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In Prepare for Change, the Event Support Groups (ESG) represent the masculine side of the local groups, and the Sisterhood of the Rose (SOTR) groups are the feminine side. While the SOTR is here to channel and anchor energies of calm, unity, softness, receptivity, through meditations and other kinds of Lightwork, the ESGs are here to take direct actions into society’s organization.

They are the ones to take initiative, to have the vision, to be builders, to give things shape. While the SOTR holds the space for the necessary calm, silence, stillness we need in order to establish connection, the ESG generate movement and action. Both of these groups need to be in perfect balance and to co-operate with each other for things to unfold in their highest potential. Balance and connection of masculine and feminine energies is central in creating a world of harmony.

We are to be leaders, not bosses. Generate more leaders, not followers.

boss or leader
Everybody has a capacity and a potential to be a leader in various moments. Everybody also has a capacity to follow and support the initiatives of others (as long as they it resonates with us), which is the feminine energy much needed for creation. We will need to respect both aspects in ourselves and in others for the highest potential to unfold.

The leadership, masculine quality, is a natural part of harmonious life. Leadership is an individual who has an idea and simply invites others to manifest it and takes the necessary steps to organize it. It’s as simple as that. It has nothing to do with behaving like a boss, superior, and telling others what to do. Leaders do not tell others what to do, they do the job as much as they can, and invite others, respecting their free will. Invitation is a key word here. True leadership requires balance, between initiative and receptivity.

Here are some of the critical tasks of ESGs before, during, and after the Event :

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  • Establish contact with the media, whether they are mainstream or alternative, international, national or local. The Resistance will contact the ESGs who are ready and balanced enough, and help establish these contacts. This aspect is critical as the quality of media information will be critical on the day of the Event, and in the first few days after it. Choice of words and balanced energy will totally determine the outcome of the day. There is a plan specific for the media, click here to read it.
  • Contact existing leaders and explain them what is going on. Among those who won’t be arrested, most of them will be confused and have no idea what is going on. These include mayor, town council personel, food and energy production and distribution managers, etc. The military and police department hierarchical structures will be given accurate information coming from the Resistance and positive military. They have plans in case of emergency to provide the population with basic needs they can activate if needed. However, just like in the media aspect, it is critical that the population are actors and organizers also, in order to avoid fears of martial law, and also to be truly liberated we need to be creators. There are existing documents, ready made to contact local leaders, click here to get them.
  • Organize community initiatives. Get to know your community, the various groups and individuals who are part of it. There are many groups doing good things out there : yoga and meditation centers, local organic food movements, various community solidarity efforts. Do not contact them and tell them what to do. Do not act as if you are above them. We are not. The best thing to do is to invite all of them to work together and play their role the way they want. Give them necessary information about what is going on if you have it. The Resistance and positive military may contact the ESGs who are ready and balanced enough, and give them the keys of community centers for example, in order to organize community reunions, to share information packages, for people to gather and feel re-assured in the presence of each other, offer healing, collective meditations, etc.
  • Remember to focus on priorities. Basic vital needs first : water, food, clothing, shelter, heat. Think of organizing both short and mid/long term : immediate distribution of food and water, as well as initiate food production for the next few months. A lot of the food production has been managed by the cabal and poisonned, so we will need restructuring, probably start by investing local available land and start growing food locally. Look for, and encourage local people who can provide alternative electricity in the short term : solar panels, etc. The first focus and priority should always be that everybody is taken care of at all times. In the mid/long term, these questions will be solved much more easily thanks to huge technological and spiritual advancements. In the short term, this will require clear and focused organization.


