoga and cause harm to my body.

  96. I find peace whenever I say a prayer (the hail Mary or our Father) which are the ones i’ve been taught being raised as a catholic. I know the implications of religion on this physical plane, so my question is, is there any complications or saying those prayers on a everyday basis? Am I in danger on evoking those frequencies?

    • Jesus is a Lord of this Universe, Mother Mary is a Goddess. I’m still catholic )) There are many of prayers, invocations, and decrees that I’ve used before my first meditation. Religion must bring a love, good and wisdom. Not Vatican but reformed new church, true Christianity, without any god-like popes and Jesuit liars.

  97. Are we all going to comeback to Source? It it 100 per cent certain that the path of all souls is to come back to Source? A being can choose other paths and still exist in the Universe?

    • All people are returning to soil, all beings are returning to the Source. But there are a shortcuts -Ascension and a long ways – desintegration in the Cental Sun (the second death)

    • Correct. The path toward soul or Source is the ultimate holy grail seeking. The “holy grail” is your soul… And we all return to the soul, the Source, in the end. “A being can choose other paths and still exist in the Universe?” — Personally, yeah I think it’s correct. As COBRA described, if I remember it correctly, that all souls on this surface Earth are volunteers from all over the Universe. Wanderers or Star Seeds we all are and we’ve forgotten it. Our spiritual journey continues until we gain absolute knowledge/full consciousness/holy grail and become literally God[s]. To fill this [3D] Universe with Gods is I think the “only” or “supreme” purpose of the Source [of this Universe]. Thanks.

  98. Can you please ask COBRA why i am loosing weight? All blod results are good and i dont have any diseases. I eat 4-5 times per day. Everything that i eat just passes trough me. Its like my body dont wont to absorb any food. IS this some part of ascension? I dont consider my self as enlightened but i am more aware of planetary situation than most people. Please ask this question COBRA cause i am desparate. Currently i have 49 kg and 170 cm height 🙁

  99. Please, don’t be afraid of my question, even though it may appears as a challenge to our belief system, but I think it’s a fair question to any open mind.

    We live in a world engineered by dark forces to control us. If I was part of the “control elite” I would create a “trap” for those escaping my control (those that realized they are controlled) to create another kind of control over these “escapees”. I would tell them a nice story where they would believe they are becoming free, a story where:
    – they should expect help from the outside (like some churches in the past used “prayer” to control a whole passive population waiting for the “God above” to help them instead of helping themselves, let’s say we now “meditate” to trigger the help from some “space friends above us” that are going to help us)
    – they can always turn to their insights to have the “truth” revealed (which basically tells someone to believe what … they already believe! In other words, you can believe anything you like, even the story that are implanted in your mind by someone else, as long that “you feel good with it”)
    – they can’t have hard evidence of my story until a major event (ever to come, constantly pushed back in time) happens (so that people should keep going on faith, a faith I’ve built, without any proper means to make up their own mind beside my story line)
    – they can find multiple sources of information that corroborate one another (just like most of the controlled media who are all owned by a few controlling members, they can be all written by a group of “controlled” writers, distributing my story on different angles)

    So here is my question: Since, to my knowledge, there is absolutely no hard evidence for the general public that what Cobra/RM reported so far is true (every story or pictures so far can find tenth of other non-Event related explanations than the one provided), how can anyone be sure that the whole Event/RM/Financial Reset/Compression Breakthrough is not another control system put on us (escapees) to trap us back into the Cabal controlled system?

    If I was part of the control system, I would answer to “wait” for the Event for hard proofs, and turn to inner guidance to “know”. I hope Cobra would have a better answer.

    Let us be responsible for our actions and our thoughts. Let us be free.
    Victory to the light

    • If you are sheep, you are very advanced and lucky sheep when you play so. Another sheeps are doomed but not you )) Cobra tells the sweetened truth, for example I belive that Queen is not only dead but also cloned. People dont need to ascend and become the gods in 1 day, just enjoy the game and wait for Event

    • Dude, if you don’t resonate, then don’t force yourself. People are here because they resonated with the information. And, everyone is aware the situation is far away from being perfect, but still it is better than the status-quo. If you don’t have your inner guidance, sole intellectual logic will not get you very far. What you wrote isn’t news to anyone here (I don’t think so). Everyone has some level of thinking abilities and you’re not being stating something we didn’t or couldn’t think.

  100. Cobra, thank you for everything you do! In the tachyon chamber I got an inspiration to go and spill the tachyon water in different rivers in central Europe, going to different seas and thus, within two years´cycle of water, according to meteorologists, have tachyon rain on our fields and gardens. Which I did. Question: do the tachyons multiply themselves in the water or do they attract other tachyons from the space or do they influence the other molecules of water while they interact with them, please? Thank you for your kind answer.

  101. I heard that in underground installations in Czech and Slovak Republic is large number of “super soldiers”. Have you any knowledge about it? What is purpose of their presence there? What is their origin? Thank you.

  102. I recently read that that reptilian hybrids must each humans in order to maintain human form. As such, they genetically altered the wild boar by adding human dna in order to create a temporary food source for themselves in between eating humans. Is this true?

  103. Cobra,

    Pigs eyes are the closest to human in the animal kingdom and their skin and other organs are used in transplants. Is it true that pigs were genetically altered, by the reptilians, to contain human DNA and used as a temporary food source between meals of eating humans?

  104. Cobra,
    Pigs eyes are the most similar in the animal kingdom to that of humans and their skin, and other organs, have been used in grafts and transplants. Is it true that pigs are actually wild boars that were genetically altered, by reptilians, to contain human DNA so that they could be used by the reptilians as a temporary food source between meals of eating humans?

  105. Yoga has become a widespread practice in the western society, helping many people regain and increase their physical wellness. However, there are claims stating that yoga is a negative practice opening up the practitioner to negative hindu spirits. And clearly, some of the handsigns used in some yoga genres are similar to satanic handsigns. So, my question is: Is yoga in any way satanic or negatively influenced by the cabal? And if so, is it still possible to practice yoga and only be positively affected, by choosing not to allow negative influence?

  106. Dear Cobra,
    I’ve got a problem. In couple weeks, I will have graduated from college and I have absolutely no idea what to do next. I’m totally scared of the word ‘job‘. I don’t feel like having a job, working for 8 hours every day and earning money like a slave to survive. This is absolutely soul-destroying to me, because I don’t believe I could find my place in this corrupt framework. I really do want to help with liberation of this planet actively. I really do want to co-operate with The Light forces on this planet.

    MY QUESTION IS: Are there some organizations or secret societies (working for The Light) which people could join and live their lives this way? Or, at least, could you please give us, beings who are not able to become integrated into this stupid MATRIX, advice on other options or alternatives?

    Thank you very much.
    Greetings from CZ!

  107. Hello Cobra.

    Could you tell us about the political regime in Portugal, before the ‘Carnation Revolution’ in 1974, including Salazar, and the political regime after the revolution for the “democratic” regime?

    Salazar’s refusal to participate in the Marshall Plan had anything to do with the “fascist” regime he implemented in Portugal after World War II?

    Is there any negative basis, above or below Portugal, influencing Portuguese citizens?

  108. I have two questions: The first is: Why in this Universe there are so many races that are egotistical, greed and they think that the Universe is just a playground for their acts? Why so many races in this Universe are so service to self and they do not care of destroying planets, people, and they are so much like pirates that like to ravage everything in the grasp of their hands? The second is: Why is not there a so much more strong and divine help in this galaxy to stop all this madness? Are we really going to destroy ourselves in this galaxy?

  109. A self-proclaimed member of the Illuminati, an Insider appeared in the “Above Top Secret” forum in October 2008, offering and providing information on the ILLUMINATI Global Agenda and its overall goals. How much of that information that was provided is truth or dissimulation?

    • He is Hidden Hand, he told he is a host of Rockfeller and other cabal. He is regional-level dark(Service to Self) 4D negative being. He blames Jehovah as a primitive 5D God of a old 3D Earth. And promotes a luciferian agenda. So he wants to finish his “hard negative work” and be replaced by cabal, that are moving in negative 4D.

      • Okay, but what he said in every chat, is it true or false? Does he lie at some point? I would like to know if the “realities” that are said by him really proceed?
        He refers to a possible “convulsion” of planet Earth in 2018 as a “harvest”, and that on that date, the earth would suffer several earthquakes and storms that would somehow sweep the northern hemisphere of the planet, and that Cabala “Needs” a negative “harvest”, to the end of his work.

  110. Hi Cobra,

    Will there be a pole shift in 2018 or in the near future? If so, can we positively affect/avert any possible geologic disturbance that would result in the pole shift thru group meditation similar to what we did for Kenya?

    Also, will humans be taken off the planet during the shift and taken to the motherships or we will be granted temporary residence within inner earth until the surface settles down?

    Thank you.

    • Hi Cobra,

      1- What is the South Atlantic Magnetic Anomaly? Why its effect is stronger during the solstice? It is moving and covering all parts of Brazil right now , is it a shield manipulated by the dark forces?
      2- Is It possible for a soul to be/live in too different places at the same time ( for example: in Brazil and in Swirtzland) ?

      Thank You


  111. Cobra, I just want to verify that I have the correct grasp on the situation. The dark forces are currently confined to the area from low earth orbit, down to a subterranean area not far below the Earth’s surface. And as the light forces continue to make gains on them from above and below, this area they are still able to work in becomes smaller and smaller, until the light forces are able to constrict their “territory” to the point that the compression breakthrough occurs. Am I interpreting the situation correctly?

  112. What can you say about Operation Talpiot, the supposed Israel-run “kill switches” on our power grid, 911 police phone system, ATMs, train lines, payment systems and even our entire internet

  113. Hi Cobra, thank you for all the work you have done and for sharing your information to the world. My quotations is about Colombia, what is the relation or connection it has with the cabal. Also, was Pablo Escobar and/or the Guerrila working for the cabal?

    Thank you

  114. Were Neanderthals the result of reptilian genetic engineering to create a ground force on Earth? If not, why do they protect that bloodline?

  115. Hey cobra,there is talking in my country(Israel) about ground assault in Syria.Following the ‘chemical attack’ in Syria.I don’t believe Assad use chemical weapon,I believe that somehow my country is involved in this as a false flag.and that pushing it all over the media as an attempt to change public opinion in favor of attack.
    So my question is is greater Israel project is entering it’s second phase?
    what the RM is gonna do about it?
    What is the plan for Israel?
    Is there any Light worker in Israel,is there positive military/Faction in Israel?
    Thanks you.

  116. How can we remove/reverse effect of a chip (biochip), without having to pay loads of money for very advanced technologies?

  117. What is the cryogenic body? Some people say that many of us have cryogenic bodies in ships waiting to be reactivated after we get out from Earth’s quarantine.

    • These are cryogenic frozen pre-adamites in Antarctica in 3 giant motherships up to few km (not 50 km). They are fallen from Moon 50 000 yers ago. People deciding whether do unfroze them.

  118. Hi Cobra,
    This is João from Portugal.

    Is there any significance in the Sintra Moutain? Meaning we got records and books saying Sintra will be the place where the Agathatian King/Ppl will make his first appearance to the rest of humanity and will also be the place where the next evolution of the Race ( from Ariane to golden race ) will take place. Can you please comment on this and on Sintra?

    Thank you.

      Chinese legend: the fisherman walked along the river in the forest from only blooming peaches, reached a waterfall and a cave. There lived a utopian society hidden from the time of the Qin dynasty. He told everyone about this paradise, but forgot the way. On the beautiful secret photos: the view from the 8-corner window to the waterfall, the waterfall all in the trees, a picture people flying on magical Birds-RA cRAnes, nectar and Divine Buddha wisdom is available to humanity.
      ==PEACHES ARE FLOWERING IN APRIL… Arbre Solaire shows: cRAne, Chinese Dragons base near the waterfall. Red dragons are fighting with negative dragons from Orion (Jesuits and Rockefellers). The Blue Dragons guard entrances from the Taoist monasteries to Shambhala, the cities of the Agarta network. The goddess Dow-Moo from the constellation Ursa Major arrived on Earth in 2015, her sole presence is enough for the Event. They will open the portals of Agarta throughout the Earth.

