Holistic Cancer Treatments – What The Doctors Won’t Tell you

By, Edward Morgan

The one disease affecting the life of more people than ever before in our planet’s present civilization is cancer. It’s cause and cure have been known for centuries, but the “Controllers” have purposely hidden this information from public view to advance their Genocide Agenda. More money has been collected for fake cancer research than for any other disease, and no “cure” has ever been found, the public is told.

Only new treatments are discovered that advance the demise of the cancer victim. Chemotherapy and radiation are guaranteed to rapidly terminate the life of a cancer patient. Only a few have survived such radical medical attacks on their bodies, but are left with huge medical debts impossible to pay in any lifetime. More money is spent for cancer treatment via Medicare and other health insurance programs and from personal funds, than for any other disease, ever. It’s all a game to fool and kill off the people.

Many factors cause imbalance in the human body in present-day society. A chemical imbalance or a compromised immune system leave the body open to bacteria, virus and fungi attacks. Lack of proper nutrition, fluids, exercise and high levels of toxins and stress all serve to compromise the body’s natural ability to defend against disease.

Among one of the many now known natural cures for this deadly disease; Dr. Tullio Simoncini [Rome, Italy] has worked for many years with cancer patients, and he has discovered that all cancers are a fungal infection caused by the fungus, Candida. Candida lives in healthy people in small amounts and is kept under control by a healthy immune system. When the immune system is compromised by various means, the Candida multiplies, using the body cells food. This causes cellular death. The body responds by building a wall of cells to contain the Candida fungus. This mass of fungi forms the cyst or cancer tumor. When the fungus is not destroyed within the tumor by the immune system, the fungi may escape to other body organs and repeat the cycle.

There are some principles we need to understand about human body chemistry. The modern day diet of much sugar, meat, grains, alcohol and carbonated drinks creates an acidic environment in our bodies, which is conducive to microbial and fungal growth. An alkaline environment cannot be tolerated by these disease agents and will cause them to die. Because Candida cannot tolerate an alkali environment, with proper treatment, it can be easily and totally and rapidly removed from the body.

 (I have compiled a list of articles and information that if read and instructions followed will cure you from most types of disease and from ALL types of cancers; Most do not know cancer is not a natural disease but a man made, therefore there are ‘antidotes’ to that induced ‘condition’. I have studied alternative medicine for years and all of these cures can be taken at the same time as any other medication you may be currently taking because all the cures listed here are natural/holistic and therefore have no side effects of any kind, ironically the most effective cures are the most inexpensive ones (Total of $100 to $1,000 for the 3 months supply need it to cure any type of cancer) and I can fairly say that the top 4 cures I know of are the following:)

1)  MMS or Master Mineral solution also known as Miracle Mineral Solution


( download MMS document/file attached below)

You may buy the MMS here: MMSHealthy4Life.com

This is how good MMS is, the pharma industry is afraid of it…I personally take it every day…2 litters of water daily with MMS to be exact.

“Owning a popular mineral supplement now makes you a criminal in America. Happening right now in Arizona, Child Protective Services and the state took custody of a family’s 7 children, and have now falsified records, attempted coercion, and even demanded that the parents obey a gag order… all over the father owning a common mineral supplement called MMS”

“How Alkaline Water Kills Cancer Cells And How To Prepare It”



2) Cannabis Oil


Cannabis oil /MARIJUANA  THC ( Rick Simpson’s oil ) & HEMP oil CBD: ” Cure For Cancer Protocol”

“Federal Government Finally Admits Cannabis Can Help Kill Cancer Cells”

“Phoenix Tears: The Cancer Cure The Government Does Not Wants You To Know About”


“US Govt Agency Admits That Marijuana Extracts Can Kill Cancer Cells”

Over 100 Scientific Studies Agree: Cannabis Annihilates Cancer

Cannabis cures cancer and the government knows it:

Molecular Biologist Explains How THC Kills Cancer Completely:

Molecular Biologist Explains How THC Kills Cancer Completely

What’s the Difference Between Hemp and Marijuana:

“10 Incredible Ways Eating Cannabis Oil Could Save Your Life”
“Rick Simpson Cured 5000 People from Cancer: This is the Recipe Which Kills all Types of Cancer for 90 Days-Video”

“This Is The Cannabis Oil Recipe Rick Simpson Used To Heal His Cancer And Recommends To Others”

How to Make a Medical Marijuana Oil:

How to make cannabis oil iused to treat cancer:

Cannabis Oil is Gathering Unstoppable Momentum As A World Class Healer:

Elderly Man with Terminal Cancer Walks Out of Hospice after Treatment with Cannabis Oil

Scientist: Cannabis Cures Cancer By Making Bad Cells “Commit Suicide

Where to buy Marijuana oil THC:

You may also buy hemp oil CBD here:

Cannabis & The Pineal Gland – Turn On The Third Eye:


“Cannabis oil cures man’s cancer after he was given 18 months to live: why real cancer cures are always outlawed”

“After chemotherapy left man with blisters on his hands and feet, cannabis oil CURED his cancer”

“Cannabis Can Kill “Incurable” Brain Cancer”

“4 Studies Proving that Marijuana Can Treat Brain Cancer”


“View Cannabis Research”

“MSM Finally Admits It, Cannabis Can Cure Cancer, It’s High Time We Stop Arresting People for It”

“Debunking The Myth That Pot Fries Your Brain

“Major Study Finds Marijuana Does Not Reduce IQ in Teens”

“Report: “All Cannabis Use Is Medicinal” Whether You Know It Or Not”

“Latest Science Debunks Old Myths About Marijuana’s Effect on Heath, Driving and Depression”

“Man Refuses Chemo And Cures His Bladder Cancer Within 2 Yrs By Taking Cannabis Oil And Essiac Tea”

“Cannabis Oil Cures 3 Year Old Boy Of Cancer After Doctors Gave Him 48 Hours To Live”


“I’d Rather Be Illegally Alive Than Legally Dead – Boy Scout In Remission After Using CBD Oil Slams Anti-cannabis Legislation”

“Big Pharma Not Happy: 80% of Cannabis Users Give Up Prescription Drugs”


3 ) Baking soda treatments:


“Baking Soda – Is a Cure for Cancer”

“Sea Salt and Baking Soda Best All NaturalRemedy For Curing Radiation Exposure and Cancer”


“$2.61 Sodium Bicarbonate Will Outperform $100,000 Chemo Treatment”

Lemon and Baking soda Miraculous combination: 10, 000 times stronger than Chemotherapy!


“Not Even Cancer Can Stand Up To This Combination Of Honey And Baking Soda”

“Cancer is a fungus, called candida albicans, and it can be treated using sodium bicarbonate”

“Cancer is a fungus – Simoncini’s cancer treatment is the simplest of all: Sodium bicarbonate”

“Meet The Roman Oncologist Who Claims A 90% Success Using Baking Soda Treatments For Cancer”

Meet The Roman Oncologist Who Claims A 90% Success Using Baking Soda Treatments For Cancer

“The Guy who Reversed Stage IV Prostate Cancer with Baking Soda and Molasses”



“This powerful two-ingredient recipe destroys even cancer cells”

“Baking Soda and Honey Homemade Remedy That Destroys Even the Most Dangerous Diseases”

“Every single person who has cancer has a pH that is too acidic”

“Oncologists Don’t Like Baking Soda Cancer Treatment Because It’s Too Effective and Too Cheap”

Cancer Tutor.com”



4) Ozone therapy:


“Ozone: The Most Powerful Detoxifying Agent Known to Man”

CANCER and OZONE THERAPY : MarkusNews feat. James Sloane


H2O2 Cancer Protocol ( Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide )

“Beat cancer with 35% hydrogen peroxide”

Hydrogen Peroxide H202 Medical Miracle


“Controversial oxygen therapy ZAPS cancer”

“It’s Always the Oxygen…Really”

“Suppressed: Using Oxygen to Recover From and Wipe Out All Disease”


“New treatment fights breast cancer with oxygen”

“Molecular Hydrogen For Cancer And Other Diseases”

*** Here are other very important articles and information you must be aware of ***

“The Cancer Industry Exposed In Less Than 2000 Words”

“The 20 biggest cancer lies you’ve been brainwashed to believe by the criminal fraudsters who run the for-profit cancer industry”

What really scares Big Pharma? People who learn how to CURE their own disease!

“5 Facts On Cancer That Conventional Medicine Is Now Aggressively Claiming Are Myths”

“An Extensive Research Database on Cancer”

The CULT of ‘Scientism’ explained: How scientific claims behind cancer, vaccines, psychiatric drugs and GMOs are nothing more than corporate-funded science FRAUD

“CONFIRMED: Cancer is entirely a man-made disease”

“They are Being Laughed at, but They are the Only People Who Don’t Get Cancer”

“Cancer ‘is purely man-made’ say scientists after finding almost no trace of disease in Egyptian mummies”

“Cancer Officially Number One Cause of Childhood Death in U.S.”


“Don’t fall victim to cancer; learn how to battle the disease and win”

“John Grisham is Giving His Book Away for Free to Educate People on an Alternative Cure for Cancer”

Do These Things Immediately If Doctors Diagnose You With Cancer!

“How The Power Of Positivity Helped Beat My Cancer”

“Why There Is No Such Thing As A Hopeless Cancer Case”

” Some troublesome facts about cancer that everyone should know”

“The Medical Deception Called Prevention”

“Cancer screening mostly a psychological terror campaign waged against women to enrich cancer treatment clinics, warns doctor”

Cancer Cures Video Documentary – 20 minutes of key excerpts from video documentary ‘Cancer: The Forbidden Cures’

90% of Cancers Caused by Diet, Lifestyle, and Pollution. Not bad luck.”

90% of Cancers Caused by Diet, Lifestyle, and Pollution. Not bad luck.

“5 Facts On Cancer That Conventional Medicine s Now Aggressively Claiming Are Myths”

“Personal Transformation Key To Beating Stage IV Cancer – Survivor Speaks”

“The Man Who Discovered The Cause Of Cancer Wrote A Book On Curing It”


“Your Doctor Will Not Tell You About These Nine Cancer Cures”

“How the Budwig Diet Protocol for Cancer Works”

How the Budwig Diet Protocol for Cancer Works

“Medical Breakthrough: Any Type Of Cancer Can Be Cured In Just 2-16 Weeks”

“Nine cancer cures that the Medical Mafia doesn’t want you to know about”

“Study Finds Homeopathic Medicine Extremely Helpful For Cancer Patients”

“Episode 1: The True History of Chemotherapy & The Pharmaceutical Monopoly”

“World’s Highest Paid CEO Makes His Killing from Cancer Patients”


“Chemotherapy hoax: Toxic cancer treatments lead to more disease”

“This Doctor’s 25 Years Of Research Showed: Cancer Patients Live 4X Longer By Refusing Chemotherapy”

“Doctors subject early-cancer patients to excessive radiation because it makes them more money”

Horrifying: PROFESSOR FROM BERKELEY COLLEGE SAYS: People do not die of cancer! People die of chemotherapy and in terrible pain!!!


“The Side Effects of Chemotherapy on the Body”

“Devastating Report: Cancer Misdiagnosed in Over 1.3 Million Cases”


“A DIRE WARNING: The Cancer Industry Owns The Media And Your Mind”

Unbelievable scam of cancer industry blown wide open: $100 billion a year spent on toxic chemotherapy for many FAKE diagnoses… National Cancer Institute’s shocking admission affects millions of patients”

“97% of the Time, Chemotherapy Does Not Work And Continues to be Used Only for ONE Reason”

“Flu shots and chemotherapy are ‘systemic health care frauds’ warns Mike Adams in Health Revolt interview”

“Researchers admit: Chemo worsens quality of life with no benefit of overall survival in advanced stage cancer”

“5-year cancer survival rate for chemotherapy is 2.1%”

“12 Questions to Ask BEFORE Saying “Yes” to Chemotherapy Treatment”

12 Questions to Ask BEFORE Saying “Yes” to Chemotherapy Treatment

“Traditional Food Puts Chemotherapy To Shame, New Study Reveals”

“Dandelion root far more effective in fighting cancer cells than chemotherapy”

“Study shows terminally-ill cancer patients die faster in hospitals than at home”

“The Biggest Moneymaker of all Time: Cancer, and Why the Profiteers Don’t Want a Cure”


“Cancer Researcher With ‘Novel Approaches To Treatment’ Found Stabbed To Death”

“Doctors Who Discovered Cancer Enzymes In Vaccines All Found Murdered”

“Proof That The Cancer Industry Doesn’t Want A Cure”


Essiac Tea is a Cancer Cure Big Pharma Does Not Want You to Know About

The Real Truth about What Causes Cancer and Why Doctors Constantly Ignore It

’12 Stories That Will Make You Believe in the Power of Your Mind to Heal You’

“The Cure to Cancer – Proof the Illuminati is Suppressing”

The Cure To Cancer – Proof The Illuminati Is Suppressing

“Top Seven Natural Cures for Cancer that got Buried by the FDA, AMA, CDC”

Top Seven Natural Cures For Cancer That Got Buried By The FDA, AMA, CDC

“Proof That The Cancer Industry Doesn’t Want a Cure”

Proof That The Cancer Industry Doesn’t Want A Cure

“The War On Cancer is a Profitable Lie”

The War On Cancer is a Profitable Lie

“The biggest cancer lie exposed”

“Disturbing – Researchers Finally Confirm That Cancer Is A Purely Man-Made Disease”

Cancer ISN’T all in your genes: Up to 90% of cases ‘could be wiped out by avoiding triggers caused by our unhealthy lifestyles

Please Share: Cancer is 100% Curable In 1-2 Months * Doctors Silenced!

“Big Pharma and Organized Crime — They are More Similar Than You May Think”

Millions Wrongly Treated for ‘Cancer,’ National Cancer Institute Panel Confirms”

“30 Years of Breast Screening: 1.3 Million Wrongly Treated”

“How X-Ray Mammography Is Accelerating The Epidemic of Cancer”

“CT scans increase your risk of cancer by 35 percent”

Watch As Amazing GcMAF Treatment KILLS Cancer Cells In Real Time… Holistic Doctors ‘Suicided’ Over This Stunning Breakthrough!

“Nagalase testing finds cancer cells early and GcMAF cures it”

“Watch as GcMAF Treatment Kills Cancer Cells in Real Time. Holistic Doctors ‘Suicided’ over This Stunning Breakthrough”

“REVEALED: Cancer industry profits ‘locked in’ by nagalase molecule injected into humans via vaccines… spurs tumor growth… explains aggressive vaccine push”

” Now Officially Confirmed, GMO’s Cause Cancer “

“Scientist who discovered that GMO’s cause tumors wins lawsuit”

“Chris Wark: What Every Cancer Patient Needs to Know”

Chris Wark: What Every Cancer Patient Needs to Know

“Any Type Of Cancer Can Be Cured In Just 2-6 Weeks”



(Recipe) Cancer Cells Die In 42 Days: The Famous Austrian’s Juice Against Cancer!

“The Root Cause Of Cancer and Why Has it Been Kept a Secret”


“10 Questions to Challenge the Cancer Research Establishment”

“60 Lab Studies Now Confirm Cancer Link to a Vaccine You Probably Had as a Child”

 How I Got Healthy and Free Of Cancer – WITHOUT Big Pharma!

“Sugar Identified as a Top Cause of the Global Cancer Epidemic”


“Research Reveals How Sugar CAUSES Cancer”

“Sugar Doesn’t Just Feed Cancer Cells it May Even CREATE Them”


“Sugar – cause of Candida – Candida cause of Cancer”

“Starve Cancer to Death by Removing ONE Thing From Your Diet”

“The Sugar & Cancer Connection Many Doctors Aren’t Telling You”

“Why Sugar Is Called The White Death” And The Sugar Cancer Connection”

The Sugar and Cancer Connection: Why Sugar Is Called “The White Death”

Understand Sugar’s Role in Cancer and Your Cells!



“The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest – The True History of Chemo & The Pharmaceutical Monopoly”

“Why Chemo & Radiation Fail (3 Minute Video)”

Why Chemo & Radiation Fail (3 Minute Video)

***”Unbelievable scam of cancer industry blown wide open: $100 billion a year spent on toxic chemotherapy for many FAKE diagnoses… National Cancer Institute’s shocking admission affects millions of patients”


***”The Truth About Chemotherapy – History, Effects and Natural Alternatives”


***”Why Chemo & Radiation Fail (3 Minute Video)”

Why Chemo & Radiation Fail (3 Minute Video)

“Chemo Kills Faster Than Cancer”

“Radiation Therapy Can Make Cancers 30x More Malignant”

“Know These Facts About Chemo”

“Researchers Discover Radiation Treatment Leads To Increased Malignancy Of Cancer”


“How Study: Chemotherapy-Treated Cancer Patients Die Sooner than No Treatment at All”

“The Man Who Defied Odds, Turned Down Chemotherapy and Drugs and Outlived All His Doctors”

“The State Tried Kidnapping this Amish Girl to Force Chemo on Her. She Fled and is Now Cancer Free”

Watch: If Chemotherapy Fails 97% Of The Time, Why Do Doctors Recommend It?

BERKELEY Professor States: “People do not die of cancer! People die of chemotherapy and in terrible pain!”

“Dr. Farid Fata brought fraud to a new low by telling hundreds of healthy patients that they had cancer so he could sell more chemotherapy”

“The lost interview with the late Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez: Chemotherapy drugs are derived from World War I nerve gas chemicals

 “Nicholas Gonzalez, MD Reveals the Truth About Chemotherapy”

“The Cancer Treatment So Successful That Big Pharma SHUT It Down”

“Radiation is Good for You!” and Other Tall Tales of the Nuclear If you are diagnosed with cancer, you want your alternative treatment to have every chance of success. Here are the pitfalls to avoid:

“Cancer myths + a shocking revelation”

“The Cure for Cancer Begins With Understanding Its True Nature”

“Reverse disease with a proven therapy to eliminate life-threatening cancers and terminal liver disease”

“Undeniable evidence from numerous studies proves that fluoride causes cancer”

“Exceptional Botanical Kills 98% of Cancer Cells in Under 24 Hours”

“Mushroom Lowers PSA in Prostate Cancer Men”

“Edible Mushrooms: Nature’s Most Researched Anti-Cancer Agent”

“Noni Leaf Extract Superior To Chemotherapy for Lung Cancer (Preclinical Study)”

Potent Fermented Juice that Prevents Cancer, and Cleanses Liver, Kidneys and Intestines!

“Compound in spirulina found to kill breast cancer cells”

“Researchers Demonstrate How Cancer Cells Are Obliterated By Resonant Frequencies”

“How three naturopathic doctors cured cancer”

“This Miracle Drink Prevents The Spread of Cancer”

This Miracle Drink Prevents The Spread of Cancer

“Make A Golden Mixture – The Strongest Antibiotic And Anti-Cancer Remedy”

“How to Kill Cancer With Honey, Turmeric, Cinnamon and Ginger”

“4 Tbsp. A Day Kills Cancer: Famous Russian Scientist Reveals Powerful Remedy”

“Vitamin C Will Stop Growth Of Aggressive Forms Of Cancer”

“25 Cancer Stem Cell Killing Foods Smarter Than Chemo & Radiation”

“How to outsmart cancer without chemotherapy and radiation”

“He Healed Prostate Cancer Naturally!”


“One of the Cheapest Cancer Fighters on the Planet”


“Essential Oils That Stop Cancer In Its Tracks”

“The Over-the-Counter Cancer Cure You’re Not Supposed to Know About”


Sensational Super-Simple Drink: It Prevents Cancer and Kills Cancer Cells in 3 Months

What Is The #1 Natural Compound For Cancer?

“National Children’s Leukemia Foundation Shut Down: This Is Why It’s OK Not To Donate Money”

Are You Living a Cancer Free Lifestyle? 12 Habits to Prevent or Treat Cancer!


“7 False Claims about Cancer by the Medical / Pharmaceutical Establishment”

“Cancer Cure Known For 35 Years Suppressed By Government and Medical Authorities”

New Film “Second Opinion” Exposes the Truth About a 40-Year Long Cover-Up of Laetrile Cancer Treatment.

“The Big Business Of Cancer: 100 BILLION Dollars Was Spent On Cancer Drugs Last Year Alone”


***“The Man Who Discovered Cancer Said This…. You Will Never Hear This From Your Doctor”

“Panel Identifies True Causes and Cures for Cancer”

Evolved Oncology: Lessons for Primary Care – #FunctionalForum Live from NYC

“How Cancer Tumors Use Meat To Fuel Their Growth


“Processed Meats Linked to Cancer, WHO Report Says”

Anti-GMO But Pro-Vaccine? – The truth is that the GMO and vaccine agendas are the same

“First time ever: Medical doctor speaks out about reversing cancer, Lyme and autoimmune disease naturally”

Learn how to cure ‘incurable’ cases of cancer with Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski and Jonathan Landsman”


She Cured 20.000 People from Cancer: Her Best Kept Secret is Now REVEALED!


“New Study Links GMOs To Cancer, Liver/Kidney Damage & Severe Hormonal Disruption”

“Evidence is Mounting of a Link Between Fluoride and Cancer”

Evidence is Mounting of a Link Between Fluoride and Cancer

“Fluoride & Cancer: The Dark Connections’

“Curing Cancer Naturally – Four Inspiring Stories of Healing Disease with Diet”

“Woman Develops Ovarian Cancer, Becomes Cancer-free by Making Healthier Dietary and Lifestyle Changes”


 She Healed from Stage 4 Lung Cancer!

“Noni Leaf Extract Superior To Chemotherapy for Lung Cancer (Preclinical Study)”

“Research: Plants Cure Cancer, Not Chemicals”

“Research: Plants Cure Cancer, Not Chemicals”

Research: Plants Cure Cancer, Not Chemicals

***”TOP 10 Cancer Preventing & Fighting Foods”


“The Best Anti-Cancer Fruits to Include in Your Diet”

“Noni Leaf Extract Superior To Chemotherapy for Lung Cancer (Preclinical Study)”


“This is really great news about ‘herbal medicine’ … rosemary has been shown to be MORE effective than common cancer drugs like, tamoxifen. Spread the news!”

“The Ancient Healing “Elixir” that Boosts Health” (and is Ideal for Cancer Patients!)

“Beyond the ‘Breast Cancer” Gene (BRCA): Why Food Is Your Medicine”





“25 Cancer Stem-Cell Killing Foods That Are Smarter Than Chemo and Radiation”

“Indian Spices that Prevent Cancer”

Indian Spices that Prevent Cancer

Study Confirms: Just 4 tbs. A Day And The Cancer Is Gone!


“Maple Syrup Is A Cancer Killer, Study Suggests”

“This Ancient Remedy “Treats All Diseases” HIV, Diabetes, Cancer, Stroke, STDs, Arthritis”

“The Amazing Value of Juicing for Cancer Patients”

The Amazing Value of Juicing for Cancer Patients

Sensational Super-Simple Drink: It Prevents Cancer and Kills Cancer Cells in 3 Months!

“8 Cancer Causing Foods You Should Stop Eating”


***“10 Best Cancer Killing Phytonutrients To Eat

“The Most Powerful Anti-Cancer Kernel Known On Planet Earth (It’s NOT microwave popcorn!)”

“Kill cancer cells with a methionine restriction diet.  Learn more here”

“16 Cancer Causing Foods You Probably Eat Every Day”

“Scientist Finally Discover Why Eating Red Meat Causes Cancer”


“Melatonin — One of the Most Effective Anti-Cancer Treatments in Existence”

“These Berries Grows In Only One Place In The World And Can Kill Cancer Cells In Minutes”

“This One Fruit Kills Malignant Cells of 12 Different Types of Cancer”



“Dr. Leonard Coldwell: ALL Cancer Can Be Cured In Less Than 12 Weeks”

Dr. Leonard Coldwell: ALL Cancer Can Be Cured In Less Than 12 Weeks

“Coconut Oil kills 93 % of Colon Cancer Cells in Human Trials”


“Scientists Discover Coconut Oil Exterminates 93 Percent Of Colon Cancer Cells In Two Days”

“Reverend cures his colon cancer with a raw food diet”


“She Refused Chemo & Healed Stage 4 Colon Cancer with Mistletoe Extract”

“Man With Stage 3 Colon Cancer Refuses Chemotherapy & Treats Himself With Vegan Diet”

“Tthe story about Dr. Kleinwaks curing stage-4 cancer without chemo”

“Florida Woman Heals Her Brain Tumors by Making Healthier Changes in Diet”


“Curcumin shown to significantly slow the growth of dangerous tumors”

“The Effects of Turmeric Curcumin on Pancreatic Cancer Patients”

“Cancer researchers are misinformed about natural antioxidants.  If you know someone with cancer – please share this information with them”

A Chinese Plant Found That Kills Cancer After 40 Days”

“No doubt, the conventional cancer treatment industry will deny the power of watercress in killing cancer cells – but, here’s the proof”

 “Extra Virgin Olive Oil Kills Cancer Cells In One Hour But Quality Is The Difference”

“Once again, scientific research reveals the power of food.  Olive oil has been shown to kill off cancer cells”

Pumpkin Seeds Against Cancer And Bad Mood!

