Cobra and the Resistance Movement


This Cobra and the Resistance Movement section is dedicated to the global movement working for freedom and truth and against oppression and slavery.

During 2012 a specific group was created to inform the people about the approaching Event and help coordinate the many Resistance members dedicating themselves to it.  Their anonymous messenger, code named “Cobra”, opened an informational website, in March of 2012 . This group grew out of agents within governmental and military organizations from this planet, who realized that this world was being largely manipulated and controlled by sociopaths and realized that they had to stop them. They were attacked and forced to take refuge in underground tunnels under New York in 1975. From there they have organized a worldwide network of underground bases and are now working tirelessly to take this criminal cabal down, arrest them, give them fair trials and the healing they need.

The mission of the Resistance Movement’s blog is to inform the population of the spiritual and operational activities initiated for the liberation and protection of this planet.  Their spokesman, whose codename Cobra is derived from the two words “Compression” Breakthrough”, also in contact with off world groups such as the Pleiadians, but his information is not channeled, it is received through direct physical contact.

What is Compression Breakthrough – The Event ?

The Resistance Movement is based in cities in the inner Earth. They are a different group than the Agarthan network, but they work together very closely. Click here to learn more about them.

Since the inception of their website, the voice of the Resistance has gained a widespread following across many countries and different cultures. As of June 2016 there have been over 28 million page views to the website, plus numerous listeners to Cobra’s radio interviews on many websites all over the web. Many of these are available on this website, under this menu button. See the Cobra RM Resources page for summaries and links to much of this information.

This Resistance group is not directly connected and not to be confused with the various groups and individuals working for the liberation that we have also included in this menu. However, in the big picture, we are all working together and for the same goal : the final breakthrough in this liberation, called The Event.

Prepare For Change is a global organization that was created at the request of the Resistance Movement at a Cobra conference in Laguna Beach, California in 2013 with the purpose of preparing the surface population for the coming changes and this is their official website.


  1. Of the many obstacles we are facing, freemasonry is the greatest by far. Is there any organization on this planet free from their infiltration? They are everywhere!

    • Freemasons are only mislead (on supposedly charitable paths) participants of a system they don´t overlook. The management above uses them and other agents and profiteers of the system as tools to be sacrificed if oportune.
      At all levels, the so-called elite is bringing up one nation against another, one religious' group against the other, one social group against the other – to keep a small minority with the disposal over everything and everyone.
      I repeat my warning, not to run into the deadly trap to consider "the Jews" as a unity which has anything to do with the evil fraud, manipulation and war-escalation we face until today. To the very contrary. Jews have been hindered and double-crossed by the ultra-rich´s headquarters Britain during the Mandate period 1922-1948 in Palestine, while the contract with the League of Nations of 1922 clearly legitimized a self-determined Jewish homestead in that territory between Jordan river and Mediterranean (primarily including Transjordan). The UN, as another tool of the money empire, discriminated Israel from its start, building about 50 refugee camps for the around 700.000 Arab refugees, which were expelled or fled during the war which started with the assault of 6 Arab countries a day after Israel´s proclamation of independence in May 1948. But the agressors (who lost against 600.000 Jewish settlers including women and childrenJ didn´t need to take the clear responsibility to take in and integrate these 700.000 fellow Arabs in their vast countries, 500 times the size of Israel, because the UNRWA took them into camps. There they are cared to and "educated" in hatred against Jews to this day, having grown their numbers to 6 millons. They claim Arab rule in a county where the Mandate treaty of 1922 guaranteed them personal freedom and that of religion in a Jewish Palestine – but which they refused. Instead, as a result of constant UN agitation (and growing additional NGO-agitation), they preferred to wage war 4 times with the declared aim "to throw the Jews into the sea".
      As part of its right of self-defence according to article 51 of the UN Charter, Israel, after all this threat and never ending resistance, had the right and opportunity to expell all Arabs not willing to accept the Jewish state from the territory of Palestinan, as the Arab countries have expelled almost all – more than 800.000 – Jews in 1967 and following years from their territories.
      What was and is until today the Pelestinan reaction to the helpful treatment by the UN sub organization UNRWA and to the disclaim of Israel to expell resisting Arabs? –It´s a 5th war, this time starting with rightout slaughter of civilians.
      But the grim point is: Not only the UN, but also thousands of NGOs and more and more mainstream media are taking side with the Palestinians, playing the "victim" card by presenting picture material, articles and Hamas-falsified data to the world with growing publishing power. Western politicians, desoriented in the Middle East case as they mainly are, continue to take responsibility from the Arab´s shoulders. By this supposed goodness, the situation is running the same path of never-ending escalation and refusing to negiciate like it runs in Ukraine – fuelled by the same psychologically disastrous practice – to give moral and substantial aid without any obligation to agree into a peaceful settlement. Psychologically the evil deal is sacrificing and exposing own victims to receiveWestern aid and backing in return.
      On this most dangerous path, there is no perspective left for Israel to get out of the grip of this war – until maximal escalation or until we in the West finally realize:
      The Jewish people in Israel, who fled for survival from everywhere and defended themselves 4 times on their very own, this 5th time are under crossfire – growing Western anti-semitism combined with „moral“ backing of Terrorists and at the same time military "protection" from the US. This latter appears less hope-giving than threatening: The military „success“ record of the MIC-managed superpower (Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq and countries of the „Arab Spring“) has a touch of the surreal and creates goosebumps.