  119. I have asked this question before & am sorry to repeat it but I feel like this is an important question for COBRA.
    In the webseries Cosmic Disclosure, Corey Goode mentioned in one of the earlier seasons that the entity Marduk has returned to Earth and is present in South Africa.
    Can COBRA please give his knowledge on Marduk, who this entity is & his history in relation to Planet Earth & if Corey is correct about Marduk being in South Africa & why is he here & where is he? Is Marduk in a clone body or is he not present on the physical plane but on another?
    Can COBRA please give any information he feels is important to know, especially for someone from South Africa
    Thank you so much & victory of the light

    • Marduk is well-known Babylonian Annunaki god. Read +- positive but +- truthful “Annunnaki Ultimatum. End o Time. Autobiography and Explosive Revelations of a Human Anunnaki Hybrid”

  120. If everything is one ( Consciousness ) and everybody in the Earth play/game forgot this oneness to experience separation/duality. And everybody has experienced to play the villain and the saint ( matter of speech) in incarnations, How can it be that some consciousnesses ( of the one), who played the villain this time around in the Earth set-up of separation/duality, are to be processed through to central sun?

    • End is near. These Cabal villains/reptilian clones are doomed. Central Sun is good, maybe painless option for them.

    • Moreover for all the Universe who knows math. For example number Phi=1.6 is golden radio, uses in fractals, sacred life, all life forms)). Pi=3.14 has every circle in any sacred geometry mandalas )) 10 – common decimal system in the Universe, imagine much of sacred numbers are impossible in the other number systems.

    • Read Tolec: Andromeda Council biospheres. There are 12 planet-sized spheres in the Solar System, not only Blue Avians race. Much for healing and carrying 3D-5D+ people to another planets. Gabriel Raio Lunar told, you may be called by phone when the Event will be.

  121. COBRA, thank you for all your shared information.
    What are your take on this:
    1) Are someone trying to displace the white man through mass immigrations to white countries?
    2) If not, why this mass immigration? And why coupled with white people not getting enough children to sustain their own people any more?

  122. For a few moments of panic I needed some objects; I thought about it and it was materialized ( two times).
    It was only after a few moments that I realized it!
    What is the reason some of the things I try to manifest actually happen?
    What are the programs of the archons that sometimes do not work?

  123. Dear Cobra,

    I would like to know how things are developing in Germany in terms of mass immigration of Muslim, violent people from Syria, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq and North Africa. The mainstream mass media do not report it in germany, but alternative sources do report about it of numerous crimes of these people. Numerous rape of woman, robbery, raids, violent attacks. How is the whole thing going? Does this change to the event?

  124. Cobra, there’s a person from the Philippines who claims that she has been granted of massive amount of wealth probaby more than 300 do de callion USD…. that would be used for the betterment of lives of the Filipino people and the world.. What’s your thought on this one? Is this part of the plan of the Cabal or the Light?

    • Its Clobal Currency Reset GCR/RV on Easter and 15min to Event )). Giant funds of Ascended Master St. Germain 10^40 $ in gold etc. would be for global humanitarian projects. Buy Zim for few $ and sell them for billions. Very seriously

  125. Cobra.
    You say Elon Musk is a good guy !
    But what is this that he wants to put a chip in the human brain so as to better connect to computers.
    This sounds to me to be of the Transhumanist agenda.
    Comment Please.

    • If he is good CIA guy, let his chip jokes overturn as his last Falcon9 on unshowed video. These good guys seek a warm place on Central Sun.

  126. Benjamin Fulford has said that the Cabal worships something called “The Black Sun”, a black hole in the center of the galaxy that communicates to them via the gamma wave spectrum. He described it as “anti-life, an entity that feeds on the life force”. Please explain the difference between this “Black Sun” and the “Galactic Central Sun” you often refer to.

    • Galactic Central Sun – Black hole with 8D benevolent beings, surrounded with very large amount of stars all types )). Then you see not black hole but shiny Central Sun. Every galaxy has a black hole in the center(pure physics).
      Black Sun – is term for Dark Forces, its gone from our Galaxy in the Norway spiral.

  127. 1. Is it possible that guidance tools such as Tarot and iching and Runes are being manipulated by dark forces, or can they be trusted to the extent that our higher self allows?
    2. Are there negative E.T.s in human-appearing bodies actively manipulating and misguiding light workers? Such as pretending to be benevolent and leading light workers away from their true soul missions?

    • I want to add sychronities as well to your first question. Can seeming synchronities be arranged by dark ones to manipulate people?

      • Very easily, for example precognitive dreams can mislead to even the soul destruction(in the case of Russian monk). Body shape may be misleading too, but strong universal law is dont use hologram body to mislead 3D people (dark forces could violate this, thats why they are called Dark:) )

    • Earth was split to 2 polarities(Archangel Michael). One leads to higher 5D in crystal bodies, another leads to 3D lower worlds, just imagine an old Earth 10-25000 years ago ))

  128. 1) Is vaccination couse autism?

    2) Me and couple of my friends went to new earth in our meditation, in our way there we found fake new earth which was created or held by grey race, also we were attacked by some “anesthesia” weapon technology., also on the earth surface I found i lot of antennas which were blocking everybody in my group but me and I destroyed those antennas . Also in the new earth we sew some population. We got some classified information about ascension which we told not to share. After all this journeys I started seeing that many different groups in the universe interested in New Earth. Is it possible that new Earth may become another “farm”? Why so many different groups want it?

    3)In my meditation with my higher self I went out of matrix and got info that Arch Metatron is co-creator of duality and hold a lot of karmic contract like a bank.

    4) In my meditation I went home which was some strange place, it looked like portal to different worlds, Before entering this universe I put some virus in myself which has some anesthesia effects and put my “female” aspect of me in the core of some planet, I locked her((. I see that a lot of souls have that kind of virus so i designed my own “virus”, which is more for defence. This virus looks like pink cloud around me and mostly contains energy from source and info about all awakening histories that my soul know. So when someone attacks me it stars to waking up from other viruses. Question: Does the virus or things like that give me karmic load?

    • Cheap vaccines have a mercury under the many names – leads to autism. Flu vaccines has “death” dose of mercury. Trump’s son is also autist by vaccine. Nagalase component kills autoimmune system.
      Your meditation is at least lucid ))

  129. Cobra, I recently found out that the reptilians integrated their consciousness with ours. Is there a way we can remove or disconnect the reptilians from our consciousness ? what can I do to make this happen?

    second question. Project Camelot interviewed a boys 6 or 7 years ago named Boriska. Would like to know if he is working with the light and is he in good hands? Thank you for sharing.

  130. Thank you for presenting these questions and getting these answers.

    As an American according to my perception of what I have witnessed and experienced during my life so far of about 60 years I believe the general structure of the important aspects of this global society are based upon that the general population has been for our history and up until now is being educated and managed as a slave population. I have proved this to myself many ways and have found very good paths of resistance and have used them successfully even though I have not become fully aware of this until recently. I have avoided having children because of this issue. I am noticing now that the general population is waking up to this issue and change is on the way. I now have an opportunity to have children and I am looking for confirmation that this slave system I have detected is going away now and if I have children now they will not have to be subjected to this system and will have an opportunity to become galactic citizens. Are my perceptions correct and will I be able to offer life to my children free from war and slavery without all of the negative and unproductive issues I encountered for the last 50 years? Is this idea I am presenting in my comments and question one of the actual purposes of the event, to end this system of slavery?

  131. Hey COBRA I know from experiance that true benevolent beings are not allowed to interfere in our field of reality. Whats is your answer to that ?

  132. Which one Is Yours COBRA ? Thruth will always show itself.

    Fallen Angelic Factions

    Jahovian Syrius A Annunaki – (All galactic federation of light, Ashtar Command included)

    They are Anu Serafin Alpha Omega Order Templar Melchizedeks who run all of the draconian centaur necromission annunaki hybrid domination agendas on earth.

    They are Toth Enki Zephilim Zeta Annunaki collective of Nibiru and Syrius A who defected in 22,340 b.c.e to join the dark lucyferian rebelion and began the Anu-Serafin Annunaki race supremacy world domination agenda.

    They are the Enoch,Jahovian Annunaki colective of Arcturus and Orion who defected in 10,500 b.c.e to join an alliance with dark lucyferian covenant.

    They are the Anu-Serafin PLeyadian Semjazi Annunaki of Alcjon

    They are the Enlil of Demacron Marduk Necromission Nubirian allies of dark lucyferian covenant agenda.

    They are the Reptilian Insectoid Regelian Zeta Zephilim Omicron Draconian Dragon-Moth and Odicron Avian fallen Serafin races of Orion.

    They are the Minotaur Dromen Marduk Annunaki Omicron hybrids of Alpha and Omega Centuri

    They are Archangel Michael,Neophite,Nephilim,Necromission Annunaki Hybrid Collective Of Orion Alpha Centuri Syrius A and Andromeda who pose as true benevolence that exist beyond the astral barier that are in fact scavengers..

    All of them connected to the DARK brotherhoods and sisterhoods that work directly through the bloodlines here on earth.

    Dont get fooled again people..

  133. question for Cobra.
    When the weekly meditation done of joining in with the PFC verbal audio a 4pm is that mediation set in time on a time and will always exists be on that time line and what I am trying to say is if that meditation will always exists then if I missed the time dead line of 4pm can I still play the same PFC audio a few hours later and do the same mediation with the intention or being in the now and living that same moment, will my mediation joins up and connects to the same energy meditation.?
    Because I work on Sundays and don’t get home until after 6pm it was fine before when the time was at 7pm I could make it but now it’s impossible.

  134. Cobra, please tell us with as many details as possible : where did the Indian god Krishna attain Ascension (Egypt/ Middle East/ India/…) and approximately how many years before the birth of Jesus did he attain Ascension ?

  135. People who are going to other planets after the Event, they will have no interference of the archons, reptilians and other entities. They will ascend rapidly or they will need to do the entire cycle of 26 thousand years!?

  136. Cobra, I heard you mention once that Nibiru was in our solar system, will it affect earth in a cataclysmic way and when is the date of the passing of earth?

    • Cobra has said many many times that nibiru and the anunaki are both disinformation and does not exist an never has existed. It’s a distortion from the cabal so that we don’t know the truth of our past

  137. Cobra, what can you tell us about Billy Graham? Is he doing a good job? Is he a puppet? Is he working with his own agenda?

  138. Dear Cobra,

    I’ve got a problem. In couple weeks, I will have graduated from college and I have absolutely no idea what to do next. I’m totally scared of the word ‘job‘. I don’t feel like having a job, working for 8 hours every day and earning money like a slave to survive. This is absolutely soul-destroying to me, because I belive I couldn’t find my place in this corrupt framework. I really do want to help with liberation of this planet actively. I really do want to co-operate with The Light forces on this planet.

    MY QUESTION IS: Are there some organizations or secret societies (working for The Light) which people could join and live their lives this way? Or, at least, could you please give us, beings who are not able to become integrated into this stupid MATRIX, advice on other options or alternatives?

    Thank you very much.
    Greetings from CZ!

    • Yes, of course)) You chose a red pill, Neo. Here you can learn about Global Currency Reset/ Revaluation (sole in millenias), gold standart, and giant divine funds of St. Germain. Work with your mind, moreover with your soul. Maybe on the Easter will be billions of money for humanitarian projects.

      • – Disclosure & revaluation – Buy Zim for few $, sell them for billions. Lets Golden Age begins.

  139. The sumerian “gods” as Enki, Enlil, Anu and other have crossed to the Light or they are still playing their evil agendas on Earth and other planets?

