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 Facebook : Because of its popularity, it allows you to connect with many people.  We may use an alternate platform in the future.  There are hundreds of groups worldwide already created! See the list below. If you do not find a group for your location you can create it and send it by e-mail to this address : [email protected]

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  1. Tachyon chambers are like Medbeds, should be more advertised as they are already available here, they are very useful and powerful tools in healing. I used one in London and had amazing experiences!

    • Tachyon chambers and Med Beds are different.

      " Med beds will NOT be introduced to the surface population before the Event, and they are NOT related to Tachyon chambers whatsoever."

      "Please be aware that Tachyon chambers are NOT med beds. Med beds were developed by the Resistance in the late 1970s and early 1980s with the assistance from the Andromedans and will only be available to the surface population after the Event."

      Thank you. Now, let’s look at med beds for a moment. Once the Event is over and they’re available, who will look after med beds? Will it be individuals who would like to, or specialists such as doctors, galactic beings?

      Okay. The first med beds will be introduced after the Event, and they will be given to, I would say, qualified personnel. They will go through some short training and they will be checked that their… I would say personality structure will be checked against inner corruption and in such a way, this network will grow exponentially until it reaches the critical mass. So people on the surface can get some real healing.

      And in what type of structures will they be available?

      Can you rephrase this question?

      Will it be in hospitals? Will it be in special places? Will there be medical centers or will it be completely apart?

      This will go through different channels. It’ll go through official channels, through hospitals, through healing centers, through spiritual healing centers, to private homes, to private companies. It’ll be a combination of all of this."

      interview with interesting and specific information

  2. Jack Blades
    I am a 85 year old Veteran with damaged arthritic painful knee joints, bone to bone missing cartilage. Extensive skin cancer over entire body . Shoulder surgery for spindle cell carcinoma cancer. Under bite jaw structure with rotted or missing teeth. Enlarged prostrate.
    living in West Palm Beach Florida. In the near future How do I sign up for the scheduling for Med-Bed healing treatments ?
    561-232-0647 [email protected].

    • Hi there. I believe the following email address is still current since I put my name on the MEDBED list back in 2021 and received assurance that I will be contacted when they roll out. Feel free to submit, nothing gained, nothing lost, so to speak…. I am an USN(RET) Viet Nam Vet and also have multiple issues that need correction…. Best of luck to you….

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