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  1. Hello fellow star fam, I live in the North East United States, in NEW Jersey, 5 min outside of NYC. I have been preparing with food storage including 100s of packs of seedlings to grow my own food etc. I would love to start or join others who already have assembled together, communicating, and preparing each other to get through this great event. I feel so alone with this info in my region because NO ONE I know has any idea about this and it would be a dream come true to communicate with like mind individuals that can benefit from my help and knowledge and vice versa so we can lean on each other and help each other get through unscathed by already having detailed instructions, contact info and ways to communicate l, like cv radios or ham radios. I hope someone will see this post that lives within the tri-state area from me and get in touch. Love you all! Much love and Light. ❤️❤️❤️

    • Hi Jamie, I was born in Clifton, NJ and now live in FL. What city are you in? I have a fabulous garden my husband built for us. It’s boxes 12′ x 3′ on legs so I don’t hurt my back working in it. I am growing kale, lettuce, broccoli, cauliflower, parsley, carrots, beets, basil cilantro and peppers all winter long. I hope you get this message so we can share ideas. Jane

  2. Hi Family. Sending gratitude and love to each and every one of you. I am in Madison, CT and would love to start a group. Anyone near me in Connecticut? xo

  3. フェイクニュースや自演テロが横行するアホな世界では、


  4. 私は、日本の宮崎に住んでいToemi Yoshimatsuです。近くに協力し合える仲間、グループがいません。この地球、この宇宙に愛を広めるために一緒に活動してくださる方、ご連絡ください。よろしくお願いします。
    [email protected]

  5. Sean here! Currently living in Los Angeles. I have a large network of light workers , knowledge, ability, and the means to spread it. I’m looking for people to join me ready to offer their connections and services and their own gifts to join my grid of helping connect the world. I want to build a collective of resources.

    Contact me at either [email protected]
    [email protected]

  6. If you are interested in being ready for “The Event” or other emergency situation, send me an email. We can provide you a holistic approach to being “ready” for any type of “crisis”. Our goal is to help eliminate the fear by helping to keep everyone in “The Core of Calm” (R). Part of the trick is to be an observer to what is happening around us, and be ready for whatever may occur.
    My email address is: [email protected]

    Looking forward to hearing from you.
    Love and Light,

  7. Hi Rob, in your last news letter which I accidently deleted. You gave some information about a meet up group in Portland, OR. The email address you gave is (secretspace.com). I’ve tried to bring this site up but to no avail. Is this site up yet?
    Keep up the wonderful work you are doing, You are so appreciated and loved.
    Thank You……Namaste…

  8. sos!sos!sos!
    nariko okamura
    おねがいします。ちからをかしてください。わたしをかんきんしてるのは、ちきゅうをあせんしょんさせないためにずっと、ぼうがいをしています おねがいします。ちからをかしてください

    • Hi, is this Japanese lady Nariko Okamura ok? She says she’s been confinement from the system of against ascension of earth.
      She’s clearly asking for help on this message board.
      Can anyone help her??

  9. Hello Energy Workers! I’m looking for others who are helping the grid to strengthen and grow, especially those near San Antonio, TX. I no longer want to work on my own. I am sure i have much to learn. My email is [email protected]

  10. Hi! I’m located in Long Island, NY and am looking to connect with like-minded souls in this endeavor. It would be great to work together in service to others should the EVENT occur.

    • Hi Jennifer! I’m in Islip, I want to go to the Ley Line at the Robert Moses water tower. My email is “Car ox mtk at me dot com” I’ll be there by 11:28 am EST??❤️????I’m trying to get my daughters to join me, we are indigos????????

  11. Also if you cannot obtain a walkie, just try to spread awareness to everyone in your own communities all around, and also lead if you must, and all of these actions will help in a big way if anything does so happen, take care for now.

    My major believe on this is something that the government has been trying to implement, also think about under ground bunkers they will help as well in time’s of crises, also stock up with as much food and water that you can it will help, take care for now.

  12. Just a head’s up for Tomorrow on the upcoming Eclipse, some are saying it is not like no other “Eclipse” some are stating that it may cause a major blackout for half of the world, also there is a Volcano in Yellow stone said to erupt so a head’s up on that as well.

    I am putting a suggestion out there and that is to use walkie talkies that have a long mileage range for half way around the world, these will help in case of a major blackout, so if the word could be spread it would help a lot I’m sure.

    But walkies are the best means of communication when everything goes down, use them so we can talk to one another, or if that won’t be available to you which you can find these worldwide walkie talkies at pawn shops and electronic stores, sort of like CB radios or also ham radios, it is best to be in possession of one of the two.

    My sources are as followed..
    The volcano information: https://youtu.be/VS7U034feh8

    And information about the “Eclipse”: https://youtu.be/v8dVKWep8Eg

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