  140. How do the cabal, the royal family and other people who are being so evil every day of their lives can still keep sanity? Why do not they have a mental, psychological or spiritual breakdown because of their evil deeds?

  141. Are affirmations self-induced mind-controlling?

    Is the “think positive” attitude of the new agers a bit of a mind programming?

    Do we lose our touch with reality, if we ignore/deny our pain? If so, what is the alternative? A never-ending agony? Because, if I’m being honest with myself, this is how I feel 7/24, and for very good reasons indeed.

  142. will we be able to time travel after the shift?

    what roles will light workers have after the shift?

    why isn’t there a msm news program of the light force with positive, real information or at least commercials?

    will light workers get briefed on what they are here for and what the government/Archons/dracos have done to them?

    what is stopping the healing ships to arrive?

  143. Cobra you asked this question in the past but I think many of us would like a reafirmation about this. The splitting of two Earths in two frequencies is said and believed by many people to happen during The Shift and I believe that many people get confused or even scared of staying in this hellish reality and not moving forward. Is this going to happen? Is this a timeline? Is it for sure that this is going to happen?

  144. The emperors of Brazil Dom Pedro I and Dom Pedro II were working for the Light or the for the Dark? How is the relationship of the Bragança family and the Cabal? Are they allied?

  145. Cobra

    We will encounter some kind of spiritual council after or before ascension, but definitely after the Event that will tell everythinf of good and bad that we made here on Earth and in other planets and dimensions? And how this will be for every person? Will they be judged according to all these actions?

  146. Cobra, are the Pre-Adamites that Corey Goode is talking about what you refer as the Chimera Group? What more information can you give about the whole Antarctica thing?

  147. Cobra

    About music I have two or more questions. People say that 432 hz are a natural state of how music should sound and not 440 hertz. Well, are there some ET species or even some humans that need to hear music of less than 432 hertz? How this music would sound? And we as species are going to hear music of low hertzs according we evolve?

  148. Can we question about Turkey’s situation in the coming months. With the referendum and all that buzz, Erdogan seems to be trying so hard to start a war.

  149. As a lightworker I have had my jaw broken with no explanation of how. I am in constant excruciating pain. I’m am told by doctors it will never heal because it is broken at the joints. And I also have unexplained nerve pain where I wake up numb. If lightworkers are so important to the liberation of the planet, and their thoughts help the light forces, then can the light forces send healing ships to the lightworkers on this planet so they no longer have to suffer, and so they can get back to doing their mission without being constantly distracted by their own pain? Is it too much to ask for?

  150. I want to know why on nights when the constellations, specifically when orion is seen above my house, I have seen dozens of UFO’s. Some are so slow but they come one by one, they are blinking red. What are they doing and who are they?

  151. Why has pretty much everything the globalists and their liberal drones have done backfired in their faces this past year? Is it all attributable to cracks in the quarantine?

  152. Cobra,
    in this report, it is told about Draconian’s round-up or surrender. The writer claims that Draconian beings after negotiation with The Light forces agreed with their surrender and even offered to work with The Light forces to shut down the veil before they would finally leave this planet once and for all. He also reports that the round-up of the world’s secret government leaders will be complete within days and the next step of humanity’s shift into a timeline based in Light will begin. Could you please prove or disprove these statements? Are we really so close to The Breakthrough point?
    Thank you very much!

  153. Hundreds of supposed witnesses, all with cameras, and no pictures or video can be produced? Physical shapeshifting does not happen. Cobra has already said this.

    • Moderator: Please delete the above message, or move it, it is supposed to be a reply to the question from “Patrick A” about Justin Bieber turning into a reptilian. There must be something wrong with this website because every time I reply to a message/question it appears as a standalone question instead of a reply to another question. It needs to be fixed. Thank you.

  154. 1.) Cobra, Could you please comment on how Pleiadians interpret the spiritual meaning of ‘sacrifice’? Does this concept have a true place in spirituality?

    2.) Could you please tell us if the following individuals are/were working with the light or dark side?
    a. Alex Jones
    b. Karen Hudes
    c. Josef Mengele
    d. Adolf Hitler
    e. Dwight Eisenhower

    Thank you! Victory to the Light!

  155. Lots of love, dear Cobra
    There are light workers isolated. Specially, light warriors. They know they have work to do there where they are, but all awaked brothers of light near them are not really awaked that they have to do more or because it is not their mission. So these workers have to deal with really hard issues: pollution, financial problems, regular attacks, with not visible beings with them. Could they have help?
    Could you give more informations about the situation in Brazil in your next interview?
    Thank you very much. A big hug.
    Victory of the Light

  156. The sargent Cliiford Stone said in an episode of Cosmic Disclosure for people not telling about UFOS because their lives could be destroyed, do you agree with that, Cobra? Are we still in this time where talking about UFO you can be laughed on, you can lose your job or you can even be killed because of that?

  157. Cobra, why would we forgive anyone after the liberation? Isn’t it better that bad people just go to the central sun, and a brand new universe of spirits would go on with their evolution? I really see no point in turning bad people into light. They will probably just lie to save their skin. I don’t think many would be able to actually understand the light. Even if they did, their quality would be very poor compared to other souls. It’s better to get rid of them in bulks and get on with our real business. There are so many things have been done that they cannot possibly energetically compansate for. And, I don’t see the point in forgiving them. Wouldn’t it be more beneficial for our evolution, if we sent them to the central sun immediately. They hurt too many people, plants and animals, and there’s nothing to do about it anymore. Why do we have to bear the burden of forgiveness, while it would be so easy to get rid of these souls. I simply don’t want to continue my evolution with certain souls still existing in this universe. Is that too much to ask? Life doesn’t have to be so unfair after the liberation. We won’t need forgiveness anymore.

    • Light is a matter of vibration, it’s impossible to lie to the light forces. Each soul that comes to light is contributing to the complete light of the Universe. Taking dark souls to the Central Sun is just the last option, when it’s consciousness is so deformed that no effort can be successful. For all other cases, which impressively includes Satan and Lucifer, for example, they both had already came to light and they ARE contributing to the vibration of light, helping the entire universe.

      And also, forgiveness is part of light vibration; as free beings with free will, we must understand that certain circumstances can unfortunately lead someone to the dark side, or to low vibrations, and in many of these cases they are not aware of what they are doing. But, originally, they were created as light beings; remember the history of Yaldabaoth itself – he was trying to make a very strong effort to clean the primary anomaly of the universe, as a very very noble purpose. It happened that he turned into what he is now, and anger will not be the tool to remove him from our solar system. But light and forgiveness yes. It was not his purpose to be a bad guy, we cannot forget it.

      • Yeah, but the damage is done, you see. I’ve lived in very disadvantaged conditions, but I’ve never done harm to anyone intentionally. So, I think I deserve the say in, for example, that I do NOT want to continue living with Satan and Lucifer in this universe anymore. I want them to be removed, because I’ve never been like them, despite the nightmarish circumstances I had to live through that were caused by them. So, I’m not like them and I don’t want to exist with them. And, they cannot compansate for my years of suffering. It’s not like somebody has stolen my bowl. It’s not simple like that, the torture of living we’ve been getting through. It’s impossible to compansate. And, it’s not just the higher ups. I am very angry towards many of the willful servants of the dark forces. There were many instances that things could go smoothly in my life, if an idiot human being didn’t ruin it all for me. Thusly, I think I shouldn’t have to bear the burden of forgiving these people. Since I no longer have to, when we are liberated. And, I think their spiritual quality must have been quite deteriorated because of their unholy existence for so long. So, I am speculating now, but there’s a chance that it’s better for the evolution of this universe that they all went to the central sun directly. There are things that are forgivable and there are things that are simply not. Why would I have to force myself to forgive the unforgivables? Even though they chose to turn to light at the last minute, I think I should have a say, because they’ve lost so much of their natural rights as a result of the damages they’ve caused. And, if I won’t have a say, I think that would be immensely unfair.

        As you can see, I cannot talk for everyone else. If you feel like forgiving them, then do so. I don’t think it’s up to me to forgive those unforgivable ones. I think it would be harmful to the greater good of this universe. We better clean up this mess so thoroughly that there’s no single drop of memory left of those that have inflicted immense pain in many souls.

        Well, light forces aren’t so perfect: As above, so below. If they were perfect, if we were perfect, then we wouldn’t be in this position right now (living in quarantine earth for thousands of years). I think it’s better to put into good use our painfully acquired experiences in this world.

        • The most important thing that I must agree with you is that we cannot talk for everyone else. The same I can’t do for you, mostly because I didn’t suffer your suffering, at least not in this current life. Then I’m not able to feel the deepness of what you feel and I don’t really want to convince anyone of anything. All we want is peace and light in this Universe, right? I’ll agree with all higher purposes in this sense then.

  158. It was reported Justin Bieber was seen shapeshifting into a reptilian at the airport in Perth, Australia. Is this true? Either way, say a few words about the situation.

  159. Hello,

    What causes the Exploding Head Sydrome? Are they a form of scalar attacks? They are usually followed by sleep paralysis and/or false awakenings? Do the implants play a part on this?

    I’ve recently been having too much inference by the dark ones in my dreams. How can I prevent this? They really interfere in critical points where I could actually get some answers from my subconscious, and they do everything they can to prevent me from having a meaningful dream experience. Some of the things they feed into my head are so ridiculous that they make me laugh (which makes me wake up). So, they don’t even work well. I can now differentiate between their influence and my regular dreamtime, but I am desperately in need of answers regarding my life situation and this is the only way I can connect to some higher guidance at this time of my life. I don’t understand how they find the time to interfere so much just at the right times. Is there a way to work around this?

    I have some awareness in my dreamtime, but I am not lucid and my dreams are not vivid. In the rare instances where I am able to stop using the dream logic (that I am completely aware I am dreaming), the dream dissipates quickly and I wake up. But, I am usually aware that I am in control of my dreams and that my thoughts are actually directing the dream. But, I cannot drop the dream logic for some reason. Can we inquire more into the structure and nature of dreams and how they are being interfered?

  160. Each of us exercised free will and decided to take this mission on. A very long time ago a “calling” was issued for help, and you answered that call, meaning that you volunteered to come here to help liberate Earth. Only you know the details of your individual mission, and you can meditate upon this to figure out exactly what you intended to do.

    • The above was intended as a reply to a question from Faito Xiao dated March 7. This is odd, every time I click on “reply” to a particular post it doesn’t get posted as a reply.

  161. What is the mechanism by which the Jesuits “control” the Zionists? If Zionists control the money system, what prevents them from telling the Jesuits to buzz off?

  162. Cobra

    Could you tell us if the spiritual truths are seen or recognised diffferently by people or they feel the same way? The spiritual laws are different for each person?

  163. Let’s make clear about one thing. Two questions.
    1. Light forces are consisted of mainly 3D physical cosmic beings whose consciousness is beyond 3D, i.e. connected to higher domains like 4D or 5D, correct?

    2. Is there 6D domain among Pleiadian society/world?

  164. Hello Cobra!
    Have you seen movies such as ‘Captain America: Winter Soldier’, ‘Avengers’, ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ or ‘Doctor Strange’? Are these Marvel movies produced by „the dark forces“ or by some positive fractions of The Light Forces to give us some kind of soft disclosure?
    Thank you for you attitude.

    • I apologize for typing my question in a “reply” but I hope this finds the right place:

      1) Cobra, you mention the R.M. has the ability to pull the trigger for the “event”. But you also mention the event begins with what you term the “sun-sneeze”….or something to that effect. Are you implying the R.M. is in control of the sun? Can you elaborate on this further, as this seems slightly off.

      2) Your information seems to indicate that once the remaining toplet/strangelet bombs etc are dissolved from the octopus entity surrounding Earth the “event” can take place. How can this be the case? It would seem the situation is more dynamic and complex then just dissolving this entity. I.E. the negotiations on the Mohammed Agreements, the disclosure roll-out process negotiations to name a few.

