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Leave a comment Full Moon Reading 16 May 22

Full Moon Reading 16 May 22By Katharina BlessThis Wesak Full Moon is a great opportunity to open new channels of our own DI or...

Governments Worldwide are Working in Lockstep to bring in Digital I.D....

Under pressure applied by both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, the European Union is working to expand online censorship to an extreme Orwellian level,...

Master Numbers 11, 22 & 33: Here’s What Seeing Them All...

From In numerology every number has its meaning. They’re all really important, but the most interesting ones are 11, 22 and 33. Numerologists call...

Sisterhood of the Rose


Let’s Heal Together : Preparing Ourselves for Liberation and Ascension (...

( if you want to know more about implants :                   and

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4 Key Missions of Energy and Lightworkers in the Shift

From's crazy and confusing out there in society right now with much purposeful deception and misdirection. But not if you understand and focus...

Nova Gaia Orphanage

PFC is the proud founder and supporter of an orphanage in Malawi. We believe in leading by example and not only volunteer but fund and support this noble cause with your help.

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