Important Documents For Change


Important Documents For Change 

This page is intended as a page to provide evidence and support to those people who are new to the Idea and concept that this website considers its primary mission. Our mission is to provide a solid basic understanding of the impending changes in our worlds political and financial institutions world wide. These major cultural lynch pins are corrupt.  The healing of these edifices of power and control will require drastic alterations in the  current systems and rules under which they now operate . Many corrupt individuals are being arrested and more very powerful people will continue to be arrested. We will all witness the fall from power petty personalities which have been involved in racketeering on a level that will shock many.

To understand how these long standing criminal activities have been allowed for so long will require an open mind willing to appreciate the depth of the corruption and the depth and breadth of it influence. To grasp the acts and crimes that  are perpetuated by those who abuse their positions of influence it will be necessary for the average person to educate themselves with some very important and powerful documents. Some of the documents presented here are more well known than others. Some of these documents will be older and easily recognized. Other documents may be more universal and new, while some may be more specific to certain aspects of the corruption which is destroying our worlds cultural heritage. We hope to maintain a high level of integrity and standards in regard to the articles that will be made available here for all to enjoy for their edification.

Again we will encourage you to be inspired and to submit your own ideas for profound documents speeches and articles from antiquity to the present to be shared here for the world to have as a reference when it comes time to truly take responsibility to support Love and Truth oriented changes on our world. These documents are certainly relevant now and will be at the time of the EVENT and after as well.

You can submit ideas for additional documents here:

Prepare for Change Team

1)      Declaration Of Independence

2)     The Constitution Of the United States

3)     The Bill Of Rights

4)     Sermon on The Mount

5A)  The Rights of Man by Thomas Paine (Verbose)

5B)  The Rights Of Man by Thomas Paine (Concise)

6)    The Great American Adventure (Downloadable PDF)

7)    The Venus Project

8)   Scalar Plasma Field history of Chimera Group


  1. Any right or privilege given by man can be taken away by man which is clearly seen in our present day judicial system. The rights of man are not being recognized as a result of laws created by man hell bent on self service and controlling the life of other. Everyone is born with inalienable rights, a right according to natural law, a right that cannot be taken away, denied, or transferred. These rights are innate they cannot be taken away by anyone that experts their right of them. Man’s identity has been stolen by the morally, ethically, and spiritually bankrupt. The psychology of belief has become a pandemic.

    What is the point of going after the “Cabal” when we are not addressing the systems put in place by the 13 satanic blood lines? The judicial system needs immediate reform as it continues to to enslave mankind?

  2. Can’t the arrested criminals be sent to a very inhospitable planet where life will be very hard to survive. These people have no use to humanity and I sure as hell don’t want to see decades of legal entanglement that will set these creatures free. For example, if you have committed heinous crimes against other humans and killed then your sentence would be death and it must be executed within 5 business days.

  3. Rob(or who read this)
    The link:

    it’s not working…

  4. Miranda,i think that it’s cause we gonna have people who will work more to have more money yet…and cause i think we still gonna be on 3d world…and we gonna have freedom after event enough,to choose Venus proj if we want…even if just some parts of world …like a little country on europe or Asia…

  5. A new and long interview with Red Dragons Ambassador (“Mr.Ambassador”):

    May we have also from TPR one.
    Kindest regards.

  6. The Venus project is a well intentioned project with wonderful visionary ideals to be implemented and evolced as funds and co creativity is made possible. Land and committed teams of people who can actually get a long and focus to sustain a vision and manifest the goods remains to be seen.

    An entirely new system of financial rules and transparency understanding cannot be implemented overnight. With the current level of coperation humanity is presently capable of enacting as a mild handicap and projecting rapid development based on total liberty after the Event or within 6 months.

    I personally would envision at last 3-7 years before a cashless society could be fullY implemented for 100 percent of transactions. We currently have a cashless society for the most part.

    Who has the authority to create money and distribute it in an honest benefit for all is what is lacking. The education of the populace to realize the absolute imperative to enstate and accept a new system will require a process of re education of what money represents. Furthermore the will to move swiftly forward into the new opportunity of un limited abunadance and translate to a universal economic system is a process that must be thought out and implemented globally.

    We will get there sooner than would be expected at this time. The Lawfull Arrests and removal of large numbers criminal conspiritors within the political and financial societal infra structure is a grand task. This operation must be sucessful for victory to be achieved and the first steps towards new revelations and a faith based economy of unversal abundance can be forged.

    • Thank u all for your words of encouragement. Here is the lyrics to a song that came to me one day sitting beside the oceans edge, I would like to share. Do You Know Who You Are? You are a shinning star we have come to this place through time and space to form this living race, rise up rise up and fill you cup with creator consciousness them we will all become one like the rising of a new son. When I look into your eyes it makes me realize god is looking back at me that is what I see,rise up rise up and fill you cup with creator consciousness them we will all become one like the rising of a new son. Do you know who you are? you are the mother you are the father you are the son and you are the daughter you are the spirit all in one,rise up rise up and fill you cup with creator consciousness them we will all become one like the rising of a new son. Raise your hands to the sky and sing CORPORATIONS die let the healing begin no more S.I.N. nor more social insurance no’s no more CONTRACTS no more encumbers then the healing we shall see for you and me, for the birds and the bees, for the flowers and the trees, for all the ones in the seas, for the wind and the breeze, no more sadness, no more sorrow, no more hunger for tomorrow when we all rise as one and become the new sun. Do You Know Who You Are???

      • For years I have not understood why we will continue to have a monetary economy after the Event considering The Venus Project & a Resource Based Economy. I was surprised that this idea has not been talked about widespread amongst this community. I’m glad to see that it’s getting out there because I feel like the material has been greatly supressed. Just like the awakening movement The Zeitgeist. Do you mind contacting Cobra and asking why this project won’t be implemented rather than a monetary economy after The Event?


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