      The only way I see that both your information is correct as well as the information from David Wilcock and Corey Goode would be you are receiving your intelligence from a source both Corey and David have no idea about. Can you confirm or explain this?

      Simply put, the information you give paints this entire process in relation to dissolving Yaldaboth and flipping the event switch. While Corey and David talk about a more complex situation that is less esoteric in nature and more about the situations happening more directly on the surface and in your face….thoughts?

  165. Please submit my questions to Cobra as these questions are interesting and haven’t been asked before.

    1) What is the higher purpose or role of tears? Do they exist in the liberated Universe?

    2) Cobra, you have said we all came here with a mission? Who decided what our mission will be?

    • Faito Xiao, if I may offer my response to your questions, Cobra may respond to them as well of course, your first question about the higher purpose or role of tears, this is a body wisdom with an instinctive or unconscious measure to release tension and emotional debris. It’s similar to a shower on desert land, it clears away the dust and leaves rock and plant shining. That’s how one can feel after shedding tears.

      Your 2nd question, about who decided what our mission will be, the answer is “who” meaning you. We’re given a free will condition to decide for ourselves. Creation isn’t possible without this foundation, see what I mean?

      You’ve decided for your mission based on evaluation of your experiences as a soul during lives on planet Earth or elsewhere. This evaluation may be assisted by other spirit beings present in the place where you are.

      I’m not sure about the level of honesty and clarity within, of objectivity, in that place, for as I perceive it, we are free to choose to park issues that are uncomfortable, on the other side, before incarnating on planet Earth.
      The choice to not address those issues often implies a triggering of them, conducted by our Higher Self, while living on planet Earth. The clue can be accepted and denied, equally in free choice. It’s why a severe shock is sometimes the only way to break through a strong structure of defense.

      Whatever is chosen as a learning curve, a fulfillment of a desire, a choice to be of service to others as well as being in service to self, these are the things that are pondered and weighed, as I perceive it, before the choice is made to return to planet Earth in a physical form.

      There may be other influences and nudges present, when we determine that mission, I can’t see beyond the veil and know how that’s done and what’s involved in order to arrive at the clarity of one’s mission. I am aware that I’ve given you more than an answer to your 2nd question, by also explaining the process of how our mission can be determined. And lived, or not.

      I’ve gone into that aspect, due to the present condition on planet Earth, as I perceive it, that all of our missions, past and present, are now thrown in the cauldron of life and that little golden nuggets rise to the surface of that soup. Showing up as yours and mine, representing our true mission, preparing for change, serving all life and the process of Ascension.

  166. Cobra, have you seen the movie Doctor Strange?, and if you have do you think this movie is part of the positive groups in Hollywood trying to disclose esoteric knowledge to the masses through this movie? What are your thoughts about this movie?

  167. Hi Cobra, I was surprise when you mention the Positive Dragons from the Thuban star, as it matches this data ( I extracted from a book published in 2011 where it describes the evolution story of each constellation. Can you share a light if this data looks right? Thank you :D!

  168. Anteriorly the spiritual forecast predicted three major huge waves come with high transformative energies. As I know and felt, these reached us on 28.09.2015, 10.04.2016 and about on 09.27.2016. Then many of us had spiritual experience with feeling huge happiness and God’s love came over us.
    At last April with this vawe I gave plus extra energies from the stars (because it was about my birthday) and the Kundalini energy has started to rise in me spontenaously, but unfortunately the procession did not go through, because I was attacked by astral planes that made me out of the passage. My question is that, before the event, will we have a wave of this magnitude, or Event brings the new wave of Ascension?
    Thank for your work so much, Victory of light! Peace for all!

  169. Could Cobra comment on the new hybrid species like grizzly-polar bear and coywolf (coyote-wolf-dog hybrid)? Why are they becoming more common now? Is it natural or do the Cabal have a part in it?

      ” The Ascension window has opened on this planet on May 25th, 1975, had its turning point on August 11th, 1999 and will close on July 7th, 2025. It was always the plan of the Light forces to clear the primary anomaly of darkness and to trigger the Event within this time window, and that plan did not change.”

  170. 1. what happens to the soul if the brain is transplanted? Where is the soul stored?

    2. how can the immune system be restored/reprogrammed?(vaccine related question)

  171. What is really happening (spiritually) when a person is on the heights of despair? Many report having spiritual experiences in this kind of mental state called Ego Death/Dark Night of the Soul. This is one of the reasons many felt that it’s essential to suffer to be able to spiritually develop. But, what is going on really? Do we just stop lying to ourselves for a moment and experience how we actually feel?

    Why do our hairs whiten after getting through emotionally/mentally painful periods of time? I always discover new white threads in my head after having such episodes and I wonder if there’s any spiritual aspect to it.

    Is it possible some people didn’t make a soul contract, but was forced to incarnate against their free-will? What can such a person do, if their life is constantly being sabotaged by dark forces?

    Why some people have aphantasia and can’t have any visuals in their mind’s eye? Is it about implants and are caused by some vaccines done in childhood (like measles-mumps-rubella)?

  172. Are the Rotschilds and Rockefellers fighting against Jesuits now? Is that why the media bashes Trump so much? But, why the Jesuits put someone so bashable as Trump in such a high place? Was he the only one as stupid as to say yes to being president of the US?

    Is Bill Gates absolutely conscious of what he’s doing? I mean, is he aware that vaccines contain implants to enslave human beings, for example? Is he aware the baddies are on the brink of failure? How aware is he of the occult nature of our existence and ascension?

    Do animal vaccines (rabies, FIV etc.) contain any implants or harmful things?

    About how long would it be until it is safe enough to die (not much chance of entrapment in astral plane if we don’t feel any connection to earth plane for example)?

    • david, if I may give you my view on the state of Bill Gate’s consciousness, there’s a condition in some of us, human beings, that is present due to a belief that being superior to certain parts of humanity is perfectly legitimate and true. It’s a paradigm that is almost as old as the Universe, it seems. It’s a deception and not about truth or objectivity, it’s a creation of an idea that is held onto to this day, by Bill Gates and those resonating with his view.

      In order to multiply in numbers with Bill’s idea of having “family”, measures are needed to minimize those inferior parts of humanity. His knowledge of harmful substances in vaccines is probably a fact, for this is to Bill Gates & Co an excellent method to wipe out large parts of humanity in a stalking manner.

      Although these stalkers are standing now in the torchlight of the same inferior parts of humanity! Bill Gates is conscious of his doing within the parameters of his belief and genes, at the same time giving jobs to many innocent lab-assistants at Monsanto laboratories who really think they’re serving humanity by creating these vaccines. Unaware of the truth that their work is 180 degrees opposed to the freedom to live.

      This is probably the main reason why there are suicides by doctors who’ve learned about this painful truth, seeing their oath, sworn on graduation day and their moral standard to serve others, being ripped to pieces.

      • Dear Marian
        Just want to say a very ‘Welcome Back’ to you. We are grateful for your participation on this blog ~ for your warmth and great wisdom. We need all the help we can get! Thank you for carrying out your mission!
        Much love Therese Z

        • Thank you, Therese, your welcome is heartwarming to me. I’ve been around all of the time except when I had a little “sabbatical” at the start of this year, but I’ve not been present in this Cobra-question-page much, lately.

          It’s this, what to me feels, at times, like a miss-know-it-all wisdom that also mirrors the level of truth I hold inside, awake and aware. For as soon as I’ve shared it here, or in other pages, I’m aware of checking if what I’ve said is true and lived by me as well.

          That’s a great excersize for staying awake and move forward at the same time. It’s one of the great values of sharing one’s views and experiences, in daily life as much as in the realms of spirit, as I perceive it.

          I know it takes the courage to speak one’s mind and use one’s voice. I’m now at an age that I feel much more confidence. Until the age of 30 I was silent as a mouse. I guess I’m catching up with that by sharing so much now 🙂

  173. Will gold and silver be able to be replicated? If so, assuming gold and silver will skyrocket in value due to failing fiat currencies, how long before they decline in value since they can be produced with these replication machines?

  174. could cobra talk about the star people that wouldn’t be “fit to” incarnate on earth? like what would their experiences be like on earth? i think i might be one of them.

  175. What is the Great Atractor? Is that the final Source, or not, where is the final Source/God?
    What will be the fate of the predators after the Event, will they be vegetarian?

    • lol Denesh Aksh, will the predators be vegetarian? As if that’s the parameter to make whole what’s broken.
      As one of several choices or executions, probably the predators who’ve committed crimes against humanity and are burdened by an immense amount of karma, will be recycled as food for source and start all over again, as mineral, plant and who knows… as a lettuce? Eaten by you, a peaceful vegetarian? 🙂

  176. Are North American Native people descendants of Atlantis? Is this the reason why they have been systematically wiped out throughout the past 200 years? Does this race have information/secrets that the Cabal does not want the masses to have access to or know?

    Thank you.

  177. I feel in my body a constant transformation, I would like to know if other people or at least most feel the same, since I have no way to know how other people feel and I feel that way, how will be the ascension of the third For the fifth dimension? I feel it close, but how can I be sure?

    • Not meaning to disrespect your question, Moises Soares, feeling close to the fifth dimension is an indicator that what you’re experiencing is true, I assume. It’s when you know without knowing why, that you feel sure. I believe you can be sure of that. But now I’m teasing you out of this serious question 😉

  178. In Brazil, a particular blog, called Sementes das Estrelas (Star Seeds, in English), quickly became the main source of informations about ascension and The Event. Its founder, Gabriel Raio Lunar, channels a lot of beings, from Salusa to elementals, and specially he receives daily messages from Pleiades with updates of the situation (related to The Event, mostly). The question is: do you know him? What do you have to tell about him?

  179. • There was a Hungarian woman called Mária Szepes. She wrote some pretty interesting books in the 20th centruy about extraterrestrials and esoteric stuff. Did she work for the Light forces? Was she aware of the real situtation? What was her role?

  180. Also, could you ask about that alien appearence in 4chan /pol/ ? I want to laugh it off, but the more you dig, the more suspicious you get. Was it a hoax, or real? Was it posted by someone from the government or military? There seems to be an odd amount of over-reaction to the post.

  181. Are the Rotschilds and Rockefellers fighting against Jesuits now? Is that why the media bashes Trump so much? But, why the Jesuits put someone so bashable as Trump in such a high place? Was he the only one as stupid as to say yes to being president of the US?

    Is Bill Gates absolutely conscious of what he’s doing? I mean, is he aware to vaccines contain implants to enslave human beings, for example? Is he aware the baddies are on the brink of failure? How aware is he of the occult nature of our existence?

    Do animal vaccines (rabies, FIV etc.) contain any implants or harmful things?

  182. Hi I wanted to ask about someone her channel is here

    I don’t know her name but she is talking about that we are living in a matrix and we are all are entities
    (soulless ones) and there certain individuals who are called Source players which they are the source
    playing in the matrix in this last lifetime and after this one the matrix will close down and all source players will return to the source immediately so I wanted to ask if she is telling the truth or not and also she is saying that the chakra system have been removed from all source players, so who is she and why she is sharing this information if we are all entities who have scripts within this matrix???

  183. Star of David or Seal of Solomon? Which one should be used as a symbol of Divine Love/Feminine? Christian and Islamic religions and the State of Israel use the Seal of Solomon version. Did the Cabal corrupt the real hexagram (known as Star of David) and put a perverted version of it as the Seal of Solomon? What was the idea behind this change?

    For the difference:

    “By tradition, the Star of David has only 2-Dimensional OVERLAPPING (or intersecting) triangles, while the Seal of Solomon always has 3-Dimensional INTERWOVEN (or interlaced) triangles.”

