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Here you will find quick and simple steps to find people near you to meet, and organize :

Both groups can merge and be one and the same.
Here are a few things to know :

  • You do not need to be approved by us to become involved. This is an open-source movement.

  • You do not need to use any private information. You can simply use a nickname and an approximate address (for example just the name of your city)

  • Finding other aware people near you can be a critical factor at the time of the Event to create a smooth transition.

  • You do not need any special experience or talent to get involved. Good intentions are enough. We all have unique gifts and purpose which can be used for the liberation of all life ! You are the only one who can know what your role will be !


We currently use Facebook as a platform

 Facebook : Because of its popularity, it allows you to connect with many people.  We may use an alternate platform in the future.  There are hundreds of groups worldwide already created! See the list below. If you do not find a group for your location you can create it and send it by e-mail to this address : [email protected]

Or give us the link in a comment below:

Groups for All Locations: 

 Cobra Inspired Pages :

100 thoughts on “Create or Join a Local Group”

  1. Attitude needs adjusting,,,people with autism, or other mental disabilities have a much harder time in focusing in meditation then most others who have no understanding of this disability. I have a little bit of anger towards those who refuse to put prayer on the same level as meditation…some might even put prayer as stronger then meditation, people with disabilities can use prayer. King James bible…I do not remember exact details…to me the message is clear, though shall not have any other Gods before thee (OR GODESS!) or idol worshipping.

  2. Hi, I am from Iran, I am 26 years old, I would love to meet with the forces of light and cooperate. But I can’t believe these things are real, please prove it to me

  3. just now I created my: prepare for a global change-
    hope will be a helping hand for worldwide prosperity.

  4. Hello everyone…does anyone want to meet in Madrid, in the mountains, for meditation, etc.? I have a very large house, and would love to organize something. Completely free, just in case you wonder, of course. If you fancy, contact me at [email protected]

    Love to all of you!!!

  5. GAB might be an option. I don’t do platforms that don’t recognize freedom and almost left because of the Fackbook push. Astral fighters don’t manage well.. :). You’ll have to adopt VPN protections and other ideas to draw in the ones who are fighting the “dark” in real-time.

    • Same here, I’m banned on FB for posting about the Cabal lapdogs! And exposing An American CABAL Coach and public figure, but obviously Zuckerberg’s sister Randi who teamed up with my target, seemed to have the power to get me repeatedly put in jail and now banned!!
      I’m in Sweden, and can’t access the Swedish FB group!
      Please help:)
      Love from Stockholm

  6. Are there any alternative methods to access groups in my area (Houston, TX) other than via facebook? I refuse to open an account with them.

  7. I am on FB but have been blocked for 30 days. I have another pace called Heaven’s Touch the 5th dimension& Beyond . I am communicating on MeWe.
    I’m ready been fighting all my life. Thank you every single one of you and God Source. I AM THE LIGHT I AM THE LOVE I AM !

    • Who is this and what is this about?
      I know what’s going on now is not going to get better and the world as we know it is done son now I see this who and what exactly is this???

    • Same here, repeatedly put in jail and now banned for life. Because of exposing An American Coach who is a CABAL tool. Who has Randi Zuckerberg in his inner circle!!

  8. Greetings,
    I have been waiting for an acceptance. What has happened with thi group for Houston TX? both in the cith and on FB?

  9. We are here now! I was enlightened on 2/15/1979 and God has been close since. All humanity is included. Jesus Christ is God in the flesh, and they sacrificed for all humanity in the form of first Adam. Religion is a divider not intended, but humanity had to mature as a whole, and Satan’s mission is to turn us against our brother and sisters. Satanism is not a part of God’s Kingdom on Earth. Remember, Thou Kingdom Come, Thou Will Be Done, On Earth as it is in Heaven! The financial system is already turned and prosperity for all is God’s way . I know if it’s not aligned with God’s way….well, it is LOSS!❤

    • Hello Brenda, please, can we stop with that “old-time religion” song now? Enjoy your singing, but allow me and others to sing our own song with our own voice?
      It’s truly a stupid thing to want to force one’s belief on others, thinking that theirs isn’t worth paying attention to. Imagine yourself on the receiving end of what you’re doing.

      • Well said Devon with 200 Thousand variations of religious & following cults, we have had it up to hear. just follow the angels, the father, Creator~Creatoress.

        Be of Kindness to others and of your self.

        Embrace spiritual awareness and Gaia and learn your purpose for this life of many for being here to assist bye whatever gifts you embrace or bestow and work for you! Love to all Brett

  10. Hello,
    Just created Prepare For Change – Lithuania facebook group for my country. You can add it to the list.

    Best regards DB


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