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Renowned Scientist Links Covid Shots to Rise in Transgenderism

By Hunter Fielding,A world-renowned scientist has just raised the alarm after discovering a shocking link between Covid mRNA shots and soaring numbers of people...

ICJ Calls on Israel to Evacuate Settlers, Dismantle the Wall, and...

Israel must revoke all laws and measures that create or maintain its illegal occupation of Palestinian territories. On Friday, the International Court of Justice (ICJ)...

Supporting Israel Is Big Business in the United States

By Philip Giraldi,Government and elite institutions work together to protect and empower the Jewish state In a recent article discussing how US Treasury Department tax breaks are...

The Untold Purdue Pharma Story CNBC Kept Hidden

If you already thought Big Pharma was evil, wait till you hear this story.It turns out that a non-addictive opioid drug formula exists, but...

Best Evidence for Life After Death: World’s Largest NDE Study Revealed

Jeffrey Long is a medical doctor specializing in the practice of radiation oncology, using radiation to treat cancer. Jeff has conducted the world's largest...

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