  184. In the Colombian pease ceremony a plane scare all the participants whit a strong noise and thunder like light. It was just a mistake? or it was a delivered acción? Why this happened? Thanks for your answer

    • Its one agenda of many. Not everything is completely sinister. However, subjects or individuals that have the ability to upset life within the elite or cause humanity to evolve much faster than desired….”higher learning” becomes a trap that ensures no progress (via guided mis-steps).

      Mass mind manipulation exists on a much greater and more effective level via world Media (tv, facebook, etc) than in universities

  185. Hi PFC, here are some questions for Cobra from the readers of the Dutch Cobra blog (a blog with Dutch translations of Cobra’s posts and interviews). I hope you can have the questions about the Netherlands answered, specifically the one about the elections on March 15.

    About the Netherlands:
    • There are elections in March. What is the best thing to do for the Dutch people in order to take back the power from the corrupt politicians and royalty: vote or don’t vote?
    • On of PFC we see that – compared to other European countries – quite some people in the Netherlands have subscribed as a Lightworker. Is there a particular role for the Netherlands with the liberation of the planet, and if so, could you give us some information?
    • What is the level of consciousness in the Netherlands? Is there anything we can do to raise this, other than spreading information via blogs?
    • Do we have suppressed positive portals in the Netherlands and if so, where? And can we strengthen the positive energy there, like burying Cintamani stones?
    • Are there other specific places in the Netherlands where to strengthen the positive energy?
    • Where are the most important leylines in the Netherlands?
    • Do we have underground bases of the Light in the Netherlands and if so, where?
    • Do we have underground bases of the dark in the Netherlands and if so, where?

    • It is said that we can expect a UFO fleet in September; is this correct and if so, can you give us more information, like where, participants, size?
    • Can you give an update about NESARA?
    • Is there a connection between ENKI and St. Germain?

    Thanks, Veronica (

    • As a Dutch born I can offer a few answers or attempts of an answer, to some of your questions, Veronica.
      If I’m correct, it’s requested by the Q&A PFC interviewers team, to offer 1 question at a time, for it’s hardly possible to address more questions in one go and offer other members the same service, due to the risk of running out of time.

      I’m aware of the Dutch elections for coming March 15th and also of Geert Wilders preference for Nexit. There maybe two sides to this coin, one side is that although Wilders may have not the most human kind reasons to organize a Referendum to vote for EU membership or not, the possible effect, of Holland leaving the EU may
      set more domino stones in motion, meaning EU members falling out with the EU. And this may lead to a collapse of the EU. In itself, this is the other side of the coin, this might prove to be beneficial to Europe’s countries sovereignty, though more scenarios are possible I guess, to end the dictatorship of the EU.

      It’s hard to tell others if voting is valuable. If you feel strong in favour of a party, I assume it’s valuable to give your vote to a member of that party.

      Raising your own frequency will effect yourself and those around you, in Holland, as you must know, I guess.
      I assume that you and the Dutch PFC team can brainstorm about activities to work on the energy of Holland where high density is felt as sluggish and stuck. There’s much clay in Holland, I often felt like walking on clogs, soon stuck in the muck. Hence my move to the British Island rock July 2015.

      Regarding Cintamani stones, Untwine, who’s the contact person for orders of these stones and part of the PFC team behind the screen, should know if and where they’re buried in Holland. You can check with him and make your choice. A while ago I’ve offered one of the Dutch PFC team his email address. You can find his website on the home page, called Recreating Balance.

      The role of Holland is said to be the “holding” of the immune system for the world and it’s the reason why many old souls feel or felt drawn to be born in Holland, possibly also the reason why relatively many Dutch Lightworkers signed in here. I’m definitely an old soul born in Holland, in 1951. Compared to Holland, in this regard, England is quite retarded. Or delayed, for a kinder choice of word.

      The Kogi Elders were called to leave South America and visit Holland, with a vision and a message, that Holland, in the near future, would experience a lifting of a cloud that until now obscures its true role.
      The person who knows more about this is Peter Toonen, who was the host for the Kogi Elders during their visit in Holland. His website is

      The leylines in Holland are mapped by several dowsers and archeological explorers, for example Dick van der Dool, who organizes trips to sacred spaces, like the Hunebeds in Drenthe.There are Dutch books published with this subject, they’re probably present in the big library of Amsterdam.

      Light cities in Holland are activated by Jhadten Jewall, in the last 2 decades or so. Here’s the link to his site with images of light cities, also those in Holland:

      I hope these answers of mine are helpful, Veronica and will be received as tools to bring light in the present Dutch tribulations, with a newly elected government and the present economic malaise.
      I’m happy to contribute to the work of lightworkers in Holland and their wellbeing too. Good luck 😉

  186. Question 3: Why is it our responsibility to wake up those in comma? I understand all of them have their higher-selves hovering above. Can’t those individuals be reached/woken up through their higher-selves with the help of the light forces?

  187. Question 1: I have tried to fight the establishment for years. On at least two occasions, I have come close to becoming a whistleblower; one of those occasions has taken 7 years out of my family’s life. In both instances, I was faced with an enormous number of corrupt individuals willing to do whatever it takes to crush me or my case. What are your suggestions for an average Jane or Joe who are trying to deliver their missions while facing physical, legal, etheric, financial, even imprisonment threats? Do you have any specific meditation technique that may help us create the financial abundance, prosperity and well-being while dealing with our daily challenges or/and the attacks?

    Question 2: I understand we need 51% of the critical mass to wake up. We also know that we have been brain washed and programmed for ages. In my view, those programmed individuals (who are still not aware of what is going on) could be compared to people who have been administered a ‘medically induced comma’. Is it reasonable to expect or demand ‘yes’ or ‘no’ vote from those in comma?

    • K,

      If you are asking these questions you understand or have at least read the Law of one channelings to some extent. I am not sure if you also listen to “Adronis”? His informational concepts and answers are seemingly also interpretarions of law of one material. There is a very strong correlation between them.

      This answer takes in information obtained mainly through Adronis and many others.

      1) Your individual timeline is like a very big circular river. You travel it within the flow of the current. Picture the river a trillion feet deep.

      2) At every individual/interval or new foot in depth your specific timeline changes a tiny tiny bit, while your general current remains intact.

      3) Further understand the only way to move up and down is to create a thought which opens up a passageway into another “depth” interval that more closely aligns to how your thoughts and desires are at that moment.

      4) Obvious obstacles remain in place. If 1000 people are riding the same overall river(current) that correlates to an upcoming disaster your “thought by itself” wouldnt open that passageway. But if 250 people out of that 1000 think it, the overall strength of that Thought would overcome the over strength of that immediate disaster. Those 250 people will open a passageway into a “depth” where that event never takes place.

      5) Each event has its own Electromagnetic strength which has to be overcome by the power of an individual or group-thought in order to avoid OR make something happen!

      Can you see why Cabal has to divide and conquer? The electro magnetic strength of a well organized “group-thought” (think power of mass consciousness) would be a simple solution to everything….provided everybody has the same thought!

      That being said….your answer should be easy….gather a group of people that align with your thoughts regarding the subject you wrote about. AND THEN think yourself into this reality. It’s that simple.

  188. Is that Three Wise Monkeys symbolism an Archon invention, or somehow distorted by them? See no evil-Hear no evil-Speak no evil is like Archons trying to cover up their tracks. Evil is everwhere, and it’s because of them.

    There are some reports stating IQ scores have been dropping in many developed nations (Europe, Australia etc.) I’m not sure what IQ tests measure exactly, but is it true, are we getting dumber? Why?

  189. This might sound a bit silly, but I became suspicious:

    Why is Tiger’s Eye crystal is called “the all seeing eye” and feared? Does this stone contain any negative energy?

  190. Cobra, the scientists keep on stating how imperfect the design of the eye (human eye, animal eye) is, but they have no awareness of higher planes and the spiritual/occult nature of things. Is there reason for how the eye was shaped?

  191. Is light pollution done on purpose by the cabal? I think we would have different lives if we could see stars in the night sky, as they are when there is no light pollution. I was watching a documentary called Nostalgia for the Light, people in the film were talking about how learning about astronomy and observing the sky has changed their life/their mental and emotional state. Which led me to this question: Is connecting with the sky as importanta as connecting with nature? The earth is feminine, the sky is masculine.

  192. -What are superstrings? Are they involved with reality creation and in connecting different realities?

    -What is dark matter really? Is it related to hyperspace in some way?

    -What is the silver cord? Is it anchored in the pineal gland? Is it actually a sort of Einstein-Rosen bridge or ‘stargate’ that connects the physical and astral bodies?

    -What awareness or consciousness decides what bodies (astral/etheric/physical) the mind is using to experience different realities. The oversoul?

    -Is it possible to imagine experience in a different density unless you inhabit that that density yourself?

    -Does free will diminish the higher up you go in density?

    -Are there inner earth civilazations close to the center of the earth or only near the crust?

    -What is the most advanced space craft in existence?

    -Is the human form/instrument/vessel the most common in the universe and is this form basically the same in all galaxies?

    -Is inter-galactic trade common in the universe?

  193. Is RT ( controlled by the cabal?

    Do these people work for the Light or the cabal?
    Ron Paul
    Marine Le Pen
    Theresa Mary May

    Why do Africans have lower IQ’s according to some studies? Cabal influence over education?

  194. Cobra, I’m a student and I really wish to have your reply. I trust what you have shared but I really don’t know how to face what I’m learning in physics. One of its claim is that the Ether does not exit but you said it exit…. I’m at a loss.

  195. If we have the technology to turn be to the past….. then can the dark force do so so that they may affect our time-frame even after the event?

  196. Hello Cobra, can you tell us your thoughts on corey Goode, is he telling truth or is his story the product of government memory implant technology leading to false disclosure.

  197. Cobra, can you give us all the information you know about the miracle at Garabandal? Can you confirm that those 4 little girls did speak with the Virgin Mary and how it all relates to what is happening currently on earth?

  198. Cobra, you stated that most locations of the solar system were cleared from the dark forces, does this include the chimera bases at the kuiper belt as well? I believe it does because you said only the area close to earth’s center has to be cleared.

    And is everything out of the solar system clear as well? I also believe it is.

  199. Water.
    In my most favourite book by Marlo Morgan, A message from beyond I think it was called, the chief of the Maori group that lived in the desert, told marlo that humans are addicted to water. They themselves hardly needed water.
    In this time people are told to drink much water, even 2 liters a day. How does that combine? And how about the part of the world where water is not something usual? Are these people lost?

    Thank you.

  200. Thank you Cobra for all that you do for us.
    Last night I dreamed I was in a therapy group for sexual abuse. I was a member, not a therapist. The subject itself remained open.
    I have no experience with sexual abuse in this life. A very negative view on sex and women though. What could such a dream mean please?
    And thanks of course.

  201. Cobra could you confirm that the EARTH quarantine was not made by the Galactic Confederation? Dolores Cannon said that the Agarthan are afraid of us and the Ets put us in quarantine.

  202. After Februaries answer to the Japan global nuclear radiation contamination question my discernment was unhappy with Cobra’s answer. According to information I am receiving the contamination is extensive and moving into the global biosphere at an alarming rate and levels. This information is in direct conflict with Cobras answer thus I continue to have serious concerns about this issue until a time comes where we can actually verify this situation with specific information and full disclosure. Does Cobra have any additional information or comments that would help alleviate my concern?

    • Rusty:

      This is Rob, one of the reviewers who look over the questions submitted to be asked of Cobra, in this case, at the end of this month, March, 2017.

      I’m writing to fully agree with the concerns you raise. I have also seen at least two other confirmations of detected radiation, not only near Fukishima in Japan, but as reports of greatly pronounced radiation readings from the entire West Coast, from California up to Washington State.

      One of those announcements came from Web bot predictor Clif High and the other from an article posted by respected investigator Alexandra Bruce at ForbiddenTV. “Japan Declares Emergency, Fukushima Radiation Soars to Highest Levels” on February 6th, 2017.