“Ginseng shown to stop cancer cell growth and kill cancer cells”

“New Cancer Study Shows Ginger is 10,000 Times Stronger Than Chemo”

“Reishi mushroom combats cancer and deadly microorganisms”

“Walnuts inhibit cancer development, slow its growth, and kill cancer cells”

“Scientifically-valid proof that beets kill cancer cells and put cancer patients into remission – here’s the whole story”

“Watch Broccoli Stop Lung Cancer”

Watch Broccoli Stop Lung Cancer

“Benefits of beets documented to defeat cancer”

“How Eating Kimchi Prevents Lethal Cancer”

“Maitake: The Dancing Mushroom That Boosts Immunity And Kills Cancer”

This One Plant Kills Cancer And Stops Diabetes And More!

“How a compound in seaweed fights cancer and prevents metastasis”

Pharmacy Doesn’t Want You to know About This Cheap and Natural Remedy Against the Deadliest Disease – CANCER!

“Grape seed extract more effective than chemotherapy in advanced cancer”

“This One Food Prevents The Number One Cause of Death (Cancer) And Even Extends Lifespan”

“Dandelion Root Kills Cancer Cells In Lab Tests”

“Scientists Finally Discovered Why Eating Red Meat Causes Cancer”

“Peaches make cancer cells commit suicide”

“10 Health Benefits of Mangos”

“Avocado-derived molecule attacks leukemia at its roots

“Cloves Stop the Growth of Several Cancers In Preclinical Research”

“The Secret Recipe of Professor Mermerski: It Destroys Cancer Cells And Heals The Whole Body”


“This Potent Herb Helps COPD, Adrenal Fatigue, Cancer, Immune Dysfunction and More”

“Better Than Chemo: Turmeric Kills Cancer Not Patients”

“How Turmeric kills cancer”

“How Turmeric Blocks Cancer”

How Turmeric Blocks Cancer

“Turmeric’s ‘Smart Kill’ Properties Put Chemo & Radiation To Shame”

“Yeast Is A Cause of Cancer And Turmeric Can Kill Both, Research Confirms”

Watercress and Broccoli Found to Kill Cancer Stem Cells Within 24 Hours!


“Studies show that cinnamaldehyde, a compound found in cinnamon, is a powerful cancer fighter”

“Growing evidence reveals the value of green tea – especially for cancer patients.  Check out its amazing benefits and the best type to get”

“Olive Oil Compound Kills Cancer Cells in 30 Minutes”

“Clove Extract Stops The Growth Of Breast, Colon And Liver Cancer (Make A Tincture!)”

How to Protect Yourself Against Cancer With Food


This Medicine Gives Excellent Results: For People With Low Immune System And Against Cancer!

“Ginger Root Kills Ovarian & Prostate Cancer Cells Better than Chemo”

Ginger Root Kills Ovarian & Prostate Cancer Cells Better Than Chemo

“More (great) news for cancer patients – ginger has amazing healing properties.  Learn how to naturally reduce inflammation and kill cancer cells”

“Woman Heals Her Bladder Cancer with Frankincense Oil”


“The Recipe That Destroys The Cancer Cells And Heals The Whole Body”

“Try This if You Never Want to Deal With Cancer”

“Another ‘shocker’ from the American Cancer Society”

“How to Control Your Body and Immune System With Your Breath”

“If you’re dealing with cancer, you’re also likely dealing with too much Candida”

“Here is How Candida May Actually Cause Cancer”

“This program will show you how to properly get rid of candida.  Details below”

Do you suffer with candida?  Don’t worry, there is a natural solution here:

“Learn how to properly eliminate the threat of candida”

“Cancer warning: Fungus can trigger cancer cell growth – learn more here”

“Cancer & The Healing Power of Sound”

“Shattering Cancer with Resonant Frequencies”

Shattering Cancer with Resonant Frequencies

“Burzynski Documentary: Cancer Is Serious Business – by Eric Merola”