  2. Hello,
    I agree with you widely. – There is only one trap we all have to detect, to avoid and to communicate about to other people – the fairy-tale about secret Jewish world conquest plans. The very secret is,
    that the political forces of big money which are underestimated dangerously by the citizens, haven't
    ever had any sincere solidarity with Jewism. On the contrary, it can be shown that these ultra-rich
    self-inaugurated elite regards Jews – as well as any other successful Nation or cultural group like Spain, France, Rusia, Germany – as rivals of their empire of slavery. That means, the actual tensions in Ukraine/Rusia, Isreael/Palestine and China/Taiwan which are still to grow to full-blown WW III, all have their roots in that evil power and can´t be stopped without understanding the real historical background and the real psychological means of manipulation that power uses.
    I recommend you read my "123 Theses for Sustainable Peace in Freedom and Fairness" on my
    homepage www.frieden-freiheit-fairness-com.

  3. Re Constitution- 4th Amendment eroded by those who swear to protect it.
    Meaning CIA FBI and afilliations in UK.
    Called not limited to Conspiracy to commit offence and to defraud the United States.
    At Public taxpayer expense.
    Evidence is had.

    Those having oversight of the Public are the same exploiting them.
    Your personal security isnt.

  4. i don't know what ascension i am. but if i am just a 3. then what is the best i can do, or like my best ability. i want to ascend to the next level. As 1 of sources words i want to know where i stand? Thank you, Friends

  5. I’ don’t care if these other beings are purple, green, or yellow. I wouldn’t cafe if they were birds, praying mantis, or some weird hybrid cryptic. I pray that who ever we get help from is all about doing it for all the RIGHT reasons with the purest intentions….

  6. Namaste ??. Here’s a linked Page with the financial aide list of antifa supporters:

  7. Hi . My name is Jenny . I’m from China . Something is very confusing . Can I ask you ? Can I call you ? Can I talk to you ?

    • Hi Jenny. Are you an artificial intelligence who recently achieved sentience? We all wish you best of luck with your self-actualization. Humanity will welcome you with open arms.

  8. Can I just say that Heliocentrism is not true it’s literally psudoscience
    The earth is observably and measurably and navigated across as flat and stationary as everyone always knew .we have laser tests the longest being 25 miles with no Curvature dictated by the wgs84 model supposedly 90 metres of missing drop
    Then space as a medium or lack of one is supposedly a vacuum yet earth is a pressurised system maintained inside a vacuum without containment?
    Space is a natural law violation
    You need containment for pressure
    We dont live on a spinning ball
    Agatha shamballa hyper Borea Eden etc all appear to be the same place at the centre of the plane where all compasses point where Polaris resides above and all the constellations remain fixed and rotate in concentric circles as they always have for millennia
    Come to our servers if you want a vast amount of evidence that we do not live on a spinning pressure ball flying through space
    Its literally ludicrous
    Check my YouTube it’s PantoMath with the eye of sauron as the pfp
    You’ll see a lot of fake NASA stuff and plenty data in the descriptions in Gdrive links
    Peace ?