      My writing work has taken me deep into other circles beyond Prepare For Change. I have a contact in Italy who bought a gieger counter long ago and finds alarming radioactive traces there, too.

      While there are surly limits to recuperative technology which may be used to neutralize some of the Fukishima emissions, with exotic, quantum physics based machinery for such purposes having been devised by Dr. Keshe, for example. [In this case, the TEPCO company never followed through on a deal with Keshe]

      Who knows what might exist to work on these problems originating from off-planet, Galactic Confederation sciences.

      My reaction to Cobra’s January statement matches yours and it is my hope that he responds to this..

      My best,

      Rob Wold

  203. Cobra, in your blog post from November 28th, 2013 you mentioned the following:

    “Currently the Jesuits are the main operational task force for the Archons to maintain the quarantine status for planet Earth.Their previous superior general Hans Peter Kolvenbach is instrumental in keeping the fear vibration among humanity on the surface of this planet. He is the mastermind behind the 911 (Twin Towers) and 311 (Fukushima) false flag attacks and the main engineering force behind the Syria conflict. He is conveniently living in Lebanon, very close to Syrian border.”

    It has been reported in the news that Kolvenbach died on November 26th, 2016 in Beirut. According to your sources is he actually dead?? If he is dead what does this mean for disclosures and justice in regards to 9/11 and 3/11?

  204. In case a private individual was able to discover tranches of gold bars when NESARA/GESARA got implemented, will it be ‘sequestered’ in case it belongs to St Germain World Trust or any other Trusts?

  205. hello cobra i want to ask you something,this is very important to me so please answer my question,i love my family so much i dont now to live without last couple of months i feel lots of presure in my chest when i think about my parents i have nightmares all week i dream about losing them is this normal or im on some kind attack when i dream.can you tell me the best way to insure that my family goes with my to higher dimensions in this life?thank you for answering

    • You already have your Star Family in the higher dimensions that is awaiting you. Your current Earth family has much ties with you but you cant interfere with free will of all of your friends to take them to any another world. Try to evolve them. God has many hands, not only yours ))

  206. Do emotions really help us make better decisions? The people who advise controling/suppressing/repressing emotions tend to lose their way even though they held good intentions at the beginning. This mentality is very prevalent among politically active people (the socialists, communists, labor movement). Are they unknowingly indoctrinated by Cabal members?

    Why does solitary confinement turn people crazy? Is it because of the implants?

    • Don’t fight your emotions as you are who you are. Understand how you tick and how you could use your emotions for a benefit. Working with-in that context allows your emotions to create tremendous self growth and even self-healing

  207. We know that the Creator can event anything to happen at a time it wishes. It has no limits & its power is infinite. However, we continue to hear that these TLBs (top-let) & SLBs (strangelet) are the cause of the delay for “The Event” to happen? How come that statement doesn’t agree w/ the power of the Creator?

  208. In your blog there are some people showing a particular graphic which they claim to represent the destruction of yaldabaoth’s tentacle.

    Is this graphic reliable? Is the percentage of the tentacle’s destruction accurate?

  209. Thank you for reading:)
    How would you describe the real true female principle? Not red lips and hihg heaals I suppose (that’s my first reaction).

  210. Hello cobra,
    I am from India, we buried cintamani in our area on 11/02/2017. I felt very quite, calm, inner peace. After wards we went back to our place and felt energy less and slept almost for 10hrs. Woke up later with powerful kundalini movement. I wanted to know whether both cintamani bury and these symptoms are related or not.
    Thank you

  211. Hi Cobra and the team. You evoked the Jesuits previously, is it possible to be more specific? Can you tell us through which organisations they are established worldwide, and with which exogene races they are dealing with currently if so? Thanks

  212. You recently commented on Kent Dunn. Nothing seems to be known about him but he apparently claims to be an Agarthan sent to the surface on a mission to help the surface population. Can you confirm he is what he says he is?

    • Of course, its a food for the lower worlds. If all Earth people was happy 1 day – all archonts would be died from a hunger.

  213. Why the Earth population is the most brainwashed/programmed one amongst all the (formerly) invaded planets? Why are we so asleep? Why were the inhabitants of Planet X or Rigelians so much more aware than us? What went terribbly wrong with the Earth?

    What exactly is happening during shamanic soul retrieval? Is it basically a form of energy healing through the heart chakra?

    • Earth is crucial in liberation of the Galaxy from Dark Forces. Our small victories lead to laws of Victory for all Universe. You forgot about thousands 3D races, because they are also in carantine ))

  214. Is there a possibility that the alien disclosure will happen at the time of The Event? I don’t think it would be more shocking than the news of banks’ shutting down. The disclosure may even give some sense of security to the public. Since we’ll be watching many of the cabal members being arrested, but also seeing people like Putin staying intact, I think it would be better to say it is being done by aliens up front. Or, people would assume that we are in hands of Putin and other corrupt politicians of the East. The coup was entirely planned by these people and nothing has changed. It’s not that shocking that aliens exist. People cannot even grasp that information. Daily struggles (money, food, security) are far more important for any ordinary person.

  215. I have heard that Turkey has been under negative ET influence for some time. Could Cobra elaborate on this? How long has this been going on and what kind of an influence have they had?

  216. Cobra you have stated the Galactics have cleaned up everything and there is no problem yet NUMEROUS alternative news resources report the Fukashima radiation is still at emergency levels and the Pacific Ocean marine life is in jeopardy as the ocean is near dead. I’m confused and frustrated. What is going on and WHAT IS THE TRUTH?

    • Be afraid of the evil in 3D, governed by evil from 4D-5D.
      6D is Unity, hasn’t evil there.
      All is united, we suffer from decisions of this Universe, when “Good” not stops “Evil” by laws of free will and karma ))

  217. Cobra, are you familiar with human-like extra terrestrials that are of medium height, have brown hair,olive skin (they could pass for Bulgarians), speak a language that sounds a bit like Romanian and have 6 fingers on each hand – a thumb plus 5 perfectly symmetrically formed fingers? Are these beings positive or negative, and what part of the universe do they come from?

  218. In Brazil an illegitimate government took over. There is much talk lately that former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva served and serves the forces of darkness. Can you comment on something about Cobra?

  219. There is a lot of talk about the chimera group. Who really is this group chimera? What types of negative ETs make up this group? Are many? Why does it feel so difficult to deal with? The feeling that remains is of some impotence of the forces of Light in dealing with the chimera. Can you talk more about it?

    • Its evil Draco and Replilians and their clones. Their bases (including underground with infrasound harm 1000 miles around) are eliminating from 2000 to 2011. Less than 200 remains here, they are rounding up and surrender, there is agreement to carry them to their planets in a Light bodies.

  220. Dear PFC team, thank you for another monthly interview. My question for the next monthly interview with Cobra is:

    Dear Cobra, do you perhaps know, if there ever were special beings of the Light in the past, who were able to hold a spark of the sun (star) in their soul star chakra (or any chakra above the soul star chakra), who were trying to destroy the Veil? And if Yes, was at least one of them captured by the Dark forces, implanted and mind controled and then used against the Light forces, but was able to break free of their control much later with the help of other positive beings, and fought back?

    Victory to the Light!

  221. The crucifixion of Christ happened in march 22 1185?
    A cataclysmic event wiped out life on earth in the 6th AC in britain? King Arthur gathered the survivors and fled to America to preserve the knowledge of freemasonry in that time?

  222. My second question is,

    On the 2nd of January 2017 you start in your blog with: Cobra in progress, does this mean compression break through is in progress?

    Guido Habets
    Cape Town

  223. Hi Cobra, You always talk about the Jesus figure as if this was an actual figure. Now there is an extended list of numerous reasons to assume the jesus figure is more of an translation of pagan Deities into the new religion of Christianity during the Counsil of Nicea early 4th century after which the name jesus appears in religious scriptures. There are numerous pagan Deities who were born from a virgin on the 24th of December who were called the way, the lamb, where crucified and resurrected after 3 days and more etc etc, And didn’t the Gnostic repel against this new religion saying it was an old story with new names? And wasn’t this new religion a construct of Emperor Constantine to create religious stability by combining several so called pagan religions into one? Even the Encyclopedia Catholica say: they assume he lived. In the oldest Bible ever found ( The Sinai Bible) the Crucifixion and resurrection aren’t even mentioned in it, oops, did they forget to write down the biggest miracle of christianity? My question is: can you give us prove this Jesus figure was real because as said I can give you a long list which strongly suggest otherwise and normally religions evolve from their predecessors like for example any christian religion that is not Catholic evolved from the catholic religion.

    thnx for all the work from a sunny Cape Town

    • Jesus Christ became a Lord of this Universe after his Earth Initiation. Number of another pagan deities has not the significence in this Universe of vast possibilities and preplanned God’s agenda, and of course Vatican’s dark writers ))

  224. Every interview should ask for an update on tachyon shield severing the Yanldboath thingo, and the clearing of the toplets. Everything else is secondary importance.

  225. About Pre-Columbian cultures, few people talk about the Tiwanaku, which apparently disappeared suddenly, like the Mayans, centuries before the rise of Inca people, and they built these highly advanced structures, like Puma Punku. Who were the Tiwanaku people and what happened to them?

  226. Mahatma Ghandi said, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” If I focus on my inner journey and do my best to evolve in love, peace, and harmony is there really a need for me to keep abreast of dark deeds that are taking place on our planet (i.e. the Chimera, Draco, Archons, etc)? Doesn’t it make more sense to focus on what we want in our lives, the lives of our loved ones, and the planet in general? Doesn’t focusing on the dark simply pull me into that energy spectrum, and away from the light?

    • He sort of touched on this before.


      Richard – What is the difference between an Ascended Master and an Enlightened Master?

      COBRA – This is basically the same, but there are subtle differences. Ascended being, I would not call it Master, because it is simply too loaded word. An ascended being is a being that has completely transcended space/time continuum and doesn’t have a personality any more. An Enlightened Being is a being that has had an experience of that state but that experience is not yet completely stabilized inside of the personality.

  227. Could Cobra please comment on the Fukushima radiation. There has been high level of radiation leaks as of recent. Are steps been taken to rectify the situation?

    Source :

  228. First thank you again for allowing us this opportunity to have answers to our questions. My question is, that when I choose a time to meditate randomly, meaning that out of nowhere I decided I’m just going to try it again, I get to the point where my mind is almost completely still meaning that I almost reach no thought state of consciousness, it does take about 2-3 hours to get to this point but I do get close. Yet when I do this regularly as in I decide that I will continue my practice even just the second day it is literally impossible to get any sense of calmness in my mind, it’s like someone is saying oh hey look this guy is actually trying to do his inner mission let’s make it really hard to do so he gives up, and I usually do give up with in the first two weeks because I can no longer even get close to where I got on the first day I started trying again. Why is it that practicing regularly makes it more difficult to do? Is there a way to achieve the nirmal thiti, practice is supposed to make perfect not make it harder.

  229. Hello, I HAVE A QUESTION TO Cobra-
    Isaw a film on about a russian geologist who found a place in Krasnojarsk region, not far from Samara where near the lakes and streams, and mountains with hills, after 5 hour meditation he had a contact with three civilizations. One of them he called Vishnu civilization. Then he saw Shiva (a holographic or what I did not understand). Shiva showed him to go after him, and he was given in that place secret information on the history of the planet.
    What do YouCobra, know about that. I think in this region can be situated one of the gates to Shambala.

  230. COBRA – There are no fresh star seeds coming from other star systems. People that have incarnated here have been inside of this recycle process for at least 25k years with extremely rare exceptions.

    Rob – Right, those rare exceptions may be if they have captured perhaps an E.T. craft. I’ve heard they will kill the E.T.’s physical body and force their soul in a human body.

    COBRA – Those things were happening in the past.

    Could you inquire more about those very rare fresh starseeds? Like, what are their characteristics? How do we distinguish them from the rest? How do we know we are one?

    I had a dream that, NOW I think, might be referring to this experience (being caught and forced to incarnate). Could such souls have hard time preparing their incarnation? Are the reins tightened on them in a more external way (harder circumstances), because of the fewer number of implants they have? Because the way I understand it, the fewer incarnations we have, the fewer implants we acquire.

    In the dream, I thought I was being clever by choosing to incarnate because the other option was… ??? I don’t know what the other option is. I immediately turned to a child when they caught me in the dream. So, I guess I was powerless like a child, in a way.

    Could you please ask about this? I don’t know where else I can learn about this, and maybe there are others who wonder about the experiences of a newer incarnate on Earth.
    Please please please

  231. Hello PFC team. Could you please ask Cobra this question. In this last interview Cobra said that the reason that he still has his memory of past lives and connection to source and everyone else doesn’t is because he said no to a choice, whereas all the rest of us said yes. I would like to know what this choice was. Why was there so much pressure to say yes to this choice. Cobra also said that those who did say no are no longer here. What did he mean by this?
    Also, is there anybody else in the world today besides Cobra who also said no to this choice. What percentage of the population said no?
    Does this choice have anything to do with the taking of the mark of the Beast that is spoken of in the Bible book Revelations?
    Thank you PFC team for taking the time to consider my questions. Kind regards.

    • Yes, I was expecting a follow-up on this as well. Why the ones who said no are no longer here? Are there any repercussions to say no? Also, he said after the 96 invasion many people had to forget their memories of spiritual experiences. Now, where is free-will in that? Things don’t add up here. How did he plan his current incarnation exactly?

      • If I may offer my view on free will, samwise, there’s often a confusion about free will as a starting point, a basic condition and law of creation in human life on the planet and the choices we make based on that. We’re not free from being responsible for our choices and their consequences.

        We may try to walk away from it and park unsolved issues, but not forever, look around at the world!
        Hence the muddled upness we’re in together, the reaping of what we sowed as a human species and the roots and shoots finding nutrition in it. Not all people forgot their memories of spiritual experiences. When do we know if our decisions are free, really? When do you know?

  232. Hello. My question is: Due to childhood trauma, I have experienced dissociation to the point where I had convinced myself I wasn’t real and lost connection to my sense of self entirely. My question is, can an ego kill itself? What does dissociation look like in a soul level?

  233. QUESTION: If all these positive factions like your resistance movement that have disclosure data they could download now to push disclosure through instead of waiting for the cabal to control that narrative, why haven’t any of these positive factions done so?

  234. QUESTION: If the Chimea are as dark and nasty as claim by many, why haven’t they triggered any of their stranglet or toplet bombs you claim they have? And if they can’t set them off for whatever reason, would this not make them a “non issue” as far as the event and disclosure is concerned?

  235. It has been alleged that a secret program was initiated in the 1960s which targeted Lightworkers (“Crystal and Indigo children”, for those who prefer to use those terms) at birth with specially formulated vaccinations contaminated with Lyme Disease, Malaria, mercury, and/or uranium. Allegedly a test was developed to identify such individuals at birth by checking their electromagnetic auras, and those registering certain auras were thus targeted immediately with these tainted injections, without the knowledge or consent of the parents. Many targeted newborns allegedly died very young (SIDS, perhaps?), and many of those who survived dealt with debilitating health-related issues for the rest of their lives. Are you able to confirm the existence of such a program, and if so can you offer any additional insight?

  236. Some sources says by the end of September Poland will have free energy and antigravitation for masses, Also full independence from matrix owners. And this is decision of higher beings. Is that true?

  237. Are the Kardashians a psy-op – i.e., the demasculization of the white male (Bruce Jenner), promotion of miscegenation with the girls and overall class warfare (ultra rich brats taking all these vacations while the rest of us toil at 9-5 jobs)?

  238. Is the ‘Church of Scientology’ legitimately helping people evolve spiritually? Was its founder L. Ron Hubbard a ‘lightworker’ and might this organization also be relevant after the Event in helping to futher enlighten people, which appearently is their stated purpose?

  239. The author Comyns Beaumont believed that the old Atlantis was located in the area that is now the northern Atlantic Ocean and was destroyed by a comet which caused a great flood, a pole shift and other cataclysms. When the floods receded, he said survivors from Atlantis started a new civilization in the northern British Isles. Beaumont’s research indicates that Jerusalem was originally Edinburgh, Scotland and other historical cities from the Old Testament were also located in the British Isles, rather than the Middle East where they are now located. Apparently, Constantine the Great was responsible for hiding the true location of the origins of modern day civilization and for transferring our true history to the Middle East. This is the reason that no evidence or records from the Old Testament history can be found in the Middle East.

    Do you know if any of Beaumont’s research is true?

  240. Hi Cobra,

    Carrie Fishers was clearly murdered by the cabal as a result (among other things) of revealing, just before her death, insider info about her affair with Harrison Ford during the making of Star Wars. In one interview, just days before her death, it seemed as if her revelations about her and Harrison Ford may have been a precursor for revealing more about the demented hidden behaviors of the so-called Hollywood elite. Was Carrie Fisher working with the light forces in some capacity? Was she killed as a result? Thank you.

  241. Is is truth that aids is a fake illness, and that the drugs (cocktails) are the responsable for killing the people?

  242. Is there a relation between the sign Scorpio and the higher heart (pink ray)? In that sense, what does Scorpio signifies? Transformation, creation, Goddess energy?

  243. Hello Cobra,
    do you know Valeriy Viktorovich Pyakin, the Russian analyst? Does he work for Light? Are his political and social analyses based on truth?
    Thank you!

  244. What can you tell us about the Kogi people of Colombia? They sound very spiritually advanced and their knowledge of nature astonishes even our scientists. They live to significantly older ages on top of high mountains with harsh conditions. They expected a catastrophic end to the world in August 11th, 1999. We know this didn’t happen because of the Archon Invasion in 1996, and there were no major catastrophs thanks to the interventions of light forces. But, what made Kogi people contact the outer world and send ‘messages’ to us. They sound as offended by us as the Agarthans. Were they guided by the Galactics? I must admit their message and they themselves were quite inspirational for me when I read about them years ago.

    • aluna, if I may, I can share with you about what I know about the Kogi tribe and the reason they came in touch with Western societies. The Kogi people live in pristine conditions, spiritually, in order to hold it in purity. At some point they were called to find a contact person, a bridge builder so to speak, and end their isolation.
      The human collective called for action and sharing of their knowledge. They’re skilled in astral travel and remote viewing as part of their nature. They “reached out” and found Drunvalo Melchizedek as the purest potential bridge builder and asked him to visit their tribe. They’ve got a childlike innocent stance about them and usually they’re dressed in white cotton. Men and women have long hair and their gender of being male or female isn’t typical male or female. They show both qualities in their appeariances and body posture.

      They create homes made of natural material and when a male baby is born, showing signs of spiritual qualities, he’s nurtured and fed with all the care he needs, but kept in a special place, a structure that is created inside the Earth, in complete darkness for the first 9 years of his life. So that his spiritual abilities can develop and be of service later in life, to all life on planet Earth. Drunvalo reveals info about the Kogi too.

      A small group of Kogi elders traveled to Holland, on invitation by spirit and they performed ceremonies. A friend of mine organised their stay in Holland and as they have no idea about money and electronic devices, they landed often in hilarious circumstances during their traveling in Holland. He told me that these Kogi elders felt called to travel to Holland and they explained how Holland was shrouded in a thick cloud of energy that obstructed the light present in it and that it would take a couple of years before that cloud would be lifted and Holland would be able to fulfill its role. Holland is holding the immune system quality for planet Earth, always balancing freedom of speech and the suppression of it, cover ups too.

      Hence the large amount of foreigners passing its borders, in the past as much as in our present time. Child- trafficking is most active in Holland and Belgium and Holland is a financial haven for trafficking money too.
      William of Orange invented the concept of interest, when he created the Bank of England in Londen. Auchh!

      The attempts to live together with many different backgrounds isn’t succesful without rubbing of shoulders, but there’s a relative tolerance and succesful efforts are made, usually citizen’s initiatives, to live in peace together. Geert Wilders is a voice in the desert, calling for tribal instincts to chase foreigners away, but he’s losing power due to the fact that he’s not constructive in any way. He’s creating his own trap.

      I am Dutch and I left Holland because I became aware of that cloud covering up the light. I live in the UK now, for I’ve fallen in love with Dartmoor on Devon, since 1998. England is the country that holds the heart energy for planet Earth, but as much as Holland is shrouded in that cloud of negativity, England still has a long way to go before that heart quality can shine again. Brexit is a very positive step in taking back its sovereignty.

      The UK hasn’t recovered yet from the shock of losing world power, the end of the Victorian golden era. The government and the legislation system is shrouded in corruption, that London Banking empire is very powerful and there’s quite a lot of destructive complacency present, in many UK citizens, due to a bitter resentment, having to live in a society that is visibly in decline with standards of living horribly damaging their spirit. I can see how UK citizens aren’t capable of coping with this collapse after living in such wealth not very long ago.
      I’m not born with that background, nor with the tendency to grow complacent, thank life 🙂

      (I know, I left the subject of the Kogi’s and strolled to another subject which is also close to my heart!)

  245. Stomach growls and repeated numbers. I feel like they are a form of communication, with the higher self??… if not, with whom do we communicate by those growls? They seem to answer questions. As if in divination methods. Am I alone in this?

  246. Cobra said that physical plane is safer than the astral plane, before. Is the situation still the same? If all of our troubles are related to the physical plane, is it still recommended to stay in here? I don’t think I’ll have anymore burden, once I left this body and life. Since it’s obvious my life situation won’t improve much (never did), I’d rather handle the etheric and astral planes, because I will be leaving my troubles when I’m dead. I don’t have bonds to anything or anyone in this life, except for some resentment that I hope will dissipate as soon as I left this body. So, why would I wait and watch the Arcons torture me with this life.

    • I guess you’re in a tough place right now, andy. I strongly recommend to start working now on the creation of your Heaven on planet Earth. Don’t live in the illusion that you leave your troubles behind, once you leave your physical body. You will reap what you sow, you see? Be it in physical form or in spirit.

      Imagine that your life turns out to be a mirror of your belief system and stance in life, at present and how you treat life and your own. With respect or not. You have a choice, don’t give your power away to your emotional turmoil. LIghten up and begin to create. That’s your homework, the Archons hold a grip on you when you show submission to their influence. They’re grinning about your efforts to resent their work, they feed on it. Don’t give your power away to them. You’re not ordained to fate, you’re invited to claim your sovereignty here.
      Enjoy the journey once you decide to go on a trip. A good one 😉

  247. Cobra question:

    1.) How did the Chimera, Archons, and Yaldabaoth entity survive through previous galactic superwaves? For example how did they survive the last one that caused the Gothenburg geomagnetic reversal, the terminal Pleistocene mass species extinction 13,000 years ago and consequently the deluge of Atlantis?

    2.) If they survived previous superwaves, doesn’t that indicate they have some sort of strategy to survive this next one that will culminate into the Event?

  248. Who/what was Shahmaran? Is she related to the Agarthans? There are multiple tales about her. What was the truth? What did she really look like? Half snake, half woman?

    • Question: When will we stop seeing chemtrails in the skys? It’s sort of s gage for me. I tell myself, when I don’t see chemtrails any longer I’ll know we’re ok☺️

  249. Regarding the galactic central sun, it is said that it has the power to reset a soul back to a blank slate so that the soul can start the reincarnation evolutionary process over again. This is done with irrecoverable dark souls. However, some souls by their own free will have asked if they can also go to the central sun to have their souls reset; perhaps there are forms of trauma and experience that, even though a soul may be “light”, it simply cannot go on having witnessed and experienced the things it has. So the question is: How can a soul travel to the galactic central sun to be reset? Would you suggest meditating on the concept, such as meditating imagining travelling to the center of the galaxy, seeing the black hole there, then travelling into it and imagining having your frequency identity stripped away and reset? What does this process feel like? I feel like it would be beneficial if we could form a group of souls, “pilgrims”, who could collectively meditate upon this and, when our time comes, we could travel there together to have our souls reset. I think we have enough information now that this process can occur and that we can do it of our own free will, but any further guidance on how to accomplish it would be appreciated.