“Breaking: Burzynski Cancer Cure Finally Released By The Feds”

“How three naturopathic doctors cured cancer”

” 5 ways to eliminate cancer cells “

10 of the World’s Superfoods Also Destroy Cancer Cells”

“10 Best Cancer Killing Phytonutrients To Eat”

“The 10 Most Functional Foods In The World Which Destroy Cancer Cells”

“Cancer Fighting Foods 4 Anti-Cancer Foods”


***“Cancer Breakthrough: Probiotics may Save Patients from Deadly Chemotherapy”

“Due to popular demand: The NaturalHealth365 Podcast will continue to feature the benefits of essential oils – especially for cancer patients.  Listen now – below”



“Vitamin B17: The Greatest Cover-Up in the History of Cancer”

“A World Without Cancer – The Story of Vitamin B17 – VIDEO – UPDATED”

“High-dose vitamin C injections shown to annihilate cancer”

“Essential Oils With These Frequencies Might Stop Cancer In Its Tracks”

“The Truth About Cancer and Essential Oils: What NO Oncologist Will Tell You”

Scientists Discover That Fasting Triggers Stem Cell Regeneration & Fights Cancer:

Five-day ‘fasting’ diet miraculously slows aging, can prevent death from heart disease, cancer and diabetes

“Learn how fasting can prevent and even reverse cancer”

Coconut Oil Kills 93% of Colon Cancer Cells In Vivo:

“Black Raspberries vs. Oral Cancer”

Black Raspberries vs. Oral Cancer

“This Essential Oil Has Recently Been Proven To Kill Lung, Oral and Ovarian Cancer”


“Compound in Celery Found to Destroy 86% of Lung Cancer Cells”

Compound In Celery Found To Destroy 86% of Lung Cancer Cells

Garlic Kills 14 Kinds of Cancer — Why Don’t Doctors Prescribe It?

“Cancer Prevention – Creating A Body That Cancer Does Not Like”

Cancer Prevention – Creating A Body That Cancer Does Not Like

“Eliminate cancer cells with European Biological Medicine”

“A new treatment protocol called “pulse electric field” kills cancer cells and rejuvenates skin”

“Busted: Children’s Leukemia Charity Gave Just 1% Of Donations to the Cause”

“Government Directly Admits Vaccines Cause Injury And Death in Table Published by HHS”

“4 lifesaving facts for every cancer patient”

“1,000+ Abstracts on Natural Breast Cancer Research”

Should Honey Be Considered A Breast Cancer RX?

“Beyond the ‘Breast Cancer” Gene BRCA: Why Food Is Your Medicine”

“Covering Up The Causes of Breast Cancer Since 1985: AstraZeneca’s BCAM”

“Flaxseed Can Prevent And Kill Breast Cancer, Meta-Analysis Reveals”

“The Chinese Anti-Cancer Diet: How This Woman Cured Her Breast Cancer in 6 Weeks Flat”

“This Country Said No To Mammography Screenings. And That’s Amazing”

“Mammograms Linked To An Epidemic of Misdiagnosed Cancers”

Major Study Concludes – ‘Cancer Screening Has Never Saved Lives’


“Mammography Screening Is Being Abolished in Switzerland”

“The conventional cancer industry is at war with itself!  Studies prove that some breast cancer surgeries are a mistake”

“The breast cancer link to bras”

“Meet Ruth: Ruth tried to cure her cancer by going to the best conventional doctors, a holistic clinic in Mexico and even tried the Gerson therapy.  None of this worked.  But, keep reading…Ruth finally discovered the problem and cured herself of cancer.  On the NaturalHealth365 Podcast, you will learn so much from her experience” Listen now and find out how Ruth turned away cancer – within months!

“How Rice Can Cause Cancer (And How to Avoid This)”


“Fake pharmaceutical company that illegally dispensed deadly chemo drugs gets less punishment than marijuana dealer”

“Scientific research validates a clear and present danger to life itself.  There is proof that ‘safe’ chemicals can actually trigger cancer cell growth”

“Shattering Cancer with Resonant Frequencies”

Shattering Cancer with Resonant Frequencies

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Bacteria is Best: Why a Healthy Gut Microbiome is Key to Cancer Prevention

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