Create or Join a Local Group

Here you will find quick and simple steps to find people near you to meet, and organize :

Both groups can merge and be one and the same.
Here are a few things to know :

  • You do not need to be approved by us to become involved. This is an open-source movement.

  • You do not need to use any private information. You can simply use a nickname and an approximate address (for example just the name of your city)

  • Finding other aware people near you can be a critical factor at the time of the Event to create a smooth transition.

  • You do not need any special experience or talent to get involved. Good intentions are enough. We all have unique gifts and purpose which can be used for the liberation of all life ! You are the only one who can know what your role will be !


We currently use Facebook as a platform

 Facebook : Because of its popularity, it allows you to connect with many people.  We may use an alternate platform in the future.  There are hundreds of groups worldwide already created! See the list below. If you do not find a group for your location you can create it and send it by e-mail to this address : [email protected]

Or give us the link in a comment below:

Groups for All Locations: 

 Cobra Inspired Pages :


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