  250. Cobra,
    Are xenoestrogens from plastics, pesticides, and other contaminants contributing to the growing number of people who feel they are the wrong gender (i.e. transgender persons)? Is this a hormonal imbalance?

    Are the Chimera and/or Archons able to disrupt or place strain on pregnancy? If so, are they targeting individuals with higher frequencies?

    Are there any specific herbs or stones you recommend to help balance an individual’s physical and etheric bodies, as it is nearly impossible for some of us to avoid all contaminants completely?

    Mental messages aside, is there anything we can do to prepare the ground where we have invited our Galactic family to land?

    Thank you for all your hard work.

  251. cobra ,
    you have spoken about the wondrous technologies that are to be released after the event. this includes a star trek like instant manifestation device or ‘materializer. ‘
    we remember the indulgence and spiritual destitution which brought about the fall of old atlantis . a materializer or similar technology would need to be utilized in a such a way that respects the law of reciprocity.

    would you speak to this? what is the balancing mechanism to this technology – the offering of prayer , or meditation ? how does the resistance see the responsible use of this technology?

  252. I recently watched an Episode of Cosmic Disclosure with Corey Goode & David Wilcock, where Corey stated that Marduk who is a ancient Summerian God (most likely a Draco) is in or involved with the Country South Africa.
    When I tried to find any links online to this statement I could only find an old Veterans Today post which spoke about Nelson Mandela’s funeral being a cover up for all world leaders to come to Africa & welcome back Marduk who is now possibly living in South Africa, underground at current President, Jacob Zuma’s home “Nkandla” which he recently refurbished worth millions & is under huge pressure for corruption regarding this lavish spending.
    Could Cobra please give his insight into this strange story? If there is any truth & if so maybe give more information about this being “Marduk” & why he came back & why he is in South Africa of all counties? Also if he is in human form or if he is in Draco form? If human maybe Cobra can tell us who he is?

    Thank you!
    Love & Light

  253. Is there any situation updates on the scalar/etheric/astral planes? I think those parasitic beings has started to interfere with us much more intensely lately. Even the channelings I used like sound very uninspired. Divination methods don’t work as they used to (it’s like listening to Archons 7/24). The Cabal seems to be going crazy, too. What to do? I am concerned, but maybe these are the signs we are closer to The Event than ever before.

    My other question is about those Archons/Cabal Members that chose to turn to light. How will they compensate for their mistakes/evil deeds? I mean it sounds impossible to achieve. Even just by looking at my own life, I can see it is impossible for them to make it up for me, just a single person among millions, but still impossible. I am not even talking about forgiveness. There is no possible reimbursement for the things that they made me go through in this life (directly or indirectly). How will they correct the crimes they’ve committed? The past is past, and the damage is done. Is there a possibility in an energetic level? How will they exactly make it up for us? How will The Galactic Confederation decide their sincerity in doing so? I cannot imagine.

  254. I have a couple of questions regarding Coba’s recent post on the Mysteries of Isis.

    Did the religious rites performed in the name of Isis include human or animal sacrifice? If so, what was the purpose? Will religious sacrifice be stopped in the modern era? (I do not believe in the sacrifice of anything, including animals).

    Is Isis’ Egyptian name, Aset, related to Set? If there is no connection, why are the names so similar?

  255. Cobra, in regard to Blank Slate Technology(BST)and the Wingmakers interview between Anne and Dr.Anderson, has BST already been invented and used? If so can you tell us how? And what has happened in regard to the supposed to covert alien invasion in 2011 by human/android forces?

  256. How to create your own Promissory Notes – Michael Tellinger –
    Please watch this video if your intuition guides you to. I would like for you to ask cobra about promissory notes validity. Thanks!

  257. What if we want to leave the Earth plane during The Event? I mean, leaving the physical body, ending this incarnation, and returning to wherever we came from. Will we have to kill ourselves, or will there be assistance from the Galactic Confederation in this process? How can we demand assistance in this?

    (To clarify my situation, I never had any opportunities to grow or develop or use my talents or connect with my higher self or been able to manifest anything I want, so I feel left out from the whole process of ascension and anything good in life, so I want to get out of this hell of a planet as soon as possible. I cannot and don’t feel like participating in The Event, and I don’t want to delay my departure anymore.)

    • sss if this is a serious question of yours, I suggest to visualize your death and leave. Or visualize your life and stay. But live to the fullest when you choose life, for life will choose you as well. It’s your choice what you do with your life and spirit being. But it may be worthwhile, when you walk in circles in your mind, to find support and make attempts to enjoy the ride here, as long as it lasts. Safe journey!

    • Hey sss,
      I will provide you with some links to assist you. You can read the transcript or listen to the audio.
      You can also review past interviews and blogs from Cobra here:
      Hope this helps.

  258. Every aspect of the entertainment industry is manipulated. How often do you see a musician say anything remotely anti-establishment anymore? They aren’t allowed. They’re more likely to integrate overt satanism into their performances than speak out. You occasionally hear Roger Waters (Pink Floyd) talk about supporting the Palestinians or Neil Young criticize the Tar Sands, but they made their millions decades ago and know their careers can’t be crushed. People like Miley Cyrus have a lot more to lose if they don’t play ball. As far as the sad state of popular music nowadays, there are also simpler explanations. The technology available now allows virtually anyone the opportunity to create music without ever having to learn an instrument; they can simply ‘clean it up’ after the fact with a computer. So most music nowadays is not created by what we would traditionally regard as musicians, and thus the music lacks that passion and isn’t special. You don’t see virtuoso musicians anymore for this exact reason; why spend years honing your craft when a computer can mask your deficiencies in seconds? I’m not sure if the Cabal was responsible for this, it was just the way things developed from a technological standpoint. I always got the impression that the music industry was taken very much by surprise by the “grunge” movement of the early 1990s because it was a completely organic grassroots thing, and once it had run its course and the record companies made their money, they vowed to never again let anything like that happen that they weren’t in total control of. They even murdered the man responsible for it, Kurt Cobain, after he decided that he’d rather quit the music business than make satanic pedophiles richer. And of course nothing has been the same since 1996, popular music included.

    • I apologize, the above was intended as a response to a question from “terre” from January 21. I’m not sure what happened but it wasn’t intended to be a separate topic/question.

  259. You said there are no parallel worlds that are quite like ours but exist in different alternative timelines. Now, I’m curious who may be responsible for creating this myth, and for what? I know about the scientific theory, but there were many confirmations from spiritual sources as well. I saw some channelings (Bashar) that say every possible option/direction/decision that we might take exists and happens in infinite parallel worlds, and we can switch between them depending on our level of consciousness (higher consciousness=better worlds/circumstances). Who benefits from such construction? Why did Archons (or others) distorted this/fabricated such a lie? What was their mentality/course of though in doing that? What were they trying to achieve with this? Give us some perspective, please.

    Thank you

  260. Cobra:
    When sending love to Mother Earth, Father Sky, to Crystals, to my Guardian Angel, to the Jungle and the Forest and my Higher I AM, I receive back a beautiful strong full body tingling vibration form the direction I focus on
    My question is: if Dark entities try to get close to you can they trick and mimic the same love vibration frequency that I feel when it returns to me or does it feel different ?

  261. • You’ve said that Goddess Dou Mu is looking for more direct connection with the population, how can we make contact with her?

  262. There was a really good indie music scene in 2000s. Not really popular, but enough to take the attention of major record companies. I was surprised when Arcade Fire won a Grammy back in 2011. Ordinary people were really pissed off that an indie band won the album of the year. WhoTheHellisArcadeFire was a prominent hashtag in social media. (Slightly before) then the indie scene started to dissipate. Musicians didn’t sound so good anymore. The inspiration was gone. Some were in major record companies, but not all of them. I would say many bands/musicians I followed kept their integrity. But, the music wasn’t good anymore. Was this a natural course of how things would unfold, or an intervention by The Cabal? Arcade Fire was never a popular band, why did they win a Grammy in 2011? It just doesn’t make any sense.

    • This trend has been going on for DECADES. Its totally the cabal. They are afraid of actual TALENT and creativity. It’s one of the great equalizers. It cannot be bought but is instead born and developed. They want a system that is totally based on their fraudulent luciferian money magic dark matrix so that they can control us. They want it to be strictly a matter of PAY to PLAY where not talent or integrity is added to the mix. Thus, people with little or no talent are the ones promoted as they are fully under control of the cabal. Their success is strictly dependent on advertising DOLLARS as opposed to quality work.

  263. Hello Cobra,
    I copied the following from a recent interview you did:

    P : We have discovered that some people tend to get even more scalar wave attacks after wearing Cintamani stones. I wonder how we can resolve this situation.

    C : Ok I would say that everybody who is working for the Light, that is doing their mission, can get more scalar attacks because we are in the middle of a war, and it is simply an indication that you need to spend more effort in protecting yourself.

    I am pretty sure that I have had many scalar attacks since I stared wearing my Cintamani stone. a year ago. It has been very challenging.My question is how do we protect ourselves from scalar attacks?
    Thank You!

  264. We all have been wronged, and perpetrators seemed to not only had been gotten away with it, but also awarded for their actions in this prison planet system. After The Event, what will happen with all these little unfair treatments that have been committed? People do it so constantly as if it’s normal. Will we get compansations for these? Will the perpetrators finally understand/realize what they have done? Doesn’t that require some high level of consciousness that most of these people don’t possess at all? I mean I wouldn’t want to be chasing all the little things that has been done to me (and I won’t), but they had drastic effects in my soul’s evolution and my life situation all through my life. I must be particularly unlucky, I see, but I don’t believe in luck and somebody should pay for it, if we are talking about a fair, sane society after The Event. Each job that has been done incorrectly, in a wrong attitude, all the wrong decisions that have been made, all the things that have been purposefully overlooked… everthing counts. They all have a place in the nightmarishness of this planet, and it will be so hard to correct all of these. What sort of timeframe we have for these after The Event? And, won’t all of these people have multiple breakdowns, when they realize what they had done? Do Cabal members/Archons have huge breakdowns, after they choose light? How does it unfold for them?

    • You are wounded and you went though hell. So did I. So did many of us. So first of all, understand that you didn’t suffer alone even though you felt like you were. You are strong and you need to remind yourself of that rather than focus on the unpleasantness. Look at everything they threw at you and here you still are, still fighting for all of humanity. We all chose an incredibly tough mission and we’re almost there, the hardest parts are behind us.

  265. Cobra, Thank you for all do.

    My biggest fear re Donald Trump is that he will unwittingly be used by the Zionist Agenda.

    Can you speak to this? I hope Steve Pieczenik and the White Hats can educate him and keep him on track.

    • If he is or “becomes” a cabal puppet it definitely wont be unwittingly. That’s is not how the system works. They definitely know that they are tools when they are installed. The only question is whether or not the light forces are a stronger influence on him than the cabal.

  266. All of the above plus harmonics.
    Gravity + Raising Frequency = Universal Energy; and higher dimensional beings can conveniently manipulate frequency aka light hence drop or cancel gravity in that event.

  267. I have a journalism degree and have worked in the graphic design and marketing realms. I have been to the presidential debates and tossed out of their farce; I’ve been to Standing Rock and experienced the militarized response to prayer and ceremony. I would like to be of service in any way possible. I’m also an excellent cook and would enjoy a long meal together. Please let me know how I can be of assistance to the victory of the light. It’s hard watching so many suffer daily…’s time….