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A Beginner’s Guide to Medicinal Mushrooms

From the dawn of humankind, medicinal mushrooms have played a pivotal role in human destiny.Not only did the ancient wise ones turn to...

Leaked Top Secret Documents Suggest COVID Was Created by the CIA...

From recent ‘Twitter Files’ drop by Journalist Matt Taibbi shows that an organization called the Global Engagement Center – a fledgling analytic and...

God Forbid We Ever Question the Libtard Dogma of Universal Mass...

by Chris BlackThe Department of Education didn’t exist until 1980(!), not that long ago at all. What has the DOE’s existence actually done to...

How the Earth is Changing

From How Earth’s Exiles Leave The DisclosureThe relationship with the invisible world is very complex, because the Gnostics consider the idea of the Son of...

Sisterhood of the Rose


COBRA : “The Goddess Equator” ( 24th january 2023)

As the Light Forces are trying to bring as much Light as possible to the surface of the planet in their project of Return...

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Transition of Planet Earth has Begun

From Light has wonThe transformation now is actually a timetable of events and procedures of events, which is called timeline. Humanity is now...

Nova Gaia Orphanage

PFC is the proud founder and supporter of an orphanage in Malawi. We believe in leading by example and not only volunteer but fund and support this noble cause with your help.

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