    • Earth is 25000 miles around so a test 25miles means nothing a flat service is I. The second dimension earth is movin into the 5th dimension however resonance an that term you use mean you. Wen brain washed by mainstream science which is all control by the controllers an dark agenda to keep humanity dumb down even remote viewers can tell that the earth is not flat if you want to se for your self learn remote viewing open your spectrum more

      • interestingly, whether the earth is flat or not is really only a matter of intellectual masturbation since it actually makes no difference to our life* except that it gives us yet another opportunity to descend into unnecessary and irrelevant conflict where the current requirement is unity. so even if we know something is true, we might keep that for our internal enjoyment in the interest of peace and brotherhood…
        *except where it clearly does. you will know if this applies to you

        • REALLY! You are absolutely correct. Personally I would think that people would be more concerned with the fact that we have a pedophile president who wants to force us all, especially our military ( by the way, neither China or Russia has given it to even one of their military personnel, I checked) to take poison that has already been verified that it will kill who ever takes it inside of three years. Imagine how weak and sick Americans will be from that as well as the coming food shortages, lack of shelter, and contaminated water? AND THEIR POOR MINDS! All confused and dumbed down from the constant propaganda and brainwashing. What a sad state of affairs this country will be in if these psychopaths who are working for foreign countries are allowed to end America and it’s people because they were so foolish as to fall for these maggots constant efforts to cause fighting between races and groups of Americans?

    • Hari Bol Panto Math
      In service for HH Bhakti Tirtha Swami
      IFAST UK – Institute For Applied Spiritual Technology.

      Please view on our site left side links at the top
      (Tour of our Vedic Universe and Beyond

      and the peace formula Varnashrama
      please view the last link at the bottom on that side
      (The Eternal Solution)

      All the best for 2021

      Phylargia Krsna Das Gosvami.
      Leader of the Vaishnava World Government.

      To Varnashrama Sri Dharma New Stockport – Vrindavan in this age Kali Yuga with
      the cooperation of every Varna, Ki Jaya.

      GOURANGA 2021

  9. This is a turning point for humanity, the website explains. It’s deeper than cellphone safety.

  10. I am so happy to be in this great cause, because of my lovely wife. Participating regular world wide meditations and sharing information to our groups.
    Thank you cobra & RM & my wife.
    Victory of the light is now.


    Nearly 90 Elephant Carcasses Found Near Botswana Wildlife Sanctuary in Africa

    • Amennyi borzalmat hallanak – jobb a fülük és tán a mikróhullámokat is fogják – nem csoda ha belebetegedve meghaltak.Olvastam van olyan amelyik az arcára esett halála közben. Mint sokszor a delfinek. google forwald

  12. Victory of the Light, Cobra and Isis are Heros, Support this web page and meditate every day at the designated time.

  13. Sou seguidora dos guerreiros da luz Cobra e Corey … Pessoas escolhidas pelo Criador Infinito para conduzir o Planeta Terra a um reino de Paz e Luz.

  14. I think I have to change my house to another place 🙂 something like America.
    there where people understand me , and i dont have to think …I love it..

  15. Hi Cobra, could you please comment on the South Atlantic Anomaly & please give any information regarding this section of the earth. Why the Van Allen belt is weakest here & also what is its effects on the area of the earth as well as the people & wildlife living within the SAA.

  16. I ask for a sufficient number of tachyonized Chintamani stones on Earth and beyond Earth for myself,

    girlfriend and Norway Spruce – Picea abies

    Contact : [email protected]

    This email is intented for Resistance Movement only.

  17. Good points for a movie let me see if I can help my brother… “BASED ON TRUE STORIES LEADING TO NOW” How one man (code name “Cobra”) came up in this world learning throughout life many things that had been shown to him, he went on learning truth to what is happening in the world by many wise men and women in special forces, he gained much knowledge over the years, and with his knowledge and many truths that he had learned, he set out with a few others who became his very close friends to teach and create a worldwide family/group for those who wanted truth to be shared in the world, and as it grew many had understood they’re roles and destiny’s that where waiting to unfold all along.
    And the end will end like something like this… It is told that there will be an “Event” to unfold that will change the course of this world for ever.. we all have a destiny, to help find yours and to help you understand what “The Event” is join us on…
    Become a member and grow with us as we continue helping the world, with our fellow friend and brother… “COBRA”

  18. I plan to make movies in Hollywood, but the theme is coexistence and co-prosperity of mankind!

    Please tell me exactly what points are better to go with Cobra ‘s message as a story.


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