Tachyon Chamber Network


A planetary network of Tachyon Chambers is being built. These chambers are based on a technology given by Pleiadians to Cobra during physical contacts with them. Here we will keep the list updated with all the contact infos to book sessions, and explain what Tachyons and these chambers do.

Tachyons are subatomic particles which contain the full spectrum of spiritual Light. They were the very first particles created by the Source/Creator in the very beginning of this universe. Therefore, they are a direct connection with Source, and they transmit the true original blueprint of creation. This includes the original blueprint about each of us, from our soul (which is part of Source).

Tachyons always exist simultaneously on all planes, physical, etheric, astral. Light carries information, truth, and when we have the correct information, our whole being, all our bodies (physical, astral, etc) can then re-align with this truth. Therefore tachyons can initiate healing of any disease physically, mentally, emotionally, etc. It is the will of Source to heal the whole of creation, therefore everything is bound to be re-connected to Source and healed anyway. However, this is still dependent on each individual’s free will decisions to align with Source blueprint on every aspect, this is the main factor determining the speed of the healing. Source has also made decrees that it is not possible anymore to be disconnected from its original blueprint too much, to the extent of being in darkness and evil, so all evil and darkness are now progressively being removed and transmuted into Light, regardless of the free will of those involved in dark activities. This is the basis for the mass arrests of all dark beings scenario, who are then taken into healing.

Tachyons naturally should be present everywhere in nature and available for every living being. The only reason why they are not available yet in this way on this planet is because of the veil surrounding the Earth. Once this is removed, tachyons will flood the planet. In the meantime, Pleiadians and other light forces have worked to make tachyons available on the planet as much as possible, in order to help make the shift happen and remove the veil. By connecting with tachyons we create holes in the veil, and then we are generally more able to play our part for the removal of the veil : even though off-world light forces are doing a lot, we are an important pillar of that process also.

Here are some points to know about the Tachyon chambers :

  • The effects of sessions are permanent and reach into every plane of existence, into each of our bodies and therefore in all the aspects of our being : physical, emotional, mental, etc
  • These are not yet the kind of chambers which will heal deep diseases instantly. They initiate a progressive process of re-connection with Source. However most participants witness instant changes in their general energy field, increased feelings of well-being, greater emotional and mental clarity, ease with physical issues etc. Improvements with deeper diseases can be witnessed in the longer term, as a result of reconnection with Source, and inner work from the participant.
  • These shifts are observed in just one or a few 20 min sessions. Participants usually want to do more sessions over time, in order to deepen their connection with Source until they are fully reconnected, however that process is only possible progressively and through all kinds of inner work.

These chambers are built by the New Energy Tachyon company, and you can read more about healing chambers and find a complete list of healing chambers around the world here: